give this guy the recognition he deserves

Jongdae really deserves more recognition for his efforts. Not only does he look smashing and sings like a fucking angel, when everyone pointed out how much he sucked at dancing he improved himself so much it’s amazing and now he proves how smart he is too? Give the damn guy an oscar.

The Interview

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AU: You are an interviewer and are about to interview one of your favorite bands.. twenty one pilots and Josh finds you really intriguing.

Josh Dun x Fem!Reader


A/N: don’t make fun of the questions I made up please!!! I am by no means an interviewer and I tried my best. I’m not too proud of this fic, I just had this cute little idea, and if you think it needs a part 2, let me know!!

The day had come. The day you were finally going to interview twenty øne piløts. You were freaking out, and really excited at the same time. You had a huge crush on Josh and had always been inspired by Tyler, and you were determined to make their interview amazing. You had prepared two sets of questions. One set being a silly, fun interview, and the other being a serious interview. You planned on asking the boys which interview they preferred, since they do interviews all day and get asked a lot of the same stuff. You also had questions specific to each boy, making sure not to leave anyone out.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (The Epilogue: Part B)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2946

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Wow. I can’t believe it’s over. Thank you all so much!

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It’s been a week. One week and your whole world has been turned upside down, all because of three words.

For the first two days, Auston gives you space. On the third day, flowers arrive at your door, attached with a note in his handwriting that reads: I’m sorry. (You blame Mitch for giving him your address). The next day, it’s a box of your favourite donuts and a cute fluffy bear wearing your Furies’ jersey. The day after, a brand-new hockey stick and pucks with the words, FORGIVE ME initialed in silver sharpie. On the sixth day, he sends you what looks to be a homemade cake, with “I’m a dick” written messily on top in white frosting. That one makes you laugh.

Today, you haven’t received anything yet. You’ve just headed through the doors of the MasterCard centre, on your way to practice, when you spot him from across the hallway.

“Shit, shit, shit,” you swear under your breath, trying to walk quickly down the hall without him noticing. How had you forgotten the Leafs were practicing today?

“Y/N!” you hear him shout.

You’ve been spotted. You start running, apologizing as you weave in and out of people, trying your best not to knock them over with your hockey bag.

“Y/N - wait up!”

“Go away Auston!” you shout over your shoulder. A couple of people take notice of your exchange and start laughing.

You break into a sprint, throwing open the door to your rink and barrelling down the hallway. However, you forget how fast Auston is. He catches onto the back strap of your bag before you can make it to your dressing room. He pulls so hard you actually fall over, landing on top of your bag hard enough that it knocks the wind out of you.

“Seriously Auston?” you wheeze, glaring at him. You pick yourself off the bag and wince as you prod at your side, which had pressed up against a sharp object when you fell (presumably your skate).

“I’m so sorry - I was just trying to get you to stop. I didn’t mean to make you fall over.”

“Did you consider that I didn’t want to stop because I don’t want to talk to you?” When he doesn’t say anything, your roll your eyes, picking your bag up off the ground. “Guess that one didn’t cross your mind. Typical.”

“Y/N! Can you just give me a chance to explain myself?”

“I gave you a chance, and all you gave me was bullshit,” you say, referring to his admission that he loves you.

He looks you dead in the eye. “I meant what I said.”

You give him an incredulous look and start to turn away.

“Wait! Wait a minute, okay? Can we just…go somewhere to talk. Please? Just give me an hour to properly explain everything.”

You sigh. “Fine. Half an hour, tops.”


“Yes. But you have to stop sending me things.”

“But I-”

“No more gifts,” you say firmly. “And please, if you see Mitch, tell him I’m not happy that he’s giving out my address to people, and that I will expose him on Instagram. I’ve found some rather embarrassing photos from his middle school days that his followers might be interested in.”

Auston laughs. “Alright, I’ll pass the message along.”

You give him a half-hearted smile and begin to walk away.

“Wait!” he calls after you. “Where do you want to go to talk?”

“Surprise me.”

It’s later on that day. Auston has texted you from Mitch’s phone where he wants you to meet him. (You may have blocked Auston’s number one day when you were very angry.)

Steph agrees to drive you down there in the case that things go wrong and you need to get away quickly. She said her and Mitch were planning to go to a pizza place near the area anyways, and didn’t mind going in separate cars.

“Do you think this is a good idea?” you ask Steph on the ride there. Lights from the Toronto streets flash by as you make your way out of the downtown core.

“I don’t know; do you still love him?”

You turn to her, surprised. “I never-”





“Really?” Steph gives you a look. “Don’t try to play dumb. Just admit it - you loved him. You still love him, for god’s sake.”

“I’m not sure I do,” you say, looking down at your hands in your lap.

“Can I tell you something, straight up?”

“Of course.”

“I think you’re lying to yourself to try and protect yourself from getting hurt again.”

“What do you mean?” you ask, even though you’re starting to understand what Steph is telling you.

“He hurt you - that much is obvious. And you’re scared of getting hurt again, so you’re avoiding confronting your feelings for him because of the chance he might reject you a second time.”

“Damn it. When did you become so wise?”

“What are you talking about, ‘when’?” You raise an eyebrow at her. “Okay, fine. I may have made a lot of mistakes in the past.” You keep looking at her. “And you may have had to get me out of a situation more than once.”

“Thank-you for finally giving me the recognition I deserve.”

Steph rolls her eyes. “Whatever, Y/N. But honestly, I think being with Mitch has helped me grow as a person. I feel more mature, and like I can handle emotional drama a lot better.”

You reach over and squeeze her hand. “I’m glad.”

“Trust me, so am I. Looking back, I can’t believe I wasted so much unnecessary energy over guys who didn’t care. But I’ve talked at length with Mitch about your situation, and Auston really does care about you. He’s realized over the past couple months that he fucked up - big time. So at this point, I think it’s up to you if you want to give him another chance.”

You nod, taking it all in. “Thanks, Steph.”

“No problem.” She smiles at you warmly, and a pang of sadness hits you. You’ll miss having her around when she leaves for Brampton in two days.

Several minutes later, Steph pulls into a dark driveway and stops. She reaches into the back seat and pulls out a blindfold from a bag you hadn’t realized was there.

“What the hell are you doing?”

She rolls her eyes. “Relax, it’s part of the surprise. Auston requested that you wear the blindfold,” she explains. “He must be into some kinky shit.”


“Sorry, sorry.” She laughs. “I’m kidding. Just put it on.” She tosses you the fabric and you slide it over your head.

“Alright, what’s next?” you ask.

“Hold on a sec, just let me text Auston and let him know we’re here.”

“Did you guys set-up this entire thing behind my back?”


You huff. “Of course you did.”

