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bitch!! im shaking even looking at ur snap story!! give us the deets what was it like being in front of those gods

ILL GIVE U MORE DEETS LATER ONCE THINGS CALM DOWN but i didnt roast dan cuz everything was really rushed and i lost all train of thought rest in fucken peace

Meet-the-Fathers Dinner // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, family fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.4k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Emily Lester has some big news for her parents.

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so, in the future I plan on getting a bird! but I'm kind of torn between what species. I've narrowed it down between pigeon, or green cheek conure. I was wondering if you can give me a lil insight to what Rex's behaviors are like?like uh, for example, does she play and do goofy things like a lot of parrot videos you see online? or does she play in a different manor? does she sing along to music? does she enjoy eating some of your snacks with you? give us the deets! ☺️

I had a green cheek named Groot (his tag is #groot). I loved him a lot however I ended up regretting getting him, perhaps if I had gotten an adult psittacine I would’ve felt differently but his hormones were just too much for my family and I, especially with my mental illness and my dad’s drinking, so I had to rehome him.

Before I answer let me tell you DO NOT TRUST THE CUTE VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET. They only show 10% of life with birds, the other 90% is a lot less cute, especially with parrots. Parrots scream, bite, chew, shit, make immense messes, scream more, and are literally like living with a hyper intelligent toddler for the next 30-100 years (smaller parrots don’t live as long but that’s still a huge chunk out of your life). You can have a rewarding relationship with your parrot, but it comes with a ton of work and even when you put everything into it that you can it still may fall apart. Parrots are WILD animals, they may have been raised in captivity and are tame, but they aren’t domesticated and you need to be prepared for that. It takes a skilled and dedicated individual to care for these birds and keep them as happy as possible.

This applies to pigeons but not in the same extreme. Pigeons are pets, they are designed to be pets whereas parrots are only in the very earliest stages of domestication. She doesn’t scream or bite, but she shits- people find that this doesn’t bug them as much as they expect it to since there’s much more to any animal than their poop. She wreaks havoc, sends papers flying, steps all over keyboards, knocks things over, and is constantly forgetting that she’s a prey animal in a house of predators. But like I said, she isn’t nearly as extreme as any psittacines as far as the ratio of cute:havocdemon.

As for your ask, all of the cute playing behavior Groot did I’ve seen Rex do, excluding the biting/wrestling (if you want a pigeon to do that get a cock and not a hen). She picks up random objects and wanders around with them, she throws things off of the table, likes to shake balls with bells in them, she likes to land on the phone in the kitchen to hear the buttons beep, and she brings me presents like dried up flowers she finds in hay or bits of corn. She doesn’t really steal food, but she’ll stand on my plate and insist on helping me eat, Groot would steal anything he saw you put in your mouth. You don’t want them eating a lot of people food, they need a balanced diet of grains. Parrots definitely shouldn’t be getting a lot of people food unless it’s fresh fruit, unsalted or buttered eggs, etc.. Chickens are great if you want an eating pal and most foods are safe excluding overly greasy or citrus (research bird safe food).

Besides being playful, Rex is very cuddly with me, but only me and that applies to all pigeons. They bond closest with their mate. Rex is plenty social with my housemates though, she just doesn’t want them to touch her, she happily sits on them and preens.

To sum it up: pigeons are pets and parrots are projects. I don’t recommend ever keeping a parrot, not even budgies, until you have worked with them at a rescue or sanctuary. Pigeons and chickens are your best bet for a fun and easy going pet.

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give us those kiwi-kitty-harry deets. xx

Oh boy, oh boy, I love you. @permanentcross gets half the credit for this, by the way. It was a combined effort that nearly made me spontaneously combust last night. Here’s the picture again for reference:

You would text the picture to Harry and he’d be all about it, sending you back “!!!” as an immediate response. You’d laugh because it’s rare he texts you back right away unless he’s the one to initiate the conversation, so when he gets home that night, he starts calling you Kiwi Butt and yeah, okay, you love it.

