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  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: it's getting really ridiculous how far people will reach to hate on taylor swift like bruh idgaf if you don't like her but yall have got to chill a lil bit i mean please if you're going to drag her for every single thing she says then i damn well expect you to analyze your faves just as ridiculously as you analyze her like smh yall jump on her about politics when kanye west is out there supporting donald trump and slammed her for not marching when i didnt see beyonce there either so honestly next time just stay in your own fucking lane we don't want to hear your transparent hateful opinion bc you're desperate for attention and hating on taylor swift gives you notes on tumblr dot com.
Pet!Rashoumon HCs

No one asked for this. Inspired by (x)

Please note that this is completely not accurate as it doesn’t follow Aku’s actual ability BUT JUST IMAGINE PLEASE I WANT A SENTIENT RASHOUMON

~Admin Kat

  • first became sentient after Aku learned how to use it to devour space
  • is now fiercely protective over Akutagawa
    • “This is my human. Don’t touch my human.” It’s basically a cat.
  • gives Aku “the look” whenever he has to wash the blood off of it
  • if Aku leaves it lying on a chair somewhere and isn’t paying attention to it, it’ll definitely be passive aggressive and knock shit over
  • screams and wails curses if Aku puts it in the washer
    • he has to fight it to put it in the dryer
  • will occasionally refuse to activate if Aku “cheats” on it and wears another coat
    • just imagine Aku desperately apologizing to it in the midst of battle
    • sort of like that one Wan chapter where Herman had to apologize to Moby Dick
  • if Aku goes on a date, it’ll definitely do things to make the date go completely south
  • will play with Aku’s kids, if he has them and it’s adorable
  • will sometimes go “missing” if it knows it has to get washed
  • will literally hide under the bed and hiss at Aku 

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Dark...*holds out a classical record with a black bow on it* I love and appreciate the attention you give us. I can't thank you enough for doing what you do. I want you to have this. And as for a question... I guess I'd like to know why you have graced us with your attention.

Dark tenderly lifted a hand out into order to grip the record between his fingers, feeling the rigidness that would soon become notes, envelopes of keys hidden in a black frame that would soon play beautiful classical music. He tucked it close to his body and provided a smile of thanks.

“The attention I give is received equally. I do not hand out such notions without the knowing that it will be returned. When I am admired, I admire in return. When I am gifted with attention, I return it as I can. There is no unequal trade in this movement, I do not do things simply because I feel like being kind. I’m not capable of kindness, as I’m sure you were aware.”

advice probably no one will listen to:

If you want to watch the new Death Note movie, whether you want to make fun of it or are genuinely curious about it, just watch it illegally. Give it one star or leave a review or whatever, but don’t watch it on Netflix. I don’t know all the details, but I’m pretty sure that the more attention something gets = the more popular Netflix thinks it is. (Like if a lot of people go to see a bad movie to “make fun of it” in theaters, those people are still giving the movie money and saying to the producers “Hey, thousands of us watched this! Make more!”)

You should all know how the internet works by now, everything is online and when something is added to Netflix it’ll be on many other movie streaming sites like an hour later.

Remember Avatar? Please don’t give American Crack-Addict-Light Turner Death Note a chance.

I don’t normally post my art here, but this one is a little special. To be honest, I post it here in hopes that @markiplier sees it but not bc I want notes, attention from others, praise (even though they are nice), but just to show appreciation to you, Mark, for helping me a little in a time when I also feel lost and not 100% me. It’s comforting to know that we truly are not alone in our suffering. I hope and pray we all find our way and grow out from the darkness 💙

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 10

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 10

Meeting Klaus

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Please, let me know what you think :) Enjoy !

(Taking place in 2x20)

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You couldn’t stop thinking about Elijah. You didn’t know why, you didn’t even want to. But the way he looked at you yesterday, you couldn’t shake the feeling. 

joined Elena at the boarding house. You knew Elijah would be there. When you entered the room he looked up at you for a few seconds but gives his attention back to the book he had opened. 

Elijah explained the ritual to everyone that was there, Damon, Stefan, Elena and you. It required the moonstone, a witch, a vampire, a werewolf and the doppelgänger. He explains he has a potion that will allow Elena to come back to life after the ritual.

