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I think I broke Deacon. Uh. Bye…? (Tbh this is exactly how I feel about University Point as well.)


Deacon PLEASE. xD (He went on like this after the restart for a while but THANKFULLY has stopped now. xD )



October 10th, 1891. Volcra cry out. They are nothing like birds.

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Hey what's up with 1dff??

I guess it’s down. I think all of us are having trouble accessing it. In the meantime here is a list of fics that update on tumblr:

(It’s long)

This list doesn’t include stories with only one chapter, or one-shots. For one-shots, try some of the fic exchange blogs:

These are just the ones I read/know of and I’m sure there are plenty more. Happy Reading!

okay okay but imagine inej as the little mermaid (a kanej au)

- princess inej, the youngest daughter of the sea king & who’s always been so loved and cared for but never spoiled or pampered
- she’s always been SO fascinated with humans & the human world and she collects all kinds of trinkets that come from land even if they make zero sense to her
- including a pair of rubber sole slippers that do nothing underwater but can stick to the rocks and it’s like they’re MADE FOR SOMETHING but she just doesn’t know what and she’s dying to find out
- scuttle (jesper) suggests it’s probably some sort of jewellery like you string them up around your neck and they hang nicely like seashells and add a little smth to your outfit (A Look if you ask me)
- but inej’s biggest dream is to have human legs so she can dance and jump and climb things bc she can’t do any of that under the sea(.mp3) and she just has this itch, this DRIVE to do these things bc this is what she thinks true freedom feels like - to run not just from but toward something
- kaz is just a bonus but she also sees that he has a cane and she (being completely unaware about how human legs & bodies in general work) just wants to get to know him, to know why he always wears gloves and has a perpetual frown that only goes away when his pockets are full of these mysterious green paper tissues he loves so much
- nina (originally flounders), inej’s best friend, is always there to help her on her treasure hunts and she falls in love with a sailor named matthias who, too, shares kaz’s perpetual frown. they think it must be a common human thing so once inej gets her legs she does it so much kaz literally asks her if she’s okay bc she keeps frowning and making all these weird faces
- human!inej: blows her nose in one of kaz’s strange green tissues and he is Appalled but also stunned bc like,, who’d do that WHO’D WASTE KRUGE LIKE THAT no one human who knows the value of $$$$ that’s for sure (she also tries to chew them in case they’re like seaweed a.k.a edible?? but it turns out they’re not what a massive disappointment)
- BUT ANYWAY i digress: triton finds out about inej’s dreams and sends her to her ocean chambers but ofc inej ghafa doesn’t just give up so she goes to seek help from the sea witch (tante heleen) despite everyone telling her not to
- she’s nothing like ursula okay she’s vicious and vile and utterly cruel and can’t hit a high note to save her life so no THESE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOOOOoOOOOoOULS for you sorry
- she gives inej legs and she’s like ‘you’re going to become a shadow without your voice and if you don’t make him fall in love with you i’m going to turn you back to your original mermaid form AND have your human legs for myself + your voice”
- inej: but that’s not fai-
- tante: you don’t have a voice suddenly i don’t know
- joke’s on her tho bc everyone falls in love with her INCLUDING kaz bc she’s like a shadow and she’s literally like a professional spy and she’s quiet, resourceful and courageous, more courageous than most humans he knows
- thing is, kaz has a secret of his own and it’s the inability to touch or kiss her without being triggered and experiencing a violent episode of ptsd
- wylan (sebastian) is always Worrying About Things and tries his best to still make kanej happen despite them spending every second avoiding each other just bc opening up about their feelings is a Foreign Concept for both of them
- three days pass and tante is like huhuhuhuhu watch me GET SOME with my new legs
- nina, slowing her hearbeat down using good magic: “the only thing you’re gonna get is my fist through your face bitch shut your tentacles”
- jesper literally brings out his guns and nods at tante to either behave or like,, drop dead for good
- however tante manages to escape and tries to crash kanej’s very first (and very awkward) date but kuwei, an extremely underrated but brave and important citizen of the sea kingdom, drops a starfish in her pants and she drops the necklace w/ inej’s voice
- the first words inej sings after she gets her voice back: mMmMM whatcha say
- needless to say kaz is 10000000000001% smitten, will gladly sell his soul for this beautiful strong amazing girl that came into his life like a kruge munching miracle on legs
- tante claims the contract is still valid so inej now belongs to her but kaz takes some of that funny green paper out of his coat pockets like, “i’m sure we can make some sort of deal”
- so he legally frees inej and then matthias the sailor shoots tante on accident, mistaking her for one of the witches he usually hunts (he then finds out nina is one of them so his entire mindset changes)
- every contract tante ever made is now invalid so every poor soul in her witch cave is free!!!!!
- inej also gets her human legs back and is more than content to hold hands with kaz bc her dream is to sail (a.k.a be close to the sea, her home, her friends) and still walk on land so she can help rescue & free girls like her
- wylan & jesper wave her goodbye as wylan claims his rightful place in the sea kingdom and rules one part of it instead of tante
- it’s a happy ending you know it is