“I think you’re going to like what he’s set-up. Mitch wasn’t happy when I complained that he never does anything like this for me.”

“What, tell him to meet you at strange places at night and ask you to wear a blindfold? Trust me, it’s not that great.”

Steph laughs. “Alright, I’m gonna help you out and then we’re going to walk to where Auston is.” You hear the car door open and shut, and then she opens your door. “Hold my hand.”

You take her hand and then begin to walk forward blindly, gravel crunching under your feet. “If I die, I hope you know I’m holding you fully responsible.”

“Y/N, you’re going to be fine.” You keep walking for another minute, and then Steph stops you. “Alright, we’re here.”

“Can I take the blindfold off?”

“Not yet.” She tugs you forward, and you know you’re inside a building when you hear the thud of a door closing behind you. It’s cold inside, and you feel your skin prickle with goosebumps. Steph leads you through another door and then stops you again.

“Take a seat.” Steph helps you sit down onto what you think is a bench. You hear her rustling through a bag.

“You don’t happen to have a sweater in that bag, do you?”

“No, sorry. But I do have these!”

“I can’t see.”

“Oh, right. I’ve got to take your shoes off.”

“What the hell is Auston planning?”

“You’ll see in a second.” You bend down and help her take off your shoes, and she slides on your skates.

“How’d you get my skates?”

“I have my ways.”

Steph quickly laces up both your skates. When she finishes, she reaches up to your head and pulls off the blindfold. You blink, adjusting your eyes as you look around. You’re in an unfamiliar hockey dressing room.

“What now?”

“I’ve been told I’m supposed to leave you here, and that whenever you’re ready, you can head out to the ice. You all good?”

“Yup,” you say, nodding. You feel nervous all of a sudden, but you’re not going to let it get to you.

Steph rushes forward and pulls you in for a quick hug. “Call me if you need anything. I’ll have my phone on full volume. Mitch and I are just five minutes away.”

“Thanks Steph, you’re the best.”

She smiles. “Have fun.”

“I’ll try.”

She turns and walks out of the room, leaving you alone.

You take a deep breath, and walk over to the mirror near the bathroom. You rearrange your hair, trying to pat down the frizzy parts that have stuck up from the blindfold. Once you’re convinced you look half-decent, you turn and head out of the dressing room.

The sight before you leaves you breathless.

The entire rink is lit up from tea lights and candles placed in little clusters in the stands. Their warm glow reflects off the ice and bathes everything in a beautiful golden light. Auston stands at centre ice, his hands shoved in his pockets.

You walk over to the open door and step onto the ice, slowly skating over to him.

“Hey,” he says, smiling nervously at you.

“Hi,” you respond, and tuck a strand of hair behind your ear shyly.

“So, um…I figured we could talk here, since the ice is like your second home. I just wanted you to feel comfortable and stuff.”

“Thank-you, I really appreciate that.” You gesture around at the candles. “Everything’s so beautiful. It must’ve taken you forever to put it together.”

Auston flushes. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“Uh-huh,” you say, unconvinced. “How many hours?”

“Only two. I made Mitch help me, so it’s not a big deal.”

“Well, still. I appreciate the effort.” You smile up at him. He reaches out, like he’s going to touch your cheek, but then draws his hand back quickly.

“So um…should we skate?”

“Uh…yes, let’s.”

You both begin skating beside each other, gliding easily across the unmarked ice. You do an entire lap before Auston speaks. “So, you must be wondering why I left like that.”

“Amongst a thousand other things,” you murmur.

“I don’t know how to describe it other than it being a coward. I took the easy way out.” He pauses to take a deep, trembling breath. “Once I figured out I was in love with you, I panicked. You had become so important to me in such a short time. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so strongly about a person other than you, and that terrified me. I couldn’t imagine losing you, so I decided that it would be best just to cut ties off then and there.”

You give him a confused look.

“I know, that doesn’t make any sense, but my thinking was that I didn’t want you to leave - I didn’t want to deal with that pain - so I had to be the one to cut ties first. If I had stayed with you and then left for Zurich, and we were in a long distance relationship, I feared you would have gotten bored, or met someone else like Will; someone who was closer and could love you better than I could an ocean away. I wanted to make you happy, but I knew you’d only be miserable if I was so far from you.” He looks at you, an ashamed look on his face.

“You know what your biggest mistake in all of this was, Auston?”


“That you thought you knew what was best for me.” You look at him straight-on, your stare unwavering. “I wouldn’t have been miserable, or gotten bored, or met someone else, because all day, the only thing that runs through my mind is you,” you tell him honestly. “Did you know that Will kissed me the other week?”

He clenches his fists, anger immediately clouding his expression. “I knew it,” he growls. “That fucking Swedish pr-”

“No - stop. Before you get all mad at Will, I stopped it almost as soon as it started. Because, even though Will has supported me through absolutely everything after you left - the breakdowns, the tears, the fits of anger and rage - I couldn’t bring myself to commit to someone else, because…” you say, your eyes shining. “Because I’m stupidly in love with you, Auston Matthews.”

He looks at you, his eyes unreadable. Your heart rate spikes as he stops skating. You stop in front of him, not breaking eye contact.

“You love me?”

“Why the fuck else would I still be here?” you say, throwing your hands up, exasperated. A tear rolls down your cheek.

“No - please don’t cry.” He skates forward a little bit and cups your face in his hands very gently. His thumb brushes away the wetness on your cheek and you shiver under his touch.

“It’s not the first time I’ve cried over you, you know.”

He squeezes his eyes shut in pain. “I’m so sorry,” he says, his voice cracking. “I am so sorry. I can’t believe I put you through that much pain. I truly thought you would be happier without me…”

“That’s also another mistake. Nobody makes me more happy, and nobody makes me more sad than you.”

Auston opens his eyes, which are now glistening with tears. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“I know,” you say softly. “And that’s why I’m choosing to forgive you.”

“You forgive me?”

You nod. A smile breaks across his face, and ever so slowly, he bends down and kisses you.

The moment your lips touch, tingles shoot through your entire body. You inhale sharply, your hand coming up to cup the back of his head, pulling him closer to you. His hands travel down from your face to your back, your waist, and then your hips, his hands warm against your skin. He deepens the kiss, spinning you around on the ice.

When you finally pull away, both of you are breathless. Auston’s eyes are shining, and you can see the flickering of the candles reflected in his brown irises. You stroke his cheek fondly. “I missed that.”

“Me too,” he whispers, and tugs your hand down so he can press his lips to the back of it. “I love you,” he mumbles against your skin.

“I love you too.” You’re surprised by how naturally the words leave your lips.

He smiles and kisses your hand again before bringing it down to your side. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that.”

