give us presents

i HATE when universities come to give us presentations bc it reminds me that im almost 1 yr away from graduating n HOW my lifes gonna spiral downwards after that

The hero and the sharpshooter

my animation teacher keeps using the kiss gif for examples of stuff and he says its his fav he described them as a nice couple

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Two things: 

1.  WHAT!!! HOW did this come up?  Where do you go to school? akdjfkjsf… I’m so confused and also SUPER flattered, but

2.  I literally scribbled that out on a crappy tablet on a tiny screen with even lower standards than usual because it was an April fools post!  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhggghhhh!!! 


why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing?

happy release day, 358/2 days (05/30/09 in japan) + happy birthday, me!

nell411  asked:

I'm really confused by the Kara's open floor plan thing. What's the reasoning for it?

It took me literal hours after reading the post for it to register, but Kara’s claustrophobia. She would want an open floor plan—an open living space— because she has a history of claustrophobia.


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Go Go Go! Stream!!

[News] NU’EST will release a new single on July 25th. Pledis has clarified it is a gift for fans  and will not be promoted.

Similar to “I’m Bad” 3rd-anniversary special single.

Honestly, I’m shocked. I thought Hello 2017 was our gift, for all the pain over the years and heart break of produce 101. That was enough to last me a long time, the fact that they are giving us another present when they don’t have too is so heartwarming. When it comes out please get (free available) melon passes to stream, and stream the video. We will be able to buy this single, It will not cost a lot AT ALL so please buy it on Itunes, Google Play and Korean platforms.

This is their 1st release without MIinhyun please support them.

Jikook moments you should know (part2)

Although some haters call it fan service, jikook shippers, please keep in mind, these below are mostly facts and you should stick to the ship. Don’t doubt what you feel from them:))

I’m thankful that you guys love the first part so much ❤️This is part 2 and I hope you guys enjoy it😊

  • Jk talk to Jm in informal speech forms

Speaking in informal speech forms with older people shows the intimacy between the two in Korea. Jk speaks in informal forms even when they are alone, thus we know how close they are. In my opinion, how Jk and Jm treat each other shows their equally respect and it’s special since Jk didn’t speak to other hyung like that.

  • Went to Disney together

Every jikook shipper knows about this, yet I want to point out that even though they are celebrities they still went to Disney together, despite the possibility of being recognized.

  • Jk taking care of Jm crossing the road

In Bon voyage season 2, Jk always took care of Jm. When Jm was crossing the road, Jk was alerted and kept telling Jm to be careful. Again, he is a MAKNAE:))

  • Jk only gives Birthday present to Jm

Jk wasn’t used to give presents on hyung’s birthday, however he sent Jm a birthday present last year. What’s more, he bought tickets for the flight to Tokyo for Jm’s birthday this year.

  • Jk appreciates Jm’s toes, eyesmile…

Jk appreciates every part of Jm, and you will find him praising Jm everywhere. He is the biggest fan of Jm:))

  • Jk puts away Jm’s drink to sit on his lap

In summer package, Jk took away Jm’s drink and sit on his lap with a super big smile on his face. Yet after this he began to try carrying Jm with his arms:))

  • Jk used the ball to distract Tae and took the seat beside Jm

Jk hovered around Jm and Tae, finally found a soccer ball to distract Tae to leave his spot beside Jm. Jk quickly ran to Jm and sat down next to him happily.

  • Jk changing lyrics to floating Jm

Jk changed the lyric in Spring day to “ a piece of floating Jm in the air” to tease Jm, which sounds very cute.

  • Jk appeared out of nowhere and started to dance with Jm in sync

On a teaser when Tae was going to interview Jm, Jk appeared and started to dance with Jm. They were totally in sync and you could see how they concentrated on each other’s moves. In the end they didn’t even thought twice about it to have a high five simultaneously.

  • Jk offered his jacket to jm when Jm was cold

They were having a photo shoot and the fabric of Jm’s clothes was too thin. After a few moments later Jm was wearing a coat which was previously worn by Jk.

  • Jm & jk sharing their time together when no schedules

As we know they stayed at the dorm together on chosuk. They went to Japan alone. They drink together with Jin. They eat out together many times. They clearly are comfortable with the another’s accompany.

  • We don’t talk anymore

They covered the song “we don’t talk anymore” by Charlie Puth, feat. Selena Gomez. The former is a singer Jk loves very much.

  • Sing “Come to me” together

They sound perfect when singing together. This clip is beautiful, you definitely shouldn’t miss it!!