Weeks later, he’s still calling you Kiwi Butt, and he’s even made it the picture on his lockscreen (which you’re kind of miffed about because it was a candid of the two of you, but you can’t really get mad at him). 

The two of you decide to sip on some tequila one evening after you’ve ordered Chinese takeout. He’d gone to recycle the empty containers a few minutes ago, so you’d busied yourself with examining your split ends - a task that wasn’t too easy, considering your state of intoxication. 

“Babe!” he calls from the kitchen. “Babe!” 

You hop up from the couch and slide across the hardwood floors into your kitchen, stopping when you reach Harry at the fridge. 

“Who am I?” he asks. “Guess!”

He’s got a kiwi in each hand and they’re placed at his hips as he keeps his back turned to you. You notice a small, oval-shaped sticker in the middle of his bum as he wiggles impatiently as you take in the image in front of you.

“’m Kiwi Kitty! ‘Member?!”

You erupt with laughter as he continues to sway his hips while he glances over his shoulder to watch your reaction. He stumbles a bit, his balance thrown off by the tequila over ice he’d consumed throughout the evening. You stabilize him with your hands at his sides, swooping around to the front of him with your cheeks burning and eyes filled with tears of laughter.

“You’re such a good Kiwi Kitty,” you praise, kissing him square on the lips. “I’m so proud of you!”

And you can tell - based on the dimples etched into his cheeks - that he’s pretty damn proud of himself, too.

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Could you give us some of the deets from the v-card and gawains lack of it


Gawain was grossly happy with Nen and with the level their bromance was at, and he pretty much would have been fine with the way things were going but he naturally got a little…thirsty.

He never mentioned it to his bro, took care of things himself (ahem), never pushed or said anything that would make Nen uncomfortable…but like, Nen obviously noticed something was up (no pun intended). 

I don’t want to go into too much detail here…but one night when Nen slipped past the guards and escaped his fancy rooms in Eiden Craig, climbed through a window into his bro’s place to snuggle, and after some sweet bro kisses and heavy cuddling, he told Gawain it was okay. Gawain asked him if he was sure maybe a million times.

So it was very gentle, just the teensiest bit awkward what with Gawain nervously stuttering ‘sorry’s and just the general logistics of the situation. But there was quite a bit of laughter as well.

It’s not something that happened often between them, and didn’t change or affect their relationship overmuch. Nen recognized Gawain’s need for physical closeness and Gawain would never ask him for more than what he was ready to give <3

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Can you do #4 in the 100 ways to say I love you

4: “Come here. Let me fix it.”

Once Dex gets started on a problem set, it takes a lot to tear him away. So far, only three matters of life and death have forced him to leave his desk for more than two minutes: once when Betsy broke while a pie was baking, then again when Nursey fell down the stairs (“BRO, I THINK YOUR D-MAN JUST BROKE EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY,“ “HOLTZY, I’M A DOCTOR, HE'S FINE!”), and again when it rained and the window frames all swelled up and nobody could get to the Reading Room.

Priorities, that’s the word. Dex only leaves his desk for his priorities.

That’s what he tells himself, at least, and generally it seems to work.

Except lately, he’s been getting distracted by other things - things that, until they became “official” a little while ago, were definitely not priorities.

Now, when Nursey begged him to take a break and go with him to Annie’s, Dex went. When Nursey tried to use what little Dex had taught him to fix one of the off-balance chairs in the kitchen and instead broke one of its legs clean off, Dex went. And today…

Actually, today Dex doesn’t really have an excuse, since it wasn’t Nursey who called him. Not even ‘called’ him - he was doing physics homework in Chowder’s bedroom, since the Haus was quieter than his dorm floor, so all Lardo had to do was go upstairs.

“Yo, Dex.”

“The dryer can wait, I’ve got three problems left.”

“Bro, it’s not the dryer, it’s Nursey.”

Dex looks up from his paper, concerned. “Where is he? Is he okay?”

“He’s downstairs, and he keeps asking for you. It’s annoying. You two are gross.”