“I love you,” you say again, and laugh.

He tugs you forward, and the two of you begin skating again, stopping only momentarily to steal kisses. Once the two of you start to get cold, you head off the ice and untie your skates on one of the spectator benches.

“Let’s go blow out all these candles,” Auston says, taking your hand. Once you finish cleaning up everything, both of you take a second to rest in the stands.

You sit down beside him, leaning into his side. He wraps his arm around you, pulling you closer to him. “I thought I was going to lose you today, for ever.”


“I thought you wouldn’t forgive me and that there was no point in even trying. I almost backed out at the last second, but Mitch convinced me to follow through with it. And I’m glad he did.”

“I’m glad he did too,” you say, taking his other hand from his lap and squeezing it. “And I’m happy that I decided to forgive you. On the ride here, I wasn’t sure that it was even a good idea to go, but Steph told me I should.”

“I guess we were both a little scared then.”

You nod. “We were scared, but yet we both ended up here in the end. I think that says something.”

“Yeah,” he agrees. “I’m not a big believer in fate, but I think the universe is trying to tell us that we belong together.”

You roll your eyes. “I can’t believe I’m dating such a cheesy fuck, oh my god.”

He raises an eyebrow. “So we’re dating again?”

“I’d like to try again, if you want to as well. Take things slow, and see where that leads us.”

“That sounds like a good plan,” he says happily, squeezing your hand.

You smile at him and then lean in close, kissing him very softly. He kisses you back, his thumb brushing against your cheek. When you pull apart, you drop your head onto his shoulder and stay like that just to breathe for a moment.

Things weren’t perfect, but as long as Auston was by your side, you knew you would be happy.

“What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again?” -Ian to Fiona.

This was personally one of my favorite, if not favorite, lines for Ian on 7X10 and here’s why:
Ian broke up with Mickey because he was in denial of his bipolar disorder, Monica got in his head, and he didn’t want to take his meds and he knew Mickey would want him to, correct? Well, now that he’s come to terms with his disorder I think he realized what Mickey did for him. Not only that, but he had pushed back all those memories when he started dating again and started to live a “normal” dating life. Straight up dinner and movie dates. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but, when you’re a Gallagher, it doesn’t really suit you or last long. Mickey and Ian fought for their love. For years it was secret hook ups, fighting with each other until they passionately had sex, the drama of Mickey coming out to his family, and Ian literally melting every time another piece of Mickey slipped through the hard cracks of his shell and showed Ian his true feelings.
“What if nothing ever gives you that same thrill again?” He’s not satisfied with Trevor anymore. You could tell the second he found out Mickey was back. He tried to convince himself that he was still into Trevor but, like he said, he couldn’t get Mickey “out of his head.” And Caleb? The only “thrilling” part of their relationship was Ian finding out he was HIV positive and him cheating on Ian with a woman. Gallavich, their love wasn’t something boring. It was dangerous, surprising, passionate, and true. You can’t fake what they had/have. Nor will they probably ever find somebody that could even match that level of “thrill” and Ian knows that.
I hate to compare their relationship to Monica and Franks because of how toxic their relationship is but, I will say this. No matter what happens to them or how long they are apart, Frank and Monica always find their way back to each other in the end. Their love is too catastrophic for each other to ever end. This is how I see Ian and Mickey. Even if in the next episode or two they leave each other again, they will find a way back to each other. We may not see it in the show or the show may end and they are “broken up” but, this episode put in stone that they are a powerful force. When they are together, nothing can stand in the way of that.
Now, I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the next episode. I honestly feel like the writers will never give us a happy ending on film with them since they made it their mission to trash Mickey every chance they got whenever somebody would speak about him. I just hope that, if they do break up in the next episode or the finale, Mickey gets the recognition he deserves. He gets a fair ending. He shouldn’t get belittled or made into the bad guy because he asked Ian to go with him, not forced. He told Ian to tell him goodbye but he didn’t. Ian made the decision to go with Mickey himself. Nobody else made him go. BUT there’s a chance they don’t fuck it up and give them their “happily ever after.” Cameron is set to start Gotham and film 5 indie movies soon. There’s talks of him leaving the show (not sure if it’s for a season or forever but). If they give Gallavich their “forever”, I need two things to happen:
-Ian tells Mickey thank you for taking care of him while he was really sick and in denial of his bipolar disorder.
-I need to hear Ian tell Mickey he loves him to Mickey’s face

My perfect Gallavich ending:
The cops find Ian and Mickey. They are running from them and find a place to hide, the cops are running past them not knowing where they went. Mickey turns to Ian and says “Gallagher, you with me?”
And Ian simply replies with “Always Mick.”

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What are your favourite things about Tom Hardy?

