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Just a lil something bc Park Jimin won’t let me fucking live. If anything, expect more jimin soon bc I just really fucking cant with this guy. I reallyreallyreally hope you guys like this. Feedback is much appreciated!

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: fluff, smut

Word count: 8,540

You honestly, truly didn’t know whether you wanted to choke Kim Taehyung until he couldn’t breathe and his body lay lifeless on the floor, or if you loved him so much you couldn’t bare hurt a single hair of his pretty little head.

The boy was just too much of a best friend sometimes, it drove you mental.

He was that kind of friend who knocked on your door in the middle of the night to ask if you wanted to grab some late dinner.

He was the type to give you a foot or back massage when you felt the stress of your assignments and work getting too much for you to handle, and then spend a whole night trying to figure out solutions for your problems after you’d relaxed.

He was the type to listen to you vent for hours, simply listening, knowing all too well you preferred someone to listen to you until there was nothing left, before he was allowed to give you his personal advice, which never failed to be helpful.

He was the type to make you forget about your breakups with your boyfriends, opting it would be better for you to spend time out and take your mind off of it instead of bringing it up and have you crying for hours. But if you did feel like crying, he was always the shoulder to cry on.

However, there was one thing about Taehyung that made you wonder why the fuck you even considered him tolerable at times.

He was a meddler. It was in his bones, he just couldn’t help it. God knew he couldn’t.

So when he started to notice that you seemed a little too lonely for his liking as of lately, he knew he had to do something about it. He didn’t utter a word to you, thinking up a plan in his head like the devil he is, and the light bulb didn’t go off in his head until you were out with the guys and a few others one weekend.

Park Jimin. Park Jimin was the solution.

He felt fucking dumb for never noticing the older boy staring at you, seeming to get lost every time, before quickly snapping out of it. For not noticing that cute special smile he always reserved for specific people. For not noticing how he almost always managed to stick by your side whenever he was in the same room, sometimes in the same building, as you.

He watched curiously as Jimin called you over, patting the now empty seat next to him as an invitation to you, and you made your way over thinking nothing of it. Taehyung knew you were pretty oblivious. 

A guy could tape a sign onto his forehead that said ‘I like you’ and you still wouldn’t be entirely sure of it.

So this was kind of a challenge to accomplish. Luckily, challenges were what Taehyung lived for.

The first time you noticed something was a bit off was when Taehyung was over at your place one afternoon. You walked around the kitchen cleaning about, before standing in front of the sink and starting on the dishes. He sat at your small kitchen table, a bowl of cereal held in his hands. You were both quiet, you working and him eating, before you felt his presence next to you as he bumped your hip to push you to the side. He stood next to you, placing his bowl in the sink as well before starting with you. He suddenly broke the silence.


“Yeah?” You mumbled, focusing on a small dark spot that wasn’t being very cooperative and coming off.

“Can I ask you something?”

“You just di-”

“Alright, I’m going to ask you something,” he sighed and shook his head with a tiny smile on his lips at your lameness. “What do you think of Jimin?”

“Jimin?” Your brows furrowed in confusion as you thought of what could’ve possibly been going through his head for asking you about him all of a sudden. “Why are you asking?”

“Just answer the question.”

“What do you mean what do I think of Jimin, Tae?” You chuckled, finally managing to wash the spot out and you grabbed another dish. “He’s a sweet, nice guy. What am I supposed to think of him?”

“Do you think he’s cute?”

“You got something you wanna tell me, Tae?” You asked curiously.

“Am I not the one supposed to be asking the questions here,” he huffed and you only laughed.

“Fine,” you sighed. “Of course he’s cute. I mean, even a guy as straight as a pin and a girl as can be would admit to that. Even you.”

“Mhm, alright.”

And then he was quiet for a few seconds, before changing the subject. “I bought a new video game. Hurry so we have enough time to try it out.”

You found it was strange but said nothing. You thought it better to keep your mouth shut and not dig too deep into it because it was most probably just Taehyung being Taehyung, but boy were you wrong.

“You mind if I text Jimin and Kookie to come over? They told me to tell them as soon as I got this game?” He asked from his spot on the couch, waiting for you to set everything up.

“Sure, no problem,” you answered, because it was always fun to hang out with the amazing trio.

“Great, they’re on their wa-”

And he was cut off with a knock that sounded on your front door. You paused and turned to look at Taehyung with a raised brow, only to see him sheepishly smiling at you. “Yeah, I might’ve texted them to come over about twenty minutes ago.”

You sighed and shook your head before standing up. “Just finish setting up, you moron.”

You jogged to the door when another knock sounded, not wanting to keep them waiting, and quickly swung the door open to be greeted with the sight of two smiley faces.

“__!” Jungkook greeted you and you moved aside to allow them inside.

“Hey, Kookie. Hey, Jimin,” you smiled brightly at them before ushering them inside. “Come on, we’re about to start playing.”

Jungkook nodded and quickly walked to the living room, but Jimin slowly stepped inside before stopping in front of you with that sweet angelic smile that God graced him with.

“No welcome hug for your guests?” He cocked his head to the side, and it was crazy how much he resembled a puppy you’d once seen in the pet store near your apartment building.

“Well, you two aren’t actually considered guests anymore, are you?” You chuckled but moved forward and hugged him quickly before pulling back. “But that puppy look could get you anything, Park.”

“__! Jimin! Get your asses in here, we already started the game!”

“You assholes! This is my house, you can’t just do that!” You quickly ran to the living room, and Jimin slowly walked behind you. And if you weren’t so engaged in scolding Taehyung and Jungkook as they played, not bothering to stop, so you hit the back of their heads before flopping onto the couch dejectedly, you would’ve noticed Jimin staring at you with a soft smile.

But Taehyung noticed, and he was now even more determined to put his plan in action.

“What were you two doing back there anyways? Anything you’re not telling me, __?” Taehyung teased and nudged your thigh with his foot. Jungkook snorted. Jimin only stayed quiet and tried to stop his cheeks from flushing at the mere thought of anything like that going on between you two, but you only glared at Taehyung and smacked his head with a pillow.

“It’s none of your business, just play the damn game so Jimin and I can get a turn,” you scolded, before pulling out your phone and continuing your muttering as you scrolled through something. “Ungrateful bastards. I let them use my TV and they do me like this..”

“Ha! Just admit it, I kicked your ass so good, even you’re feeling good about it,” Jungkook said with a triumphant smile as he relaxed against the back of the couch smugly.

“Fuck off,” Tae replied. “Just restart it and stop running your mouth.” He almost didn’t pay attention to the pair sitting on the other side of the couch. There you sat with Jimin, your head leaning against his shoulder and your feet resting on the coffee table, while he held up his phone so the both of you could see, both of you smiling and laughing at something on the screen. He stopped Jungkook before he could start the game and turned to the two of you.

“__, Chim. Are you two planning on playing? Kookie just beat me again so..” He trailed off.

“Huh?” You looked up from the phone, a smile still on your face, clearly too distracted to even hear him talk to you. “What was that?” You asked.

“Wanna play?” He asked again.

“Nah, I’m good. Not in the mood for it anymore.” You rested your head back against Jimin’s shoulder, before your smile fell and you lifted your head to look at him, placing your hand on his arm. Taehyung tried very hard to hide the smirk from his lips when he saw Jimin slightly, just slightly, tense at that. “Oh, I’m sorry Jimin. You should go play, you didn’t get a chance to try it out.”

Jimin quickly shook his head and waved you off with a smile. “It’s fine, I can try it some other time. I don’t even like this game that much.”

He patted his shoulder as an invite for you to lay your head there once again, and you gladly took it, the two of you immediately going back to laughing like you were minutes ago.

Taehyung felt his eyes sparkle when he was sure this would work. He could already see it. You didn’t even know that it was Jimin who’d been nagging Taehyung for weeks to get him this video game, and swore on his life that if he didn’t be the first one to try it, all hell would break loose. Clearly, that promise was broken for a simple reason.


im going shopping. wanna come?

sure. where do you wanna meet?

we’ll just pick you up on our way

We? Who was 'we’? You shook the thought of, figuring it would surely be one of the guys. So you got up and quickly got dressed, managing to put on a bit of makeup before you received a text that he was waiting for you in the car. You grabbed your phone and quickly exited your apartment.

You weren’t surprised when you saw Jimin in the driver’s seat, but you were happy it was him who came along. You loved hanging out with him. He was always so sweet and friendly, never failing to make you smile and laugh with the simplest of things.

“Took you long enough,” Taehyung said as soon as you entered the car, and you only scoffed and kicked his seat.

“NIce to see you too, asshole,” you stuck your tongue out at him, before turning to Jimin, to find him already looking at you through the rearview mirror. “Hey, Jimin.”

“Hey,” he smiled. “Ready to go?”

You nodded eagerly and he started up the car.

“Where’s the AUX cord?” You asked after a silent minute.

“Get it yourself,” Taehyung grunted, not even bothering to look up from his phone.

“God, why were we even friends..” You mumbled, before turning to Jimin.

“Jiminie, can you hand me the cord, please,” you asked sweetly, and this time, through the mirror, you couldn’t help but notice his cheeks flushing slightly.

“Um, sure just a sec.”

He fumbled around, managing to get half a second to look around between driving, trying to find it, but to no avail. “Where the hell is it?” You heard him mumble. And then something caught your eye.

“Wait it’s down there,” you pointed between his legs where it lay. near his feet at the gas pedal.

“How the hell did it get there?” Confusion was evident in his voice. “I can’t even reach there with my seatbelt on-”

You cut him off by getting up from your seat and leaning forward, trying not to get in his view. You leaned forward on the arm rest, stretching your arm as far as it could go. Your arm pushed against his thigh as you wiggled your fingers trying to close that last inch of space between your hand and the cord.

“It’s fine, I’ll get it.”

Taehyung’s brows raised when he saw your position, and if Jimin wasn’t already pink because of you being so close, he was when Taehyung let out a wolf whistle.

