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asoiaf meme [4/4] quotes

“Allow me to give my lord one last piece of counsel,” the old man had said, “the same counsel that I once gave my brother when we parted for the last time. He was three-and-thirty when the Great Council chose him to mount the Iron Throne. A man grown with sons of his own, yet in some ways still a boy. Egg had an innocence to him, a sweetness we all loved. Kill the boy within you, I told him the day I took ship for the Wall. It takes a man to rule. An Aegon, not an Egg. Kill the boy and let the man be born.” The old man felt Jon’s face. “You are half the age that Egg was, and your own burden is a crueler one, I fear. You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.”

{ IN MY VEINS } a sansan playlist by @thehound

georgia vance joy / kiss me ed sheeran / a drop in the ocean ron pope / bloodstream stateless / can’t help falling in love haley reinhart / in my veins andrew belle / home gabrielle aplin / the howling dog ears / only you joshua radin / shiver lucy rose / gotta have you the weepies / here with me susie suh / bad blood bear’s den / all you never say birdy / into the wild lewis watson / mountains (love won’t burn my heart) savoir adore / ghosts that we knew mumford & sons / a closeness dermot kennedy / tee shirt birdy / sea of love langhorne slim / i was made for loving you kina grannis / only love ben howard / don’t lose your love ivan & alyosha / magnetised tom odell / give me love ed sheeran / safe & sound taylor swift ft. the civil wars / faded from the winter iron & wine / i get to love you ruelle / strangers jesse harper / my lover birdtalker / i’m so in love with you jill andrews / reunite isbells / light sleeping at last / to build a home the cinematic orchestra + adding more all the time!

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Recovered Jonsa Fic #14: Jon Promises Something Better

Another fic repost!

@nickrockatansky asked: Jon promising Sansa something better than Littlefinger’s picture. Can be smutty or fluffy/angsty, up to you.

It’s by fire light, wrapped in furs, a cup of mulled wine clutched to her chest, that she tells him.

“His picture, as he puts it, is of himself on the Iron Throne with me by his side.”

Jon when in the presences of lords, men, and ministers, sits straight as any lord. When they’re alone, he relaxes. But his posture stiffens when he hears this until he sees that she’s shaking her head.

He manages a small smile. “Not you on the throne then, eh?”

“Nothing with Littlefinger is ever about anyone but Littlefinger,” she replies, managing to smile herself. Sometimes, she’s afraid to tell him things. She makes herself, though. She wants to trust him. Whenever she does confess something, though, she’s amazed by how much better she feels. This is one of those times. Now that she considers it, this scary, grave thing seems almost humorous. It was so typical of the man. “Even if it wasn’t, I’m a woman. Unfit for a throne.”

He winces at this. She takes a sip and then assures him that she’s just teasing. It’s only half a lie.

“Tell that to Cersei Lannister.”

“The only thing I ever wish to tell Cersei Lannister is the news of her execution,” replies Sansa darkly.

“So it brings you no joy to hear of a woman taking a throne?” His lip curls. But she doesn’t find that funny.

“Margaery Tyrell was my friend. My only friend, back there. Cersei Lannister is as much a monster as her bastard son.”

Jon looks chastened. “My apologies. Then what of my aunt? The one who sails with the Ironborn now?”

Sansa sits back and thinks. “It depends on what she brings. She has allied with Yara Greyjoy. That means Theon is with her. If Theon trusts her, that is a point in her favor. She supposedly freed the slaves of Slaver’s Bay. Another point. She brings dragons. If she is ready to use them to help us destroy the White Walkers, another point. However, if she intends to use them to take revenge on the Houses that overthrew her father, or force us to bend the knee, or to take you away, then no.”

“Then who would you have atop the Iron Throne? Me?”

She pauses. “Is that what you want?”

Sansa must talk him out of it, if that is the case. She does not want to surrender him to that place, to those people.

“Is that what you want?”

“Aerys the Mad. Robert Baratheon. Joffrey. Tommen. I do not want you in their place.”

He smiles. “Good. Then who?”

“No one,” answers Sansa, surprising herself with her honesty. She’d never dreamed of ever saying such a thing aloud. She barely dared to think it. “Break it down, blade by blade. Let us rule ourselves. So much power for one person is a sickness, a canker. What can some idiot in King’s Landing know of The North? Dorne? The Iron Isles? What has the Iron Throne ever truly done for the countries it has ruled? All it brings is grasping, tyranny≥,  fighting, cruelty, destruction. People grasping and clawing and lying and killing for something which they can’t really control. Something which, if acquired, guarantees that they’ll spend the rest of their lives with people who cannot wait for them to die. All it brings is war and cruelty. Lords pouring everything they have into these conflicts instead of caring for their people and keeping their own homes safe. Countless people dying so some fool can sit himself on some ugly chair. Instead of making sure we were all prepared for what awaits us, what has everyone been doing for the last several years? Fighting over which idiot gets to call themselves a king and dealing with the latest tyranny that bloody thing has produced.”