Sure enough, Dex checks his phone - he keeps it on silent while he studies - and there are eleven texts from Nursey. The most recent ones read come on, babe, please and dexxxxxxx.

Cautiously, Dex follows her into the living room, where the entire team is gathered around the window next to the front door.

“Alright, y'all, I can’t watch this anymore. I’m gonna go finish my pie,” Bitty says, shaking his head as he turns toward the kitchen. When he walks past them, he mutters something about “Boys," and Lardo nods sagely in agreement after him. 

"He’s over there,” she says, giving Dex a solid push toward the clump before following after Bitty.

When Dex taps him on the shoulder, Ransom steps aside to let him through, and… there’s Nursey. He’s stranded out on the porch, holding the front doorknob in his hand, looking absolutely miserable. Dex positions himself on the edge of the group so Nursey can’t see him and keeps quiet.

“Come on, man,” Nursey pleads. “Just let me in already!”

“Not until you give us the deets,” Holster says, crossing his arms.

“There are no deets,” Nursey insists, which makes Tango tilt his head.

“I’m confused. Didn’t you say a few minutes ago that you’d tell Holster if he let you in? If there aren’t any deets, what were you gonna tell him?”

Ransom high-fives him while Nursey narrows his eyes. “Tango, it’s reasons like this why we don’t let frogs in the group chat.”

“I don’t know, man, he’s got a point,” Whiskey offers, which only makes Nursey glare harder.

“Just go get Dex. He’ll back me up on this, I swear. Come on, Holster, d-man to d-man.”

“Maybe we should,” Chowder offers nervously. “You always say that nobody knows a d-man like his partner.”

“Holtzy, he’s right. If anyone’s gonna settle this, it’s Dex,” Ransom adds.

“I mean, I’ll try,” Dex pipes up, and Tango jumps. Dex uses the opportunity to push into the middle of the group until he’s right in front of Nursey, who beams when he sees him. (Maybe Lardo’s right. Maybe now they’re officially in ‘gross’ territory. Either way, Dex finds that he doesn’t mind all that much.)

“Dex! Dex, I swear, I didn’t pull on it or anything, it just-”

“Yeah, I believe you. It’s old, like everything else in this Haus. It was gonna happen sooner or later,” Dex shrugs.

“Tell them there’s no deets,” Nursey implores. “Come on, Dex, I’ve been out here for half an hour and I'm cold and this is not fair, it’s torture, really, and so not chill-” He stops when he realizes Dex is laughing at him. And not a little laugh, either - a full-on, gasping for breath laugh, and Nursey is not amused. “Asshole.”

“I thought New Yorkers were used to the snow?” Dex asks, once he can function again. He grins, and Nursey huffs.

“And I thought you were going to help me.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll let you in,” Dex says nonchalantly, despite the protests that fill the room behind him. As he walks over to open the door, he waves Holster away. “Chill, okay? I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, bro’s honor.”

Nursey brings a gust of wind and a few snowflakes into the living room with him. “You all suck.” Dex stifles a giggle. “Especially you. I thought we were supposed to be on the same team now?”

Dex affectionately brushes the snow out of his hair. “Yeah, but you’ve gotta admit, that was funny.” Nursey glowers, unwinding his scarf and taking off his coat. Dex grins. “Alright, you, come here. Let me fix it.”

He holds out a hand for the knob, and after Nursey gives it to him he buries his face in Dex’s neck, wrapping his arms around his waist. "You guys really left him out there for half an hour for deets? I’m not, like, mad, I just… I would have told you, you could have just asked me.“

Tango tilts his head again, brow furrowed. "So there are deets?” he asks slowly, and Dex nods.

“Yeah, I’m dating this loser.”

It takes ten minutes to convince Chowder not to burst into tears (“Happy tears, I’m just so happy for you both!!!”) and another ten for Whiskey to answer all of Tango’s questions (“But… but Dex said chill!” “That’s not a question, Tony.”). Meanwhile, it takes twenty for Ransom and Holster to wrap their heads around it, even with Lardo’s help. 

