This is important!

As a studyblr I think we can all agree that education is extremely important. So much so that it is a basic human right. But all too often girls are denied the access to education based on their gender. This is not only a gross violation of the right to education but also to equality and dignity.

We can’t all solve the worlds problems on our own though - I know this all too well. But we can try make a difference when we get the opportunity to.

Mossery is running a give back campaign on Instagram where if you repost the above image they will give the Malala Fund $1 per post/per person. Include the hashtags #MosseryGivesBack and #YesAllGirls.

Its so so simple to do and I encourage you all to just quickly go do it!

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As the sun rises on this Thanksgiving, we should honor the first half of the word, being truly thankful for all we have, but we should swap the ‘a’ for and 'i’ and make this holiday one of Thinking as well.
We must think of the Native Americans who own this land we are living on. The landlords we’ve not paid our rent to for centuries, who know more about being thankful for this planet and all of the creatures that share it, than we ever will. Think of what’s been done to them, and think of ways to un-do them. Think of giving it all back and making damn sure it doesn’t happen again, to anyone, anywhere. Think of the Brave and beautiful tribes that are standing together at #StandingRock peacefully protesting something they should have never had to even consider a possibility. Those standing proud against mistreatment and cruelty and still remaining peaceful. Think of the patience and strength it takes to not lash out and retaliate against injustice, but to remain, steadfast and united. Think about that unity in the face of a divided country, think about ways to close that divide and gently take away the power from those who abuse it, steal the metaphorical water cannons and rubber bullets from their arsenals and let reason ring true, ring loud.
Think about those who don’t have what they need to live as they deserve, and we should think about ways to fix it. We must think about how we can be better, more compassionate, braver in the face of the adversities we face; we must think about how important it is that we all become vulnerable once more. There is sweet strength in the surrender to honest vulnerability.
We must think about ways to Act. We must act. Donate our time or money or energies into helping and giving back. Start today, this day of all days, and start here. Go to and Donate. Donate to the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic, to the Sacred Stone Camp and the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund. And Lastly, Talk, to your families, your loved ones, to anyone sitting across the table from you today. Talk to them and spread awareness into any corners this light hasn’t yet reached.
Happy Thanksgiving my friends. And Happy Thinksgiving as well.

Build someone up. Put their insecurities to sleep. Remind them they’re worthy. Tell them they’re magical. Be a light in a too often dim world.

Every year Instagram creators worldwide host an community event centered around one common theme. This year’s theme is kindness so in that spirit we are hosting a clothing drive. Come Dress to impress and donate the rest! Myles and I will be offering 2$ portraits in which all proceeds will go to black owned organization Thrive dc to further fight homelessness in the DC area. We are accepting lightly used clothing items such as large jackets, t shirts, and sweats with expandable waists. Please come out tomorrow and show the community some support!