give this man a child

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

Efi and Torbjörn though.

Like, the dude has already a bazillion kids, and if you consider that Rein probably only visits on holidays/when he can spare the time and that Ana’s last contact with small children was about two decades ago, Torbjörn is really the only guy who has any idea how to act around a child.

He’s the one to tell D.Va (from a safe distance, mind you) that children of Efi’s age may be geniuses but they have yet to learn that intricate balance between ‘just enough sweets’ and ‘sugar high’ (some *cough* McCree *cough* never learn it) and that Mountain Dew is not a healthy choice for anyone, much less a pre-teen.

When Jack tries to live up to his Dad reputation Torbjörn runs interference and advises him to buy Efi a nerf gun first before he lets her use his rifle for target practice.

Ana tries to remember what Fareeha was like at that age and gifts Efi toys fit for a six year old instead because at some point you just forget kids aren’t all the same from age 1 to 12. 

So at the end of that day it’s Torb and Efi sitting around a table, the latter making a memo to sign the team up for babysitting because people, this is shameful, and Efi wondering if she’s part of an elaborate prank or if those really are the people who save the world on a regular basis.

It’s alright, though, because Ana’s well-meaning but inappropriate gift features all the necessary parts for an impromptu engineering project and she may not yet possess the muscle tone to fire Jack’s rifle but he’s let her have one of his biotic fields (in the true nature of a man who will give a child anything they want as long as they go away and keep quiet) and she’s already in the process of reverse engineering it and Torbjörn is as great an engineer as she is so they’re bound to have some fun.

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What do you think Ward would be like with a child? Like his own or just any child in general. Because I could see him being a little standoffish at first but then growing super affectionate and showering them with love that Howard never gave him.

First Ward would be like:

But then he’d be like:

Ward would have no idea what to do with a baby/child at first, but then he would be the best dad ever.

Till You Come Back Home

I’m supposed to be taking a break from the Internet for my mental health, but I wrote this and it’s been burning inside me and I just need to put it out there. It’s set after last week’s Livewire episode, right after Mon El walks out of Kara’s apartment. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon. Here on A03.


The silence rang loudly in Kara’s ears, stinging like a thousand decibels as she sat still, staring blankly at the door.

All she could do was breath, remind her eyes to blink when required, and refuse to fall apart. He didn’t deserve it. She didn’t deserve it, but she also didn’t know why it hurt this much.

Hurt. Was that even the right word? This wasn’t the first time she’d been left alone with this kind of mess, the aftermath of someone else’s desires and regrets poured out on the table in front of her like she was supposed to know what to do with them, how to arrange the pieces and hand it all back. With Winn, at least she was able to voice something, anything, even if it had crushed him temporarily. With James, it was harder. It took longer to figure out why she didn’t feel the same way, but the rejection part was easier, or so she thought. Now, it turned out she’d lost them both, her two closest friends lying, choosing to walk away, to put themselves in danger, not caring about anything but their own egos and the selfish need to prove themselves at the highest cost. She couldn’t watch it unfold if they weren’t willing to listen, to at least learn alongside her instead of charging out on their own. Then again, she hadn’t even given them that option.

Kara buried her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes, clutching her cheekbones as she rested her elbows on the table, resisting the urge to scream. Everything was changing so fast, even the good change felt like whiplash. She was so happy for Alex. She already loved Maggie like another sister, but it was still change. There was less time together as a family, more time left in solitude. And there, in that lonely space, was Mon El.

Every moment they spent together sent up a million red flags, and yet, it felt familiar, comforting in a way she couldn’t explain without sounding weak or needy or damaged. There was nothing about him that made her feel good or supported or better than she was before he came into her life, but there he was. He was there when other people weren’t, when everyone else had their own lives and callings and demons to conquer. He wanted to help her, even if he didn’t know how, and more importantly, he wanted her. And the truth was, she wanted to be wanted. Just not by him.

That’s why this sick, sinking feeling came when he told her. That’s why she felt the impulse to run, even if she had coaxed it out of him, demanded he tell her the real reason he wanted to be partners. Because the truth, while flattering and warming and reassuring on some level, was still not enough, but he hadn’t even given her the chance to make that decision, to come to her own conclusions. Instead, he chose to spill his guts, tell her to forget it all, pretend it never happened, leaving her once again, more alone than she’d ever felt.