“Whoa, bros, you’re like, dating dating?”

Dex sighs. “As opposed to…?”

“Dude, we thought Nursey was dating a LAX bro!”

Lardo doesn’t even bother looking up from her phone. “You two are idiots.”

Nursey makes a face from where he’s snuggled into Dex’s side on the couch while Lardo and Dex both roll their eyes. “Ew, no, LAX bros are gross.”

Yeah, bro, that’s why we were so confused.” Ransom nods.

“Fuck the LAX bros, but not like that.” Holster’s comment earns him a throw pillow to the face, and soon the entire living room is a mess of pillows and six foot tall hockey players shrieking like five year old girls. 

In the midst of all the commotion, Tango frowns again. “We’re really not allowed in the group chat?” he asks Whiskey, who nods.

“You can thank me later.”

It’s a pity that “give us the deets” was not commonly used in the early 90s because I know for a fact if it was someone would have said it on the Beetlejuice cartoon and Betelgeuse would have just picked up Lydia and said, “Okay, but give her back when you’re done.”

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Alright, give us the deets, Dr. Eggman. How did you find Sonic? Do you think there's something special about him?

Eggman: I used my hedgehog sensor skills to stick my hand into the ground and pull out a blue hedgehog.

Eggman: And of course I think there’s something special about him. Most Mobians have something special about themselves. I’m just waiting to see what he can do.

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I'm s o b b i n g i met bradley james at my cousin's wedding?? My cousin knows him?? It was a year ago and it still fucks me up daily


(i would never recover if i was you)

someone on Twitter was like “Oh that’s probably just the name for the Rescue Bots CYOA Youtube thing they said they were gonna do” and bitch it better not be bc

  1. they’ve already said it’s going to use pre-existing footage; why would they need a new animation studio working on it
  2. if it is I will personally fly out to wherever and slap the CEO of Hasbro right in the face

Jack: …I need a favor.

Gavin: What sort of favour?

Jack: The “we never talk about it again” kind.

Gavin: How may I be of assistance?

Jack: There is… someone I need taken care of. In a most humiliating fashion.

Gavin: I love humiliation. Give us the deets, love, I’ll get it done

Jack: I have his SSN: 655-69-4208. Work your magic.

Jack: I want his great-grandchildren to still feel embarrassed.

Gavin: Consider his life destroyed love

idk if it’s bc it’s friday and i’ve had a really long week and everything is just really fucking funny to me rn but @lady-pei and i are dyinggg and so i need to share: 

imagine bitty’s moving back into the haus, unpacking his baking supplies while talking to jack on the phone, and lardo, chowder, ransom and holster just think he’s talking to his mom until bitty says “i’ll talk to you later, sweetheart… haha i love you, too.” 

and everyone else in the haus stops whatever they’re doing and stares at bitty 




“um… my mother?” 

“you call your mother ‘sweetheart’?” 


“wait. you know what this means?” 



“wait no i–” 



so ransom and holster immediately spam the SMH group text with “BITTY HAS A BF AND HE DIDN’T TELL US” and everyone’s like ??????? 

it’s utter CHAOS and bitty’s just trying to take it all in stride until jack responds with “haha. nice.” and then bitty’s… well, a little ticked off bc how is it fair that he’s the only one that has to deal with this 

it takes a few minutes for shitty to respond, but when he does, all hell breaks loose: WHAT?????????? DEETS, BITS.  GIVE US THE DEETSSSSSSSSS 

ransom and holster obvs just egg him on like “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

lardo’s the more reasonable one that’s like “look, bits, you don’t have to tell us who he is” 

bitty breathes a sigh of relief 

…until lardo adds: “if you tell us how he is in bed” 

cue even more pandemonium, ransom and holster keep chanting “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

and then 


jack fucking zimmermann texts: “come on, bittle.  how is he?” 

bitty, being the little shit he is, finally responds with: “he’s ok. nothing special”