“I don’t think I should be seeing this,” he tsked at the two of you. You finally managed to grab the cord and began to push yourself back, unconsciously using Jimin’s thigh for support, managing to smack the back of Tae’s head before you settled back in your seat.

“Pervert,” you grumbled before plugging in the cord and playing a song of your choice. You tried to convince yourself that your face was currently flushed because of the effort you just made. But as Taehyung watched you through the mirror, he knew it wasn’t because of that.

“Taehyung, please, spare me,” you begged as he dragged the two of you along with him to another store. You couldn’t, you just couldn’t take it anymore. You feet were aching, you were hungry, you were thirsty, and if you had to deal with another bitchy sales assistant, you were about to snap.

“Yah, stop nagging,” he kept walking, and you didn’t even realize that you grabbed Jimin’s arm instead of his for support as you tried to keep walking. But you didn’t mind. His arm was warm and strong, but soft at the same time, and you found yourself latching onto him. He didn’t seem to mind, offering his arm to you to grip more comfortably so that you didn’t have to put in much effort.

“Yah, dumbass,” Jimin scolded him, and you felt yourself smile. “She’s been walking for hours and she hasn’t even eaten anything yet.”

“Great, now it’s you too,” Tae grumbled, slowing down and turning around to the two of you. The sunglasses he wore hid the amused look in his eyes at the sight of you two latched onto each other. “Why don’t you two lovebirds go get something to eat and let me finish this in peace?”

You didn’t even comment on the 'lovebirds’ part, too excited with the thought of food to think about anything else. You gripped Jimin’s arm tighter to get him to look at you, and he did. “Can we? Please?”

“Of course.” His reply was immediate, and he felt his heart damn near soaring at the sight of you latched onto his arm, looking up at him with that cute little pout. Taehyung nearly barfed at the sight of you acting so couple-y without even realizing it.

You barely spared him a glance and a 'see you later’ as you walked off, and he looked at the two of you proudly before turning around and heading for the shop in front of him.

And the two of you went on without even looking back, your arm still wrapped around his as you looked for a place to eat. “Where do you wanna go, babe?” Jimin asked, and he felt himself blush slightly when the pet name slipped past his lips before he could stop. He didn’t dare to look down to see your reaction to it, which caused him to miss the similar blush that covered your cheeks as well, but your answer was controlled and nonchalant nonetheless.

“Any where’s fine with me as long as I can stuff my face with something edible,” you groaned out and he chuckled, before carefully placing a hand on yours that was wrapped around his arm, squeezing slightly. It lasted for a mere second before removing his hand and pointing to a small diner that didn’t seem too crowded.

“How 'bout there?”

And so you went inside and sat down after finding an empty booth. You went to sit across from him, but he grabbed your arm and stopped you, a small shy smile gracing his lips.

“Sit next to me. We can share if you want.”

And you found yourself sheepishly nodding in agreement.

As it turned out, according to Jimin, 'sharing’ meant him feeding you bites of his plate, practically half of it, barely eating himself. And when you whined about him feeding you everything and not having any, he would shush you, claiming that 'he wasn’t very hungry anyways’.

kookie just texted me to meet him and joon to work on something. jimin can drop you off yeah?

“That dick,” you mumbled with a frown, sending him a quick text to say that you would go with Jimin and cuss him out along the way. “Tae just ditched us.” You looked up at Jimin to find him looking at you curiously. He looked confused for a second, before a look of realization dawned on his face. But before you could question it, he smiled once again and spoke.

“That’s fine. Whenever you wanna leave I’ll drive you.”

You stayed in that diner for about fifteen more minutes, talking and laughing as if you’d done it for years. When in reality, you two had only been friends for months, and the times you spent alone together had only been a handful and usually never lasted for more than an hour at most. So, you were kind of glad Taehyung had decided to ditch the two of you, especially when you told an especially lame joke, and Jimin did that thing where he laughed and leaned his head against your shoulder slightly.

“Thanks for the ride home, Jimin. I’ll see you tonight right?” You asked as you unbuckled your seatbelt. His eyes were confused for a second.


“We’re all going out to that new club, remember? That one Hoseok told us about,” you reminded him, and he nodded in realization.

“Ah right. Is Tae picking you up?”

“No, I’ll meet you guys-”

“I’ll come by early and pick you up,” he interrupted before you had a chance to finish your sentence.

“Really, Jimin. It’s fine, I’ll call a cab. It would be a hassle for you to come here then drive back to-”

“Do I look like the guy to take no for an answer?” He interrupted you once again and you just chuckled, defeated.

“Fine, see you tonight.”

His smile was triumphant as he watched you walk to your building, but as soon as you disappeared, the smile faded. He quickly took out his phone, looking for that contact name, before pressing call.

“I know what you’re doing,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Taehyung’s voice was filled to the brim with false innocence and obliviousness.

“__ already complains and scolds you enough about you meddling in other people’s shit. What do you think she’d do if she knows you’re pulling something on her, huh?” He tsked and huffed, even though a small part of him knew that Taehyung’s meddling plans almost always worked out in his favor, and he was partially praying that he wouldn’t give up on this one.

“Shh, just stop your nagging okay? I know what I’m doing. You’ll thank me for this one.”

Before Jimin had a chance to retort, the line went dead and Jimin huffed as he locked his phone. He leaned his head back against the seat and looked back to your building in thought for a few seconds before he started the ignition once again and drove off.

You and Jimin arrived to the club and the others were already partying in full swing, half drunk.

“Jeez, it’s not even 12 yet. What’d you do, order half the fucking menu?” You asked as you took a seat yourself with Jimin following behind.

“__! My baby, come gimme a hug.” Taehyung leaned over but you only planted your palm on his face and pushed him back.

“Not until I’ve had a few drink in me,” you snorted at his drunk pout, but he had the attention span of a baby as he was quickly distracted by a lame joke Jin was spouting off.

“I’ll get us some drink,” Jimin leaned in and spoke in your ear and you only smiled and nodded at him.

“Ah, whispering to each other now? I always knew you had a thing for shorties,” Taehyung had once again turned to you, wiggling his eyes suggestively. You narrowed your eyes.

“Oh no, I definitely don’t have a thing for you, Tae.”

“I meant Jimin. He’s the short o-”

“Oh I thought you were talking about length in other areas of the body,” you sighed with a fake confused look on your face, earning snorts and laughs from the other, as Taehyung only sent you a dirty look. Before he had a chance to retort, Jimin arrived and placed your drink in front of you, oddly enough having figured out your favorite, and sat next to you. He placed his arm on the back of your seat, his arm slightly grazing your bare back. You unconsciously leaned into him.

“Thanks, Jimin.”

“No problem.”

As the clock struck 2 AM, Jungkook, Taehyung and Hoseok were out on the dance floor doing god knows what, Namjoon and Suga were in some deep (most probably drunk) conversation, and Jin was one his phone (most probably drunk texting someone) considering the stupid grin on his face and the giggle he let out every once in a while.

But you and Jimin were still in your seats. Jimin had laid a bit low on the drinks, taking to keeping an eye on you when he saw how you were downing drink after drink, with clearly none of the other guys planning on staying sober and watching you.

“I think that’s enough for you, __,” he chuckled as you gulped the last bit of your drink and put it back on the table. You looked up at him, pout clearly visible on your lips.

“Just one more, Jimin. I promise it’ll be the last one,” you held up one finger.

“No,” he tsked. “You’ve had too much already, I can already see the headache you’re gonna have tomorrow.”

“You’re no fun,” you poked his chest with the finger you held up and he only laughed. The pout you had on was quickly replaced with a giggle of your own. “You have a cute laugh, Jimin.”

“Thanks, __,” he considered you being drunk a privilege since you couldn’t see the slight pink covering his cheeks.

“You’re welcome. You have a cute everything, actually. Cute face. Cute eyes. Cute nose. Cute cheeks,” you pinched his cheeks for emphasis. You paused for a second, and he nearly felt his heart fall into his stomach when he saw your gaze fall to his lips. “Cute lips.” Your voice was lower now, barely heard over the music.

Your fingers unconsciously moved from his cheeks, until your forefinger and middle finger grazed his soft lips. He visibly gulped. He looked to your eyes but found them fixed on his lips. He almost leaned in. Almost. But then he remembered.

You were drunk.

“I should take you home, it’s getting late.” His voice was choked a bit so he cleared his throat before grabbing your hand and moving it down. “Come on.”

You nodded and got up as well, wobbling slightly on your feet from the drinks you’ve had. You said goodbye to the guys but they were clearly too drunk to reply properly, as you were. You saw the other three doing some stupid shit somewhere but you only giggled drunkenly as Jimin shook his head and pulled you by the hand behind him.

You stared down at your entwined hands, thinking to yourself how much you enjoyed the warm touch. His hand was so nice to look at, but even nicer to hold. Palms soft yet firm, making you feel entirely secure, even in your drunker state. Your eyes followed up to the arm that the hand belonged to, then to the man that the arm belonged to. Even the back of his head was handsome, why had you never noticed that before.

You suddenly had the urge to be closer to him, and as soon as you stepped foot outside the club, you moved closer and looped your arm in his, your body sticking to his side completely. His body tensed for a mere second, but he only looked down at you and smiled softly and squeezed the hand that was placed around his arm.

You walked in silence to his car, the only sound being the click of your heels against the ground. He opened the car door for you as soon as you reached it, and you climbed in, resting your head back against the seat and watching as he walked to the other side of the car. He got in and buckled himself up, moving to start the car before he turned to you.

“Sweetheart, put on your seatbelt.”

You didn’t know if it was the drinks you had, or the pet name he just called you by, but you felt your head spin slightly.

“Huh?” You mumbled. He chuckled and shook his head, not bothering to reply as he leaned over to you to do it himself.