“So, that’s your plan?  A magical potion with no expiration date? You wanna come back to life, what about John’s ring?” you hear Damon express his disagreement. 

“Those rings only work on humans. A doppelgänger is a supernatural occurrence. Odds are the ring won’t work.” Elijah says.

“I’d take those odds over your elixir.”You didn’t know why Damon had so little faith in Elijah. 

“What if it doesn’t work, Elena?” 

“Then, I guess I’ll just be dead” she tells Damon who weren’t happy at all and left the house followed by Stefan.

“You’d think he’d understand why I’m willing to do this.” Elena says to Elijah.

“Why are you?” he asks her, curious.

She looks at him like it was obvious. And to you opinion, it was.

“I’m the key to breaking the curse. Klaus is here because of me. If I don’t stop him, then he’s gonna hurt people. It’s that simple.”

“You know, there is a possibility this elixir won’t work.” Elijah tells her. “I don’t want to mislead you”

Then you hear Jenna scream. Alaric was standing there and Jenna was threatening him with a crossbow.

“He wants me to deliver a message” Alaric says. “The sacrifice happens tonight”

You see Elena straitening up. You put a friendly hand on her shoulder and she smiles back at you.You were all in the living room, asking Alaric a bunch of questions.

“So, you don’t remember anything that happened?” Stefan asks first.

“No. It’s like I blacked out, and woke up three days later. Katherine was there.” 

“She’s under compulsion.” Stefan informs him. Damon snuck her some vervain but she can’t leave until Klaus tells her she can”

“Where is Damon?” Elena wondered.

Jenna answers “I saw him go upstairs” and you see Elena leaving towards the stairs.She shouldn’t have done that, Damon feeds her his blood and then fights with Stefan. It was a pretty bad fight, Damon stabbed Stefan in the stomach and was in a lot of pain.

Elijah leaves the house, saying he would be back at nightfall. Before he leaves he says something to Damon. “She’ll never forgive you. And never for a vampire…it’s a very long time.” You saw him leave after that, he didn’t even look at you. You were annoyed that it actually bothered you.

“Are you okay?” you ask Elena. She shakes her head no. You leave her with Stefan, exiting the room with Jenna and Alaric. You see them kiss, which makes you smile, you were happy for them. You decide to go home. 

You took your stuffs and stepped outside. You were about to open your car door when you had the most painful headache and passed out.

You woke up on an unfamiliar couch in an apartment you didn’t know. Your head hurt. You stood up when you saw Elena.


“Try again” she says.

“… Katherine”

She sighs “In the flesh”

“Where I am, what am I doing here? You ask.

“Klaus likes having toys to play with…” she says and your heart skips a beat.

“…What?” you say in a whisper.

“He just left you here and asked me to babysit, don’t try to run, you can’t” she says before turning her back to you. You stay on the couch and bring your knees to your body. The last time you’ve been that terrified was when you’re mother told you that her cancer was going to kill her, that she had no chance to heal. You pushed those memories away.

“What does he want from me?” 

“How should I know?”

You decide not to bother the “psycho bitch” more and stay silent staring at the carpet.

You heard a phone buzzed. Katherine read the text and sighed.“Alright, time to go to bed.” She says.


“Go to the bedroom and don’t go out until I or Klaus tell you to, clear?” she says grabbing your arm so hard it hurt. She throws you in the bedroom and then looks at you deep in the eyes “Don’t make any noise, no matter what you hear”

You were lucky, the bathroom were attached to the bedroom. You sit on the bed, take out your notebook from your bag and start drawing.

An hour or so passed when you hear a voice you didn’t recognize. You stop breathing when the door opens.

“Hello, love” the stranger says.

“Uh… hello…” you answer. Would that be Klaus?

“Do you know who I am?”

“…Klaus?” you guessed. 

“That’s correct” he says, smiling mischievously.

You look at each other, him, like you were a joke, you, like he was about to kill you. 

He starts walking around the room. “Do you know why you’re here?”

You shake your head no.

He chuckles. “You see, it looks like my brother had taken an interest in you.” 