“Daenerys has dragons to keep the order. And she’s a benevolent ruler by all accounts.”

“She may be, but what of her children? Her grandchildren? Her great-grandchildren? The people who inherit those dragons, that throne? What of them? Why does a woman with three dragons and a realm of her own need more power in the first place?”

Jon grins. “I have a picture for you, then.”

“Oh?” She is intrigued.

“You and I, together, riding into King’s Landing, ordering the Iron Throne to be melted down. Standing side by side as we watch it happen. Declaring each of the realms free and independent. Then riding home to Winterfell as King and Queen of the North, never having to fear for our children being forced from their homes from forces from the north or the south. Our place always, always being here.”

Her heart swells. It takes her a moment. “King and Queen? Our children?”
He watches her intently. “Aye. We’d both be by one another’s sides. Thrones for both of us. In our home. Where we belong.” He reaches out and takes her hand in his. Their eyes meet. She’s breathless. “Together. In every way.”

This is unexpected. She thought her feelings were unrequited. That Jon still saw her as a sister.

She threads her fingers through his, though. “Are you sure?”

“I think, after everything we’ve been through, once the world is saved, we deserve to follow our hearts. Mine is in your hands. I’d sit on the Iron Throne for you. Destroy it for you. I took Winterfell for you. I intend to save the world because you’re in it.”

Perhaps it is wrong for her to tremble so, but she cannot help it. She feels like she’s dreaming. “Daenerys might object.”

“Let her. If we must let that monstrous thing exist, we’ll find a way to live with it. As long as I have you…”

“What if she wants you for herself? You could challenge her claim.” This is another of her fears. Another reason why she’s not exactly ready to celebrate the approach of the Dragon Queen.

“I’ll renounce my claim if she wishes. Publicly. She can have the Iron Throne. I’ll give her whatever she wishes if it means I can have you.”

She looks at him now and sees, in this moment, just as he is, a far greater picture than any Littlefinger could offer. Her Jon, sitting before her, ready to fight a million monsters and take, renounce, or destroy the greatest seat of power in the world, all for her. Her Jon, by the fire, his hand and heart in hers.

A finer picture indeed.

“They tell me “George, what is wrong with you?” and I answer the same thing every time: “Who is George? I am Gargator! Destroyer of the weak!” I will ascend to my rightful throne one day and you will all know my iron fisted rule. For now it is only cardboard and make believe but one day, I know, I will become the king of Australia and divvy up the land into 12 equal parts. Each will give their own offerings to me, their Sun God, and I will bless them the way the sun blesses us all: with searing heat and flies. Flies for everyone. There is no one safe from pestilence under Gargator.”

anonymous asked:

I always see people using Tywin's "And any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king at all" to disclaim any candidate to the Iron Throne. But I'm not fond of that sentence, no more than "Power is power" or "why it is more noble to kill ten thousand men in battle than a dozen at dinner". Can you give some thoughts about it?

It’s important to weigh this line in the proper context. Tywin is castigating Joffrey for deriving his authority only because he is the king, and it’s this, not the mere mention of the fact that he is the king. The reason why someone says something is important, and there is much difference from a simple statement of fact and a declaration of authority.

Tywin is stating that the mere fact that you are the king is nothing. A king has to back up his edicts with force, and this is a perfect Tywin-thought. Tywin, after all, is the guy that takes fait accompli to an art form. Kill the Targaryen babes before anyone says anything about them. Grab Eddard and make the swap for Tyrion before anyone can do anything about it. So weighing this line under the philosophy of Tywin is revealing in its own way.

But someone using that line to say that someone isn’t a true king just on it’s own? That’s just a rushed conclusion.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


Cersei thought of all the King’s Hands that she had known through the years: Owen Merryweather, Jon Connington, Qarlton Chelsted, Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark, her brother Tyrion. & her father, Lord Tywin Lannister, her father most of all. All of them are burning now, she told herself, savoring the thought. They are dead & burning, every one, with all their plots & schemes & betrayals.

                       It is my day now. It is my castle & my kingdom. 

Queen of Westeros...

Imagine being the Queen of Westeros, a Baratheon, and being courted by Robb Stark where you refuse his advances until he beats your  Uncle and Brother in a fight.

