((my friend and i tried to make an Everyone Lives au and we ended up with ‘omega flowey gets frisk’s soul when they give up mid-battle, resulting in him turning into an ultimate horrorgod that terrorises all of existence until frisk gives up fighting him because they’ve become an emotionless husk to cope, and chara gives up because they’ve become a murderous husk to cope’

flowey eventually gets bored and recreates the universe with chara, frisk, asriel and himself all in separate bodies to see what happens. asriel frantically tries to find a way of keeping flowey from regaining control of the timeline, but frisk has effectively gouged out their own personality by this point and isn’t much help

i’m capable of making happy things i swear))

anonymous asked:

Sex Partner Application! m/62. Big, stocky. 6'2'' tall. Husky voice. Blue eyes. White hair. Dom. Fetishes include polyamory, keeping my subs together in a lush but enclosed environment, and giving you a nickname by which I will only call you. Most gals adore me and all I can give them, but to be honest, it does take them some time to get used to the oxygen mask I wear pretty regularly. Send your location and I'll have some friends of mine come pick you up.

(Slams fist on the hood of your car)

Now THAT is the kind of content I like to see on this godfosaken website!!!

The signs as Steven Universe songs

Aries: Like a Comet

Taurus: Do It For Him/Her

Gemini: Steven and the Crystal Gems

Cancer: Steven’s Lament (I Don’t Want That For You)

Leo: Stronger Than You

Virgo: Giant Woman

Libra: Love Like You

Scorpio: Strong In The Real Way

Sagittarius: Be Wherever You Are

Capricorn: What Can I Do For You

Aquarius: We Are the Crystal Gems

Pisces: Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

aus i really really want
  • ancient gods like actuAL GODS FROM GREECE OR EGYPT OF WHATEVER au
  • parent-teacher conference au
  • time travelers au
  • ‘my parent is running for president but the other candidates kid is really cute’ au
  • working in a mansion as butlers/maids au
  • 'hey remember that idea you had 3 years ago while we were drunk off our asses? letS DO IT’ au
  • baristas trying to make better lattes than the other au
  • tumblr mutuals who havent met and are too scared to talk to each other so instead they aggressivly reblog from each other au
  • gardeners au
  • person a being a guard outside buckingham palace that person b always tries to distract au
  • the thief and the conman au
  • 'what do you mean i didnt try to pick-pocket you your butt is just amazing’ au
  • oops i accidentally summoned a demon au
  • co-captains who always argue au
  • lost a bet and now has to work for the other au
  • co stars of a hit disney show au
  • high school teachers who always try to out do each other in lectures and labs and now everYONE SHIPS THEM au
  • 'hey im running against you for student president’ au
  • the 'i didnt mean to throw that water balloon at you i meant to hit my friend behind you’ au
  • 'i met you at a really crappy summer job but now its kinda fun’ au
  • working for disney and dressing up as characters au
  • there was a food fight and i just threw spaghetti at the scariest kid in school au
  • the 'ive been given a prophecy to save the world but i have to be partners with thiS ASSHOLE’ au

one of my favourite things to come out of bvs are the comments about wonder woman’s theme ‘is she with you?’

I’m conflicted. I like the dynamic that a lot of so called Hades/Persephone AU type fics have. I like it. I enjoy it. I’m all about it. Character A is dark and brooding and genuinely troubled and probably kills people. Character B is lightness and a sounder morality but not too troubled by darkness. Great. Let’s bang.







He’s this chill and responsible dude who just happens to run the underworld because he and his bros drew straws for it and hey, he ended up with the underworld instead of the sea. He’s not a grim figure, or a sinister one, or a macabre one. He names his dog SPOT. Again: a chill dude. The kind of dude who does his taxes early.

So equating him with all these grimdark type characters–that’s not exactly right. That’s not right at all. The narrative is not Dark Dude Kidnaps Purity and Light in Girl Form. The narrative is not Her Love Saves Him.

The kidnapping thing–it’s not really. That was a marriage custom metaphor thing.

You know who was terrifying, in the mythology? Who was so dreaded that you weren’t even supposed to say their name?


Think about that, writing your AUs.