You found it strange how your heart immediately seemed to speed up when he got closer to you. It was kind of overwhelming really. You could smell his cologne clearly like this, and its smell was addicting. You could practically feel the warmth radiate from his body, because he was just that type of person, you know? You could see a tiny, barely there freckle that couldn’t even be seen unless you were mere inches from each other, which you were.

You didn’t even notice that he’d already buckled you up until he looked up so his eyes met yours, but still didn’t move away. You breathed deeply, letting out a soft sigh as eyes so beautiful stared back at you, cursing yourself for never noticing how truly, intricately enchanting they were.

“All done,” he mumbled, still not moving away.

“Thanks,” you gulped.

But then he leaned back quickly once again and cleared his throat. starting up the car and driving off.

You both let out shaky sighs simultaneously.

When he parked in front of your building, he got out of the car and quickly made his way to your door, helping you out. You stumbled slightly after having been sat down but he was quick to steady you with an arm around your waist, and he kept it there as he walked with you to your apartment building after locking his car.

You found yourself, once again, leaning into his warmth and he tightened his arm around you. As you reached the elevator, you clicked the button and waited. You couldn’t help but look up at him. God, why did it take so many drinks for you to actually look at this man and appreciate every single aspect of him? This should be done while you’re sober and completely sane, so that you could put every single inch of him to memory, so that you wouldn’t ever manage to forget a single detail.

You hoped you would remember that tomorrow.

He looked down to see you already staring at him, and you were even more mesmerized when your eyes met his. His face was so damn close now, and your heels helped in being much closer to his face. Fuck. You just couldn’t fucking help it anymore.

You leaned forward and caught his lips with yours, and he stumbled slightly with the sudden force of the kiss. However, his surprise only got him for two seconds before he immediately wrapped you up in his arms and you brought your arms around his neck, your fingers digging into his hair.

God, this felt so good.

But then the ding of the elevator sounded and he quickly but gently pushed you away, one arm still around your waist. Both of you were breathing heavily, your eyes frantically searching each other’s.

“__, sweetheart. You shouldn’t… You’re drunk,” he sighed, stroking your hair and bringing it away from your eyes.

“But,” you stepped closer once again, pecking his lips fast before he could stop you. You felt a sudden wave of confidence. Your mind was hazy, partially from the amount of alcohol you’d consumer throughout the night. But still. "I want you,“ you breathed out.

"God,” he whispered and closed his eyes. He brought his forehead down to rest against yours, breathing in deeply then letting it out slowly. “You’re drunk,” he repeated, as though convincing himself rather than you. “Come on.”

He pulled you in the elevator, pressing the button to your floor. You leaned against him, your head in the crook of his neck. You couldn’t help but place your lips there, barely grazing the skin. It just seemed so soft and inviting, and he smelled so good you felt intoxicated.

His eyes fluttered shut when you pressed a soft kiss there, your hand resting against his firm chest, slowly going up and down the solid expanse. But once again, he was awoken by the ding of the elevator and he grabbed the hand that was on his chest to pull you out of the elevator and to your apartment.

He managed to help you find your apartment key from your purse and unlocked it to let you in. You immediately kicked off your heels and dropped down to your height, and he found himself smiling at how adorable that was.

However, that adorableness was quickly swept away when as soon as he closed the door, you turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning up on your tippy-toes to bring your face closer to his. “Can I kiss you now?” You whispered, your nose grazing against his. His hands found your waist, fingers gripping into the skin.

“Baby..” The name slipped out without him realizing it, and it only dazed you even more. “Let me take you to bed. You should sleep this off, yeah?”

“Jimin,” you whined out. “I’m not even that drunk, I only had like-”

“Eight drinks? Yeah, I counted,” he grasped onto the self control he kept especially reserved for when he was around you and pushed you away. “Now, come on. Off to bed.”

You pouted like a little kid but turned around nonetheless, and you tripping on your own two feet was enough proof that he’d made the right decision, even if he wanted oh so badly to kiss you and ravish you till the sun came up.

He got you in bed, and after whining for a few seconds about him being a 'buzz kill’, you dozed off.

The corners of his mouth slid upwards and his eyes sparkled at the sight of you all cozied up in blankets. He rarely ever got to see you asleep, less than a handful of times when you’d doze off on the couch when you were all hanging out. And he always appreciated those moments. You looked so peaceful and soft and tender, just begging to be held and cuddled up to.

But he restrained, only leaning down and placing a feather light kiss to your forehead before making his way outside.

He sighed. Tonight, he’d reached a whole new level of self control he never knew he could exhibit.

You two hadn’t spoken of that night, but you would be fucking dumb not to notice the change that happened after that.

Despite him thinking you were too shitfaced to remember anything from that night, you still remembered that kiss. It was clear and vivid in your mind, how could you manage to forget? You groaned and buried your face in your pillow in embarrassment when the memory hit you, knowing you were drunk and you came on too strong. And Jimin was just too nice to push you away and tell you to manage on your own in your state of drunkenness.

So you settled for keeping your lips shut and saving yourself the embarrassment.

And Jimin didn’t utter a word either, thinking you completely forgot about the whole thing, and if you did, you weren’t planning on mentioning it.

But even a blind person could see the change between the two of you. The change in how you acted around each other, looked at each other, talked to each other. The hugs that were more frequent and lasted just half a second longer, but that half a second truly did count. The touches that looked purely accidental, but truly weren’t. His hand would brush against yours, and when you’d look up to him, he would be looking somewhere else. His arm always managing to rest behind you whenever you two would be sitting next to each other, slowly moving closer until it was practically wrapped around your shoulder.

Those little changes.

And then there was Kim Taehyung. That kid seemed to go from subtle teasing to downright shameless.

“You two want to bone each other so bad.”

“Kim Taehyung if  you don’t shut your fucking mouth..”

“What? It’s true..”

He just wouldn’t let up. He knew there was something, and it was practically impossible for you to just grow some balls and get it over with, and he was too impatient to wait for that.

“Move your ass out of the way,” he groaned from his spot on the couch, trying to look around you and see the TV, engrossed in the game show he’d just caught on to.

“Where the hell is my beanie, Kim Taehyung? It’s my favorite one and I know it’s your favorite too so where is it?” You snapped, hands on your hips in a pose that made you look somewhat motherly, but goddammit he just brought out that side of you.

Jimin sat next to Taehyung, amusement clear on his face as he enjoyed watching the two of you bicker rather than the TV show.

“I told you __, I don’t know,” he whined out. “I can just buy one on my own, why the hell would I steal yours when I know I’m gonna get shit from you!”

“Oh, bite me. You were the one who wore it last, so just tell me where the hell you put it so that-”

You were cut off with your own squeak when he grabbed your arm and pulled you down. However, it wasn’t towards him. Oh no, it was to his right. Jimin let out an 'oomph’ when you landed on his lap, his hands immediately gripping your hips to steady you. Your hands were on his chest, and you thanked god your knee hadn’t landed in a way to hit a certain sensitive area.

But then you realized how close you two were. His face right in front of yours, stray strands of hair falling forward onto your face because of the sudden force of your fall, some even tickling his face because of your proximity.

To say the least, your breath was quite literally knocked out of you, your lips agape as you stared at him in chock, and he reciprocated the look you held.

You gulped when one of his hands came up and pushed your hair away from your face, and dear god you could’ve fucking melted right there because this just felt too familiar to you.

“Oh my god.”

Taehyung’s groan awakened you both from your trance, and you immediately jumped up, hastily brushing back your hair and fixing your clothes. You cleared your throat and  tried to find the right words to say, not even in the right state of mind to think about choking your poor excuse of a best friend who was smirking at you as if it were his fucking job.

“I should, erm.. Yeah, see you guys later.”

You walked quickly to the front door, bumping into Hoseok along the way, muttering out a quick apology.

“What’s up with her?”

“Oh nothing, she and Jimin just almost kissed-”

“Would you mind your fucking business for once Taehyung?” You heard Jimin groan out before you left the dorms.

“Jimin, just kiss her already. Seeing you guys like this is torture.”

You couldn’t help it. You had to hear where this was going, even if Taehyung was being an annoying prick who couldn’t keep his nose out of other people’s business. You wanted to hear what he had to say.

“Taehyung, for the last time. Get off my back, okay? It’s none of your business.”

“But you two clearly like each other, only one kiss will-”

“We have kissed, you idiot.”

Your eyes widened.

“What?” Taehyung gasped. “You’re telling me this now? When did that happened? Where? I mean - how? Did you two sleep together? Why aren’t-”

“She was drunk, Tae,” Jimin sighed, and you heard shifting before he continued talking. “She was drunk,” he repeated. “I don’t even know if she remembers it. And if she does, she hasn’t said anything about it, which clearly means she regrets it.”

You heart clenched in guilt, he thought you regretted it?

“Have you not seen the way she’s been acting around you?” Taehyung said in an incredulous tone.

“Maybe she just feels awkward around me after that night,” he sighed again, and it took everything in you not to shout 'no’ at the top of your voice, but you had to be patient. This had to be done properly. “Stop forcing her into stuff with me, I don’t like it, Tae. If there’s something, it’ll happen.”

But then, for once, you felt like you needed that push to grow some balls and do something. And you knew you’d regret it later because then Tae would never let you hear the end of it, but you needed his help.

“Hey, __.” He greeted you with a large smile and a tight hug that you savored before letting go and smiling up at him. “Tae just texted me. Is he here already?” He asked as he walked into he living room, confused when he saw no one there.

“Erm,” you walked behind him and scratched the back of your neck nervously. “No, he’s not.”

“That kid, he’s always late-”

“Actually,” you interrupted him and he looked up at you from where he’d taken a seat on the couch. “He’s not coming?”

His eyebrows rose up in surprise, but then a tinkling of a smile showed on his lips. “Did he cancel again? That prick..”

“I asked him to text you to come over because I’m too much of a wimp to do it myself,” you blurted out.

