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does torchic like to battle other pokemon?

Torch likes to spar with his best bud Chimchar!

Ode to those...

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WHO THRIVE with either multi-muse blogs… look at using another fandom or even those who utilize their Own Original Characters… 

You have to give it up to the people below, because they’re amazing. They’re so amazing in regards to what they do….and I highly refer the people listed here for you to follow….and give a chance…. Whether they’re a multimuse, an original Character or a different fandom… you need to add them.

@agentharrisonofshield / @notthatjessejames / @antiscldat / @heroicissm / @theserpentsjester / @tankbredhuman / @thegirlinthelab / @notjustascienceproject / @godxofxchaos / @hawkwithoutanaim / @wxrwounds / @imxthexhandler / @bloodbulletsandbytes / @legionsniper / @midnightswinter / @indyiisms / @heroesbeyondtheninerealms / @cxcophony / @phoeona / @kungfupandaman / @mrandmrsdrbannerandco / @marvelmusesinc / @justxaxdrugxdealer / @jbstcrk / @sonoftheinfamous / @comfortablyinsane / @stxrryeyes-and-lies / @morethanchaosvictors / @goddamnmuses

Been making icons for 3 hours straight for new blog and currently at 145 icons–


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who are the people who call you leek? leek

It’s actually quite a few people but a friend of mine, Shiro, she came up with that nickname…on accident…

She tried saying “Lest”, but phone auto-corrected it to “Leek”, and that’s how it started. GG Shiro GG She even found a vocaloid that looked similar to Lest and holding a leek, which is where this god-forsaken icon came from:

(He’s holding a leek LOLOLOL)

Even my irl friends caught on and started calling me it BLEGH

Same thing with Lusty Curly Fries–

Someone tried saying Lest and it autocorrected to “Lust”–then in the English dub of the anime, Krul calls Lest “Lest Curl” so Lust Curl comes from that; THEN someone connected “Curl” to “Curly Fries” aaaaaand basically in the end it ultimately became “Lusty Curly Fries”….

Why are my friends like this and why do they torment me so–WHO KNOWS! Certainly not I, and I’m suffering because of it :V


The blog is probably done now, rework complete. (All I did was make a clean little info page for new-Garrun,sweep everything else under the rug AKA the Old Headcanons page, and add a nifty little music player. Im very productive I know.) Now all that is left to do is start interacting with people. OR you know, not do that cause I am both lazy and a coward. Bwah, but anyway he is up to date and no longer an alien and yay. Now its time to go pass out. Night people


TG: unlike john and dirk, jake is more than wiling to indulge me in my shenanigans and the guy never fails to impress
TG: his favorite way to ignite the scandalized gasps of at least a dozen horrified new college freshman is to straight up dip me in the middle of the hallway
TG: shits so fucking ironic and sappy its gone full circle back to ‘romantic’ 
TG: … not to say thats a *bad* thing

TG: like i said, s’whatever you know??

when people say bellamy didn’t have a friendship or a bond with lincoln – always remember when a guy hurled and hit lincoln in the head with a rock, bellamy was the first one to RUN towards him and then stood his ground there pushing people away from lincoln.


just a reminder that admins make mistakes. admins will forget and they will fuck up, but don’t make them feel bad for doing so. don’t try to pick a fight with them over something petty and small. don’t try to force admins to make other muns give up their fc just because you “had them first”. don’t continuously point out that they fucked up and that they have to fix it when the damage has been done. don’t make them feel bad for doing their job. never disrespect admins just because you’re upset, because they’re the ones that created the rp and they’re the ones that work their butts off to make their members satisfied with everything within the rp. if they make a mistake and you’re dissatisfied and it’s too late for the issue to be fixed, then just let it go. don’t remind them of the mistake when they’re already 100000% aware of it. admins are just like every other people. admins are human beings and you can’t keep expecting so much out of them just because they have more power.