  • His humanity.
  • Seriously, he’s got one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen from an individual, celebrity or not.
  • His diligence. His work ethic. That man delivers what he says he’s going to deliver and gives every bit of himself to the roles he takes on, and you can see it clear as day through his acting.
  • His humility? I mean…not only does Tom not have an ego about himself or acting, but he completely gives credit where it’s due to those who are owed recognition just as well as himself. Have you seen the video of him accepting the award for Best Actor for Locke from the LA Film Critics Association? Like the guy fucking apologizes for taking too much screentime for an 85 minute film that relies ENTIRELY on Tom Hardy’s performance. And what does he do? He stresses the film crew and Steven Knight’s role in making the film happen and completely downplays his part in it. I mean, a large part of why I really love Tom is that he will give recognition to people beyond himself, who deserve it. Take a look at how Tom insisted on taking Jacob Tomuri, his stunt double with him for press junket interviews for Mad Max and insisting on him getting recognized? I really don’t see many actors do this, who really fight for the people behind-the-scenes, or people who don’t get as much recognition and give them a shoutout as to their success, any success, because Tom realizes he’s a cog in a machine. He’s part of a greater whole and that a film consists of many moving parts and many people slaving themselves day after day to make a film happen, and rarely do those people get recognition and Tom gives it. And I absolutely love him for it. Like truly, I fucking love him.
  • His support, love, and absolute respect for women. I’m not going to sit here and praise Tom for rising to the defense of women in light of the Mad Max film because that’s what anyone should do and goes without saying, but nonetheless I appreciate that again, he gives recognition where it’s due. He doesn’t deny the women in his life their agency or importance, and their significance in shaping who he is today or getting him to where he’s at, and I feel like it’s rare I see any man, celebrity or not, fucking acknowledge what their mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends, wives do, and that’s a damn shame. 
  • Lets also talk about all the numerous animals he finds on set and while working and nurses them back to full health or finds them a home or a means of getting adopted? I mean. There was the incident with him finding a cat, CJ, there are numerous times he’s found dogs and found homes for them or housed dogs himself while filming, and honestly…someone who absolutely cannot leave an animal alone, stray or not, until they find them a secure place to live is telling of the sort of person they are. Also all the causes he supports! I have admiration for his commitment to organizations like Help for Heroes, even though I (personally) take issue with the zealous support of military/police force but, you know. 
  • His honesty. I mean, have you seen the fucking quotes? No? You’re in for a wild ride. Every interview with Tom Hardy both in-person and in an article are absolutely fucking glorious. He’s not only a very, very, intelligent person, but he says the most ludicrous and hilarious things that somehow end up making sense? My personal favorite interviews recently are his Details Interview, Esquire Interview UK & US, his GQ interview, Tom’s interview with Vulture and being a huge fan of dogs, and Tom Hardy Life Lessons for Men’s Health, are some of my favorites just to name a few.
  • His ridiculousness. I mean, have you not seen Tom’s old myspace photos? Allow me to introduce you to the strangest motherfucker on the planet. And even though he no longer has a myspace, his ridiculousness lives on whenever Leila Shirazi gifts Tom with free things. I mean…I’m in love?
  • Tom’s brief love affair with social media. Listen, the week he had a twitter and facebook account was the week I tried not to combust. That week was a roller coaster from start to finish, and since I had subscribed to Tom’s twitter updates I had “fkn Legend” texted to my phone at a rate of 20 fucking tweets in five minutes. It was the best kind of experience tbh. Never forget.
  • Tom’s constant praise of others. I mean it. Like every time there’s been a rumor about Tom getting into a fight with a costar or a colleague, or some rumor of Tom not getting along or being difficult, he gets interviewed and he has nothing but kind, sincere things to say. He’s honest, but Tom being labeled as somebody who gives people a hard time is, I think, all about perspective and context. Ultimately I think Tom has nothing but respect for those he works with and those who have gotten him to where he is today.
  • And lastly? Tom’s response to my reddit AMA question I asked him in April 2014. One of my most favorite things is not only the fact I got a response, but that I asked someone I look up to greatly a question and I got a response better than I could have EVER asked for, and I will never forget it and never stop reading it for days I don’t feel like I’m good enough.

I love Tom. He’s human, he’s sweet, he’s goofy and a giant dork, he’s soft, he loves people, he gives and he gives and he gives, and I am just truly like…I’m truly a fan of how sincerely good of a person he is. I really do not care about celebrities, or care about many people, really, on this level of infatuation. But Tom? He’s really won my heart.

I absolutely adore the man that is Tom Hardy and everything he is. 

He’s one of the good ones.

I’m just a tired Jin Stan y'all. But I will fight for him until my last breath to get him what he deserves– recognition. Some of y'all acting like you skipped Awake all together when you listened to Wings. Listen to the goddamn song. This man knows what’s going on and y'all out here just making excuses for the way he’s being treated. He’s pouring out his heart and soul trying to love you guys and you’re just like a bully in the sandbox kicking down his sand castle. So just please, wake the fuck up, and stop sleeping on Kim SeokJin and give him the love and support he so desperately deserves.

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Hearing at one point Taylor himself was paramore breaks my heart but simultaneously pisses me off bc he's done so much for that band and the media never gives him the recognition he deserves. Plus he did almost twice as much as Hayley and Zac on AL only to get called 'some backup guy' or something like that in an article not that long ago

right. it’s sad cause zac (no offence to him) gets all this attention bc he’s back, hayley for obvious reasons, and then there’s taylor. tbh majority of reviews and stuff this era have actually given him so much more credit and appreciation than he even got during the self titled era…. so i’m actually impressed. but he still deserves so much more. he really did keep paramore going and alive and saved the band and hayley in a sense, and his creativity too this era went off the damn charts and he had a hand in literally everything possible. he deserves more appreciation than he gets tbh (but again i’m glad this era he’s actually got quite a lot which shocked me)

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Hello. So I'm a fan of ELO and would like to know more about them, like who the members are (besides Jeff Lynne, of course) and you seem it know your stuff about them. 😉 thanks, and I wish you the best.

u have come to the right place my child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i have no idea what ur prior knowledge is so this is gonna be a lengthy ass introductory course (sorry if this is not what u r looking for but i hope it will be helpful)

hokay first we are gonna look at the main members who were there for the Popular Times (this specific lineup lasted from 75-79 but some of the members were there earlier/later too)

  • bev bevan
  • his name is literally beverley its great
  • drummer
  • Large and Sturdy
  • has the face of a disney princess but a v deep & scary voice
  • member the whole time until 1986
  • one of the founding members from pre-elo band the move
  • hes a big jackass who likes breaking down doors
  • started elo part 2 after 86 bc he just couldnt fuckin let go. it isnt as bad as u would expect
  • richard tandy
  • aka babyboy
  • keyboard child (but he played bass in the beginning)
  • was there from p early on
  • hes smol & hes tired & hes jeffreys right hand man
  • watches too much tv
  • literally adorable & super serious
  • after elo he teamed up with massive dork dave morgan (we will get to him later bc im going that deep) & they had the tandy morgan band it was great
  • mik kaminski
  • ho my god hes so cute
  • violin guy
  • blue violin bc hes stylish
  • does a super aggressive violin dance
  • hes so shy & everyone loves him bc hes wondrous
  • his side band was violinski which was surprisingly weird but they have some catchy songs. also features mike de albuquerque (more on him later)
  • also he was in elo part 2 & post-elo part 2 band called the orchestra & a band called orkestra with kelly (see below)
  • kelly groucutt
  • literal ray of sunshine
  • bass player for the majority of the time
  • when they first met him they thought he was gonna be tall bc he looked big on stage but hes supre smol he was just wearing big boots
  • likes to climb on people????????
  • was in elo part 2 & the orchestra & orkestra (he n mik just follow each other everywhere tbh)
  • also he had a solo album in like 1980-ish i think?? its p good
  • hes dead now :(
  • hugh mcdowell
  • a cello man
  • fucking bananas honestly
  • he fuckin runs around & throws his goddamn cello all over the place
  • a fuckening troublemaker 
  • the life of the party
  • the youngest
  • he was in wizzard for a little while too but then he came back to elo
  • melvyn gale
  • cello fellow & resident pretty boy
  • literally joined the band by accident holy shit i love him
  • unlike hugh he just kinda sits there like a brick
  • he was so freaked out when he first saw hughs antics & realized he was supposed to move around
  • kinda tried to do weird shit like hugh but its just awkward pls stop
  • after elo he did this group with his homie frank wilson called wilson gale & co, they had like one album its p good i think hugh played on it too

hokay so thats that lineup but theres some other p important people from the baby days & the 80s so im gonna talk about a few of them 

