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Why I’m quitting Bachelor Nation

I swear guys, this time it’s for real. 

You know that feeling when you have a sneeze coming on and then you lose it? Yeah, that’s what the season finale of the Bachelorette last night felt like. I think this GIF is pretty illustrative of America’s feelings; feelings of frustration, annoyance, disappointment, and dissatisfaction. 

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I’m not disappointed that Rachel chose Bryan, even though I was ride or die #TeamPeter, #TeamPachel, #TeamGap. I’m not even disappointed that Rachel threw (probably insecurity-fueled) shade on “After the Final Rose” when Peter apologized for saying her life with Bryan would be mediocre; a comment, which again, was probably insecurity and frustration-fueled. The big disappointment was that what seemed like genuine relationships and emotions throughout the season, a rarity for the franchise, got shrouded in such phony, commercialization and exploitation of both love and devastation.  

I’m no stranger to the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. I watched as a teenager rolling my eyes, calling it silly, but secretly loving every gooey moment of it. At the end of the day, however, I maintained that I didn’t think couples would last. As a 20-something finally figuring out some level of emotional maturity and understanding of love, I was excited for Rachel’s season. She’s smart, successful, genuine, funny, beautiful, and insanely well spoken considering all circumstances. A rarity, by any standard. And I felt that way right up until the bitter end. I felt the same about Peter and even Bryan a lot of the time. But each of them deserved a better ending than ABC gave them. 

The real kicker for me was this: having Rachel, Peter, and Bryan watch back the footage live, asking questions that require vulnerable, intimate answers (again on live TV), and then keep the audience on a cliff hanger that’s basically turned into a metaphorical Fear Factor episode; dangling us over a cliff but not giving us the key to open the car doors to get out. I mean, for christ’s sake, even right before Peter came on stage post breakup scene, Chris Harrison says it’s over for them, “OR IS IT?” And then really had to nail it in for Peter, a man obviously angry and crushed, that it was over by saying “say goodbye most likely forever.” You’re better than that, Chris Harrison. 

Peter’s been through the wringer here. He endured death threats and critiques of his family for this show just weeks prior. Someone even went as far as calling his mom a “whore.” And all because he didn’t say I love you (after a matter of weeks) to a woman who would end up breaking his heart anyway. Cut the man some slack. Also, can everyone get over his god damn high school ambition to be the Bachelor. Or should we all be held to what we say in high school? Yeah, didn’t think so. 

There were even tasteless moments that happened beyond the context of finale itself. Yeah, I’m talking about the exclusive sneak peak for BIP that was centered around the Corinne/Demario sexual assault drama, which now only feels fair to assume was a publicity stunt. Sexual assault is not a plot line you can use to promote your joke of a show. Shame on you, ABC. 

And finally, did anyone else also note all the exclusive trailer (It/Mother!) premiers that aired during the episode? How much were those ad time slots? Again, hello, taking advantage of vulnerability and commercializing love, a familiar exploit for ABC and Bachelor Nation. 

Now, granted I do still think contestants on this show should be responsible and understanding that they are often selling their souls to the franchise, but bravo to Peter for fighting to get his back in such a dignified way. Did you ever hear him say a bad word about Rachel? Did you catch that he said he was crying backstage? Did you hear the devastating anecdote he shared about her eyelashes on the floor? And did you maybe think about how nobody should be forced to have that kind of emotional conversation under the scrutiny of the entire country on live TV? 

I don’t think Rachel or Bryan deserve any hate for this circus either. I will choose to believe that they are very much in love because we only get one twisted, sliver of perspective on their relationship thanks to producer interference, editing, and manipulation. I’m also frustrated in myself for investing emotion in a show that portrays such a narrow expectation of what love really is. 

The lede got buried in that spectacle. Rachel, Bryan, and Peter all deserved better. Both Rachel and Peter conceded that they remained true to their own desires and didn’t regret the decision. He was not meant for such a constricting and unrealistic time frame for a marriage to blossom, which she accepted in the end. And last but not least, Peter will certainly not be the Bachelor, and let’s be honest, he’s better for it. Go ahead Peter, enjoy living your best life now.


One last thing, I’d hate to speak on behalf of people I do not know personally. My assumptions about how the contestants felt after last night’s episode may be totally off base, but every other person watching’s assumptions might be also so be kind. 

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So Mark Kolpack has confirmed that shooting will start again in July. Do you think that's a mistake? I feel like the writers need more time to plan out season 6, especially because of the mixed reception season 5 got. I feel like season 5 suffered because certain main cast members, such as Fitz and Simmons, didn't get enough focus. They were very underused compared to previous seasons, though I blame the decision to give guest stars more screentime than the main cast as part of the problem.

