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Hello i have a question, what do you mean by sprints? I was reading some of your answered questions and in one question you said that you recommend doing sprints and i have the same problem that anon asked. But can you please tell me what sprints are? English is not my first language, i searched the definition but i don't really get it yet. Thank you so much

Its channeling your inner usain bolt and running as fast as you can for about 100 metres. Short, fast sets of running as fast as you can. Give yourself a 30 second break (and in this 30 seconds you are walking back to your starting point) and then do another sprint -as many sets as you can. This is a form of HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training. Its a more intense form of cardio (for me anyway)

I planned on running tonight but didn’t have a set plan for distance. I set off and it felt good so I pushed myself. I decided I was going to do a 10 by about 3km in and told myself I was going to hit a PR. There were several moments I wanted to give up. Take longer walking breaks eta but I told myself I was never going to improve if I didn’t push myself. I’m so excited to say I ran 10 km in one hour one min! My goal is to get it down to an hour but I am so proud of this time! My very first ten k took me an hour fourteen! Keep going and keep pushing its so worth it!!

((And so begins the race))

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((With one having a lead of 12 followers, who will be the first to break that magic 500?))

((Magical things might happen at 500, maybe even give-aways and promotions and things, on both blogs maybe too. I’m thinking maybe amiibos/figures/games/Amazon vouchers/something creative. Who knows?))

((I will say, right here and now, thank you to everyone who has followed both of the blogs. You are all awesome people and deserve a pat on the back at the very least.))

((Though, TFW your personal has more drafts that a Role Play account. I maybe need to fix that, somehow.))

first day of work was EXHAUSTING 😓
it was great though, a lot of stuff i still need to learn obviously but its all good 😊

there were a lot of old men who found me really cute in a kiddish sweet way so that was good

i got the full experience, one lady gave bought a tube of lipstick for like 2.00$ and she gave me a 100$ bill 😂😂😂😂😂😂 jfc ive seen it all in just my first day:) people seem nice!!

seems like a fun job on short shifts where i applied for part-time but theyre giving me pretty close to full-time so i do have some really long shifts

the coffee breaks are a blessing & lunch is perfect