This time, pure surprise was shown over his face, no smile hidden there as he tried to interpret what you had to say carefully. You slowly walked over to him and sat down right next to him, sideways so that your knee was brushing against his thigh.

“You could’ve just texted me, __. You know I’d come if you asked.” His words were simple but they definitely held a deeper meaning to them , and the soft look he held in his eyes gave you that bit of courage that you needed.

“Well, yeah, but..” You leaned forward slowly. “I was kind of nervous because there’s something that I’ve been wanting to do. Ever since that night..”

His eyes flickered down to your lips as you came closer.

“You remember?” He mumbled.

You nodded.

“You don’t regret it?”

You shook your head.

“Does that mean I can kiss you?”

Another nod.

He rested his forehead against yours for a few seconds, before shifting his head just slightly and giving you a gentle kiss. He pulled away after feeling your lips and looked into your eyes, both of your breathing shallow and shaky. But then he couldn’t control himself anymore and grabbed both sides of your head, bringing you into a desperate kiss full of tongue and teeth, laced with desperation and want that had been held back for far too long.

He carefully started pushing you back until your body laid back completely against the couch, and he made his way in top of you. Your hands started roaming, having a mind of their own. Yours traveled across his back and torso, feeling every inch of muscle and inviting soft skin. His hands gripped your thighs and rubbed them up and down every once in a while, enjoying the feel of your bare skin that was exposed because of your shorts.

“Jimin..” Your whisper was meant for his ears only, and he never thought he’d enjoy the sound of hearing his own name before. He peppered kisses down your neck, small kisses turning more passionate and hungry, his tongue sneaking out to have a taste of the skin he’d been dying to get his mouth on for who knows how long.

There was nothing on your mind but Jimin. Only Jimin. With each mind-numbing kiss he gave you, any thought unrelated to him evaporated from your mind. Your body was heating up with each touch he gave you, and with each new patch of skin he discovered.

“We need-” He panted in between pressing kisses and sucking a hicky to a certain spot at the spot where your neck met your shoulder. “We need to go to the bedroom..”

In seconds, you found yourself in your bedroom being thrown on the bed, after Jimin had stumbled through the hall with you in his arms, trying to find his way to the bedroom successively without moving his lips away.

Clothes were thrown everywhere, and then the room was filled with the sound of your pants, and his mouth moving against your heat in the most delicious of ways. The sucking noises his mouth made as he sucked on your clit, or the wet slick noise when his tongue moved faster against you, so lewd and erotic. It had you bucking your hips up to him, moaning his name loudly and grabbing his hair to push him closer.

“Jimin, fuck -"you cried out when you felt him slowly insert one of his fingers into you, pushing it all the way until it was knuckle deep before he started thrusting.

Your panting was even faster now, your chest heaving up and down quickly with each breath you tried to catch. Your eyes were closed and your head was thrown back, but then you suddenly remembered that you wanted to see this, all of this. You needed to see everything.

You looked down, and the sight only had you clenching tightly around his finger. Those plump lips slicked and shiny with your wetness, his tongue slipping out to taste you. His lips would wrap around your clit every few seconds, earning loud desperate cries from you in return. But what had you going the most was the look in his eyes.

His eyes weren’t staring up at you, they were fixed on the sight right in front of him, watching with the look of a starved man who wanted to completely and wholly devour you with everything he had.

"Fuck! Fuck yes.”

The sight was cut off from you when you threw your head back against the mattress, unable to take it when you felt another finger enter you while he simultaneously sucked on your clit. “God this feels so good..” Your words were whimpered out, and you were sure he heard them when you heard and felt his approving hum against you.

He pulled his mouth away from your for a little bit, finally looking up t the sight of you flushed and wrecked from his mouth and fingers only. “Your pussy tastes so good, baby.” His tone was soft in contrast to his words.

“Baby. Jimin, Jimin I’m coming..” Your words were rushed out and frantic, trying to warn him, but he only quickened the pace of his fingers and leaned down once again to get his tongue on you. “Oh fucking - fuck Jimin!”

Your back arched and your thighs tensed up, clenching around his head as he continued to move his fingers and mouth against you to ride out your high, and you would’ve thought you were choking him with your thighs if it weren’t for the pleased groan he let out against you and the soft squeeze he gave to your thighs.

Your back flopped down against the bed as you tried to control your breathing, finally relaxing when you felt him retreat his tongue and fingers. He placed soft kisses to the insides of your thighs, running his hands up and down your skin for a few seconds before he started to make his way up your body.

The look he gave you was lustful yet full of love, probably a deadly combination and a warning that he, for sure, wasn’t anywhere near done with you.

“Fuck!” Your voice was practically a squeal, and you weren’t one to be blamed with the way Jimin was pounding you into the mattress, head resting against the pillows, ass up and his for the taking. “Jimin, please don’t stop.”

“Not planning on it,” he groaned out, and you let out another squeal, this one caused from both surprise and pleasure, when his hand came down harshly against your ass, accompanied with a hard thrust that had you flying forward.

This was the third time you were going at it, and you could already tell it wouldn’t be the last one for the night. It seemed as though your lust for each other was insatiable, and who were you two to keep it that way?

“Uh, fuck,” you didn’t care how whiny your moans sounded at the moment because you were getting fucked good by the man you wanted for a long time, and he was clearly appreciating you being vocals as his thrusts got faster and harsher with each sound you made.

“Your pussy feels so good,” he breathed out. “All mine. Gonna fuck you for hours, baby, till you fucking beg me to stop.”

He leaned his body down so his torso was completely flush against your back, sweaty skin sticking to the other as he sandwiched you between his body and the mattress. His hips stopped moving as one of his elbows rested near your head for leverage, with his other hand grabbed yours tightly and held it against the mattress. He said nothing as he moved some of the hair that was stuck to the back of your neck with his nose before he placed his lips there softly.

Then his hips slowly started back up, the angle hitting you so much deeper, and you couldn’t describe how much the euphoria heightened with the feeling of his every limb stuck and tangled with yours. His legs keeping your legs spread open to his liking, his toes clenching against your own each time he flexed to move his hips. His hips flush against your ass, feeling him move every single muscle against you.

It just felt too much, you felt like you were going to scream. So you dropped your head to the pillow still beneath your head, your mouth biting into the soft material to hold in your desperate cry when he reached a spot so deep in you, it had you seeing stars. He stilled his hips there for a few seconds and you felt like you were going to cry. But Jimin clearly didn’t approve of you trying to tone down your noises, removing his hand from yours to grip the pillow and remove it from your face before throwing it away somewhere.

With your hand now free, you grabbed at the headboard desperately when he started moving his hips again, your eyes fluttering shut and your mouth hanging open. “Jimin. Fuck.. Fuck yes! Faster, faster.”

HIs movements got faster and more erratice with each word you said until he was pounding you again, but fuck this was so much hotter because you could hear every fucking sound he made right against your ear. Those quick, short breaths that shook with his thrusts, the chocked back moans and groans. Your name. Your name leaving his lips was like liquid gold, just entirely too beautiful.

“__,” he groaned. “Come on, baby. You gotta come for me.”

As if to prove his words, his free hand wedged itself between the mattress and your body to make its way to your clit, and he didn’t waste a second to rub quick circles onto it, needing you to come right this second before he fucking exploded.

“Oh god, Jimin. There. Right there! Baby please don’t stop!” Your hand gripped the headboard tighter and he removed his elbow from the mattress to place his hand on top of yours, gripping tightly to gain as much leverage to keep fucking you good.

“I’m coming, yes - fuck yes,” you moaned out. “Jimin.”

You dragged his name out as you felt warmth spread through every single fiber of your body, your eyes closing as you were blinded with ecstasy. You panted and moaned and whimpered, wriggling beneath his body, sensitive to the thrusts he was still delivering to your weak body as he chased his own high.

“Fuck fuck fuck. __,” he groaned out, his hips stilling when he was buried balls deep inside you, and your head dropped against the mattress, eyes rolling back in pleasure when you felt his cock twitch and his warmth filling you only half a second later. His hand tightened around yours, and he removed them from the headboard to place them on the mattress near your heads. His head rested on your shoulder, his warm breaths running across your back in the most soothing way possible.

You two stayed that way for about half a minute before he decided to move and pull out of you. He dropped his body next to yours, both of you still panting and extremely sweaty, but he didn’t care and was quick to wrap you up on his arms and bringing you to rest on his chest.

You were quiet. There was still some talking you two needed to do. But at the moment, you settled for tracing shaped on his bare chest with the tip of your finger, before he slowly brought his hand up to yours, the tip of his finger nudging yours. t was a silent invitation, and you lifted your palm up without hesitation for him to entwine his fingers with yours.

You both squeezed simultaneously and then he brought them up to his lips and pressed a tiny kiss to your hand.

For once, you were actually pretty fucking grateful for Kim Taehyung’s meddling methods.

the way Isak and Even shake on it and then smooch is so sweet and domestic bc they DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! ok??

  • you gonna do laundry if i do the dishes? - DEAL *smooch*
  • you gonna take out the trash? ill give you a foot massage - DEAL *smooch*
  • you gonna make me maroccan food? ill be naughty nice to you - DEAL *smooch*
  • you gonna go buy milk? ill read to you and stroke your hair - DEAL *smooch*

dean doing soft and quiet things for cas

  • helping him fall asleep by holding him close and rubbing his back and lightly playing with his hair
  • forehead kisses in the morning as a greeting when he’s already up and awake and cas stumbles down the hall in search of coffee
  • building cas a place he can garden outside the bunker, researching things like seeds and soil and what will grow this time of year
  • picking out little trinkets and knick knacks for cas for no reason other than “i dunno, thought you might like it”
  • giving him a foot massage while they lounge on the couch watching a movie, cas’ feet in his lap
  • fixing his car whenever he hears any sort of mysterious clank or rattle, giving her a checkup at least once a month just to make sure everything’s good and she’s running safely
  • grabbing cas’ hand just briefly and lightly whenever they walk past each other, stroking his thumb slightly before letting go
  • dean saying i love you to cas with his every action, and cas knowing dean well enough to hear it
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i must really love you guys cause this took me forever


BABY #3 “oh, god, i love you more.”

