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Don’t let anyone tell you learning your target language is a waste of time!

People told me this when I first announced to my family I wanted to learn German. They thought I was crazy and needed to focus on Spanish if I wanted to learn a language.

Today, my mom and I went to a Christmas home tour. The ladies from the local historical society had to read the home’s history from a paper. The originals owners of one house were, what do you know, German.

The ladies could not read the German on the paper, and one said to just skip it. My mother steaming with anger that these ladies were skipping important history stated loudly “my daughter reads German.” The ladies handed me the paper, and I explained the German to them and the group. My mom was so proud of me.

Your target language could come in handy in the most unusual situations. Do not give up based on what other people tell you. Merry Christmas!

All the shit Fizzy took for “missing school” and all the shit Lottie had to endure for giving up on Selena’s tour and taking care of the babies with Tommy… they’re all such strong women who deserve so much respect. Jay raised seven incredible kids.


Whilst visiting the Old City of Hebron, we met a 13 year old boy named Saed who ended up giving us a tour and informing us on how the illegal Israeli settlers disrupt his daily life. Saed’s home is adjacent to an Israeli settlements.

His home shares the same roof with settlers from the illegal Avraham Avinu settlement. His family is not allowed to sleep with their doors locked. They are forced to keep it open to allow easy access to the settlers to the Old City. He often comes home with ten settlers, where the family’s laundry is usually hung up to dry. Settlers burned his home has been burned twice throughout his life. These settlers have also broken their water tanks on the roof.

The stairwell in Saed’s home does not have a roof, but is instead covered with a metal cage to protect them from the garbage that being thrown by the settlers.

After bombarding me with all this information, he uses his tired eyes to point to a nearby Israeli watch tower, where there are Israeli soldiers and says “All this happens under their watch. They can’t even stop them.”

just think about it….

the otra tour started in sydney february 7th and ends on october 31st and they’ve had 80 shows so far and still have 25 shows left, so a total of 105 live performances in less than a year…. pluss loosing a bandmember during the start of tour, interviews, launching a new perfume, photoshoots, shooting a music video, writing and recording a new album, hosting a charity ball, action 1d project and other individual projects on the side…… all this /just/ this year

@ ya’ll who think 1d ain’t shit what’s good ?? !

You guys confuse me so much when it comes to Zayn. A couple months ago you were praying Zaughty would cut ties and now that they have you’re moaning and groaning about how fake he is and how he’s always abandoning his friends. You guys always make posts about putting yourself first and doing what makes you happy but when Zayn does just that you guys act so ugly towards him.