give you stars

1,900 Years Steve. Years.

@breyito not what you asked for so I’m keeping that prompt in my ask box for now, but this is pretty fluffy. 

Inspired slightly by @not-close-to-straight and her Long Distance series, (getting me back into Stuckony) Based on this prompt with Tony as Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Tony noticed the hot blonde, staring lovingly into the beefy brunette’s eyes the moment he walked in. It was cheesy as heck, but damn they were good eye candy. No one could blame him for looking, and listening in a little, he was hungry and his phone was dead it’s not like he had anything else to do.

“If I could reach up and give you a star for every time you made me smile there would be none left.” Hot Blonde said, Tony frowned.

“That is completely unrealistic.” He blurted, apparently just loud enough to be heard by the romantic couple.

“What?” Beefy brunette looks a little angry at him, but Tony is honestly too tired to care. He levels both of them with an unimpressed look.

“There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, if you made him smile one hundred times every single minute it would take over 1,900 years for him to even take all the stars in our galaxy. Then there are the other 50 galaxies just in our local group, and then the nearly 200 billion in the known universe. It’s a completely erroneous statement.” Tony prattles off, doing the math in his head. The Blonde looks slightly hurt.

“That was kind of hot, I’m Bucky, but you can call me whatever you want to doll.” The brunette, Bucky holds out his hand to Tony.

“Your bad-at-math boyfriend is literally right there.” Tony points out, jerking his thumb towards the hot blonde. Bucky laughs.

“That’s Steve, he’ll probably think you’re hot too, once his pride recovers.” Bucky waves off his concern. Hot Blonde, Steve, shrugs agreeably.

“I’m Tony.”  Tony offers. A waitress appears at their table, dropping a huge burger in front of Bucky, Tony’s mouth waters. “I’ll give you one hundred dollars if you give me that burger right now.”

“Tempting.” Bucky teases, making eye contact as he takes a bite out of it. “Steve, I’ll give you- is that a salad? Never mind. Bucky, I will give you two hundred dollars if you give me the rest of that burger please. I’m starving.” Bucky takes another bite, chewing slowly.

“I appreciate the offer Doll.” He says, flashing a smile at Tony.

“Your boyfriend is mean.” Tony informs Steve. “Really mean.” Steve nods, taking a bite of his salad and holding his fork out to Tony. “You’re just cruel.”

“Aw, c’mon Doll, we don’t mean any harm.” Bucky pulls out the chair next to him. “I’ll give you a bite if you come sit with us.” He’s laying on the Brooklyn charm strong, and offering food, how could Tony possibly resist.

“Fine.” He drops into the seat, snatching the burger out of Bucky’s hands and taking the biggest bite he can manage.

“So, what do you do Tony?” Steve asks. Bucky looks a little shocked, sending Tony a can-you-believe-this-guy look.

“Well, Steve I think I’ve seen him on enough Magazine covers to know he’s a model.” Bucky teases. Tony snorts a laugh.

“I’m not surprised, pretty face like that.” Steve grins at him, and Tony tries to pretend he’s not blushing. “Should have known you’d be a model.” Bucky is trying to suppress his giggles and a waitress shows up at Tony’s table, he waves her over.

“Sorry, I moved. Thank you so much though. This looks delicious.” He beams at her, and she set’s down all three of the entrée’s he ordered in front of him. Bucky and Steve look shocked. “I haven’t eaten since, when was I kidnapped? Yesterday, yeah since yesterday morning.”

“What the hell Doll, I would have given you my whole burger immediately if you had told me that.” Bucky says, looking down at his half-eaten burger. Tony waves him off, humming around a mouthful of fries.

“I’m not a model by the way.” He informs Steve when he comes up for air. “I’m Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries.” Steve’s eyes go wide.

“You saved my life.” He whispers. Tony looks up confused. “Your body armor did anyways.”

“Um, no problem dude. I try my best.” Tony shrugs, turning back to his burger.

“We’re keeping him.” Bucky whispers, loudly. Tony’s ears turn pink.

“I’m not a lost puppy.” He grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest. “You can’t just keep me.”

“We’re totally keeping him.” Steve agrees, reaching over to ruffle Tony’s hair.

“Ugh, fine. Only because you’re both cute.”


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]

imagine you’re on a date with someone and it’s going really well and they drop a cheesy line like “if i could reach up and give you a star every time u made me smile, there would be none left” but neil degrasse tyson is sitting at the table next to you and explains to your date why they’re wrong in front of the whole damn restaurant


«You might have thought that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just played superheroes in the movies, but you would have been wrong. These guys really are superheroes.»

Midway getting out of Logic’s outfit and he gives you this look… 🤓😂 (guest starring my Tumblr dash in the background. Yes, Logan uses it too 💻)

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Wait a second - if Star Wars is in the past (”Long time ago, far, far away, etc, etc”), and we’re in the present, and Star Trek is in the future… does this mean we could have one of the Star Trek crews running into the ruins of an old jedi or sith temple or something?! Like, not even necessarily saying that that’s what it is, just a bunch of vague “The inhabitants seemed to be some sort of spiritual order,” “But also training areas for battle,” “The decayed remains of some sort of crystal-based technology” comments, just enough to have everyone flipping their shit because hell yeah, dramatic irony, we know exactly what’s going on!

Or, oooo~ running into SW civilizations, but it’s WAAAAAAAY in the future for them compared to what we’ve previously seen, so stuff is REALLY different, who knows what the Jedi Order looks like now, if it’s even still called that, like holy shit, imagine THAT first contact encounter! Imagine how much world-building you could do with both universes! Or throw in time-travel - ST LOVES time travel, and SW loves weird jedi shit (and has a fandom that loves time travel) and just- (flapping arms and uncontrollable excitement). IT WOULD JUST BE SO COOL, OKAY?!? Dang, what if Earth turned out to be some lost colony from the SW area of the galaxy and everything we thought we knew about history before a certain point turned out to be wrong, every single cryptid and fantastical being in our mythos could be based off some real species that got warped and misremembered over thousands of years of retelling like some insane game of telephone-

girls don’t want boys girls want 10000x more star wars femslash content than there currently is

i love when drama leads are always “this person is rude and loud, and unlike anyone i’ve ever met before. what is this strange feeling?” like, that’s attraction buddy and you’re gonna be so fucking in love with this person in like 5 episodes