She sighed deeply, pushing away from the table, slowly making her way towards the bedroom, shrugging off her jacket as she flopped onto the bed. She knew she should sleep. That always made her feel better, even if she woke up still not having the answers to fix everything that was broken. But instead, she found herself scanning her phone, sifting through text messages, facing the urge to make one more call, one more attempt at the connection she craved before calling it a night.

The phone rang, and rang some more. Panic began to sink in again, until finally, she heard the line pick up.

“Yes, I’m still alive,” Cat teased. “No thanks to Supergirl.”

“I know you would have done the same thing,” Kara argued, undoing her ponytail, letting her hair fan out across the bed. “And Supergirl wouldn’t have let her go if she didn’t know with absolute certainty you’d be safe.”

“How can she be so sure of that?”

“Oh, she has her ways,” Kara insisted.

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The Fateful Double Lines (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! So I have an imagine idea that I want to write and a series I want to start so as of right now my requests are closed ☹️ but if you have ideas keep them in the notes and I will write them soon!
Warnings: none?
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: having problems conceiving until they make it and found out about it unexpectedly
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: reader is apart of the BAU Team and her and Hotch goes in to a jail to talk to…
You sat on the toilet with your head in your hands, waiting for the two little lines to pop up.
You waited and waited, throwing it away as it only presented the one.
You felt a lump in your throat, ready to give up.
You and Spencer have been trying to get pregnant since your honeymoon night, which was almost a year now and nothing has happened.
And you two get it on fairly often, but this time, you were almost positive the second line would show up but just like the countless other times it had remained negative.
You wiped the tears from your cheeks and exited the bathroom to join your husband on the couch to resume movie night.
You sat down and he put his arm around you.
“Alright I’m trying to decide from… are you okay darling?” He asked facing his whole body towards you.
“How long… has it been since our honeymoon?” You said tears threatening to spill from your eyes again.
“10 months and 13 days why?” He asked sitting criss cross in front of you, holding your hands in his.
“That’s how long we have been trying. Spencer… why can’t I give you the most important thing a woman can do for a man? Why can’t I give you a child? Is there something wrong with me?” You asked, sobs escaping your mouth after the ramble.
“No no Y/N darling there isn’t anything wrong with you.” He said lost of words.
“Then why? I know how much you want a child Spencer. I-I can't… I can only give you so much happiness…”
“Stop right there. Are you really upset because you think you don’t make me happy?” He asked looking into your eyes.
You broke down and he hugged you in his arms.
“Y/N young couples take a little while to get pregnant okay? That’s statistics okay? There isn’t anything wrong with you and every living second I’m with you makes me so happy so don’t think that you don’t make me happy. You make me the happiest man alive when I wake up to see your beautiful face and hear your precious laugh.” He said cuddling you and stroking your hair.
His words made you feel a lot better, but you still don’t understand.
You know lots of friends who got pregnant at a young age and it only took two times.
You decided to try to let it go and enjoy the time with your beloved husband.
A lot later that night, you woke up with a major snack craving, which is normal for you.
You tiptoed into the kitchen and ate a few crackers before you suddenly felt nauseous.
You ran to the bathroom and unexpectedly threw up into the toilet.
You heard rushed footsteps run down the hall and then Spencer rush through the door.
He carefully held your hair back as you threw up once more, leaving the gross acidic taste in your mouth.
“Are you okay?” He asked rubbing your back.
You nodded tiredly and flushed the toilet.
“I’m going to make you some ginger tea to ease your nausea. Did you eat anything odd earlier?” He asked helping you stand up.
“No I don’t think so.” You replied, thinking of the probabilities of getting the flu.
It is fall after all.
You followed Spencer out of the bathroom but stopped when an idea popped into your head.
You went back into the bathroom and closed the door.
You grabbed another pregnancy test from under the sink and held it in your hand.
“Please. I just want a child. A healthy child that I can see grow and love and cherish.” You whispered as you conducted the test.
Once you were done with your business, you waited for the test to most likely turn negative.
But as you glanced over at it, you saw a faint second line start to appear.
You held it in your hand as your heart stopped in its tracks.
You didn’t think you could pee anymore but sure enough there was more in you to double check.
Sure enough the second one was positive as well.
You jumped up and down in excitement as you rushed out of the bathroom at 3 o'clock in the morning.
“Spencer!” You said standing with the test in your hand.
He looked down and you saw a sparkle of hope gleam in his tired eyes.
“I’m pregnant.” You said as he ran to you and picked you up and spun you around.
“I’m so glad! Not only for the child but I hate seeing you worry like how you were earlier.” He said stroking your hair.
“I love you so much and… I still can’t believe we are going to be having a child.” You said hugging him again after kissing him on the lips.
“Me neither.” He said hugging you tightly.