  • roy wood
  • like jeff & bev, was one of the fuckers who started the band from the move
  • he left tho like right when they were getting started & they were like ????????? tf 
  • played a whole bunch of shit
  • had wizzard after elo, stole hugh briefly, also stole the cool ass french horn player bill hunt to play keyboards in wizzard 
  • literally so weird but hes adorable hes a shy lil ray of sunshine
  • wilf gibson
  • this fucking guy
  • violin dude before mik
  • wore capes a lot
  • contrapposto at all times
  • he wanted more dollars than they wanted to give him so they kicked his ass out
  • hes dead now unfortunately
  • also before him there was a violin player named steve woolam but he committed suicide its really sad oh my god everyone forgot about him he doesnt even have a wikipedia page my poor baby pls dont forget about steve woolam he deserves recognition 
  • mike de albuquerque
  • bass guy before kelly
  • a little bit ridiculous
  • v fancy & large
  • has like one outfit
  • was in violinski like i said 3 hours ago
  • solo work is funky af its good
  • mike edwards
  • one of many cello people in the early days
  • we arent gonna talk about all of them dont worry
  • others are andy craig & colin walker they arent that cool (also they made wilf play cello once he was so offended) (and they needed more cellists in the beginning than they had so they had to make roadies pretend to play cello it was a shitshow)
  • this guy is always dressed for like a fuckin wedding
  • did cool shit like played w an orange or had an exploding cello (it only worked like half the time tho)
  • he died in a horrible accident
  • also he was like 5 feet tall hes so tiny
  • dave morgan (seen here with richard who is in front)
  • he & richard were in a bunch of bands together before elo & one after elo
  • he played guitar & shit in elo in the 80s but outside of elo hes an amazing singer & a great songwriter
  • he sings cool jesus music now with his wife mandy shes adorable theyre adorable
  • literally such a huge dork i love him
  • louis clark
  • was important already in the 70s but wasnt an official member until like the 80s
  • conductor & shit, helped w string arrangement & shit
  • also played keyboards in the 80s
  • he was in elo part 2 and the orchestra 
  • deserves love god dammit

and thats all the most important members theres probably a couple other background people i missed but i aint gonna talk about em rn anyway sorry this is so long & i hope its sufficient !!! it was all off the top of my head i hope i didnt skip anything & sorry if this wasnt what u were looking for

Did You Miss Me?

REQUEST BY deathslittlegirllizu: *waves* well hello then! can I get a tearful reunion with Jongup and he confesses to you. You two were close to the point of almost dating when you were younger but you moved away before you two can get close. Then years later you two see each other again when you become a trainee at TS. You two are allowed to date

I’m so so so sorry for the wait with this one. I find this so difficult to write, but got into it eventually! I hope you like it, I tried to follow your request as best I could but it is changed a little bit…I hope you don’t mind too much. I hope you like it, eee I love Jongup :D

-Admin Kitty

Your heart thrummed along as the cars passed by the cab window. By the time you had arrived, you had pictured every reaction he could have, every possibility. A part of you almost hoped he wouldn’t be at the studio today but the other half of you hoped to god he would be. You felt sick with worry about seeing him again, like a roller coaster ride where you were sort of enjoying it but you also sort of wanted to throw up everywhere. The taxi driver switched the radio on, and then he spoke, trying to make conversation, “This B.A.P is pretty good, huh?” Your head snapped up, “What? Oh. Um. Yeah, I guess.” “Everyone’s been going crazy about that guy Jongup lately,” He shook his head, chuckling, “Fangirls, huh?” You laughed a long but his attempt at small talk only put you in a more worrisome position. You hated the idea of all those girls crowded around your Jongup, staring at him with their mouths agape, asking for autographs. But that was just it. You had lost the right to call him yours a long time ago. He had never officially been yours in the proper sense when you thought about it, but he could have been. And you’d ruined it…

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What Did I Miss? (Part 3-final) (Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter x reader)

Part 2

A HUGE thank you to @the-fandom-chooses-the-fangirl for your fabulous additions to this story!!!  

“Oh, yeah, I know where we are.  I’ve been through this neighborhood before.  I beat up a guy behind that diner,” you pointed out the window from the back seat of the cab.  “And in that alley.  And behind that movie theater.”

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Uncontrollably Fond...

To those of you who slept on this, dropped it after a few episodes or whatever…You missed out on something really and truly special.

To those of you who waited until the entire drama had aired and are going to binge watch all 20…Brace yourself. Bring plenty of boxes of tissue with you, and remove any handy throwable objects from your vicinity. You are in for something amazing. You are gonna laugh, cry, get angry, want to throw things at your TV…please don’t break your TVs.

To those of you who wanted Kim Woo Bin to do another bad ass role, that was lighter…You should give him a chance to truly surprise you.

To those of you who absolutely fell in love with Kim Woo Bin this time around…Welcome. You now know what stans have been saying all along. He showed his AMAZING range in this role. Completely and utterly devastating and not just in his looks. This guy can do it all and it is a FUCKING SHAME that he probably wont get the appreciation and recognition he deserves for this due to all the bad publicity regarding the ratings. I will stan for him whereever, whenever!

To those of you who doubted Lee Kyung Hee as a writer because of this…You honestly should be aware of how amazing she is. NO ONE does melodrama better than her.

To those of you who knew what to expect because this was Lee Kyung Hee…You know what I’m talking about. Melodrama at its finest.

To those of you who blantantly hated on Suzy for her acting…STOP. You are wrong. She is not just a pretty face. Stop hating her because she is pretty and is dating Lee Min Ho.

To those of you who recognized how much Suzy has grown as an actress…Wonderful. We really did get an awesome treat here. Someone who was effortless in her subtlety and grace.

Thank you Drama Fever for having these episodes subbed early every week for us. PLEASE DO THAT MORE OFTEN!

And lastly, but most certainly not least, to those of you who stuck with this for 10 long weeks. Those of you who thought Wednesday couldn’t get here fast enough and endured the sheer sweet torture with every episode. Those of you who’s heart broke every minute and every second of this drama…Hey Fam, you doing ok? You need a hug? Come hug it out with me. You need to cry? Come cry it out with me. You want to talk about it? Come talk to me. 

Because guess what? I’m turning right back around and hopping right back on this crazy train called Uncontrollably Fond, and I don’t think I will EVER GET OFF IT!!

Honestly I’m disappointed in some of this fandom right now like seriously you guys Niall tweeted first AND THEN Louis tweeted a few minutes later and it’s like some of you don’t give two shits. You keep saying Lou denied the rumors but Niall tweeted first! They both deserve recognition. All of the boys are just as amazing and they all deserve equally as much love. In all honesty we should be thanking Niall he is the one who took initiative. He did take the fear out if our eyes and minds first! Please notice and respect him for that regardless if you are a Niall girl or not.