((To anon: I hope you don’t mind that I made the reader a baratheon and I hope you like it!))

((Word Count:1,997))

You had ruled the Seven Kingdoms since you were near fourteen name days, ever since your Mother’s House were dealt with. Alongside your bastard brother turned Knight Gendry and your Uncle Stannis, you reformed Westeros into a land of peace and prosperity that hadn’t been seen since the early days of King Aerys Targaryen’s rule.

Dorne was kept in the fold when Myrcella married Trystane Martell, the Westerlands remained after your Uncle Tyrion took control of Casterly Rock, and you were able to bring the North, Riverlands, and Vale back into the fold when you handed Joffrey, your Mother, your Grandfather, and the Stark ancestral sword Ice over to the Lord of Winterfell, Robb Stark. The Iron Islands tried to continue their rebellion but they were quickly knocked back down by the combined force of the other Six Kingdoms.

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letschitchatabout  asked:

This questions are related to GoT. Who do you think will end up in the iron throne? And who do you WANT to be the king of the seven kingdoms? Who is your favourite character?

Personally I think the Iron Throne is going to be destroyed when all of this is over, either from Cersei not wanting to give it up or the rest of the houses deciding it’s time for a new era without the trouble the stupid thing has caused. And I really just want Dany, Sansa, Lianna, and Arya to rule together like the badass queens they fucking are. And my favorite character is definitely either Dany or Sansa… I can’t choose between the two of them. (And I guess Tyrion is okay… I guess 😂)

shoot-the-smiles  asked:

If Dany survives and becomes Queen, who do you think would be on her small council? What would be their positions?

I’m sorry, I think the probability of Dany surviving and becoming Queen is literally zero, so I don’t think she’s going to have a Small Council post-WFTD. 

(1) She’s a messiah figure and messiah figures have a tendency of dying (or vanishing from the limelight, but I don’t think that applies here. I don’t think Dany is returning to the house with the red door, but I’d give better odds for the Red Door than for her final post-war queenship). 

(2) Dany fits the “Living on Borrowed Time” trope. She should have died on Drogo’s funeral pyre, and she only survived because it was a miracle. There was also a high probability of her dying in childbirth, given how young she was. According to GRRM, “Very young mothers tend to have significantly higher rates of death in childbirth, which the maesters will have noted.” Both times magic allowed Dany to avoid death. Well, you know what they say, third time pays for all

(3) I think Dany’s actions in the War for the Dawn will fit the “Last Dance” trope, where characters realize “it may be time to throw out all the rules and go on that last run, complete that final mission, settle that one score. When you literally have nothing left to lose, that’s when you can truly give everything you’ve got.” Winning the War for the Dawn will surely require everything humanity’s got. This will be especially applicable after King’s Landing and the Iron Throne are destroyed in Chekhov’s wildfire

(4) This is highly, highly speculative, but I think the curtain of light is a “thin place” between the worlds, and I think The Place Beyond The Curtain of Light At The End of The World may be another dimension, a place of Lovecraftian horror, and Our Heroes may have to seal the door (which will be a callback to Hodor’s “Hold the Door” from TWOW) while they’re on the other side, to stem the tide of Others pouring through while people like Stannis, Brienne, Davos, Arya, the Vale Armies, etc are fighting to hold places like Winterfell until the gateway can be sealed. 

(5) The fact that GRRM has compared the Others to “Sidhe” / fairies further suggests to me that they’re from some Lovecraftian Realm of Fairy. Consider that the Others snatch human babies. A common saying in Westeros is “Oak and iron guard me well, or else I’m dead and doomed to hell.” Folklore says iron wards off the fairies. Consider “The Others take me / you / him / her / [name of enemy]” vs “Taken by the fairies”. (I still think Benjen was taken by the Others and is being held hostage.) Further consider how amused the Others are by humanity when they ~play~ with Waymar Royce in the AGOT prologue. Fairy realms have strong associations with death. I think the odds of Our Heroes being able to return to the Westerosi dimension are very small. (Think of Bruce Willis in Armageddon or the astronauts in Deep Impact.)

So I really, really don’t think that Dany is surviving, I’m sorry. I’m sure there’s lots of fanfiction on AO3 that explores Dany’s rule post-War but I’ve never read any. It’s not a scenario that I’m interested in exploring, either in fic or meta. There’s also way too many variables to consider here, because we don’t know for certainty which characters are doomed and which aren’t. So I’m sorry!