You raise an eyebrow, stare at him and then, you start laughing. You laugh, hard.

You don’t know why, maybe it was your nerves finally giving up on you.“I’m sorry” you hardly manage to say, still laughing.

Klaus was dumbfounded. Your laugh was filling the room.

“You’re not laughing at me, are you, love?” he says, amused.You shake your head no, trying to calm down but you couldn’t help it, you were laughing.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t laughed in a while” you take deep breaths and, between two laughs, say “Do you know how I met your brother?”

He looks down at you, surprised “I hadn’t had the pleasure to hear the story”

You were still laughing a little. “I just wanted to do something nice. I was kidnapped with Elena, because of Elena. I just wanted to give her phone back. She didn’t even know my name. Two vampires were planning on delivering us to Elijah. That’s how I met him… I just wanted to do something nice” you shrug, still laughing.You wiped out the tears that were filling your eyes and focused back on your notebook. 

He looks down at your drawing and looked impressed.

“You are quite talented” he says. You smile, thinking back to what Elijah told you in the park.

You look up at him “Thank you” you smile.

“You are not afraid of me” he says.

You look deep in his eyes for a while, just looking, maybe searching for something, you didn’t know what. “Maybe I’m not… Maybe I’m terrified, I couldn’t tell you anymore”. 

He looks at you with a funny look but then turn his head towards the door.

“Don’t make a sound, love” he says before stepping out and closing the door.

You couldn’t hear anything. About 10 minutes later the door opened on Klaus and you could see Damon laying on the floor.

You look up at the hybrid. “Is he dead?” you ask, more curious than worried.

He grins and then shrugs “Almost”

You frown, what did he mean by that?

“So, you are telling me you are not, in anyway, valuable to my brother?”

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you” you say with a nice smile.

“You are surprising for a human” 

Your eyes fell on his face. “So I’ve been told” you keep smiling and you focus back on your art. He watches you for a moment, before he speaks up again.

“Well, I have a ritual to perform, some people to kill, you are not to…

“I am not to live this room or to make any noise” you lift your head “I know” you give him a sincere smile. 

He was going to die tonight or it would be you. Both scenarios made you sad. You were sympathizing with a sociopath

.He raises an eyebrow, grins then chuckles before leaving the apartment.You see Katherine in the corner of the door “What’s wrong with you?” she says, before slamming the door of the room you were stuck in. That was an excellent question. 

I’m seeing karamels getting over 2,000 notes on a post where people are telling them what’s wrong with what they said and while I understand the frustration you’re just giving them what they want? Don’t give them that attention and let those problematic posts die off with like 7 notes.


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Kyoya in a relationship headcanons?


Originally posted by tsubomi96

On another note I have this headcanon that if Sebastian and Ciel got together, their son would be so much like Kyoya XD.

  • You may feel that you’re competing with Tamaki for his attention XD, because he constantly manages the Host Club.
  • Tamaki would be your hardcore shipper, arranging your dates, giving Kyoya romantic advice (which he doesn’t usually listen to), getting you flowers and saying they’re from Kyoya after you had a fight.
  • Very chivalrous, but also a bit misogynistic. (Honestly highkey wanted to kick his ass in the beach episode.) Will always hold the door, pay the bill, etc. But may be awkward if you mentioned you were inheriting your father’s billion yen business, or were studying to be an engineer or scientist (or any “not ladylike” profession).
  • Would teach you etiquette if you didn’t know it already, all the different forks, how to curtsy right, dress codes for ‘white tie’ and ‘black tie’ events.
  • You would be the only person able to get a reservation with him at the host club, as he usually just schedules girls with the other hosts.
  • Free host club merchandise, though it’s mostly just host club fanservice (so he might not be happy if you got them).
  • If you were a commoner and his family wasn’t accepting, disapproval does the exact opposite thing people think it will. The probability of him doing something that was at 0%, and then learning everybody disapproves of it, rises to 100% (me irl). That means PDA overload just to annoy his family (tbh just his father), pet names that would usually make him cringe, surprise kisses directly in front of his father, etc.
  • When he’s not trying to piss off his father, he’ll still have some PDA, but won’t be the one engaging in it, he won’t mind receiving though.