Hi Anon!

OH THANK GOODNESS!  Sorry, this news totally made my day and I’ve had a long day.  

No, I don’t think its a mistake, the timing is normal for them.  It is easier for them to secure the cast now rather than leave them all in limbo until sometime next year.  It also gives them plenty of time to get things polished.   

  • Sassy part of me…WE MIGHT GET PROMO STUFF MORE THAN TWO WEEKS OUT.  I know, I know crazy talk but a girl can dream.  

That means the writers will be back soon (so don’t forget our fan campaigns out there).  And rather than fleshing out 22 episodes they are only fleshing out 13.   They also go into the writers room with an idea of where they want to go as they had to pitch Season 6 to ABC as part of the renewal process.  

The early arcs are likely going to be “The Search for Fitz” and seeing Mack as Director.  My guess is as with Fitz’s search and rescue of Jemma from Maveth led to the Maveth/Hive arcs, the search for and rescue of Fitz will tie into the baddie and the larger overall story for the season.  Once again their relationship, getting back to one another, The Doctor looming, and them healing are going to be central pieces the writers can play with.

Up until the last episode I was pretty happy with how Fitzsimmons was featured in Season 5.  Yes, I desperately missed Fitz for the first 4 episodes but understood that Overlord was a great opportunity for Iain and Rewind more than made up for it.  Fitzsimmons had some big episodes, major moments, were together more than they’d been in a long time, were large parts of the story, and Fitz had a bottle episode.   

  • That’s not to saying it was perfect.   
  • I personally could have totally used some more Jemma moments, her to have a larger arc of her own, and more of the Fitzsimmons Family stuff (seriously them all on a mission).   And I’m still salty they found a way of separating them…again.
  • There are also smaller story arcs or guest stars I could have done without. 

And I think most fans will always want their favorite characters to have more screen time or a larger arc.  I have honestly seen or gotten complaints that every characters wasn’t featured enough.  No matter what story the writers choose to tell they are going to get that. 

Fic: Wednesday’s Child (21/23)

Title: Wednesday’s Child
Summary: The next time Emma Swan wanted magical help, she was on her own. Because now they were stuck with a pint-sized savior who clearly had an attitude problem and a terrified but pretending not to be pre-pirate.
Spoilers: If you’re current, we’re good.
Rating/Warning: PG-13, mostly for safety. Family angst/fluff, as per usual.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I’m just borrowing them but I’ll put them back when I’m finished!
Author’s Note: We all know by now that I never apologize for any feels I might give you, right? O:)


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If working as a fourth-grade teacher for twenty-eight years had taught Snow anything, it was that ten-year-olds could not do a single thing quietly. No better had this point been brought into stark relief than when the harsh whispers of her new favorite ten-year-olds attempting to be quiet tore Snow from her peaceful slumber.

“Wait, if you won’t let me carry the tray, at least let me take the glass of milk off of it. I’m surprised it’s all still in the glass, the way it’s sloshing around in there.”

Though she kept her eyes closed, Snow smiled. That sounded like Emma.

A breathless Killian answered her. “All right, yes. Will you take it, please?”

“Yeah, I got it.” There was a pause and when Emma spoke up again, her nervousness was apparent even in her whisper. “You really think she’s not going to get mad that we’re waking her up?”

“David said she wouldn’t.” Snow could imagine the shrug little Killian must have given Emma just from his tone. “Why? Do you think she will?”

Another beat went by as Emma seemed to consider her answer. “No, not really. I’ve just … never done anything like this before. Waking up the grownups, even to do something nice, isn’t usually a good thing.”

Oh, how Snow’s heart ached at Emma’s admission. The poor little girl had never been close enough with any of the adults in her life to warrant not getting in trouble for disrupting their sleep. Those people were all damn lucky that Snow had no idea who they were because if she did, well, she might not be responsible for her actions.

“Well, I’ve never done anything like this before, either. At least, not that I can remember. So we’ll just have to do it for the first time together.”

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Olivia & Fitz (Olitz) ~ “EPIC LOVE”… music video

This Video gives me OLITZ Life…  Last half of this is smoking 🔥! If Only the TITAN had a Heart & would put them back together!

Source: Katrina Bill YouTube

I finally quit watching the OOC destructive clusterfuck awful crack!fic on screen that OUAT had devolved into after Neal’s death after season five.

But let me just say that I will never forgive Adam and Eddy for systematically destroying every element of both Rumple and Belle’s individual characters and relationship together!

I will never forgive them for systematically destroying the first version of Beauty and the Beast that I actually fell in love with!

