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wah you’re the first one who knows about the lululala really .. *tears*


here you go for anyone who doesn’t know the Lululala origin 

something along the lines of :
chikara - ‘how come your bike keeps breaking down?’
tanaka - ‘i dunno, the dude must’ve sold me a crappy one’
chikara - ‘uh huh’
chikara ain’t no fool

my thingy for the @hqrarepairexchange, my person was Ria (@rainbowbarfeverywhere) !!! you asked for anything ennotana and something small business AU, well i went with garage bc i am a total sucker for these 2 and motorbikes. hope you like it! <3

  • A Castlevania fan, playing a LoS game for the first time: Hey this is actually pretty fun, I like the-
  • Half of the Castlevania fandom, breaking into their home: Lords of Shadow MURDERED my children, BURNED my crops, and CANCELED silent hills

//I got this email yesterday

//I’m still laughing. Made my whole morning.

So I was asked to post about meeting Ash, so here goes, first off thats me in the white hat and my brother took this photo while I was talking to her, the one and only ASHLYN HARRIS. Alright buckle up eryone cus here we go haha. 

Before the game even started I was hanging out behind the net where Ash was warming up and she went to take a water break at one point so I was like okay its now or never you gotta say something so I do. I go “hey ash I have shark socks that I got for you that ill give you after the game” and she goes “now way thats so cool, thank you so much” then I’m like “no problem, good luck!” then I hang around and take a few more photos before heading back to my seat to watch the game. Y'all probably saw it and what not so then the game is over and Im at the back of the net where she finished because I left my seat in hopes of her coming up to me after. Lemme tell you I barley stayed in my seat because I wanted to be near my all time role model, luckily I was allowed to pretty much be behind the net the whole time and kinda be right up there. Anyways back to where we actually talked again.

After the game ended she hung out kinda in the middle of the field with other players and talking with them. She then eventually made her way to some fans and started signing and taking photos with them. At this point I’m making my way over from the back of the net to where she. I called her name and showed her the bag with the socks and she goes “no way you got them, awe this is awesome thank you so much for this” and I’m like “its no problem” I was pretty much at loss of words talking to her because I was so excited but she’s super sweet and continued to talk to me. She goes “are you excited for shark week?” and I’m like “heck yeah, its my favorite week!” then she goes “ i have some great merch coming for you guys sometime around shark week” and I’m like “no way thats awesome, i actually have an idea for you for your next design, have a shark head with his mouth open and the teeth spell out your name” then she’s like “thats not a bad idea, I like that” soo you know if y'all see that just know where that idea came from haha 

I then asked to take a selfie with her and I could not stop shaking and she like positioned the phone for me while I took it, its not the best selfie but Ash is in it so I don’t mind at all haha she thanked me again for the socks and coming to the game. She’s honestly so kind and was laughing with other fans, absolute true class. She was also the last player to leave the field and one of the only players who signed things on the field. Hopefully I didn’t leave anything out about meeting her and sorry this is so long haha 

Bridges Built by Tiny Hands (4/?)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

This one got away from me a bit - I’m blaming it on the fact that we were in extra need of fluff. 

They found their routine after that. The first mistake had been navigated and handled, and in its wake everything settled down without Abby actively noticing. 

Marcus had earned Nadia’s trust that night in Abby’s room. The child had taken to following him around whenever she could (which was often) and it was clear that Marcus was her favorite. Though it had flustered him at first, Marcus didn’t seem to mind the company. 

He had made the mistake of lifting her up on his shoulders one day, and that was it: Nadia would hold out her short arms the moment she saw Marcus and there was no deterring her. She went everywhere she possibly could astride the shoulders of one of the most respected people in Arkadia. 

(It had become one of Abby’s favorite sights almost immediately).

The sight of them together around the camp quickly became a staple of the day, and Abby found that it went a long way in making the people of Arkadia more accepting of Nadia’s presence.

“Where are Marcus and his shadow today?” Abby would hear people ask. 

If there was a part of Abby that was jealous of the bond that Nadia and Marcus shared, she hid it well. Despite the physical and emotional distance that separated them now, Abby had experienced years of that childlike adoration with Clarke, and she was glad to know that Marcus had the chance to experience it as well.

Nadia still chose not to speak, but as the weeks passed and she became more comfortable in her new life, she came out of her shell. She’d sit on Raven’s workbench and hand her tools; play hide and go seek with Monty, Jasper, Harper, and Miller; collect roots and leaves with Lincoln; help Octavia groom and feed Helios; chase Bellamy around in a game of tag; and sit quietly with Indra while she cleaned and cared for her weapons. 

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