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Can the "I think Juliet is pregnant because of the bump" anons take note of the showering video? She has the same bump there, and that was back in 2015. Let's not bother with that speculation (it only gives her more attention on the matter, just like she wants us all to be thinking) until she actually says she's knocked up with Andy's baby.

^^ -N

Notice My Effort (please)

In case y’all missed it…

I posted the Cosmetics!Vernon imagine…

Was I failure at writing it lmao I TRIED MY BEST I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MAKEUP MYSELF please give it some attention i know you all love the seventeen as cinnamon rolls post but the effort put into the imagine was much much more

I was in shock when it got over a hundred notes i never knew you guys liked simple stuff like that

it was kind of a filler post??

nevertheless, give some attention where it’s wanted everyone please ;A; 

The full link if you can’t access it is here:

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antis understand how closeting works. just like they understand how genetics work. but they're never going to admit they're wrong - they live to antagonize us and seek validation in this false righteous belief that they're fighting for the greater good when they just want notes and attention on a website. the more they realize we're right the more they hate us and attack us, and attack louis and harry. at this point they're just trying to comfort themselves tbh.

u right u right. since we’re on the subject of antis, i’m gonna give them a hot tip: if you pull your heads out of your asses things will be a lot more fun.

[Translation] Hiro Mashima’s Omake Afterwords about Nalu & Gruvia

Like I said with the Anon asked that I didn’t plan to translate it because I don’t want Nalu to have yet another commotion like what happen when @rieriebee​ posted about Hirano Aya (Lucy’s VA) talking about Nalu.  But I saw someone giving a mislead translation which got a lot of notes about the Nalu afterwords -.-

So guys, I know you wouldn’t pretty much like it especially for the Nalu fans but this is Mashima’s own words and I’ll just say it again, it’s his own work, he can do whatever he wants about his characters so please don’t bash on his twitter account >.< But anyway here’s the afterwords about Nalu:

SPECIAL REQUEST! Pay attention on what he (Hiro Mashima) thinks!

In the early days, Lucy will get ‘doki-doki’ (heart thumping) whenever Natsu says that she’s cute. I didn’t really plan to draw Natsu and Lucy as a love item but with this talk (his talking about the first sentence), it’s the opposite for the readers and they anticipated for more… From now on, I gave up on making them as a love item. Even now, I feel like I’ve drawn them more than friends less than lovers. This kind of relationship, I think it might turn into love. But with the characters’ wild ideas, Lucy is really cute. (His talking about how cute Lucy is when she thinks that Natsu likes her, kinda like the fateful encounter episode in the anime)

Now that’s done. Let’s move on with his comment about 413 Days:

413 DAYS

We’re talking about Juvia, right. Probably this time, with Gray and Juvia, I think both of them got a boom (impact) for me. Well, I’m going to announce here about Gray’s challenge, there are roughly five based from the fans.

  • They love everything about Gray. So whatever happens, they just want to see Gray’s happiness.
  • They want Gray and Juvia to be lovers.
  • They want Gray and Lucy to be lovers.
  • They don’t want Gray to date anyone at all.
  • They don’t have any interests about Gray’s love life, they just want to see some heated battle.

Even myself, I have decided on what will become to Gray’s future, but it will unlikely change even when I know about the readers opinions more often. However as an author, I’m happy to the people that are considering about Gray like the first option as it progress.

Well, that’s all ^^ I’m not gonna comment about this… 

Is that MATT RYAN? No, that’s JOHN CONSTANTINE and they make a living by working as an EXORCIST & DEMONOLOGIST. If i’m not mistaken, HE is 37 and DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT the hero ban.

((Hi everyone!  My name’s Paul, and I’ll be writing for the arrogant little shitbag that is John Constantine.  I’ve a full biography posted on my blog HERE, but I’ll give some study notes and RP ideas under the cut for anyone wanting to interact with John directly.))