Fuck Adam and Eddy! Fuck these writers! Fuck ABC and the GA for thinking that an unconventionally attractive male actor couldn’t be a main anti-heroic romantic lead!

Fuck them for giving me genuine hope, happiness, and fantastic character development for Rumple with his loved ones in the first two-and-a-half seasons, only to bring him back from the dead and abruptly rip it all away by systematically destroying both his and Belle’s individual characters and relationship together over the next five-and-a-half years, so that Eddy’s self-insert fuckboy, CS, and a bunch of other undeserving villains could get half-assed redemption arcs because they all had pretty faces, even though Rumple was the only one who actually worked for it or gained it realistically and consistently within the first two-and-a-half seasons of this trash show before they destroyed him and Belle by making him the on-and-off-again “big bad.”

Fuck them for making Belle Rumple’s OOC hypocritical, and self-righteous judge, jury, and executioner, and trigger point to vilify him, give him false hope, and abandon him when he needed her, or brokenly reached out to her for emotional support and understanding about how afraid he was just like everyone else did, rather than treating him his equal who tried to understand him like the good old days because suddenly the message was “addicts are too PURE EVOL or ‘weak’ to be treated as human, or earn compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding from anyone, even the ones they love the most when they reach out for support without being enabled by them at the same time!”

Fuck A&E and these writers for constantly destroying Rumple and Belle with increasingly contrived and OOC separations to make Rumple the “big bad,” so that Hook/CS could look better, even though his “redemption” arc and the CS ship’s entire foundation was based on romanticized lies, abuse, sexual assault, misogyny, and rape culture.

I’ll always love Rumbelle, I always love Rumple, and I’ll always love Belle. I’ll always ship them from “Skin Deep” to S3 ish, and in canon-divergent/AU fanon scenarios! But fuck everything about this show’s canon after 3x11! Fuck A&E and these writers!

anonymous asked:

Hiii Athena! When you can, could you make some headcanons about like modern AU! With stuff about like Madame houcheloup & les amis? TYSM!

Madame Hucheloup! For Sure! (sorry for the delay!! Please accept my grovelling and cuddles! <3 <3 <3)

  • She always pretends to be annoyed by them (“You damn boys are taking over my cafe and driving away my customers again!”) But she’s actually very protective of them and if any of her customers give them trouble she’s the first to “accidentally” spill hot coffee in their lap
  • Basically adopts Feuilly. She lets him crash on the big couch in the corner when his flat is being overrun by pests or he’s just too tired to go home. She also let’s him pick up a shift or two at the cafe when his hours get cut back at his regular job
  • She’s definitely playing matchmaker with Les Amis when they’re too stubborn to get together with each other. 
    “Oh there was the cutest boy in here before hitting on your bespectacled friend, Courf dear.”
    “There- What?!?”
    “Don’t worry dear, I made sure the napkin he wrote his number on found its way into my pocket instead.”
    “Thank you…”
  • Gets incredibly offended when Enjolras refers to them as her regulars.
    “Regulars pay for their coffee, dear. And don’t get me started on your boyfriends bar tab!”
    “He- Grantaire’s not my boyfriend!”
    “Funny you automatically assume I was talking about Grantaire.”
  • When any of them are having issues with their own parents she swoops in to be honourary mum. 
  • Basically incredibly kind hearted but fierce on the surface. Give the best D+M’s and the greatest hugs. 
  • Let’s just say Les Amis don’t keep coming back to the same cafe for the coffee.
Cas and Music

Right guys, listen to me for a hot second because I’m just, I’m having feels and I can’t, just listen. @lunamisha, @gingercas, @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me tell me this isn’t just me?!

So, the one thing that Castiel has always loved about humanity, even before he met the Winchesters (and the whole shit storm that is his life with them), is their ability to make music. He’s heard folk songs sung around a fire, words and melodies passed from parents to children, and he tries his hardest to catalogue them all. He finds himself overwhelmed at the sheer amount of music that humanity has created.

Then, he learns that humans also have instruments, harps and recorders and drums, and he finds that he likes music without words just as much. He watches as humanity hones and changes their instruments, building new ones to fit the sounds they want. He watches the language of music evolve so that humans can read it. He thinks that’s simply amazing. 

And with reading it, comes performing it, comes more complex compositions. He admired J.S Bach’s compositions the most, but preferred the sounds of Tchaikovsky and Mahler. 

So, when he falls, when he is crushed with the weight of his own humanity, he turns to music. He doesn’t have any way of listening to it, unless it’s through the Winchesters. So, he goes to them. 

And Dean is very excited to share his music with Cas. He introduces him to Led Zepplin, and AC/DC, Metallica and Van Halen. Castiel listens, and appreciates, but something is missing. So, he goes to Sam.

