I wanted to give them all different skintones, so I may have split from canon a little with it.  Made the decision to give Makoto a bit of a tan.  Ami is visibly much paler, and the other three are very close.  Minako and Usagi are lighter and darker versions of the same color, where Rei has a very slight tint toward yellow (vs pink).

But yay, flats are done!

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Hanzo and McCree 

[Submitted by various Anons] 

It’s hiiiiiiiiiiigh noon  time I get back to these! This was a little more tedious than I thought - Hanzo’s outfit is deceptively complex in the front - so I humoured myself with a little McHanzo with the text. I mean, if you want to read it that way. I must say that I like McCree more and more though, and I’m excited to get better at drawing him.

Thank you to those who submitted! 

does bighit think we print money or something?


I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T

Diamond City’s littlest detectives

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jimin x bandanas for petiteyoongi (✿◠‿◠)


Hey guys.  My name is Al.

I’m the Grandpa Harley pictured here.


External image

This is my mom.

I’ve never done anything like this before so forgive me if this seems out of place for me to do.  ;^^

My mom is going in for surgery on her knee due to an incident that happened at the school she works at about a month and a half ago.  She was trying to break up a fight, got shoved down and it screwed up her knee pretty bad.

She has gotten to several doctors who have told her that some rest and some elevation will get it fixed in no time.

That is until she went to another doctor who found out that the problem with her knee was worse….MUCH worse.

Long story short, she needs to get surgery done on her knee due to multiple problems with it.

For various reasons (loopholes and bullshit policies) she will NOT be able to receive Workman’s Comp or Unemployment during her 6-8 week resting period…it might even take more time than that for her to get back to work and on her feet again.

I fear for my mom.  I love her very much and she has given me everything and has helped me out in every situation I have ever been in that I can remember.

I fear for her because due to her not getting Workman’s Comp or Unemployment, she won’t be able to pay for her medical bills, and after that, everything else.

I’m doing all I can to help her out, including looking for a side job to help earn extra money to put in her account, and taking money out of my existing savings account from the job I already have.

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, and I was hoping that I NEVER would have to do something like this, but I’m desperately looking for options.  E-Begging (If that’s what people call it now) is the LAST thing i wanted to do, TRUST me, but I honestly think I have little choice.

All I’m asking for you guys to do is to donate to help my mother out.  Not only for her upcoming operation, but to help her pay for bills in the future until she starts working again.

Any little bit helps.  I’m hoping to get at least $500, maybe even a little more, but hey, we’ll see.

Thank you for whatever help you are willing to offer.  This is Big Al, over and out, and God Bless.



Chipin page:

I keep seeing these silly posts comparing Anakin and Satine with the tags “obi-wan has a type” and let me just give you this mental image, friends:

obi-wan and padme have the same type.

au where padme survived and she and obi-wan run off and raise the twins, the two of them are out shopping for supplies and they run into a random hot powerful blonde who is throwing a temper tantrum, and they both make the same ‘mmmmm’ sound

then they look at each other with complete and utter horror as the realization kicks in.

AHAHAHAH I FORGOT I DREW THESE until I was scanning sketchbook stuff hahahah happy super super super late birthday ldefix I’m lame and this is late but

I really did draw some nerds for you I just forgot to post them. TuT