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hey guys!! so i wanted to post something that would help some people that might be taking ap classes next year

♡ read the textbook!!! i know its full of big words and can give you a headache, its important that you read the textbook and take notes on certain concepts. studyign on youtube has great videos that can help you out if you’re finding it difficult

♡ listen in class; i know basic school concept; but in ap class its crucial that you pay attention. ap classes are very fast paced and are hefty in information, its best to listen so you don’t miss anything

♡ make flashcards or mind maps for each unit; no matter what ap class vocab is extremely important. the best thing to do is while reading the book you should make flashcards of each key term. if you’re consistent enough you’ll have a deck of flashcards at the end of the year that you can use study for the ap exam

♡ make a playlist; while studying it might get pretty boring so to keep you a little bit into it, you should try and make a study playlist of your favorite songs. it always helps for me

♡ plan your time; ap classes are very time consuming, especially when studying, so you can get a planner or a bullet journal that will aid you with keeping track of your time

♡ ask the teacher; one thing that i have realized with ap classes, is that if you don’t understand a concept most teachers won’t mind answering your questions. some teachers are really cool with you emailing them questions over break so don’t be scared

♡ don’t overwhelm yourself; if you can’t handle five ap classes then take three or four. you don’t have to overwork yourself especially if you have trouble with keeping up with ap work. ap doesn’t mean you’re smart or talented in anyway shape or form, it simply means that you are ready to take on more work than your peers. 

i hope that helps, “how to study for the ap exam” guide coming soon

-temi’s notes

it’s 6 in the morning but i cant sleep bc i’m thinking about kaisoo and jongin giving cute affectionate head butts to kyungsoo to get his attention and kyungsoo smiling knowingly bc his jonginnie wants attention and he gives it tot him by running his hands through jongin’s hair and then presses a kiss to his temple. i’m thinking about lazy sunday mornings where kyungsoo wakes up first and moves underneath the blankets to turn to face jongin so he can stare at his boyfriend sleep, taking note of every little facial expression jongin does when he’s dreaming and gently tracing jongin’s nose and lips and closed eyes and sneaking in a gentle kiss. i’m thinking about jongin waking up when he feels kyungsoo play with his face, smiling lazily with eyes still closed and whispering, “morning, hyung.” and he reaches out to wrap an arm around kyungsoo’s frame and pulls him closer until he’s snuggling into his fun sized boyfriend. i’m thinking about 4 AM, kyungsoo sitting on top of the counter with a pizza slice in his hand and only wearing a shirt – one of jongin’s shirt as jongin stands in front of him with only his pj pants, hands on kyungsoo’s milky thighs as he tries to steal a bite from the pizza and their talks consists of all the things they want to do together in the future. i’m thinking about jongin and kyungsoo being out with friends on a movie night, sharing the lounge sofa at chanyeol’s house as they all sit together in the dark with blankets, eating popcorn and other junk food. i’m thinkin how it’s probably super late so kyungsoo starts get sleepy and jongin asks quietly, “you sleepy, babe?” and kyungsoo only nods and jongin replies, “c’mere,” and wraps his arms around kyungsoo, pulls him ontop of him and cradles him in his arms, all the mean while kyungsoo curls up happily, buries his face into jongin’s neck and slowly falls asleep. i’m thinking about jongin laughing loud as hell when kyungsoo tells him a joke while they’re out in public and kyungsoo tries to cover his mouth so people won’t get bothered but only ends up laughing bc how can he resist jongin’s adorable laugh? i’m thinking about sneaking kisses in public places, and making lazy love early in the morning, or fucking each other hard, desperate and needy on top of the kitchen’s island table or on top of the washing machine and kyungsoo moaning loud and jongin grunting and whispering how good kyungsoo feels around him. i’m thinking about small disagreements and angry fights where their voices raise loudly and they end up saying hurtful things that end up with jongin sleeping on the sofa and kyungsoo slamming the bedroom door at jongin and it takes a day or maybe two until one of them apologizes and they work it out. i’m thinking about kaisoo going grocery shopping. i’m thinking about going to each other’s family parties. i’m just… i’m thinking about kaisoo and i can’t sleep bc my OTP. ;u;

Day 15-Christmas Caroling-Theo Raeken

Teen Wolf Imagine:#77 Prompt:#…None

Word Count: 514

Warnings: None that I can think of.

A/n: I had so much fun with this one!

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