It’s the end of my sister @itscatconny​‘s first week of finals, so what better way to recover than sending the entire family into a food coma? Our weapon of choice was Nanny Ogg’s Chocolate Delight with Special Secret Sauce (thanks for the recipe, @toooldforthisbutstill​!)

It wouldn’t be my cooking if we messed with it, though (but then aren’t wild improvisation and dubious ingredients the spirit of the thing?). Apparently even white chocolate is beyond some supermarkets here if you don’t want it with any nuts or crispy bits or strawberry yogurt filling or whatever, let alone such extravagance as white chocolate chips. So when we did find plain white chocolate elsewhere, we (read: my sister) had to grate it all, turning it from stress baking into stressful baking. It was so worth it though. Aside from that, didn’t find any dark chocolate syrup, so what we swirled into it was regular chocolate sauce, which probably made the cake a biiit sweeter than what toooldforthisbutstill described.

And then the sauce. I think by now you can imagine our success in looking for double cream (is that even a thing in Germany?), a quick search of substitutions suggested mascarpone, and when we realized that oh right, it should be sauce, we added regular cream to that. Also I… kind of forgot that we didn’t have cardamom until the moment I was frantically rooting through the cupboards for it, so that’s not in there either.

Final verdict, though: delicious, gooey, probably your best choice for food coma by chocolate.