BREAKDOWN “do me a favor, okay, baby?”

MONDAY MORNINGS “please tell Hazel she needs to wear underwear to school.”

LONG WEEKEND “maybe I’ll give you a foot massage?

LITTLE SISTER “I don’t want to break her.”

SOCCER SCARE “oh shit, that does not look good.”

SUMMER DRIVE “can you believe you didn’t like Ed Sheeran before we met?”

SUPERBOWL 2017 “you’re just cute.”

FIGHT FOR YOU “did you just put your hands on my girlfriend?”

FUTURE PLANS “I would never force you to do something you were that uncomfortable with.”

TUTOR “it’s just-I’m sorry-it’s just…you have the most beautiful eyes.”

OVER SLEEPING “have you been sleeping okay lately?”

PARALLEL PARKING “don’t worry about it, love. you’ll get it eventually.”

STUCK IN BED “it’s a good thing I brought ice cream, then.”

ROAD TRIP “just promise we’ll be together.”

TE AMO “did i say that right?”

BABY GIRL MENDES “baby girl is going to have the most beautiful name in the world.”

DANCE COMPETITION “did you really think I’d miss this?”

PHYSICS TEST “you’re not breathing, baby.”

BACKSTORY “just trust me, baby.”

COMING OUT “promise you won’t hate me?”

RED IN THE FACE “we’re gonna get so much shit for this.”

DUE DATES “just relax. I’m coming. I’ll be there soon.”

A THOUSAND PIECES “then fucking stay!”

ROSES “this bed is too big without you here.”

INJURED “you scared me a little, you know that?”

MY GIRL “awh, shawn, are you jealous?”

LAP KID “you want to have another baby?”

divide series

PART ONE // ERASER “my mom says I’m cynical.”

PART TWO // DIVE “baby, are you okay?”

PART THREE // PERFECT “you didn’t have to do this.”

PART FOUR // HOW WOULD YOU FEEL “wanna watch a movie?”

PART FIVE // HEARTS DON’T BREAK AROUND HERE “you’re my favorite person.”

13 reasons why series

TEASER “what do you mean she disappeared?”

TAPE 1 “hey. it’s me.”


“you’re seriously like a man-child”

“welcome to fatherhood.”

dating chanyeol
  • You get to hear his raspy morning voice 
  • Morning kisses
  • ‘’I need to get ready Chanyeol’’
  • ’’5 more minutes’’
  • You end up being in the bed for 45 minutes more
  • Showering together
  • Him making pancakes only in his boxers
  • Him eating your pancakes
  • He chooses your outfit 
  • “I can’t wear that i’ll catch a cold’’
  • ’’Not if you wear a scarf’’
  • Baekhyun coming to your house EVERYDAY
  • “Don’t you have anything else to do Baekhyun?’’ 
  • ‘’no’’
  • Baekhyun staying over
  • You getting jealous
  • “Baekhyun stop stealing my boyfriend, go get your own’’
  • You kicking Baekhyun out of your house
  • Wearing couple sweaters
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Dance battles
  • Him going through your underwear drawer
  • “ I was searching for a tshirt’’ 
  • You stealing his tshirt
  • Him getting turned by you wearing his tshirt
  • “Can Baekhyun come over?’’
  • “No”
  • Giving foot massages to each other
  • Him ‘’accidentally’’ touching your boob
  • Him spoiling you
  • You helping him dye his hair
  • “Can’t you just dye it silver again?’’
  • Him calling you ‘’little one’’ bc you’re shorter than him
  • Watching horror movies together
  • “I’ll protect you babe’’
  • Him getting scared after 15 minutes
  • “Can we just turn the tv off?’’
  • Him taking 23480 selfies on your phone
  • Adopting pets together
  • Baekhyun texting you from Chanyeol’s phone
  • “I think you should let Baekhyun inside’’
  • “Baekhyun i know it’s you stop trying’’
  • Him saying ‘i love you’ 160 times a day
  • To sum up Park Chanyeol is just a tall baby who loves you very much and likes to spoil you with his love and also loves Baekhyun but shhh just protect him okay? He’s the most precious thing on earth

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Prompt:  Hiya! I’m in love with your writing??? I wanted to ask, can we have something cute with polyamsanders, with Birgil coming down with a cold and being a grumpy miserable little ball of fluff and the other sides doing their best to make him feel better? I’m a sucker for sickfic. Thanks! - @dashing-hyphen

Notes: I love this idea. So much. I cannot overstate how much I love this idea. <3 Also, thank you for the kind words about my writing! <3

Pairing: Polyamsanders (romantic or platonic, though it probably reads more platonic, or at least pre-romantic)

Warnings: Mentions of fever and sickness. No stomach stuff though. 


“I’m not even sure how you managed this,” Logan said, taking the thermometer from Virgil’s mouth and frowning at the temperature read out. “We’re not even human–not technically. How did you manage to get sick?” 

“S’not the first time,” Virgil mumbled. Because it wasn’t. The others had just…never noticed before. And why should they? Until recently, Virgil had spent most of his time holed up in his room, only emerging when he was needed for something specific, and almost never spending downtime with any of them. He wasn’t a masochist, after all, and he wasn’t a total jerk, despite what they thought. He had no desire to force his way in and try to make a place for himself where there simply wasn’t one.

Since he’d revealed his name, though, they’d been reaching out to him more and more, acting as if they actually wanted him around, and…well. Virgil had to admit it was…nice. Really nice. They paid attention to him now, and even more amazingly, they noticed thingsIf he didn’t show up for meals too many times in a row, or if he declined movie invitations too often, they sought him out. They used a tag-team style approach with it; no doubt they thought they were being terribly subtle, but it was always the same strategy. Logan came in first, with his nonthreatening, clinically logical suggestions that Virgil leave his room and get a change in scenery. If that failed, Roman was his back-up, using the trappings of their previously antagonistic relationship in an effort to goad Virgil into doing what he wanted. If that too failed, they called in the heavy artillery. It wasn’t exactly playing fair, but…well, Virgil could never resist Patton’s puppy dog eyes.

In fact, the whole thing had become something of a game, and one that never failed to leave Virgil feeling warm and fuzzy inside. And normally, he loved it (not that he’d admit that to them. He did have a reputation to upkeep). 

But it had its downsides, too. It meant he didn’t get as much time alone as he had before, which was sometimes a bummer. And it also meant he couldn’t hide it, when he was having genuinely bad days–or when he was sick. 

Like now. 

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yoongi; i will still love you tomorrow

❝as long as you don’t give up on yoongi, he won’t give up on you.
►1832 words // scenario
ⓒ scan credit

Yoongi finds himself waking up to the noises in bed than the ones outside of the apartment. The night hasn’t even had the chance to die out yet, still basking in the sky with darkness and it makes the moon glow twice as bright with the stars scattered like glitter for such a beautiful masterpiece but… Yoongi can’t appreciate that now.

He turns his head to his side, cheek pressed to the pillow as his eyes stare at the back of your head. His thoughts are formulating past the haze of coming to wake, blinking past sleepiness and pushing down his needs of catching up on rest to focus on how you refuse to look at him. Remaining unmoving and with staggered breathing, Yoongi uses his voice and calls out for you. It sounds weird, almost foreign because he would’ve never expected to speak at this hour but with the blaring numbers of 3:21 blinking by the side, it’s a reminder he’s awake and yes, his mouth works.

Your name is being dissolved into the air and rattling gently against your eardrums. From one call after another, growing louder in desperation and falling pin drop quiet in the next, it makes your body flinch when cold fingertips slide underneath your nightshirt and over your hipbones. 

“I know you’re awake,”

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anonymous asked:

Rfa+V+Saeran. Valentines day!! how would they spend it with Mc? Fluff with a little bit *cough* steamy time *cough*

~I’ve been thinking about this since it’s coming up!

◉ Yoosung

  • You’re his first Valentine so he is like freaking out
  • Asking his guild friends what he should do but they don’t know, either
  • Asks Saeyoung but ends up getting pranked
  • Finally he calls his mom and his sister to get some advice
  • And when you come home from work you see the house is spotless
  • A candle-lit dinner is on the table
  • Music is playing
  • And he is waiting there with a bouquet of your favorite flowers
  • He feeds you a little bit between kisses
  • After dinner is a romance movie!
  • And snacking on some chocolates
  • He smiles as your hand gets closer and closer on his leg
  • It’s time for you to give him his gift! ;)

◉ Jumin

  • Of course he has an elaborate date planned
  • You guys start the morning with breakfast in bed (heuheu)
  • A little more bed than breakfast…>.>
  • Then he is whisking you away to a private vineyard
  • You guys spend the day walking around together
  • You have a very light lunch with some wine, picnic style
  • And for dinner its a formal fancy meal with a live orchestra
  • Lots of wine
  • He’s had a bottle named after you
  • And just before dessert he slides a box over to you
  • It’s an incredibly expensive diamond necklace and some matching earrings
    • “I can’t wait to see you in nothing but those diamonds tonight, kitten.”

