The Rock, he knew. He could feel the immense weight of it above his head.” 

Backseat serenade.

Could I request a song scenario to Backseat Serenade by All Time Low for Jimin?

This song gives me life ^^


You lay in bed awake crying. You’d caught your boyfriend cheating approximately 6 hours ago when you came in from work. You found her underwear and clothes leading to your room like a disaster warning. You screamed at them both to get out, and once your boyfriend took all his belongings that had accumulated over the months you were together; he was gone. No apology, nothing.

You picked up your phone and dialled.

‘Jimin come over’ you whispered down the phone, holding back your tears and cries until the phone call was over. He didn’t even question you.

‘On my way’ he whispered back, trying not to wake his hyungs, you assumed.

You got up off your bed and tidied yourself so it looked like you hadn’t been crying for the past 5 hours. You couldn’t believe that you found him cheating. You knew the relationship was going nowhere; but instead of breaking up with you he decided to sleep with the first girl he could find. You always had a thing for Jimin, but seeing as he never acted on It you tried your best to forget about it and move on with other relationships, but at the end of the day your mind wouldn’t be with the man who used to lie next to you; but with Jimin. No matter how hard you tried it was always him. You’d even made out once but because you’re not as shit as your now ex boyfriend, you confessed and begged for forgiveness, but now, you wished you’d gone further with Jimin.

The doorbell rang and you rushed to open the door.

You pulled the door open to find Jimin in a black tshirt and shorts. He was breathing heavily. He’d ran to get here. You bit your lip and pulled him into your flat, slamming the door with his body as fast as you could.

You crashed your lips onto his and shoved your fingers through his hair, tugging it slightly. He kissed you back, sliding his tongue into your mouth as he held onto your hips tightly, pulling you closer to him. You bit his lip and he let out a quiet moan, making you feel even more excited that this was finally happening. You trailed kisses down his neck as his heavy breathing continued, but you missed the taste of his lips so returned immediately after leaving a trail of hickeys on your way back up.

Without taking your lips off of his you guided the pair of you to your bedroom, pushing the door open with one hand and tugging at the hem of his t-shirt with the other. He released you for a second as you pulled his top off. His body was no longer chiselled the way it used to be, but it just looked even more beautiful now, softer. You ran your hands over it and placed your hands on the top of his pants and pulled.

Jimin snapped out of the kiss instantly, securing his pants where they should be. You looked up at him in a daze, as you both tried to catch your breath. He sighed and leant back on the wall, searching around the room for his t-shirt.

‘Y/N.. I don’t want to be the rebound.’ He admitted sadly. He didn’t look you in the eye. He picked his shirt off the floor and pulled it over his head. He ran his fingers through his soft hair, stealing your job of literally seconds ago.

You sighed and sat down on the bed.

‘Jimin I want you’ you whispered, staring at the floor, just realising what you’d just done. ‘God I’m sorry.. you should go, I’m a mess right now. Just let yourself out’ you said hiding your face with your hands. How could you do something this careless? He’s not just someone you can fuck with when you’re angry. He’s a real person.

‘No’ He mumbled. You looked up at him.

‘Jimin’ you said, finally making eye contact with him. He plonked himself on the bed next to you and wrapped an arm over your shoulder.

‘I’m not going home and leaving you like this.’ He said, gently kissing the top of your head. You nodded.

‘I’m sorry’ you whispered honestly. And you were, you were just so frustrated.

‘I don’t want to be a rebound Y/N…I don’t want to be a mistake, or a regret or just an awkward see-you-later tomorrow morning… I want to be yours, and I know it’s a lot  to ask, but he’s gone now, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner really…’ he trailed off as he realised you were staring at him longingly. Jimin blushed and looked across the room to avoid your stare. You nodded and sighed.

‘Can we pretend this never happened?’ You asked, already knowing the answer.

‘No.. we can continue this’ he said placing a kiss on your lips, for long enough to tempt you, but as soon as you tried to move yours he pulled away. ‘When we’ve been on a date or something.’ He said smirking. You bit your lip and laughed.

‘So I’m going to make some tea and you’re going to tell me what the hell has got you in this state’ he said pulling you up off the bed and heading to the kitchen.


Not going to lie, this song still surprises me. Why do I give away my best material? hrmnzr brings the Sonic 3, I bring the Michael Jackson.

Updated Stories Page

So I found an old story of mine on Drive and decided to post it on AO3. My Stories page is updated to reflect this. One of these days, I’ll update with the threads, too, if I don’t just create a separate page for them. 


“Five Times” Series:

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Five Times Simmons Wished He’d Make a Move, and One Time She Did

Five Times Interlude: Christmas Eve (NSFW)

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Five Times Interlude: Aggression (NSFW)

Academy FitzSimmons Song Fic Series:

Alone With You (NSFW)

Give Me Love (NSFW)

“Two Blue Lines” Series

Dublin (NSFW)


Two Blue Lines

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Oh yeah, and apparently America was born yesterday or something. I think there was a news thing about it.

ships bc i feel like shit

get it it kinda rhymes and i do feel like shit

anyways yeah heres some ships

wat u do:

  • u dont have to follow me but itd be cool
  • send me an ASK not FANMAIL pls
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  • tell me if you live in the usa and if u do tell me if you saw fireworks bc i didnt :-(
  • if u dont live in the usa then just tell me how ur summers going
  • also if you give me ur name then ill make a song playlist thing from your name

wht u get:

  • a ship
  • a song on shuffle
  • if u give me ur name then a song playlist

lets do this fam

tbh: My House // PVRIS
gives me the feels and is my favorite song right now and probably for awhile and it’s how I’ve been feeling for awhile

Dear Hunter,

It’s funny cause when people look at my arm, they think, “Flashlight? Why would she get ‘Flashlight’ tattooed on her arm? Is she referring to the object that gives light?” Well little do they know, it goes beyond that. Because yes, this song gives me exactly that: light. The first time I heard this song I was completely blown away. I couldn’t believe it existed. Tears brimmed at the edge of my eyes, overwhelmed by the words. It’s like if you were in my mind…like you entered my thoughts for a week and just wrote down everything you heard me think. I thank you for creating this song, for letting me know that I have a flashlight. I will look down at my arm at a time of fear, or doubt, and know that I must take things one scared step at a time. I will know that it’s okay to feel scared and lost. I don’t think anyone will ever understand just how much this song means to me. And that’s okay. Because you, Hunter, you get it. You wrote this song, and it has become my own Flashlight.