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So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.


Ziam night in.

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Always In My Heart (Larry Stylinson Song) - Tia Lynn 

Hey Guys! This is the first song i’ve written in full, and it is pretty much about larry stylinson… enjoy, and let me know what you think! :)


Wasn’t prepared for when i met you
When ivy green saw a sea of blue
And darlin’, you can be the saint, i’ll be the sinner
I was endeared from the first ‘i love you’

You said, give me some space, well don’t you linger
I’ve grown accustomed to having you around
'Cause if you were the ship, i’d be the anchor
Keep me in place, but you never weigh me down
Yeah, you never bring me down

If I could bottle up your laugh for just one day
It would keep my company while you’re away
And if you ever feel alone in what we’ve made
I want you to know…

You are loved
You are felt
You are kissed
You are held
Maybe this will be our year
Maybe this time, my dear

Ring to connect, but you don’t answer
Only your breathing fills the other end
Don’t need a puzzle to fit the pieces together
That you are with her again

Now this has gone too far, when will it end?
Can’t keep track of what is real and what’s pretend
It’s okay if you choose her instead of me
But will answer these truthfully…

Are you loved?
Are you felt?
Are you kissed?
Are you held?
If the answer to these questions is no
You can always find your way back home
Where you’re loved
And you’re felt
Where you’re kissed
And you’re held
Never again will we grow apart
Sincerely, you’ll always be in my heart

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shoutout to fic writers and fan artists who stay up long hours creating incredible and FREE stuff for the world to see/read. YOU THE REAL MVP.

Stressed Out

Summary: Your best friend, Zayn, is in town for a visit and you two hang out but with your relationship with Harry recently going public and Zayn’s already very public presence fans get a little crazy and you get a little dizzy.


Requested: Yes! I hope you like it! 

Where does Zayn live? LA? New York? England? I don’t know, in this he lives in New York. Also mentioned some Zigi because why wouldn’t bff’s talk about their relationships?

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” You ask pressing kisses to Harry’s jaw as he types something on his phone, “Zayn would love to see you.” 

Harry turns and presses a kiss to your lips before smiling, “I’m sure. Go enjoy time with your best friend, he’s not in Los Angeles for long.” You stare at him a moment before pressing another kiss to his lips, “Okay. I’ll miss you.“ 

“I’ll miss you more.” Harry smiles sweetly making you laugh. “Now go! I know you’re dying to see Zayn.” You watch as Harry turns back to his phone and pull yours out, quickly dialing Zayn’s number as you leave the house

“’Ello?” You smile at Zayn’s voice, it had been months since you’d both been in the same place at the same time, you missed your best friend. 

“Harry didn’t want to come, I’m sorry. Maybe next time.” You frown when you hear Zayn sigh, Harry rarely was in town when Zayn was and when he was he usually found a reason to avoid hanging out. You knew he wasn’t mad about Zayn leaving, that was years ago and they had all done solo stuff now. So you didn’t understand why he insisted on staying home. 

“It’s fine, he’s busy with the new album and everything, I get it.” You smile at Zayn’s forgiveness, deciding next time Harry was being forced out whether he liked it or not.

“You’ll still see me!” You exclaim, smiling when he laughs, “I’m on my way now actually. I’ll see you soon.” 

“Yeah, I’ll see you soon.” 

“How are things with Harry?” Zayn places his glass of wine back on the table and you chuckle.

“Things are good.” You shrug, messing with your salad with your fork, “I am really sorry he didn’t come.” 

Zayn shakes his head as he does the same with his salad, “I know how promoting an album can be, and scheduling a tour sucks.” 

“Still, he shouldn’t stay cooped up indoors and he never comes when you invite him. I don’t want you to think he’s still mad or hurt, he’s not. He just-”

Zayn cuts you off by placing a hand on top of yours, “Y/N, seriously I get it. Besides the two of you just went public, right?” You nod and Zayn continues, “He probably didn’t want paparazzi and fans hoarding you because he’s with you.” 

“I guess, but you have a pretty steady fan-base too, I mean-” You sigh, cutting yourself off, “I just wish you two could hang out more, because I love you both.” Zayn smiles as the waiter places your entrees in front of the two of you. 