More endgame thoughts here

EDIT: @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly created a nice post-War AU scenario here


“Every khal who ever lived chose three blood riders, to fight beside him and guard his way. But I am not a khal. I will not choose three blood riders. I choose you all. I will ask more of you than any khal has ever asked of his khalassar. Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me before the Mother of Mountains? Are you with me? NOW AND ALWAYS?

Just finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron Blooded Orphan and it has the realest ending out of all Gundam series in my opinion. The 2 seasons were roller coaster rides. Having your fav characters unexpectedly killed off kinda gives you the feeling of watching Game of Thrones.

“A start?” said Ellaria Sand, incredulous. “Gods forbid. I would it were a finish. Tywin Lannister is dead. So are Robert Baratheon, Amory Lorch, and now Gregor Clegane, all those who had a hand in murdering Elia and her children. Even Joffrey, who was not yet born when Elia died. I saw the boy perish with mine own eyes, clawing at his throat as he tried to draw a breath. Who else is there to kill? Do Myrcella and Tommen need to die so the shades of Rhaenys and Aegon can be at rest? Where does it end?”

“It ends in blood, as it began,” said Lady Nym. “It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within. It ends with the utter ruin of Tywin Lannister and all his works.”

“The man died at the hand of his own son,” Ellaria snapped back. “What more could you wish?”

“I could wish that he died at my hand.” Lady Nym settled in a chair, her long black braid falling across one shoulder to her lap. She had her father’s widow’s peak. Beneath it her eyes were large and lustrous. Her wine-red lips curled in a silken smile. “If he had, his dying would not have been so easy.”

“Ser Gregor does look lonely,” said Tyene, in her sweet septa’s voice. “He would like some company, I’m certain.”

Ellaria’s cheeks were wet with tears, her dark eyes shining. Even weeping, she has a strength in her, the captain thought.

“Oberyn wanted vengeance for Elia. Now the three of you want vengeance for him. I have four daughters, I remind you. Your sisters. My Elia is fourteen, almost a woman. Obella is twelve, on the brink of maidenhood. They worship you, as Dorea and Loreza worship them. If you should die, must El and Obella seek vengeance for you, then Dorea and Loree for them? Is that how it goes, round and round forever? I ask again, where does it end?” Ellaria Sand laid her hand on the Mountain’s head. “I saw your father die. Here is his killer. Can I take a skull to bed with me, to give me comfort in the night? Will it make me laugh, write me songs, care for me when I am old and sick?" 

"What would you have us do, my lady?” asked the Lady Nym. “Shall we lay down our spears and smile, and forget all the wrongs that have been done to us?”

“War will come, whether we wish it or not,” said Obara. “A boy king sits the Iron Throne. Lord Stannis holds the Wall and is gathering northmen to his cause. The two queens are squabbling over Tommen like bitches with a juicy bone. The ironmen have taken the Shields and are raiding up the Mander, deep into the heart of the Reach, which means Highgarden will be preoccupied as well. Our enemies are in disarray. The time is ripe.”

“Ripe for what? To make more skulls?” Ellaria Sand turned to the prince. “They will not see. I can hear no more of this.”

“Go back to your girls, Ellaria,” the prince told her. “I swear to you, no harm will come to them.”

“My prince.” Ellaria kissed him on the brow and took her leave. Areo Hotah was sad to see her go. She is a good woman.

Honestly, the line “Weak men will never rule Dorne again” could very easily be applied to D&D.  They were too weak to know what they had and so they destroyed it. 

Give me a Westeros modern au directly related to canon

Where historians are still discussing Theon Greyjoy’s motives and they are confused for a while about those years when he disappeared until they found some texts from Stannis Baratheon

The Red Keep has been restored tons and tons of time, the iron throne is in a glass case next to all the crowns that have been preserved and there are cords everywhere to prevent people from damaging the throne room. Maegor’s holdfast has been really well preserved and you can still see the tapestries in the small council room, although they’ve faded. People can go up on the battlements and sometimes see reconstitutions of the Blackwater battle. Those who believe in the Sevens can still go pray in the Sept even if some parts have been damaged. 

People like to go to Winterfell to go skiing but they can also visit the Starks’ place, the Godswood is particularly appreciated.

