more 499 spoiler blabbing

honestly, the more i think ab it, the more likely it seems for juvia to come back

one huge think that no one has talked ab yet (i don’t think) is gray’s answer. as far as the spoilers go, gray never gave juvia his answer nor was it mentioned.

this is a HUGE deal.

what was the point of that whole scene, the whole “when all of this is over, i’ll give you my answer.” if it was never brought up again? this was a huge moment for gruvia. this was gray basically saying “i reciprocate your feelings, but for now, i have to focus on this war. just wait until its over.” what’s the use in that exchange with gray and juvia if his answer was never revealed? imo, without gray’s “answer”, i feel like gruvia can’t get closure.

just something to think about.

thegreatitchymatsu  asked:

Were Stephanies parents sad for Kenniths death or were they glad he was gone and couldn't give steph a bad influence?

a little bit of both 

like they didn’t approve of him at all and, while they wouldn’t force her to do anything, they rather her not be around him, so they were glad he wasn’t there to influence her but sad that it had to happen via death

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Please tell me that you won't whitewash Regina in Unbreakable. 3B is when Regina became unbearable

Okay, here’s the thing. Before I came onto Tumblr, I was kind of Regina neutral. She pissed me off mucho in Season 1 & 2 then after that, she didn’t bother me as much *ducks from flying objects* BUT, then I come onto Tumblr and see all of you lovely people with your insights and seeing things I never saw before and I’m like, WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS BITCH?! I WANT TO KILL HER. That being said, I don’t “whitewash” her, but I do give her a little bit of some kindness. Before Season 5B with her scene with her father, I thought the saddest scene she did was when she saw Henry in the diner for the first time. IDK, it just pulled at my heart strings, so I give her something better here.

Buuuttttt, I don’t shy away from what she thinks and/or really feels. Things are going to get extremely complicated because Killian thinks of Henry as his son and Regina isn’t going to like that. 

As for her having light magic? Yeah, that shit is not in here at all, because it was complete and utter crap on the show. She’s kind of just there because she has to be. This story is about Emma and Killian, I’m not really harping on Regina and her feelings.

If that’s whitewashing, then I’m sorry.

i’ve got a lot of feelings about mako rutledge as a boy growing up in new zealand, spending a lot of time at the beach, then moving to the outback with his family because it was one place that didn’t yet “belong” to omnics 

spending formative teen years in a harsh (but not yet uninhabitable)  environment, missing the ocean but thriving in a place where his size and strength made him excel at just existing

earning himself a reputation as that big scary guy riding around on his hog, starting and ending scraps at the bar but helping out the neighborhood kids when they need it. maybe not everything he does is legal, but anyone who gets hurt by it usually had it coming, and hey some of that spare cash when towards some good things

maybe he gets with someone, its a little chaotic but its good. everything he does is like that. he gives them anything they want, they keep him in check a little bit. 

then all these people just trying to get by on their own terms are displaced by government suits who’ve never been within a hundred miles of the place, and the only thing he knows he can do is push back

then yeah


i feel too much for a man who loves murder and plushies

midnightsilverchelly  asked:

I'm actually curious; What do you Shadow think of Cream and what are their relationship like?

Honestly, I’m not sure, if just because I can’t think of a reason for them to interact off the top of my head right now. @kaotickanine pls halp ;A;

I think, like Sonic, Shadow would be taken a little off-guard by her manners at first. He’s usually impacted by displays of altruism, regardless of whether or not he shows it on the outside. So I think that his initial impression of Cream as compared to a lot of other kids would be “tolerable,” considering he may think other kids rude or something.

As for Cream … well, she can sense goodness in other people, much like Amy, so she might not detect the same “scary” vibe he tends to give strangers. She may even think he’s a little bit lonely and want to give him small gifts as a means of offering friendship.

As time goes on, they may develop a friendship where no words are needed, really.

We’re all living,

But do we ever wonder why?

Would we really care if this all ended in the blink of an eye?

Life is supposed to have purpose,

We all should be living for something,

But when we think about it the only answer most of us come up with is nothing.

We wonder if this is the way things should be,

And the answer is no, and we all know it,

So we keep searching for something that will give life purpose even if only for a little bit.

Some of us get caught up in shady things,

Some work themselves until they’re sick,

And others just get lost in the music.

But these things don’t last.

They are space savers, like zeroes.

We still need to be saved but don’t know how to be our own heroes.

There’s a purpose to every life,

But it’s really hard to find,

So we just have to keep looking and hope the gods will be kind.


Hey guys.  My name is Al.

I’m the Grandpa Harley pictured here.


External image

This is my mom.

I’ve never done anything like this before so forgive me if this seems out of place for me to do.  ;^^

My mom is going in for surgery on her knee due to an incident that happened at the school she works at about a month and a half ago.  She was trying to break up a fight, got shoved down and it screwed up her knee pretty bad.

She has gotten to several doctors who have told her that some rest and some elevation will get it fixed in no time.

That is until she went to another doctor who found out that the problem with her knee was worse….MUCH worse.

Long story short, she needs to get surgery done on her knee due to multiple problems with it.

For various reasons (loopholes and bullshit policies) she will NOT be able to receive Workman’s Comp or Unemployment during her 6-8 week resting period…it might even take more time than that for her to get back to work and on her feet again.

I fear for my mom.  I love her very much and she has given me everything and has helped me out in every situation I have ever been in that I can remember.

I fear for her because due to her not getting Workman’s Comp or Unemployment, she won’t be able to pay for her medical bills, and after that, everything else.

I’m doing all I can to help her out, including looking for a side job to help earn extra money to put in her account, and taking money out of my existing savings account from the job I already have.

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, and I was hoping that I NEVER would have to do something like this, but I’m desperately looking for options.  E-Begging (If that’s what people call it now) is the LAST thing i wanted to do, TRUST me, but I honestly think I have little choice.

All I’m asking for you guys to do is to donate to help my mother out.  Not only for her upcoming operation, but to help her pay for bills in the future until she starts working again.

Any little bit helps.  I’m hoping to get at least $500, maybe even a little more, but hey, we’ll see.

Thank you for whatever help you are willing to offer.  This is Big Al, over and out, and God Bless.



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Trust in Your Instincts
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Finally got this out at last! took a while to edit, video should be coming soon
Thanks to @surfacage for drawing and letting me dub this awesome comic! its so cool! i also did a little bit of off panel stuff to try give it a little more context, i hope everyone enjoys this dub ^^

Spark: KujiraShonen
Candela: @manicwednesdayvas
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On this day in 1977, Supertramp’s “Give A Little Bit” was released.