◉ Zen

  • He wants to spend a good part of the day going out with you
  • Wants to show you off!
  • You guys take his bike up to the shopping district and then walk around holding hands together
  • Get a nice lunch and then go see a movie!
  • But you end up making out in the theater the whole time
    • “Let’s skip dinner and go right to dessert,” he smiles
  • Takes you home as fast as he can
  • You guys end up eating a lot of sweets…
  • ……off of each other
  • Before you fall asleep together he reaches into the night stand and pulls out a box
  • It’s two rings with half a heart on them
  • One for you and one for him
    • “The heart is completed when we are together”
  • You fell asleep holding hands

◉ Jaehee

  • You both worked a long day at the coffee shop
  • Of course you exchanged flowers but you’ve literally been too busy for much else
  • It’s all about relaxation when you get home
  • She draws a nice bath and you light the candles
  • You both just soak together and give each other foot rubs
  • Oil massages when you get out of the tub
  • Which leads to…you know
  • And then you both pass out cuddling each other, not even bothering to get dressed

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s sending you files that shower your phone with hearts all day
  • Gifs of him blowing kisses and winking
  • He’s wearing so much red when you get home
  • Bouquet of flowers next to your side of the bed
  • He’s also ordered you an edible arrangement
  • And you guys end up feeding each other from it
  • In bed >.>
  • You don’t have clothes on much that night
  • He has you close your eyes
  • And places a necklace around you and clasps it
  • Its a moonstone
    • “I wish I could give you the real moon”

◉ V

  • Okay this guy is a romantic
  • He’s literally put together a book with a poem a day for a year, all written by him about you
  • Packs up a nice big basket of yummy food, blankets, some glasses and champagne and you guys go to the beach
  • He’s feeding you chocolate covered strawberries while you listen to the waves crash
  • You two are cuddling together for warmth, sitting in silence just enjoying the brisk day (it’s feb V jfc kinda cold omg)
  • You think the gifts are done but he hands you a piece of paper
    • “What’s this? Another poem?”
    • “Just read it, love.”
  • It’s a confirmation of his appointment
  • He’s getting the eye surgery

◉ Saeran

  • He is kinda lost on what to do
  • Thanks to the internet he sees that flowers and cards and chocolates are the usual
  • He refuses to do the card thing but the chocolates seem nice
  • He orders some in advance from a fancy chocolatier
  • But he wants to do something more personal
  • He spent a few weeks painting up something for you
  • It was both of you sitting together at your favorite cafe sharing a drink, each of you had a straw and your noses were touching-something you often did
  • But a real gift, just as a backup, was a must
  • He scoured jewelry stores until he found it
  • When you came home you both ordered some takeout from your favorite place and just ate together in bed, naked
  • He fed you chocolate with his mouth
  • Between bursts of doing it he pulled out the box, even though you loved all of your other gifts he wanted to give it to you
  • A charm bracelet with 3 charms
  • one heart (for V-day), one skull(representing him lol), one crown(because you’re his princess)
    • “I thought I could give you a new one every year”
Reaction To Their S/O Having A Bad Period Day

Suggested: ‘Lowkey need a nct 127+smrookies reaction to the reader having a bad day with periods. Cramps, mood swings, chocolate cravings, the whole shabang.’

A/N: I’m going to make the SM Rookies one separate and link it later… Enjoy^^
- Admin Finn


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

Taeil is always smiling himself when he wants you to smile.
He’d know you’d had a difficult day and would try to uplift your spirit, suggesting an evening of staying and watching Chopped as the two of you binge on an assortment of snacks.
“I want cookie-dough…”
“No, you could get sick… You already feel bad-”
“Only like 0.43% of people who eat raw cookie-dough get sick-”
“That’s a chance I’m not willing to take… I’ll give you a foot massage instead-”


Originally posted by pawjohnny

Initially, I don’t he’d be fond of your mood swings or sudden snarky behavior. However, once he realized you were having a difficult day due to your period he’d feel a bit sympathetic, assuring you he would take care of everything and that you should just rest.
“It hurts ㅠㅠ”
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I would have made you breakfast and let you rest this morning…”


Originally posted by taesyong

In all honesty, he’d try to be sweet and comforting, noticing your irritability. However, once you nag him and scold him harshly for making small mistakes he’d probably misread that as a sign that you wanted to be left alone…


Originally posted by hey-uta

He wouldn’t really be sure what to do, texting his sister to ask for any quick fixes or tricks, etc…
He’d do a lot of spontaneous things for you, babying you as he told you to rest and take the pain reliever he offered.
“Babe, take this and then you can go back to napping.”
“I’ll nap with you~”


Originally posted by tenrais

Doyoung is someone who you’d probably easily find annoying when dealing with your cramps and cravings.
He’d misunderstand why you were so snappy, nearly starting an argument. Once you complained to him about it all he’d ask way too many questions and most likely fail to satisfy you.
“I got you chocolate- I’ll give it to you if you ask nicely this time tho-”
“Just give it to me… This is white chocolate…”
“Why are you such a terrible boyfriend?”


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He’d be a bit down that you were down, sad to see you in pain… He’d do everything you asked, still knowing it wasn’t enough.
Falls into an angsty stupor in blaming himself for being useless… You’d have to assure him it was alright and that you appreciated his help.
“I’m sorry I’m a terrible boyfriend-”
“Buddy, you’re not-”


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He’d feel awful, hoping that snuggling and spoiling you would be enough to make you happy once again.
It’d be a really sweet and diligent side of him that you hadn’t seen before, usually you’re the one who looks after him, not the other way around-


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A bit lost, but he still tries to be a happy virus and cheer you up.
“Do you want cheese in your ramyun?”
“Alright, I present to you extra cheesy, Mark style, ramyun!”
“You’re so cheesy…”
“I know^^”


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Similarly to Taeyong, he’d probably misread you…
He’d crack a few jokes once you told him the situation, hoping to cheer you up.
“At least you’re not dying.”
“…I feel like I am.”

BTS Reaction Masterlist

1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight

2) You Fangirling Over EXO

3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper

4) When You Do Aegyo

5) When You Laugh At Them Saying Something Sexual In Front Of The Others

6) You Being Their Date To The Mamas

7) Their Gf Telling Them Their Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back

8) Walking In On You Killing Their Songs For The First Time

9) When Their Crush (You) Spills Coffee Over Them

10)  When Their Gf (You) Wants To Cuddle

11)  When You Kiss them In The Rain

12)  Their Gf Being Their Usual Self

13)  Kissing Them to Get Their Attention

14)  Attempting To Get their Attention In A Sexual Way

15)  When You Freak After Seeing A Rat

16)  When Your Stomach Is Hurting

17) You Being In An Accident

18)  Wanting To Share A Bed With You

19) Catching You Kiss A Pillow

20) When You Cheat On Them

21) Going To A Haunted House With Them

22) Wearing Their Shirt

23) You sleeping Bra-less And Your Shirt Rides Up

24) When You’re A Blanket Hog

25) Falling In Love With Jungkook’s Best Friend

26) Finding Out You’re Adopted And Your Parents Lied To You

27) Seeing You In A Bikini

28) When You Want Ice Cream

29) Giving Their Hoodie Back ‘Cause It Stopped Smelling Like Them

30) Seeing You Exercising Early In The Morning

31) When They Get Asked Why They Smell Like Female Perfume

32) Seeing Your Hair Straightened For The First Time When It’s Normally Really Curly

33) When They’re Dating You But Your Favourite Group Is Block B

34) Calling You A Name Playfully And You Pretend To Be Hurt

35) Cuddling Them In Your Sleep Unconsciously

36)  Asking Them For A Piggyback Ride

37) Their Girlfriend Seeing Them Off At The Airport

38) You Having Depression And Anxiety

39)  Finding Out That What They Thought Was Your Boyfriend Was Actually Your Best Friend

40) Your New Hairstyle

41) Finding Out You Have Many Fangirls And Boys

42)  Teaching You Dance Routines

43)  You Offering To Give Them A Foot Massage

44)  You Being Scared When People Suddenly Touch You

45)  You Being Extremely Scared Of Lightning

46)  You Being Lesbian

47)  You Being Not Skinny But Not Big

48) You Always Having Back Pain

49) Finding Out Their Gf Is A Kickboxer

50) Seeing How Talented You Are At Art

51) Comforting Their S/O Before A Dance Performance

52) Telling Them You’ve Never Been Kissed

53) You Moving Away From Them In The Night

54) Seeing You Rapping Along To Yoongi’s New Mixtape

55) You (Their S/O) Hangs Around With The Others And Your Bikini Accidentally Exposes you

56) You Being an Olympic Swimmer

57) You Playing Pokemon Go

58) When You Know How To Sing And Dance 

59) You Both Meeting Big Bang Together For The First Time

60) Catching You Reading A Fanfic With Them In It

61) You Accidentally Farting In Front Of Them

62) When Their Crush Is A Famous Youtuber And They Bump Into Her When She’s Touring Around Korea 

63) You Getting Into A Physical Fight With A Girl Who Annoys The Shit Out Of You

64)  Telling Them You Have Asthma And It Can Get Really Bad During Certain Times Of The Seasons

65) You Still Running A BTS Reaction Tumblr Account And You Still Make Them While You’re Dating

66) Their Gf Having A Very Protective Older Brother And Would Make Sure That They Were Suitable To Date His Sister