Tywin Lannister is glorified in history books and Cersei is demonized as fuck 

people sneer at Joffrey’s statue when they visit the Red Keep

The armory room has a glass wall with the Mountain’s armor and it fucking terrifies everyone and there’s Oberyn’s next to it with his spear 

Young girls get all passionate about history in Dorne and dress up as Sand Snakes or as Arianne 

There are gardening shops whose names are puns related to the Tyrells

Robb Stark is a hero and people scream about the Red Wedding in history classes

TV channels make shitty historically unaccurate shows oh wait

Once in a while some bloke shows up claiming he’s the King because he’s got 1/100000000000000 of Targ blood

Also there are still dragons and magic bc urban fantasy

“At the Trident, those brave men Viserys spoke of who died beneath our dragon banners - did they give their lives because they believed in Rhaegar’s cause, or because they had been bought and paid for?” Dany turned to Mormont, crossed her arms, and waited for an answer.
“My queen,” the big man said slowly, “all you say is true. But Rhaegar lost on the Trident. He lost the battle, he lost the war, he lost the kingdom, and he lost his life. His blood swirled downriver with the rubies from his breastplate, and Robert the Usurper rode over his corpse to steal the Iron Throne. Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.”


“Allow me to give my lord one last piece of counsel,” the old man had said, “the same counsel that I once gave my brother when we parted for the last time. He was three-and-thirty when the Great Council chose him to mount the Iron Throne. A man grown with sons of his own, yet in some ways still a boy. Egg had an innocence to him, a sweetness we all loved. Kill the boy within you, I told him the day I took ship for the Wall. It takes a man to rule. An Aegon, not an Egg. Kill the boy and let the man be born.” The old man felt Jon’s face. “You are half the age that Egg was, and your own burden is a crueler one, I fear. You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.


Not Metal-related, but I had to do this since I saw this Tumblr post and because I loved Captain America: Civil War (mostly bc Black Panther).

Thanks to twitter user @alexisthenedd, and Tumblr users @butitwaslit and @sourcedumal for most of the lyrics! I did my best to fill in the rest.

(I would not be opposed if this made its way to Chadwick Boseman or the Russo Brothers winkwink nudge nudge)

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I am re-watching season 5 & 6 now and I have to share these thoughts with everyone who ships Petyr/Sansa like I do. These two scenes of intimacy between P & S are worlds apart from each other.

Petyr kinda like avoided eye contact with Sansa when he was trying to marry off Sansa to the Boltons. We all know Petyr is a marvelous liar, just think about how he manipulates people with fabricated materials and masks those lies with his signature smirks and fake smiles, even being with Sansa was not an exception in Season 1-3. But in this scene, those facial expressions were GONE. At that point, it was his body language truly spoke for him. He genuinely felt some uncertainty underneath his bold plan to the north by using this girl as a pawn. A girl in whom he had developed some true feelings. Sansa was neither some disposable property nor an ‘investment’ to him, as Lysa or Ros was. Those avoidance of eye contact was an indicator of hesitant, of his not enjoying in telling the story to persuade Sansa for his own advantage as he always did with other people before. Littlefinger was challenged by himself all because his last surviving humanity stood up for the girl right in front of him, choked on tears. But Littlefinger is Littlefinger, he sticks with his plans, he knew what he had to do, but he could barely look at Sansa in her eyes. Such a powerful scene.

Then the Season 6 finale. Oh these eye contacts! He was encouraged enough to look at Sansa in her eyes again, firmly, as he believed he had redempted all his wrong doings to her by offering the alliance with the Vale and swore allegiance to the House of Stark. In addition to that, he even invited her to rule the severn kingdoms with him! We all know that to tell whether someone is truly in love with you, is to see whether that person is willingly to share things he or she holds the most dear to. For Petyr, power is his ultimate goal, is there anything better than the Iron Throne to give as a proof of affection from Lord Baelish?

Last but not least, Aidan’s performance completely nailed it!!!

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Summary:  I saw this fanart by @fioren-nights and the poem, and I HAD to write something for it.  It kind of falls apart a little and didn’t really end up being how I imagined, i had things I wanted to happen and very little skill to get them there.  But regardless, I hope you enjoy.

It had all happened so quickly.  It was a night like most, she had fallen asleep with her back to his warmth and a book in her lap.  The rise and fall of the chest of her mighty dragon lulled her further into sleep, wrapping her in an overwhelming sense of security.  The next thing she heard was shouting male voices and the pained roar of…

“GAJEEL!!”  She screamed, feeling a different force pulling her away. “No, NO! Please no!”  Her eyes met his as his head fell, slamming onto the floor with a crash.  Red trickled between the iron scales, matching the hue of his red orbs that fixated on hers, crying out for her in quiet agony. 


How could this happen?  How could they have been taken by surprise?  “No! I don’t need to be saved, leave me, PLEASE!”  Levy screamed from her perch over the soldier’s shoulder.  Her tiny fists ineffectually pounded on his back, bruising on the armor.  No one heard her but her dragon, and as they carried her away, she could see the life leaving his eyes.  A cry of anguish tore from her, and he disappeared into the darkness.

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