“Kiss me in the corridor”

You kissed his lips one last time as the boys yelled for him to hurry up.

Placing his forehead against yours, he closed his eyes, trying to memorize everything about you.

It’ll go by faster than you think,” you said, trying to convince yourself more than him.

Smiling sadly, he reached up a hand to brush your cheek.

It would be even faster if you just came with me… Theres still time for you to pack a bag you know”

Walking forwards, you hid your face in his shirt, trying to hide the tears already falling from your eyes.

But it didn’t matter, he could still hear the pain in your voice.

You know i can’t… God i want to so bad but uni-”

“I know i know, university has priority over me.”

Sniffling, you still managed to let out a small giggle, smacking him on his arm.

Don't say it like that! That makes me sound like a terrible girlfriend!”

Sticking out his tongue, he responded jokingly.

You are a terrible girlfriend! You’re denying me the right as a boyfriend to kiss you everyday… cuddle with you… even touch your butt anytime i want”

Letting out a full laugh as he let his hands wander down, you shook your head as he chuckled alongside you.

You never wanted this moment to end, but you didn’t have a choice.


Both of your smiles faded, turning back to solemn faces.

You’re right, it will go faster than we think… I promise…”

Letting out a small sob, you just nodded your head, not wanting to talk.

Watching you, he felt his heart breaking. Maybe he shouldn’t go through with this. He hated seeing you so broken.

Staring in his eyes, you realized what he was thinking.

Quickly trying to muster up some courage, you put on a fake smile, giving him one last kiss.

Go… You need to go… We’ll figure this out okay?”

Pulling his forehead down, you placed a soft kiss before continuing to talk.

I promise”

Giving you one last hug, he said his last goodbye before walking out the corridor.

I love you”

“I love you too…… Now go before they leave you behind!”

Pushing him, he sprinted across the lawn to meet the rest of the boys by the van.

Smiling, he gave you one last wave before driving off.

Closing the door, you let out a long breath.

All you had to do was survive the next 4 months and then he would be back.

Everything would go back to normal.

Or at least you thought it would.

You hadn’t expected his whole life to change.

“You’re a Rolling Stone boy”

Watching him talk animatedly in front of you, you realized he was different.

Not in a bad way… He just wasn’t the same boy who left a few months ago.

This one was stronger, more confident, even happier.

The band had blown up so much, more than anyone could have imagined. They were finally getting the recognition they deserved and you couldn’t have been more excited.

Babe thats great! I can't believe this is all finally happening for you guys”

“I know! Its unbelievable… Almost doesn’t seem real.”

Smiling, you settled yourself in his lap, giving him a long kiss.

As amazing as this all is… I'm honestly just glad you’re finally home. Everything just feels right again”

As your were talking, you noticed his smile start to turn into a small frown.

Right… Um… About that…”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you gave him a confused look.

He let out a small sigh, dreading the conversation you both were about to have.

I really did think i would be home for a while but since things are picking up so quickly for the band, thats not going to be the case anymore. Management wants us to finish the album as soon as possible.”

Quiet, you still weren’t sure what that meant.

Avoiding your gaze, he kept talking.

“This means we have to fly back to LA to complete it before the next leg of the tour starts…… I'm leaving in a few days”

As soon as you processed what he said, you felt your stomach drop instantly.


Panicking, he started rushing the rest of his words.

But i talked to the boys and our manager and they’re all cool with you coming along, so what do you say?”

He beamed at you with the brightest smile while you stayed emotionless.

Cal i can’t… Finals are coming up… things aren't easy right now.”

Face falling, he focused his eyes on your shorts, playing with the hem.



You didn’t know what to say anymore.

While his new life was taking off, his old one with you seemed almost unreal.

You were so scared the end was coming up soon.

He was becoming a rolling stone while you stayed a set of lonely bones.

Raising his eyes, he watched your face as the thoughts ran through your mind.

Hesitating, he started to ramble.

We’ll figure something out… Maybe i can leave early and spend the last few days here before tour… Or you can come for a weekend… Anything… dont give up just yet”

You watched as he desperately tried to think of something to keep your relationship alive.

Snapping out of your mindset, you focused on him again.

Definitely… we’ll find a way around this… we always do”

At first giving you a relieved smile, he instantly turned it into a mischievous grin. 

Well since we have such a short amount of time now… might as well make it last right?”

Wiggling his eyebrows, he threw you backwards onto the couch, kissing your neck as your laughter fill the room. 

Raising up, he looked deeply into your eyes, letting you know how much he loved you, causing you to remember why you stuck around.

He was were you wanted to be and there was no way either of you were giving up that easily.

At least you weren’t.

He was a different story.

“I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me”

You had your head placed carefully onto his chest as his arms fell lazily around you, letting out soft snores.

Quietly, you raised a hand to softly trace one of his tattoos.

You missed so much the way he felt against you. You figured he missed your touch as well but now you weren’t so sure.

He had just returned from the last leg of the tour, a big finish for the band. You hadn’t been able to see him since he left for LA a few months ago.

And this time, it wasn’t even because of uni.

Everything had been set up for you to go visit him but management meddled in. They claimed it wouldn’t be good for the bands image for one of the members to have girlfriend so quick in the game. 

Basically, this meant you had to keep your whole relationship a secret.

No more dates, outside visits, or public mentions on social medias.

Everything stayed within closed doors.

At first neither of you really cared, it keep things simple and out of the public eye. He even agreed to come visit on his own since you could come to him.

But even then, that hadn’t happened.

Again management wanted more publicity put in for the boys, so that kept him busy up until tour started. 

Slowly, you had to push away the gnawing feeling in the back of you head, and went along with everything. There was always small breaks in the tour for him to come see you. You had to keep thinking towards that. He always kept telling you to focus on that.

But yet again, nothing ever happened.

There was always something that got in the way.

Publicity, recording, photo shoots.

All things he said needed to be done, out of management’s request.

This lead to shorter phone calls, missed Skype sessions, even unanswered texts for days.

Which he always blamed on the same thing.


But you knew better.

Management didn’t make him go out every night.

They didn’t make him cozy up to countless girls.

Hell, they for sure didn’t place that cigarette in his hand.

You saw him slowly change even further away from the boy who left all those months ago into someone you weren’t sure you knew anymore.

Did he even know who he was?

You felt him shift some under your touch, eyes fluttering open.

He looked down at you with a small frown.

Why are you still awake?”

Shrugging, you kept on tracing his tattoo.

Couldn't fall asleep”

He grabbed your hand softly in his and brought it up to his lips.