“Don’t worry too much, I’m sure next time we’re all free we’ll get together.” Zayn gives you a reassuring smile and you nod, deciding to drop the subject. 

“How’s New York?” You ask, beginning to cut into your chicken as Zayn takes another sip of wine, “And Gigi, how is she?” 

“New York is amazing, it’s so fast paced and beautiful. It really is the city that never sleeps.” Zayn smiles brightly, “And Gigi is amazing, she’s doing some work in New York, or else she would have come. She says hi, by the way. Also, she wants you to stay with us the next time you and Harry visit.” Zayn laughs quietly, smiling down at his food. 

“That sounds great!” You exclaim, smiling happily at Zayn, “We can do a couples game night, double dates, oh and broadway!“ Zayn laughs as you get more and more excited about a trip not planned yet. 

You roll your eyes at his laugh, “How is your music going?” You take a bite of food and Zayn shrugs, “Any plans for a new album soon?”

“I’ve worked on some stuff, it’s coming together. I’m really enjoying this freedom. It’s nice not having a strict schedule to follow.” Zayn smiles shyly and you grin, reaching across the table to pat his arm.

“I’m so happy for you. It’s great seeing you so, good with everything. I was worried those last few months in One Direction.” You smile sadly, thinking back to the stress and anxiety Zayn suffered during his last few months on tour. “This you, it’s good. I like it.”

“I like this you, too.” Zayn smiles at your confused look, “I mean, all those years of you and Harry dancing around your feelings was hard on you two. It’s good that you guys are finally happy, if anybody deserves it, it’s you.” 

You’re about to respond when you notice a few people across the street trying to take discreet pictures with their phones, “You have a few admirers.” You nod subtly and Zayn turns before smiling apologetically at you. “Guess outdoor seating wasn’t the best idea.” He frowns, looking down your half eaten meals. 

“How about we pack it up and bring it to my house? Harry would love this food.” You smile reassuringly and Zayn lets out a sigh of relief. 

As Zayn calls over the waiter you smile at the girls across the street. When you notice the group getting a little bigger, you frown, what if they ask for pictures? what if we’re mobbed? You turn back to pack up the food as Zayn settles the bill, “Alright, you ready?” 

“Are we going out the front?” You ask quietly, picking up your bag and phone. 

“There’s no back exit, I asked.” Zayn frowns looking over at the girls and few hidden paparazzi, “I’m sorry. I know you hate crowds.” You shake your head and give him what you hope is a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry. I think I can handle them.” 

 Zayn nods and the two of you make your way out of the restaurant, “Zayn!” He turns and smiles at the girls, “Can we get a picture? Please?”

He turns to you and you laugh, nodding slightly, “Sure! Y/N, do you mind?” You take the phone from the girl’s outstretched hand, “Okay, 1. 2. 3!” You take a few pictures for the girl before handing it back to her. 

Another hands you her phone and it goes on like this for a few minutes before you notice more people surrounding you, and getting closer to Zayn. They’re taking selfies now, and the more people that get closer to him to further you’re pushed. You take a few deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down enough to get out of the crowd that has gathered, but you continue to get pushed around. 

“Oh god.” You whisper, closing your eyes and trying to imagine yourself somewhere far away from the crowd. Someone shoves into you, trying to get closer to Zayn and you begin to feel dizzy. You know the crowd will continue to get bigger, you’re on a main street in Los Angeles, so you try to force your way towards the back. 

“Please,” You mutter, trying to squeeze through a few girls, “I’m trying to get out.” One of them notices the look on your face and places a hand on your arm, “Are you okay? Do you need water?” You shake your head, trying to get her to remove her arm. When she doesn’t some of the girls around her begin to ask you the same thing, all closing in on your. “I can’t. I can’t breathe.” You place a hand on your chest, trying to force your lungs to work. 

“Hey, are you-” before the girl can finish her question, your eyes are rolling back and your body is falling into her arms. “Oh my god!” She exclaims, “Someone call 911!” 

“That’s Y/N! She was having lunch with Zayn!” Another fan says quietly before speaking louder, “Someone tell Zayn!” 