67) Their Best Friend (You) Kisses Them And Then You Run Away In Embarrassment

68) When Their Gf Is Carsick

69)  Their S/O feeling Insecure Of Her Small Breasts

Single member reactions



  1. Getting Jealous Over His New Girlfriend


  1. You Trying To Keep Him Healthy


  1. Suddenly Kissing Him
  2. You Cheering Him Up While He Works So Hard

Rap Monster

  1. Back Hugging Him Then Walking Away
  2. You Singing Along To Fools (By Troye Sivan)


  1. You Constantly Craving Gummy Bears


You Being More Sensitive To Cold Than Others And Anything Warm Will Do
When You hit Your Head And Loose Your Memory
Comforting You (Their Friend) After You’ve Had A Fight With Your Boyfriend
Their Girlfriend Wanting Them To Go With Her To All The Paranormal Places In the World
Their Friend Being A Fan And Wanting To See Them Privately If BigHit Allowed
Their Crush Chickening Out On Her Confession
When You’re 154 Cm (In Height) And You Swear, And Become Dorky When You Can’t Reach Something    
Their S/O Avoiding Them And Never Shows Their Body Because They Think their Stomach Is Too Big
You Getting Light Headed After Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
You (Their Youtube Crush) Going A Fan Meet After A Break Up To Feel Better
Their Daughter’s Boyfriend Breaking Up With Her
You Can Use A Gun Professionally
You Sending Them Specific Pictures Of Yourself
You Hugging Him Tightly And Your Head Is In His Chest (Taehyung Reaction)
Their Gf Having Natural big Breasts But An Average Sized Figure And Feels Insecure About Her Breasts
You Being In A Marching Band And Being Sore After Practice    
You’re On A Walk And You Ask For A Piggy-Back Because Your Legs Hurt
When their Girlfriend Is A Wiccan (Pagan Witch-Craft)
You Being A Popular Rock Singer
Your Full Body Tattoo (Traditional Japanese Tattoos)
You Asking Them To Shower With You
Having a Scar From Heart Surgery And When You Touch It, You Feel Sick
You Waking Up From A Nightmare Screaming And Crying
Seeing Their Gf’s Natural Eyes For The First Time
You Crying Over One Of Their Songs
Their Gf Having Breast Cancer *WARNING*
You Being Scared Of People Dressed Up As Mascots
The Maknae Line Choking On Water
Their Girlfriend Being Scared And Paranoid After Watching A Creepy Movie
When You’re 'In The Mood’ But They Aren’t
You Harming Yourself Intentionally
Finding Out Their Gf Secretly Likes 'Punk/Emo’ Music
You Singing The 'Cuppy Cake’ Song To Them In A Baby Voice
Their Idol Gf Being In A Girl*Girl Ship With One Of Her Members
You Coming Out As Asexual
PDA With Their S/O
Their S/O Having A Make-out Session For A Drama
Their Girlfriend Listening To Only 50s And 60s Music
You Have Low Self-Esteem
You Loving Food And Eats Lots Of It But Not Gaining Weight
You Don’t Get Scared While Watching A Horror Film But They Do
You Trying To Fight Off The Kidnappers In AHL

The signs as dumb things INFINITE have said
  • Aries: "The wrinkles under my eyes are cute!!"
  • Taurus: "Must I have a hobby? Can't I just watch movies?"
  • Gemini: "If I am in love, my gaze will become very different. It will be more blood-thirsty."
  • Cancer: "Music is the only drug allowed by the government."
  • Leo: "Wow, you were so ugly!!"
  • Virgo: "I have nothing to show you so... just look at me."
  • Libra: "Look at my leg hair!"
  • Scorpio: "I wanted to show off my curves. I have a very charming butt."
  • Sagittarius: "You look like a flower beggar. Can I give you a foot massage?"
  • Capricorn: "We can see where we need to improve. How about opening one more button?"
  • Aquarius: "Why is the answer L?"
  • Pisces: "I actually really love Dongwoo, but we are banned from member dating so I will tolerate it."

anonymous asked:

Hey was wondering if the chocobros s/o was pregnant how would they help out with the pregnancy? Would they help out with morning sickness indulge their food cravings silly things like that? Thought that would be a cute thing lol

Noctis would be the one to get you literally whatever it was that you wanted. Since he’s the prince, he has ways of getting things at really ridiculous times. Craving ice cream and pickles at 3am? He’s got it covered. Want a full-course meal with very specific food items that are strangely hard to find? He’ll figure out a way to track them down. He’s extremely doting because he’s also terrified, but he tries his best to keep a calm face. Your comfort is first and foremost and he has people waiting on you hand and foot.

Prompto has a habit of treating you like you’re made of glass. He can’t help it, he’s just so excited to be a father. He’s already dedicated himself to becoming the best possible father he can be, because he never really had this parents around when he was growing up. He’s already stared baby-proofing the entire house, and he’s spontaneously purchased twenty to thirty pillows so that you can be comfortable no matter which room you choose to relax in. He’s one step ahead of you when it comes to preparing the nursery, and has a list of names he likes already chosen. 

Gladio insists on carrying you whenever you’re tired or want to go to bed. He just wants to make sure you’re okay at all times, and is doubly alpha-male when it comes to how others are around you. He’s a bit of a nervous wreck, actually, when it comes to you being around a lot of people, or anywhere where you might get pushed or jostled by accident. His favourite thing to do is to give you foot massages while you relax on the couch together after a long day, watching whatever trashy rom-com you’ve chosen. He always apologizes for being too overbearing, he’s just anxious to be a dad.

Ignis is always keeping up to date with whatever it is that you can and can’t eat, and whatever your strange cravings are. If you describe a recipe with a combination of strange ingredients that you just need right away, he’ll always indulge you and cook the dish to your exact specifications. He’s always prepared to pamper you, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy, and already has the overnight bag packed for the hospital and prenatal vitamins loaded up in the medicine cabinet. You suspect he’s read more parenting books than you have, which is a feat in and of itself.

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Hi um hello yes I need the finest Ben Platt x sick reader head cannons because I LIVE for Ben Platt fluff and sickfics

oh jesus this took me thirteen years to finally reply, and these are my first head canons!!!!!!!


  • he is so kind, he will miss a show for ya,,, but if he can’t, he let’s you stay in his dressing room and he takes care of you during intermission!!!
  • he does anything you need,,, you need a cold towel? he’s got it. a glass of water? got it. a kiss? mmm probably not he doesn’t want to get sick.
  • he sings for you!!! a lot!!! any song you want and bAm he’s singing it for you!!
  • he learned how to cook special recipes to help you get better quicker
  • fOrEhEaD kIsSeS
  • he takes you to the doctor when you show even the slightest signs of being sick,,, he doesn’t want to risk anything!
  • he thinks the way you pout is so cute,,,
  • he holds your hair back for you, whenever you throw up >:O
  • he will bathe you if you’re really sick,,
  • he loves to stay home with you and do whatever you’d like, even if it’s just sleeping
  • he lets you wear his big sweatshirts!!!!
  • he will seriously bend backwards for you, he loves you so much.
Central Park and Summer Heat || Tom Holland

Pairing : Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count : 630

Warnings : none, lots of fluff

Summary : You and Tom are walking in NYC deciding what to do next. You mention going to Central Park and try to bribe him with one of his favorite frozen treats. Cuteness ensues.

A/N : Hi everyone! This is my first venture back into writing since I stopped a couple of years ago. I was inspired again after seeing Tom running around in a red and blue spandex suit! Lol, please let me know if you like this and what you would like me to write next! As of right now I will only stick to Tom for writing, but once I get more comfortable I will hopefully expand my repertoire! Xoxo Jess

Toms hand is solid and warm on the small of your back as you walk down crowded 5th Avenue in New York City. Summer is coming to an end and your time together is dwindling; you head back upstate for college in a couple of weeks and Tom heads to Montreal to being shooting for his new movie. After many months together you’ve made New York your homebase for when you need to regroup. Your small apartment on the Upper West Side is filled with Tom, from pictures of his family on the nightstand, to the peculiar red stain on your carpet from when he decided eating in bed would be way better than venturing out into the dining room. It’s his home away from home whenever he isn’t in his own place in South London.

New York during the summer is nearly unbearable, but being with Tom always makes it easier to be in the heat.

He turns to you with a soft smile on his face and asks you where you would like to go next.

“How about Central Park? We can get iced coffee, grab a blanket, and just relax for a bit?”

Tom raises an eyebrow at you that you faintly see behind his dark sunglasses, “isn’t it a bit hot to just sit on the ground and sip coffee?” He says dubiously.

“Tom, it’s completely shaded, I swear it’s always like five degree colder in the park,” You say with a shake of your head, “plus we’ll have iced coffee and I’ll even buy you an ice cream cone from one of the vendors on 69th street.” You smile up at him and place a quick kiss on his neck, the salt on his skin reminding you just how hot out it is. “Cmon Tommy, you know you can never say no to overpriced ice cream!” Tom smiles widely and laughs out loud, removing his hand from your back to run through his hair.

“Sold! I’ll take ice cream as bribery, you know me so well babe,” he says to you as he continues to let out small giggles. He leans downs and places a kiss on the top of your head, breathing in the smell of your shampoo.

“Ugh, you need a shower first, you smell like BO.”

“Tom!” You push him in the side as he laughs at you, giving him a look of indignation.You stop walking and place a hand on your hip, “you’re so ridiculous, now you have to buy your own ice cream.” You say with a smirk. “Nooo, babe I’m sorry! You smell wonderful, like sunshine and chocolate, please babe please!” He surges forward and grabs you around the waist, picking you up so that you wrap your legs around his sides.

“Thomas we are on a busy street this is just ridiculous”

“Say you love me and you’ll buy me ice cream,” “Aren’t you an adult with like a job and a car buy your own ice cream.”

“Say yes and I’ll give you a foot massage tonight,” Tom pleads, pouting his lips at you in a way that makes you melt.

“I love you and I’ll buy you ice cream, but that foot massage also comes with a Golden Girls marathon you huge dork.”

“Yes!” Tom exclaims in triumph, holding you tight against his body and doing a quick spin in the middle of the street.  You smile at your boyfriend and lean forward to kiss his lips, your teeth bumping together awkwardly since you’re both still smiling and giggling due to his ridiculous antics.

“I love you, you big idiot.” “I love you too darling, now let’s go sit in a hot park and eat ice cream.”

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tobirama, madara, and yamato reacting to their s/o being pregnant

I love pregnancy headcanons, they are the perfect occasion for some good fluff or some good angst.

There are some similar asks, if you want to check: Madara as a parent, and Tobirama with a Teenage daughter

Tobirama, Madara, and Yamato with a Pregnant S/O Headcanons

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Tobirama Senju


• His first reaction, especially if you were trying to get you pregnant, would be pretty hurting. Tobirama will say something along the lines of “Finally”, or, “at least”. However, you shouldn’t take it to heart, Tobirama is genuinely happy. The first days after he hears the news, he is going to be more affectionate than usual, giving you tons of kisses and caresses.