You know, I’m the one who’s supposed to be jet lagged here… Not you”

Giggling, you pulled you hand from his, pushing up to give him a kiss before laying onto your side.

Shut up and go back to sleep Hood”

Stretching, he refused.

Nope, not until you fall asleep too”

Moving to be on his side, he laced his hand with yours, nose to nose with you.

I missed you so much”

Silently gulping, you felt the gnawing feeling push forwards again.

You wanted to believe him.

You really did.

But, you knew he wasn’t being 100 percent truthful.

Shaking your thoughts, you kissed him quickly on the nose before pushing his hair back from him forehead, something you knew put him to sleep.

I missed you too Cal… Now get some rest, we can talk later… Right now you need sleep”

Grunting, he was already on his way back to falling asleep.

After a few minutes, you realized he was out cold again.

Resting your hand in front of you, you traced the features of his face with your eyes.

You did miss him.

The part you of him you realized you couldn’t find in the body sleeping next to you.

“What happened to the soul that you used to be?”

Now that he was back home, you hoped he would turn back into the boy you loved. You prayed he would see the difference or understand what he had become.

But he didn’t.

Even though he was away from management for a while, he still acted like you didn’t exist in his new world.

Clubbing, smoking, drinking.

That was his priority 90 percent of the time.

There was the occasional moments he would go back to a version of his old self and remember you existed. 

It kept you in hopes he would come back.

But it never lasted.

The more he embraced the lifestyle that was thrown at him, the more you felt yourself wanting to walk away.

Eventually you started pulling a last ditch effort to make him understand he wasn’t the same. Little by little you started picking fights and arguments with him. You thought you could get him to snap. Get him to focus on making better choices. You wanted… no needed… him to be the soul he used to be.

But he didn’t want it.

He didn’t see why you couldnt just be happy for him.

You knew how much he wanted this, he thought you wanted it to.

And you did.

At first.

You just hadn’t realized the reality of it all.

“Im searching for something that i can’t reach” 

You watched him across the room as he threw his hands up in the air, veins popping out from his neck.

Quiet, you made no move to show any response.

You were done.

Everything… from the pictures… to the tweets… even his own wandering eyes.

You finally had enough.

No matter how much you searched for the boy you once fell in love with, there was just no reaching him anymore.

You felt a lone tear slip down your face without any warning.

Shifting your eyes away from him, you hoped he hadn’t seen.

But he did.

Stopping mid sentence, he clenched his jaw, hating what everything had come to.

I dont know what you want from me anymore”

Blinking away a few tears, you just shrugged, speaking in a small voice.

I dont know”

Rolling his eyes, he turned around to throw his hands up in defeat… Something he hadn’t stopped doing since he came home that morning.

Wow that’s rich, you pick an argument and then cant even fight your own battle? Fucking waste of time and breath if you ask me”

Shakily looking back to him, you shook your head.

That was it.

No more.

Sorry you feel that way about me… Didn’t know i was such a inconvenience to you.”

Anger faltering, he tried to keep up his stance but he started to worry where this argument was about to turn to.

I didn’t mean it like that, stop trying to twist my words”

Letting out a dark laugh, you stared at him in disbelief.

Then what the fuck did you mean Calum? Please enlighten me”

You saw fear flash through his eyes but quickly get hidden again behind his anger.

His temper was overpowering everything else inside him.

Im talking about your constant bitching. Its like nothing i do is good enough anymore ”


Silent, he watched you with wide eyes. 

He had never seen you so angry.

Ignoring his now pleading look, you shook your head.

You know what, you were right. This is a waste of time and breath.”

Pausing, you held his eyes through your blurry vision. 

Im done”

As soon as those two words fell from your lips, everything he built up, fell.

Through everything that happened between you both, he never once thought you would ever say those words.


Blinking quickly, you fought to stop the tears, but they were to heavy.

You heard me Calum… Im done”

Not wanting to believe you, he let out panicked words.

What do you mean you’re done? You mean you're done with this conversation? Then okay its done, we dont have to bring it up again.”

Broken, you hated seeing him so distressed.

Thats not what i mean…. You know that”

Shaking his head, he looked like a little boy doing everything he can to fight the truth.

You’re done with today… that’s fine, we’ll fix this tomorrow okay? Lets just watch a movie and calm down for a bit… Cuddle and-”

“Calum stop!”

Taking in shallow breaths, he had his own tears falling from his eyes.

Im done with this…. Us… I can’t do it anymore”

You watched his adams apple bob in his throat as he tried to talk steadily.

You dont mean that”

“Yea… I do”

Rushing forwards, he grabbed both of your hands in his, staring with pleading eyes.

No… You dont… We always fight like this, but then it all gets better, Okay? So say you dont mean that…Please”

You heard his last word crack, breaking the last piece of you.

Taking in a deep breath, you pulled away.

But dont you get it? Thats not okay! There’s a reason we always fight! and that reason is plain and simple….. I dont belong in your world anymore.”

“No, thats fucking bullshit and you know it!”

You ran your hands down your face, wishing he would just let you go.

No its not! You have this new lifestyle that i can’t keep up with! Even management sees that!”

“Fuck what management says! I can’t lose you! You’re the one thing in my life that makes me feel sane!”

Staying quiet, you contemplated for a split second to take it all back.

You didn’t want to leave.

You loved him.

You needed him the same way he needed you.

But staring at the boy in front of you, you couldnt do it.

No matter how much you wanted to think he was the same Calum you fell in love with, he just wasnt.

You didn’t like this new person.

He needed someone to accept this change.

And it just wasnt you.

Cal… I love you so much… But i just can't”

His face flashed from hurt to anger within seconds.

Fine! Fucking leave! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

Pushing past you, he stormed out of the back door, slamming it.

Numb, you walked up to your room to pack your things, knowing there was nothing left to say.

You started grabbing bags and filling them up as much as you could.

The more and more you emptied out the room, you started to feel panic set in.

Each time you placed something in your bag, you silently hoped he would come stop you.

Sounded silly since it was what you wanted but you werent sure if you made the right decision.

Didn’t matter though.

There was no turning back now.

Walking back down the stairs, you glanced out the back window one last time.

He was hunched over on the porch rail, back tense.

He was making no move to stop you.

Just like you wanted.

Or at least like you thought you did.

Placing the house keys on the counter, you took one last look around.

After today, you would be gone from his life, nothing but a memory.

You would be his ghost.