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Episode 4.17 shows us an affair between Red and Katarina (Kate's memory). However episode 3.19 (Cape May) shows a completely different relationship between them. (Red's memory). It was not a romantic one! What could explain that?

Hey Anon!

Well my personal belief is that the man WE know as Red is in fact an imposter, who took over the REAL Raymond Reddinton’s identity after little Lizzie shot and killed him the night of the fire. I have an extremely long post “proving” that theory if you’re interested.

As to what Kate “saw” in last night’s episode, it’s like Red told Kirk earlier this season - “we see what we want to see,” which is not necessarily reality.

For example, in last night’s episode Kate talks to Katerina several times about her affair with “the American.” Katerina says the man is blonde, and has a wife and child.

Katerina then gives this man a name - Raymond.

So for a long time, all Kate has to go on is WORDS. No images.

She then “sees” Katerina being intimate with a blonde man in a car on the property. But here’s the kicker - KATE NEVER SEES HIS FACE, and more importantly, neither do WE.

Katerina tells Kate that the man she saw was Raymond. But Kate didn’t really SEE anything. She just saw probably a moving, blurry image of a blonde man inside a steamed up car.

Fast forward to after the fire and Kate has already handed little Lizzie off to Sam. Sam all of a sudden shows up and says a man wants to meet with Kate, and he tells her the man is Raymond Reddington.

Kate, without ANY PROOF, takes this at face value and simply believes what SAM tells her - that this man she has NEVER actually seen - happens to be Raymond.

That’s like me telling you all about my best friend named say, Jessica. I’ve talked about Jessica FOREVER, and then one day bring in a girl and just tell you it’s HER. You naturally don’t question it, because you know me, and why would you doubt me? So you take what I show you as reality, without question, and without PROOF. Little do you know, the girl I just introduced to you is actually some random girl I just met on the bus stop named Kathy.

IF my theory that Red took over the real Raymond Reddington’s identity proves true, Kate wouldn’t know it, as she herself never met Raymond until after the fire, when SAM brings him to her.

She simply has believed the Red she knows IS the real Red.

I DO believe Katerina had an affair with Raymond Reddington, and Lizzie was the product of that affair. That’s why Katerina talks about it.

But OUR Red doesn’t talk about it bc for HIM, it never happened, as he isn’t the real, original Raymond Reddington.

That would explain why there are two VERY different contradictory stories going on there. Does that make sense?

And below is my “imposter” theory post…

Spy is a dead beat dad and Scout surely spent most of his life wishing for a dad that was never around. With Spy telling Scout as Tom Jones that Tom is his father, and not him, was giving his son the father he always wanted. Spy wanted to give his son someone better than him, a father Scout could be proud of.

This coming from a man who is all about his ego, who is all about how much better he is than everyone else. This man admits he isn’t a good father and tries in his warped way to give his child someone better to be the man he wants in his life. Who has longed for.

I honestly believe Spy wasn’t trying to hide who he really was, just rather admit he’s not good enough and provided something better. Yes a lie, but that’s who and what he does, lie so skillfully to accomplish his goals. This time his goal was to make his son’s last moments a good one.

Dating Huang Zitao Would Include

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Huang Zitao/ Tao| Kim Jongdae/ Chen| Park Chanyeol| Kim Junmyeon/ Suho| Kim Minseok/ Xiumin| Oh Sehun| Kim Jongin/ Kai| Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.| Byun Baekhyun| Zhang Yixing/ Lay| Lu Han| Wu Yifan/ Kris| Mafia!EXO|