Zayn hears the yells and looks up from the phone he’d been signing, “What’s going on? Is everyone okay?” He asks, standing up on the tips of his toes to see over the girls. 

“Y/N fainted!” A girl calls out from the back of the crowd, and Zayn begins shoving through the girls, “Everyone step back!” He calls, hoping the fans will listen. 

He manages to get the crowd dispersed and to your unconscious body pretty quickly, a girl has your head in her lap and looks frightened, “She just- she said she couldn’t breathe and then she fainted.”

Zayn nods, kneeling down and feeling for your pulse, “Did you call 911?” The girls nods, “They said they were on their way.” Zayn closes his eyes and lets out a relieved breath when he hears the sirens in the distance.

The first thing you notice when you come to is a weight on your hand. When you turn your head you see Harry’s hand holding yours, his eyes closed as he rests it on his other hand. “Harry?” You squeeze his fingers, “Harry, wake up.” You whisper, watching as he comes to. 

“Y/N.” He smiles softly at you, “You had me so worried.”

You frown, “What happened? Where’s Zayn?” 

Harry looks down at your intertwined fingers and takes a deep breath, “You guys were mobbed, and you got so panicked you fainted. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I should have gone with you.” 

“You couldn’t have stopped it.” You shake your head and place your free hand on his cheek, “I’m okay, it’s happened before. Nothing too serious.” Harry places his hand over yours and turns his head to press a kiss to your hand, “I’m still sorry.” 

“Please, don’t be.” You smile at him, before looking around the room once more. “Where is Zayn?” 

“In the waiting room. He felt really bad about what happened, and wasn’t sure if you wanted to see him.” Harry shrugs, looking down at his shoes. “Tell him to come in. I want to see him.” You smile, pulling your hand from his face as Harry pulls his phone out to text Zayn. 

It’s only a minute or two before Zayn is coning through your door. You smile waving him over, “How are you? Are you okay? I’m so-” 

“Zayn, I’m fine.” You shrug, laughing when Harry takes your hand in his again. “Don’t feel too bad. I get to go home and have Harry wait on me for the next few days.” Harry laughs and presses a kiss to your knuckles while Zayn chuckles quietly. 

“We were both really worried,” Zayn frowns sitting in the chair next to Harry. “I knew you were claustrophobic, but not this badly.” 

“I’m not usually mobbed, so it was a new experience.” You shrug, “We know now. I’ll go out the back ways when we go places.” 

“Or bring security.” Harry shakes his head when you glare at him. “I’m just saying, it would’ve helped today.” 

“I’m not the president. I don’t need men in black following me everywhere.” You cross your arms stubbornly.

“I don’t want this to happen to you again.” Harry looks at you, arms crossed just as stubbornly as yours. 

“So I’ll be more careful.” You shrug, not looking at Harry as he shakes his head. “Besides, you can’t tell me what to do. If I don’t-“ 

“I think he’s just worried.” Zayn cuts you off with a look that makes you soften, “You were unconscious and he wasn’t there to help. It’s understandable he wants something there when he can’t be.“ 

You sigh, reaching for Harry’s hand once again, “I don’t want you to constantly worry. If I’m out with you or Zayn, or one of my many famous friends,” Harry laughs softly and you smile, “I promise to bring security. But if it’s just me, I’m going alone. Deal?“ 

“Deal, I guess.” Zayn smiles as you and Harry grin at each other like newlyweds. They’re good together, he thinks as he quietly leaves to let you and Harry talk, Really good.

Hello! Look! Two fics out, when promised instead of waiting forever! I’m improving! I do hope the anon who requested this enjoys it.

Also, I’m working on part three of my single dad Harry series, and am very excited for you guys to read. (and if you haven’t go read it here) (self promo? yes.) 

As always, thank you for reading and have a good day!

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iuli babe pls i'm dying here. all the zayn blogs have turned into kpop blogs and i hate that shit. can you please please please make me a list of zayn blogs that are still zayn? i can only find ot5 ones :/

hiiii! i’ll look through my following list and try my best to give you mostly zayn blogs

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