• He will not make a fuss about your pregnancy. However, after Harishama finds out, the whole village will be informed of every inch your belly grows. However, it isn’t hard to notice how Tobirama’s mood has improved: sometimes, in the middle of important reunions with the Fire Daimyo, he finds himself smiling while thinking of your child.

• Tobirama’s reaction wouldn’t be grandiloquent. It’s with the small gestures that you can determine his feelings. For example, after you told him about your pregnancy, you found several boxes of your favorite sweets on your bedside table.

• There was a list of names ready to be analyzed before your pregnancy. However, the final decision would be taken carefully and slowly. The name of a person is an important part of their selves, and Tobirama does not want to mark his child with a name that doesn’t suit them. He is especially inclined to the names of his family, though; if Tobirama could choose alone — which he is going to try—, his kid would have the name of his brother.

• Tobirama will be a prepared father. During the nine months, he’ll read every book he can find on the matter: pregnancy information, baby’s guides, parenting tips, etc. He wants to make sure his child will be well raised. He’ll probably pester you until accepting to read the informational books.

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Madara Uchiha


• At the second you confirm your pregnancy, Madara will become overprotective. He already has the tendency to forbid you things he finds dangerous, and this behavior will only increase when you are carrying his child. No training, no cooking, no cleaning, no going out without him. If it was for him, you would lie in the bed for the nine months.

• Madara almost never smiles. He smirks a lot, but he doesn’t smile. You have seen it, but it’s still a scarce event. After you told him you were pregnant, his whole face lighted up. His smile radiated warmth, his eyes had re-acquired that long-lost gleam; he even laughed, a pure, happy laugh.

• From that day and on, he’ll be extra careful around you. Madara is an incredible powerful shinobi, capable of destroying mountains without sweating: if he doesn’t pay attention, he might hurt you, particularly now, that you are more fragile. He’ll treat you like a porcelain doll. His kisses will be tender, his caresses plumed. Madara will even control his temper when you are around. He doesn’t want anything, especially him, to hurt you or your child.

• That first night, he told his brother. You woke up at midnight, incredibly cold and wondering where Madara had gone. Still half-asleep, you walked across the house searching for him. He was kneeling in front of the small altar, whispering “Izuna, I’m going to be a father.” Madara stayed there a very long time, telling his brother how much he loved you and how strong your child was going to be.

• Madara wants a son. That doesn’t mean he isn’t going to love his daughter, but in all the pregnancy he’ll act as there was a certainty you were carrying his son. It’s a matter of Uchiha pride: Madara wants someone who he can show all the secrets of his clan, who can become a great warrior and leader. At the end, if he has a daughter, she’ll probably be trained with all the discipline a man would be trained, making his whim even more irrational.

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Yamato (Tenzo)


• He is the happiest man that has ever walked on earth. Yamato is extremely excited to start a family with you, and your pregnancy has him on cloud nine. The first thing he’ll do is hug you in a tight, warm, blissful embrace; your face will be attacked by a million little kisses. However, his impulsiveness doesn’t last long: a minute after, he is worried he hugged you too hard and is asking for forgiveness.

• Yamato will pamper you a lot from that day on: you’ll go out for dinner every day, he’ll give you foot massages, he’ll prepare you the fanciest baths and will comply to your every whim. Everything without a single objection. Kakashi makes fun of him since he found him looking from a discontinued cereal at midnight.

• The day you told him, Yamato and you prepared a party to tell all your friends. Everybody laughs at the ecstatic smile that is glued to the father’s face, but at the end, Kakashi and Gai —who started the discussion, much to Kakashi’s dread— end up in a food fight to see who is going to be the godfather.

• Even before your belly grows, Yamato spends a lot of time talking to it. He tells your child stories and bad jokes and describes the world they are going to encounter when born. He kisses your belly button and grazes your stomach’s skin with his calloused fingers.

• He makes the perfect crib. It is not only safe, but the wood is beautifully carved: trees, flowers, bears and foxes form the columns. Yamato asks you to paint it, even when the bare wood it’s already the most suitable color. He spent entire weeks perfecting the plans before creating it; and even after he makes it, he asks you if you think is enough or if he should begin another model.

Daddy Harry (blurb)

Omg can you imagine Harry being a dad. I mean of course you can. Just imagine how excited he’d be when you’ll tell him that you’re pregnant. He wouldn’t stop kissing your stomach repeatedly as he’ll whispers ‘daddy loves you’ and ‘come fast’.

And when he’ll notice your baby bump in sure he’d cry. He’d cry because of the baby that’s resting in your stomach safely which you and he created after nights and nights of making love. He’ll kneel down in front of you and will press his ear against your bump even if it’s just a tiny bump.

He’ll bring lots and lots of baby products and will spoil the baby rotten even from the very before till the baby is born.

He will read books, how to handle your mood swings. And I’m sure he’ll succeed in that. He’s gonna be one of a patient husband and a dad. Trying to be as lovely and patience as he can be.

He will run you warm baths and will give your foot massages when they’re swollen and numb. He will spoil you with chocolates and Nutella and will soothe you telling you how much he loves you when you’ll complain about how fat you’ve become or how big your boobs have got.

He will always cope with you somehow.

And finally when the day will arrive. When you’ll Go in labour, he’ll be by your side the whole time. Letting you squeeze his hand or scratch it because of the pain. He will cry with you when you’ll scream while pushing the baby out your vagina because he cannot see you in pain .

But most importantly, he’ll be the happiest man alive when he’ll see the little head out of the whole. His eyes once again will fill up with tears when the squeals and cries of his baby will fill up his ears.

He’s gonna stop dead in his tracks when the nurse I’ll walk to him carrying his baby wrapped up in blanket like a cocoon. His hands will shake when he’ll put them beneath the little bundle of joy and carries the little one in his arms.

Happy tears will leave his eyes and he’ll kiss the forehead of tiny human in his arms and then yours who’s been extremely strong through the unbearable pain.

“Welcome home bubba” he’ll whisper and will continue to pepper babies head with kisses from time to time.

And there he couldn’t be more happy. Harry styles finally will have a family of his own.

Inspired by our blessed official art:
  • Yuuri and Viktor: *Doing the do in the bedroom*
  • Yurio *enters*: Hey guys where did you put my-
  • What're you doing?
  • Yuuri: He was just- um giving me a foot massage *moans* VIKTOR! (viktor is actually giving a bj)
  • Yurio: just gonna...leave.
  • Yuuri: That was close...Viktor get off of me!
  • Meanwhile Yurio outside: Wait a second-

This is Part Two in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1125

Read “Needy”

Warning: Depression, anxiety

A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” so feel free to continue submitting ideas for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

You sat on Jared’s lap with your feet on Jensen’s thigh. You were comfortable enough, but then Jensen started giving you a foot massage and you thought your head was going to explode.

           “Feel good?” Jared chuckled, seeing the expression on your face as Jensen rubbed your feet.

           “So good,” you nodded.

           Jensen smirked, “Good.”

           You put your head on Jared’s shoulder, “So, while I’m relaxed, should we talk about this whole thing? The boundaries and all that?”

           “If that’s what you want to do,” Jared said.

           “Okay,” you thought for a second. You didn’t know where to begin with the conversation, “So, what happens in public?”

           “Well, I guess that depends. We have to think about the stigma that comes with this and how it’s pretty taboo,” Jared said, “And I don’t want you to get any kind of backlash because of it.”

           You sighed, “That’s like the only bad part. No one will really accept it. I guess we just keep it between us.”

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Second chance for a normal life (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by ditchthevillian

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

A/N: This is a new series on which I worked for a few weeks. I already wrote five parts. Hope you’ll like it, feedback is always welcomed.

Summary: (AU)

Bucky is struggling with his life after he came back from the army. He is depressed and he also had a bad start with you.

Warning: cursing, blood

There was a noise outside your apartment. You needed to sleep because you were up from 4am. You were working for a big fashion company as a designer. Tomorrow you will have a day off and you wanted to go to bed earlier so that you can finish some sketches in the morning. Obviously that wasn’t the option at the moment. Slowly you moved your body from your bed to the kitchen. Opening the fridge you took an apple and knife from the drawer. You started cutting it when you heard yelling. You were getting tired of it. Every day for the past week, there was constant yelling from the apartment across the hall. Finally, you decided that you had enough of that noise. You walked to the apartment door and you banged with your fist against the wooden door. You were standing there only in your white tank top and black sweatpants. You heard footsteps coming closer to the door and the door opened.

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You all have these different cultures headcanons for Grantaire, like half Greek, Irish, African American etc. But I’d love to see/write something with Brazilian Grantaire.

Not just because I am Brazilian but because Brazil is a big diverse country, made up of different ethnic groups and cultures, where you can find people with all sorts of accents and appearances, where we had an avant-garde artistic movement that challenged the perspectives of what was accepted as art. And for the bohemians, we have every imaginable type of alcoholic beverage.

Canon Era Grantaire has a cynical sense of humor that reminds me a lot of a typical Brazilian person. Also, here people make up the worst possible pick-up lines, in an attempt to ask someone out in a more fun way. So all I can imagine is Grantaire using these:

“Ei, Enj, a varinha escolhe o bruxo e a minha escolheu você.” 

(“Hey, Enj, the wand chooses the wizard and mine chose you.”)

“Enjolras, eu morreria em um filme do Tarantino por você.”

(”Enjolras, I’d die in a Tarantino movie for you.“)

“Posso te fazer uma massagem nos pés?”

("Can I give you a foot massage?”)

“Não sou de esquerda nem direita, sou seu.”

(“I’m neither left nor right wing, I’m yours.”)

“Vim do futuro para dizer que você perdeu a chance de me beijar uma vez, não perca de novo.”

(“I came from the future to tell you that you missed the chance to kiss me once, do not miss it again.”)

@godlingcaptainchristina @naourie @poesie-et-liberte what you think