((Ha, that moment.))

((When you have the idea to ruin your muse and people they care about’s lives. Huh. What fun.

I’ve been awake for too long.

It’s about 3:30 and I should sleep. Seeing as how I’m supposed to wake up in about five hours. >.< I’m going to sleep now.

Goodnight all. I hope to speak with you all again tomorrow! :D))

Jason Todd is probably really loved by the poor stressed parents of the slums bc he makes it safer for them to walk home in the middle of the night after they get of their shift and let’s them worry just a little bit less about their kids being harassed by gang members and drug dealers.
Little old grannies probably give him small bags of cookies when they see him patrolling.
Small children probably develop crushes on him.

A good friend of mine is trying to start his own gaming channel and asked me to make him a logo. He said to draw what ever came to mind from the words “afro” and “sushi” and i literally just drew a piece of fish with an afro. 

It’d be great if you guys checked him out. His first game of choice is Dishonored and I hope he goes big with this. Like his video, I don’t know how this youtube shit works but whatever, just do things.


I’m not posting this to bash any fandom but he speaks VERY true words. I tend to get excited about EVERYTHING not just Anime and i don’t shut up. I have friends that listen then look at me and go “Sweetie..we need to talk” i mean Anime has me excited and i make references a lot but Books are too. I try to keep it under wraps.(still talk about it but i know when to stfu and talk about other stuff)

  BACK TO THE POINT. We just all need to calm the hell down and move on. I’ve seen some VERY rude posts about my favorite fandoms but its a waste of time. Trolls will happen and think about how this could effect the view of the fandom by others. 

fab-fangirl-stuff asked:

*slides you 5 dollars* punk!Levi gets in a huge fight and comes home really late to a stressed Eren, who's actually crying over it, who runs and hugs him immediately. Eren takes him to the bathroom, cleaning up his wounds while scolding him (and giving angry kisses). Levi can't have any cookies for a week, which Levi is extremely upset over, but the worst part was seeing Eren cry because he was so scared for Levi.

hey hey hey i don’t need bribes just good ereri vibes : )

This is cute .. i have a thing for Eren healing up a roughed up Levi. A THING.

Otters are better than foxes :3

it is my own personal opinion that otters are in fact better than foxes. My otter boyfriend isnt typing this at all, he is amazing and I thegalaxyfoxx am going to give him lots of cheesecake and cookies.