  • Jungkook has a bed to sleep on but ended up sleeping with Jm in the living room

In Bon voyage season 1, Jk had a bed to sleep on while Jimin losed and had to sleep in the living room. Jk ended up sleeping on the couch, next to Jm.

  • Jk can’t help smiling when hearing Jm laugh

When they are practicing archery, Jm laughed loudly. Jk had no emotions on his face in the beginning, yet he started to smile so widely after hearing the former’s laughter.

  • Run BTS 12

This is the best episode of all. There are other good ones however this will always be on the top of the list. Flirting, spanking ass, tension…you can find everything you want in this episode.

  • Never stop calling Jm cute

Jk seemed to have a soft spot for Jm. Whenever he saw Jm, “cute” slipped out from his mouth. Even though Jm was just standing there with his eyes covered with fabrics, Jk still thought he was cute:))

Jm made a vlog to show us their trip to Japan

I have a lot of thoughts about this. These are my subjective opinions and you guys can decided whether you accept my point of view:)

First of all, we have to think about if the fight information isn’t leaked, we won’t know they were going on a vacation together. The vacation was definitely personal and actually Jm didn’t have to make vlog for armys. Most important, I don’t think they knew we know about it during the vacation.

However, Jm recorded their trip and I supposed his first intention wasn’t making a vlog, he might be recording it for himself to remind how happy they were. I will conservatively say this is a precious and memorable trip for him, no matter what aspect.

On the other hand, if his first intention was to make a video for us, why would he want to show his private schedule to us if we don’t even know about the schedule? He might want us to know that ONLY two of them are alone, and they are happy.

Thank you for reading it!! Feel free to share to anyone you want:)) Please tell me if I made a mistake❤️

The Tequila Incident

A/N: A brief, technical prequel to In Sickness. This story was mentioned briefly in that fic. 

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Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Language, sexual innuendo, drinking (lots)

Words: 1,334

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good afternoon heres a video about the Creation

Chapter 1: The Tuesday Before (1/5)

[A/N: Oh, you know, just my S3 headcanon set out in fic form. Genfic with a heavy dose of Jopper.]

He gets sick on a Tuesday.

He remembers it for two reasons: the first because he doesn’t remember getting sick in the last five years at least despite treating his body like shit for longer than he can remember; and the second because it happens just one day before he’s supposed to take Joyce out for their first date.

It’s that second point that leaves him breathless in a way that he knows has nothing to do with the fact that he feels hot and cold at the same time, with the wheeze in his lungs that makes Jane wince.  

It has everything to do with the fact that part of him still doesn’t believe Joyce actually said yes, that doesn’t believe he managed to get the words out at all.

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有人曾经告诉我,梦,其实是一个人的心的样子。There was once a person who told me this, dreams, are actually what a person’s heart looks like.
—  Zhang Yixing 《而立 · 24》
New short of Villainous. BH Corporation. Analyze PT 1

So. I wake up in the morning and see my phone.

Then. When I see the news, i’m like…

O. M. G. The New short of Villainous!!!

What a good day.

Then I see it. And now i’m really, really excited.



I analyze the short. 

At first we have the WARNING.

Wich is really funny

It give you a warning about what happen if you see the next video. Like Stomach pain and head, sickness, loss of sanity and soul, loss hair and nails. Urge to use a hat, villainy, sharp teeth, etc.

The more funny thing in all the warning is the end.

“Nobody reads the warnings and they end up seeing it anyway”

Then we have the presentation.

When the presenter give us a “cordial” greeting to for wanting to stop being a pathetic villain.

It’s supose that It’s a video previosly recorder.

1 of 666 videos.

He say something really funny.

“— Where I mock the pathetic shame from the Forces of evil and you give your money”

The case that BH talk about is about lemongrab of Adventure Time.

Black Hat, start to criticize him, and his way of leading and acting.

For some reason BH thinks a pineapple is more evil than a Lemon.

And we can hear how the parts of “cuteness” and “affections” seem disgusting for him.

When see lemongrab unprotected or “without security” promote the security system hosted by the beautiful Flug[¿].

➡ Images


Black Hat organization


The New

Security System

Not include batteries

If you call now we include this key chain

  • The pieces come separately, If you don’t buy anything, we keep conserving your money




Evil Security System from Black Hat

50% L E T H A L

50% S A F E

More of 800 assemblable pieces



Now for:


And $ 50,000,000.00!!

  • Guarantee and shipping not included


While the commercial happen. The presenter tell us.

“—Acquire it and no one will be able to enter your lair, not even you”

“— That thing have ears?”