Usefull phrases and words

Hey people,

If you´re going to the Netherlands it might me usefull to know the language, so this time i´ll give you some usefull phrases. 

Dutch people appreciate when a foreigner speaks Dutch because it is quite difficult to learn this language.

Actually, you don´t need to speak Dutch, becauce all Dutch people know english. But if you want to show off your skills this is just what you need.

I don´t speak Dutch and this is the only phrase I know. = Ik spreek geen Nederlands en dit is de enige zin die ik ken.

Yes = Ja

No = Nee

Hello = Hallo

Bye = Doei

Goodbye = Tot ziens

Please = Alsjeblieft

How are you? = Hoe gaat het?

I´m doing fine. = Het gaat goed.

My name is…= Ik heet…/Mijn naam is…

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night = Goede morgen/middag/avond/nacht

Could you help me? = Kunt u me helpen?

Could you show me the way to…? = Kunt u me de weg wijzen naar…?

I´m sorry. = Het spijt me.

I don´t understand. = Ik begrijp het niet.

I don´t speak Dutch. = Ik spreek geen Nederlands.

It doesn´t matter.= Het maakt niets uit.

I like you. = Ik vind je leuk.

May I offer you a drink? = Mag ik je iets te drinken aanbieden?

May I have your number? = Mag ik jouw nummer?

Car = Auto

Bike = Fiets

Where is/are …= Waar is/zijn…

The mall = Het winkelcentrum

The toilet = het toilet (easy, right?)

a bar = een bar

How expensive is this? = Hoe duur is dit?


Here are some swear words

Goddammit = Godverdomme

Fuck off = Flikker op

Asshole = Klootzak

Bitch = Kreng

Dumbass = Idioot

Dork = Sukkel

I hope you liked this post, and as we say in The Netherlands, tot ziens.