Captain America 76th Anniversary Celebration Post

The very first Captain America comic has a release date of March 1941, so in order to celebrate the 76th Anniversary of our beloved Steven Grant Rogers, I have asked Tumblr users to submit their favorite Cap comic panels, art, quotes, pictures, meta, gifs, and/or write-ups on what Captain America means to them. And here is what Cap’s fans have to say… (please feel free to reblog and add your own favorite Steve Rogers moments, etc. to this post).

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cant even be excited for the sailing trip since our trainer decided to tell the racist white boy (who got kicked out the course a week before the camping trip, but still came) about it. Now I’ve decided if he goes I’m not going, I can’t tolerate him and dont feel comfortable with him.

FOR LAURENT   a captive prince fanmix

1. James Young  Moondust  -  2. Allman Brown  Rivers ft. Robyn Sherwell  -  3. Little Comets  His thunder  -  4. Bon Iver  Skinny love  -  5. Florence + The Machine  Falling  -  6. Sleeping at Last  Neptune  -  7. Taking Back Sunday  Sad savior  -  8. Florence + The Machine  Never let me go  -  9. Seafret  Tell me it’s real  -  10. Lissie  Don’t you give up on me  -  11. Allman Brown  Ancient light  -  12. Jon Bellion  Guillotine ft. Travis Mendes

Amazing art by the lovely Zee

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“I would give up all of the seven seas if it meant that i could be with you”

“I love you”

Marriage in the skies~, i kinda think that bill wouldn’t settle for a ‘normal wedding’ so when they were told “You may now kiss the groom” he flew them up to the starry sky and kissed

i may have a slight obsession for overly complicated wedding dresses and it’s taking a toll on my wrists BUT it looks wondahfuuullllll so m’happy

( the things i do for love, i hope you like it @randomfangirl01 i will now accept your eternal love -holds hands out for a hug-)

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What's the significance of the sea diamond in BtH?

Well, since Snowing’s ring was a major part of their love story, I wanted Emma and Killian to have a special ring as well. I originally thought about a pearl ring so it would have that tie to the sea, but it didn’t seem quite right and then I remembered, hey! magical fairytale land, I can give them a magic gem. So I came up with the sea diamond and the story of the mermaid princess who fell in love with a sailor and her tears turned to diamonds when he drowned, and have that story be one of the legends written in the book that originally belonged to Liam. This was before the show introduced Liam’s ring, but I also wanted Emma to have something that originally belonged to Killian’s brother, and the book is also this AU’s version of Henry’s book. 

So that’s the story behind the sea diamond in BtH.

My thoughts about the end of 91 Days

I really don’t believe that Nero killed Avilio in the end. Why?

Come on, throughout the episode we see some tips that would make Nero give up of killing Avilio

When Nero asked where they are going Avilio just said “Sea”. To Avilio the sea would be the best place to die and Nero knew that because he saw the magazine.

But what it’s more interesting it’s how Nero in the end understood how Avilio felt and how he was in the same situation as Avilio.

They two shared the same situation and now again Nero has to choice what way follow. And in the end Avilio finally answered the Nero’ ask

In the past, Nero had the chance to kill Avilio but he didn’t, because he didn’t want.

These two know each other’ feelings very well

Nero give to Avilio another chance because he knows what Avilio felt and is still felling. 

