give this guy the recognition he deserves

Poor Ye Hua, I can’t with his selfless suicidal nature. It was unbearable to watch him going through so much pain. He was literally willing to die in order to wake up the guy he thinks Bai Qian is in love with. This some kind of Wang So’s level of love. Also, he lost his arm and is basically half dead, thanks to Zhe Yan for saving his life and giving Bai Qian hints that this man deserves some recognition for his courage and selflessness.

Another Wang So reminding stuff is the way Dong Hua absolutely “doesn’t care” about his mortal life with Feng Jiu. He was acting like he casually went to the mortal realm and came to the exact place where she was bleeding after taking an arrow for him - yes, Dong Hua, it’s really transparent that you are a man with noo feelings. It’s just like Wang So coming to the SoSoo spot after three years of separation and telling Hae Soo that he came there by mistake. Smooth. At this point, I see o hea for this couple and it upsets me.

Yes, I mentioned Wang So twice in this post which is not MLSHR related. What can I say, just ignore it :D

Second Chances

type: oneshot / scenario

genre: angst; PG

pairing: do kyungsoo x you

plot: in which second chances are not so easy to give out anymore


Silence has never been loud. Until now.

He was on the couch, scrolling through his phone. Any stranger would think nothing’s wrong with that blank look on his face. But you’re not them.

Of course, he is indeed an actor. One who deserves all the recognition he has gotten in the few years he decided to pursue his other dream. One who can lie his way out of things. One who can pretend everything’s picture perfect when it’s actually the complete opposite.

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This guy deserves some recognition

Ignoring all the shit that happened, now that it’s finally over, I thought of one character we should talk about instead. A character that actually, actually got his character arc completed in 700+10 with dignity intact. 

I’m talking about Kabuto.

Think about it. He’s been there since the start of the chuunin exams, has never been irrelevant, and got what his heart desired in the end. I think it’s lovely.

He starts out as this weak-ass eternal genin who seems like the nice senpai, supporting team 7. Then he does a 180 (in my opinion one of the best wtf moments I had while reading, bc it fit snugly with the plot and no one saw it coming) and reveals himself as Orochimaru’s spy, killing another Konoha ninja with no remorse whatsoever. 

Then we see him standing just one step behind Orochimaru throughout the entire manga, helping him in the Tsunade+Jiraiya+Naruto vs Orochimaru fight and being a good opponent for Naruto to show off his new skills and determination. 

He acts just as creepy but in some ways, he’s even worse than Orochimaru bc we thought he was the good guy, and now he’s doing god knows what to Sasuke as well as helping Orochimaru find eternal life. 

When Sasuke kills Orochimaru, what does he do? Well he gives himself a power-up and joins the war on his own terms, proving his skill and resourcefulness. To put it shortly, he goes from wuss to creepy side-kick to badass. 

And then the highlight of his character arc: the fight against Itachi and Sasuke. Basically, if Kabuto isn’t taken down, Naruto and Co. are gonna suffer badly. Most likely they’ll all die. Which means Kabuto is pretty damn interesting as a competitor for the title of “most important villain”. 

We get his back story. How he was an orphan (ofc duh) who was taken in by the Mother of Fire country’s one and only orphanage. And what does he do? Well besides being a cute as fuck kid he decides to join Orochimaru because he thinks it’s the best thing to do. It probably isn’t but oh well, he joins Orochimaru in search of who he really is. He wants to find himself but along the way he becomes more and more like Orochimaru, which Itachi calmly points out.

Funnily enough, Itachi has screwed up most things in his life but Kabuto’s redemption is something he can take 100% credit for. No talk no jutsu here, but instead a chance for Kabuto to realize things on his own and “find himself”. And when he does find himself… why he joins the good side and saves Sasuke’s life, of course. Aka still relevant.

I was wondering what happened to him after ch 700, but then 700+10 neatly completed his character arc, still in character, and doing what he wanted secretly within his heart.

He became a Father. 

I think it’s beautiful. Best dad award goes to Kabuto bc all the other boys suck at being fathers (well maybe not Chouji, Sai, and Lee… damn that kinda means it’s just Naruto and Sasuke who suck, how weird). I will use a Swedish idiom that perfectly describes my feelings: Narudad and Sasupapa - throw yourselves into a wall, Kabuto owns you. And that is all I will say on the matter.

Honestly I’m disappointed in some of this fandom right now like seriously you guys Niall tweeted first AND THEN Louis tweeted a few minutes later and it’s like some of you don’t give two shits. You keep saying Lou denied the rumors but Niall tweeted first! They both deserve recognition. All of the boys are just as amazing and they all deserve equally as much love. In all honesty we should be thanking Niall he is the one who took initiative. He did take the fear out if our eyes and minds first! Please notice and respect him for that regardless if you are a Niall girl or not.