Super cheesy and lame i know dont hate me🙈

Ive just had this song stuck in my head for so many days now its ridiculous, like its one of my favorite songs and all but omg I’m going crazy. Idk basically i decided to just write a mini story around it😁

ANYWAYS super sorry I’ve been missing for a while, family emergency came up that needed to be my priority for a while. Still is but i got this written quickly to one: give you guys something new and two:  TO GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD😭

Btw I am working on the next chapter for SL! Just still distracted from whats going on at home, but I'm working on it so expect that soon!

Whoa something i didn’t even think about, do y'all know this song? please tell me you do omg😳 
Im gonna leave out the artists name to see who knows it, because now I’m super curious👀  
Let me know if you do but clicking this dude: 

So like i know this wasnt the best piece I’ve written but i tried, hope you kinda liked it! Definitely let me know what you thought. Hope to talk to some of you guys soon!

Much Love❤️

idk guys… some of you are saying like.. “just wait until the few years!! just wait for Dino’s appearance THEN!! THEN YOU’LL BE BLOWN AWAY WATCH” I mean that’s fine for y'all if you wanna wait that long to finally recognize Lee fucking Chan for his talent + beauty. But tbh while y'all wasting your time waiting I’m loving him and giving him the recognition Dino deserves right now yikes

I’m giving this guy a hard time because his bio just says “I strongly prefer consent” which annoys me because a.) he seems to think he deserves some kind of recognition for liking sex better when he doesn’t rape his partner, and b.) he says he STRONGLY PREFERS consent, which implies that he’s cool with rape but would enjoy himself more if the sex were consensual

anonymous asked:

okay this one may sound funny but ere we go. you're in your own band and you're their opening act, but one of them develops a bit of a crush on you but doesn't tell anyone. but the fans kind of click on and how do you think they would find out? if that makes any sense can you do 4/4 or just ash, take your pick lovely.

nah babe i love these pls ill do 4/4

i want u to know that this killed me okay

okay so ashton is probably the one who even wanted you guys to open for them in the first place. like, maybe he saw some of your videos on youtube and thought you guys were good and thought that you were *cough* really fucking hot. so you guys start talking about your band opening for them and he starts tweeting that maybe he has a lil surprise and he’s hoping it’ll all fall through so he was like !!!!! when you guys agreed to come on tour with them. And you would be sososo grateful bc your band was finally getting the recognition they deserved so you came up to him and hugged him and was like “thank you for giving us this opportunity. i can’t even begin to say how much this means to me” and he’d kind of just stutter and be like “y-yeah no problem.” (kill me shy ashton uMPH) and pictures of you guys hanging out would leak and you would constantly tweet each other and the fans would be like “totally ship them!!!!” or s/t like that and then the boys would start teasing him and you and aw pls luke would probably be really hesitant because he didn’t really know your band like at /all/ but he thought you guys had a decent sound so he was like okay okay we’ll give them a shot so he only signs you on for half of the tour but you literally pump up the crowd so much and you’re actually better live so he’s like damn. and after the first show he comes up to you and is like “you were really great out there” and you smile and are just like “so we’ve got your stamp of approval?” and he just nods and smiles and you smile back and you guys start talking and he just thinks woah because he’s never really met a girl like you before and he really likes talking to you so you guys start to bond and hang out and the fans notice and it isn’t until one of your band mates tweets a picture of you guys sleeping together on the couch all cuddly that the entire fandom as a whole is just like “they need to date omg OTP !!!!!” im gonna puKE micheal is such a little shit i feel like right from the get go he’d be hitting on you like if you were the drummer he’s be like “you can bang on my drums any day” or the lead singer like “damn, you tap those notes so well, now I just wanna tap you.” or sOMETHING idk and he would somehow just pull you in and then like you guys had just finished your last song for opening and you’d run off stage and all the guys would high five ur entire band and then they would walk on stage and micheal would kinda just be like “wow!!! that was a great opening, don’t you think???” and the fans would scream so loud and micheal would just keep going on about ur band and then calum would be like “okay, mikey, we get it, now can we pls do our own show???” or something and micheal would stick out his tongue. and later on in the show when they were about to start kiss me kiss me he’d go “this one goes out to y/n!” and after the fans would just be like “I SHIP THEM SO HARD I WANT THEM TO MAKE BABIES” pls  oh god don’t even get me started on calum he’d probably start freaking out when he heard because he’s been in love with your band for AGES and he can’t wait to meet you so he’ll tweet a bunch about it like “listening to y/n’s soundcheck!!! sounds amazing” or something and you guys would have pictures of you two on both your insta’s making kissy faces and stuff and there’d be candids of you two all over the internet and fans would manip you two together, and nobody really knows why but your ship would storm the fandom and everyone would ship you two and you don’t know why because you’ve only ever been friendly to each other (okay, maybe a lil more than friendly but it’s because you’re so drawn to each otherand when you guys would finally get together the entire fandom would throw a parade  i may have gotten a lil carried away whoopsie daisies doing some blurbs so hMU

maybe this is kinda, sorta, unpopular opinion  but

i love hanyu yuzuru and all, but besides being (in my opinion) cute, he’s TALENTED too.



PATRICK CHAN from Canada. MY GOD. THREE-TIME WORLD REIGNING CHAMP, TWO-TIME GRAND PRIX FINAL CHAMP, TWO-TIME FOUR CONTINENTS CHAMP, AND SEVEN-TIME CANADIAN CHAMP. SERIOUSLY GUYS, YOU’RE GOING TO IGNORE HIM. and yes, i understand that hanyu yuzuru DID beat his score(and hanyu even broke a world record) BUT, you can’t ignore what Patrick Chan has done in ice-skating. You can’t. he’s been at it longer, yes, but that’s DEDICATION and it deserve to be APPRECIATED. Plus look at that gorgeous jawline and overall just BEAUTIFUL performances he does.

JULIA LIPNITSKAIA from Russia. DO YOU SEE THIS GIRL. YOUNGEST OLYMPIC ATHLETE AND BROUGHT HOME GOLD IN THE TEAM EVENT THIS OLYMPICS. IM 15 AND I GET WINDED CLIMBING STAIRS. She is goddamn TALENTED and you can’t ignore someone like that who is young, talented, and beautiful. AND HER SPINS ARE SO FLAWLESS GAHHHHH. she does exactly what you are to do in figure skating, MAKE IT LOOK AS EASY AS POSSIBLE AND GIRL DOES SHE DO IT. (btw her role models include Hanyu Yuzuru and Patrick Chan oh yes)



anyway, this post is not about bashing people for liking yuzuru for his looks and adorable personality nor for them ignoring his talent. this post’s purpose is to just raise some awareness about some other amazing figure skaters and the overall interest in figure skating.

Hanyu Yuzuru is a truly talented individual; achieving a World Record, working his butt off and performing astounding Short Programs and jumps, as well as even being one of the role models for Julia.

so yeah. have a nice day everyone