give up on myself


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do you know that (8/8) : bts edition


You ever raise worms by putting an electric current to the earth? That’s what this is like.

I wish that no one cared and moved on easily with their lives if I died but I know my death would affect people so I can’t be so selfish and take my own life so I wish that something would make me die already …

in a way it’s tragic how much childhood shapes a person. u never get a second chance at life when the very beginning was fucked up beyond repair and no matter how hard u try to move on there’s always this shadow at the back of ur mind lurking for a moment of weakness to rear its ugly head and remind u of all the things u went thru and how u will never be a normal person because of this. did my life “start” like this or did it instead end there turning me into the ghost of what I could have been. that shall remain a mystery

Never Underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
—  Will Smith


Me @ litterally anyone else: Take all the time you need, you hear me? Your body and mental health are so valued we can wait longer and wont be mad. Your FAM. ILY. Remember that! We love you and your valued so much.