“You don’t need a reason to live. You just live.”

Nero is basically saying to Avilio just live, the past is in the past. They need to live and look to the future. 

The scene of sea waves erasing the footprints to me is a metaphor. Let the sea take everything and start again

Look… If Avilio is dead so where is he body? The blood? These waves are not so strong to erase a bloodstain so fast much less take a body away.

My conclusion?

Both are still alive. They will live another life in different ways and they not forget their friendship that they built.

It’s a end that shows “forgiviness is the best way to have peace, revenge brings only pain and destruction”. Nero knew that when he asked Avilio if he was satisfied with his revenge.

KBTBB Fairy Tale AU

yet another self-indulgent AU…. lmao im so sorry

I decided to put some twists to classic fairy tales!

@maidofstars @tsundere-eevee @bolt8826 @alolan-lillie lol

Eisuke: Beauty and the Beast

With nowhere else to go during a stormy winter night, MC decides to take refuge at the long-abandoned castle in the heart of the forest. However, the rumors speak of an hideous flesh-eating beast that inhabits the castle. They say the creature is shrouded in so much darkness that the light of the sun never reaches the forest. Despite that, MC braves herself and takes a step inside. What she doesn’t expect is meeting a cold pair of eyes, not from a monster, but from a man whose heart has long turned into stone.

“You do know that trespassers won’t be forgiven, don’t you?”

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Okay but secret Santa among Easy Co

  • We have Luz who is giving a present to Winters;
  • “Luz pleaaaase give him something normal and not something… Luz-like”
  • Luz gives him…Socks. What a nice gift, right? soft, warming. aww. Yeah, except that Luz filled the fucking socks with condoms
  • Nix muttered something among the lines “its only enough for like three days”
  • Penkala, this cinnamon roll, drew Ron and he was like ‘im gonna give him the ultimate Christmas present” “whats that” “ILL GIVE HIM A BOYFRIEND”
  • Insert Alex placing mistletoe to literally every surface possible and long story short Speirs and Lip had to kiss like 15 times that day and the last kiss was A BIT longer than intended and both of them got A BIT TOO frustrated
  • queue to Ron drinking too much egg nog and basically lying on Lip’s lap slurring something “you are just as soft as I imagined you to be”
  • Bull drew Martin and then asked “so where is your present” Johnny responded with “oh, he gave it to me this morning ;)”
  •  also, Johnny might have limped a bit
  • Lip gave present to Harry and it was a beautiful photo book with pics from his wedding, his time with easy and with his best friends (the ot5) and Harry cried like a baby for straight up  an hour, hugging Lip and sobbing “YOU ARE SUCH A PRECIOUS FRIEND”
  • Nix drew Toye and instead of giving him a bottle of his preferred alcohol, Nix gave him a book. A Kamasutra book. 
  • Alright, Speirs might have sabotaged Nix’s gift and switched it the last second
  • -insert luz franticly going through book yelling ‘OH WE HAVE TO TRY THIS ONE’ every two seconds- 
  • Dick drew Nix and when Nix laughed and said “oh, so my gift awaits me in the bedroom, yes?” Dick shook his head
  • “Well, I don’t have a gift for you just yet, and I am about to ask you to give me the biggest gift you can get me”
  • And then Dick falls on one knee, purposing and Nix says yes and Dick mutters into the crook of Nix’s ear “ you are the best gift someone can give to me” and Nix responds with “ you are the only gift I care about”
  • Buck decides to give Muck the best present there is and it is “an hour in a puppy pit” where basically you spend an hour with like twenty puppies
  • Yes, that would be a nice gift if somehow Buck wouldn’t have mixed up the numbers
  • Muck spend an hour surrounded by fucking ostriches
  • he needed therapy after
  • Liebgott buys Web a fucking straw with a note “suck it up”
  •  Okay he also gives him tickets to a sea world and Web shits rainbows the whole evening
  • Don buys Perco an XXL sized sweater named “boss ass bitch” and Perco literally drowns in it but wears it with so much pride even tho his lil arms are flopping loosely in the damn sweater
  • The whole fucking company leaves a present on Sobel’s doorstep. It’s a megaphone and with a lil note saying “so that the men could hear you even clearer”