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During the Day Time

Originally posted by lil-duckling

  • This man is going to be literally both the most amazing and most brattiest man in the whole entire world.
  • Like one minute he’s a sweet panda bear that wants cuddles
  • The next he’s going to be a sarcastic mess that just wants to be left alone to buy overpriced gucci items online.
  • He’s never going to pass on throwing a sarcastic comment, but he never has harm behind it, he’s almost always saying things to make you smile.
  • He’s not very good at expressing his feelings sometimes, so he might find it hard when it comes to arguments, or confessing for the first time.
  • But he’ll always pull through and make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
  • The best thing about Tao is his utter honesty. If he thinks you look sexy in a dress, he isn’t going to told back. Or if he doesn’t like something that you’ve made, then he’ll tell you.
  • Unless you make him jealous, he’s not going to tell you, he’s going to show you just how you shouldn’t ever make him jealous.
  • Him not being bothered by the other members teasing the two of you because he prides you so much, he’s more than likely going to be bragging on how amazing you are.
  • “Why are you laughing? I don’t get why me and {y/n} cuddling is so funny. If this is what you’re like from cuddling I wonder what you’ll be like when we kiss.”
  • Him supporting you fully in whatever you chose to do.
  • “I believe in you, always follow your dreams, {y/n}, you’re incredible.”
  • Him telling you not to give a shit about the haters.
  • Taoris
  • You being the one to motivate him when things get tough in the company in urging him to keep going because you know how to make him more relaxed.
  • Him being all about PDA
  • That guy looking at you? Tao’s already killing him with a death glare.
  • Tao doesn’t appreciate other people flirting with you, or looking at you in a certain way. He has the tendency to get jealous easily so prepare yourself for angry kisses and dominant Tao.
  • If you aren’t good with insects and bugs, then you better learn to be.
  • Or you’re going to get home one day and Tao’s going to be standing on a chair in the kitchen holding a hardback book looking as though he’s seen a ghost.
  • “What the hell are you doing, Tao?”
  • “There was a spider, {y/n} and I lost it, it could be anywhere right now.”
  • Him loving to cuddle you with his head on your chest - not in a perverted way, but because he finds it more soothing than you’ll ever know.
  • Him looking up to his Hyungs in EXO and constantly speaking proudly of them to you as much as he speaks proudly of you to them.
  • Him being so passionate about singing and rapping it brings goosebumps to your skin when you seeing him perform because you can see him putting his whole life and soul into his voice and dancing.
  • Him being hard work but also the most caring boyfriend on the planet.

At Nighttime

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  • Hogs the duvet when he’s in a mood with you because this guy is a literal man child and doesn’t give any fucks.
  • But when he sees you shivering he’ll cave in and give you the blanket because he cares about you too much to see you suffer even in the slightest.
  • Him cuddling you in every position possible because he just loves the feeling of having you at his side.
  • Or on top of him.
  • This guy is going to be into being a sub to you because he admires you so much he loves having you on top.
  • Sexy times with Tao is always sensual
  • And he’ll drag out foreplay as long as possible, just because he loves seeing you needy and begging for him.
  • He’s going to be passionate most of the time
  • Unless you want him to be rough
  • Then watch out
  • Because oh boy, this man will get rough if you want him to.
  • Afterwards he’d pull you into his arms and place sweet kisses on your forehead and cheeks, muttering quiet ‘I love yous’ until you finally fall asleep in his embrace.
Our Lives Matter

surrounded by white chalk,
yellow caution tape,
and three officers with black boots

I hear chants of pain,
the cries of outrage,
then I began to feel the warm tears pour from my mom’s face.

A local broadcast tells a story to boost its views
as the officers will plead its procedure
the community will see another life taken too soon,

another black life under twenty-five
but to say my life mattered would make me a racist too,

so tell me how does it feel,
knowing the victim’s description is similar to you ?
if I move the wrong way I give the man every reason to shoot ?
how would you feel to see your child plastered on the news ?

I just want peace and justice
for all my brothers and sisters wrongly accused
all of the families that suffered loses,
and each fist still fighting for the truth.


Life is hard when you have people who assume things about you. ^^; and when you’re a kinda hot single guy with a cute little brother that gets you unwanted attention. :p 

Also, if any of you don’t remember or know why baby Tsubaki doesn’t like his baby sling, it’s just cause he can’t reach his big brothers face and he gets bored in it. 

I had the “random classmate” of Wrath’s call her “Okami” because it means “Wolf” and I was thinking “man,Wrath sure is a strange name to give your child, especially in a human au……” so I was thinking maybe I should give her a name???? Maybe it can just be a school nickname, if anyone doesn’t like the idea. 

Okay, I thought of this comic when I had the “ adoption headcanon” conversation, and how it would explain how no one in the Servamp family looks alike and then I thought of these 3 scenarios. (I had to make up more random ladies for this comic, none of them will show up again cause I don’t plan on having any OCs.) 

1.) Someone mistaking little Tsubaki for Kuro’s son. 

2.) Someone thinking him and his sister were a couple. Gross. This one has happened to me once irl. 

3.) and then someone thinking Mahiru and Kuro were a couple and Tsubaki was their baby. HHAHAAHAHAHaha

anyways I’m gonna try to answer some more of unanswered asks for age au. ^^;