He finds Sam’s music has a lot to offer; poetic lyrics, and pleasant melodies that get stuck in his head, but it’s still not quite hitting the spot. And that frustrates him. 

Then, one night in a local diner, Dean has ordered four plates of food so that Castiel can sample the “diner things in life, getit? like finer… but we’re… okay” a song comes playing through the speakers that makes Castiel look up.

And he starts tapping his foot. 

It’s good.

“What is this song?” he asks. 

“Seriously, dude? The Bee Gees?” Dean groans through a mouthful of cheeseburger. 

Castiel listens to Stayin’ Alive on repeat as often as he can, first steals Sam’s laptop to listen to it on YouTube, and then he finds that Dean actually does have The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on tape in the impala. He finds he likes the whole album, but Stayin’ Alive is his favourite.

A few days after the diner, Sam comes to him in the bunker, laptop in hand,

“Cas? I wanna show you something,” he says, placing his laptop on the table. 

There is a whole playlist, labelled ‘For Cas’ on the screen, and Sam smiles before pressing play.

He listens to the playlist whenever he can. His favourite songs are the ones that make his toes tap, and his head bop from side to side. Dancing in the Moonlight, Never Gonna Give You Up, Footloose, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and ABC feature amongst his new favourites. He finds himself humming them even when he’s not listening to them.

And whilst Dean feels a little prickly that Cas doesn’t like his music as much as his cheesy ‘songs to sing in the shower’ picks, he can’t deny one thing. That, when Cas’ angel mojo is back in full swing, hearing the angel humming You Can’t Hurry Love whilst icing a demon with his bare hands is just about the cutest thing he’s ever seen.
ABC Cancellation Watch: 5 Series in Danger of Cancellation this Spring
Following thedeparture of ABC President Paul Lee, Hidden Remote is taking a look at five ABC series in danger of becoming the latest ABC cancellation victims. This week, ABC became the latest network to undergo a major network shake-up as ABC's Entertainment President Paul Lee stepped down...

“While the exact details behind Lee’s departure remain unknown, sources have indicated that Lee’s departure came as the result of ABC’s struggling ratings. The 2015-16 season has been relatively hard on ABC with several veteran series, including Castle and ONCE UPON A TIME, hovering around series lows throughout the season thus far and numerous high profile new series failing to capture viewers’ attention.”

The Antis can say whatever they want and spout the writers’ “optimism”.  It’s stated plainly here that OUAT has not been able to help ABC’s flailing ratings and again has had all time series lows (which we already know).

It’s not in the top 5 considered for cancellation (yet), but I have to wonder what the #6 or #7 show might have been.

This is the Producers/Head Writers NOT going with the actual pair (Swan Queen) that is the money-maker.  Of course, me being Swen, I want a romantic Swan Queen pairing, but they didn’t even go with Swan Queen being MORE of a “monster-fighting, powers-of-evil-conquering” duo!  If they had centered the show around Regina/Emma together and Regina/Emma/Henry their ratings would be higher.

But no… they’ve kept them apart and did not promote them together half as much as they should have.  They started out with Swan Queen in S1 and dropped the ball.  Very bad business.  How do you trust writers like this?

Instead, they’ve CURRENTLY taken the strength away from their leading women, turned them weak for the male love interests in their lives (and then claim that they are not writing ships - my ASS) and centered everything around Hook because he’s good-looking.  

Until the show improves (by way of Hook’s death being permanent) and they get back to the good writing that was S1 and S2, refocus this story back on Emma and Regina as a cohesive unit, I’m not interested in watching the Once Upon A Hook show.  Give me one good reason why I should?  I didn’t start watching for Hook.  I watched for Regina, for Emma, for Henry, for Snowing, for Rumple!  Not Captain Codfish.  

This is on them.

A Meeting of the Minds

I wrote this to put in the goody bags for our wonderful meetup this weekend, and since those are now handed out I thought I’d post it here! 

Summary: Enjolras, Combeferre, and Bahorel spend a night in jail after a rally gone awry, and meet a particular gamin for the first time. Meanwhile Courfeyrac spends the evening with the remaining Amis, trying (and failing) not to fret. Warmth, friendship, and hilarity ensue.

March, 1830

In the space of thirty seconds or so, Enjolras makes two mistakes. The sound of the sudden riot around him roars in his ears, and everything feels as if it’s happening in slow motion, a whir of color and shouting and movement.

He puts his hand on the police officer’s shoulder.

His first mistake.

He steps directly between the officer and Jean Prouvaire.

His second mistake.

He realizes these are mistakes when the officer slams his truncheon into his chest, smacking his ribs and sending pain vibrating through him.

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