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Okay, you probably know the “My life as a background Slytherin” comics by @emilyscartoons? (hint: I love them)

Have you ever seen her non-fandom art? (another hint: click every word to enjoy some of my favorites)



friggin’ beautifully




i’m actually really proud of sarah from the amazing world of gumball because even though she’s annoying loOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HER ART



“I’ll give you everything, Credence.”

Takes place post-movie, Real!Percival and Credence take off into hiding where no albino dark lords or overbearing governments can break what little peace they’ve managed to rebuild together. “We can’t go back for nothing, take what you need and say your goodbyes.” 

Check out the artists featured, please give them some love! @dlcaaa @dibeediboop​​ @rikuta​​ @lightningstrikes-art @chickenryo @nammmfah

You can also watch on Youtube if you like

Further info/sources can be found under the cut ouo)b

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Everyone, I was so pleasantly wrong about this doujinshi when I mentioned it a few months back. It’s not Jason/Dick, it’s Dick/Jason. So here is the even more rare bottom Jason fanbook for your viewing pleasure!

Title: Birdcall
Artist: Maisuke
Rating: R18

Artist Contact:
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Translator: ShiroiTenshiNoYume (Thank you so much Yume!)

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Well I thought today was just going to be a rollercoaster of phone calls and arguing with leasing offices and screening companies, but LOOK! LOOK LOOK LOOK! omg my commission came in! @flame-squad drew my charr necromancer going through a rough time at a bar! SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING~ Go give the artist some love! <3 <3 

So yeah this is Honeydew Smiles sometime after the whole “Shell Shocked” incident. It really, really messed with her. She’s not okay. 

Artist appreciation post!

As an artist, I follow a lot of other artists. And I want to appreciate the shit out of some of them, because DAMN SON, THEY GOOD!

So here is my appreciation for some of the artists I follow. Pleace check them out and give them some love!

These are people I know personally and they are my bestest of friends and they are amazing and I support everything they do, bc they are good and lovely and inspiring and they support the shit I do too!

@cizu-s - So pretty! So pretty, I tell you! Angelic even!

@kiwiitin - You want some delicious fan arts? Some delicious OCs? You want vibrant colours and awesome comics? Kwii is your gurl, for she is my homegurl!

@kromitar - Partner in crime regarding No End, overall awesomeness and skill! Look at them crisp lines and smooth colours!

@rraffeh - Coolest of styles, precious OCs, epic cuteness, Raffe has it all!

@woosome - They have the funkiest style, most creative ideas and super wonderful OCs! They are my homie too, they awesome!!

These are people who I admire and look up to. These people inspire me to be better, get better and I cry a little every time they post something (in a good way).

@nesskain / @kisskicker / @creaturexlll / @avaliart / @rennerei / @shoomlah / @loish / @quantumqstar / @fayren / @lackadaisycats / @bigbigtruck / @phobso / @paexie / @makanidotdot / @theminttu / @uzlolzu / @baewall / @coryloftis / @ktshy / @stephenbuntingart / @philliplight / @samuelyounart / @shuukind / @mattrhodesart

People i know and who are friends and family and awesome and who’s art make my heart go doki-doki!

@pandamort @ered-jaeger @clockworkmoth @tymiel @kojotei @huurma @mormuska @laquthenus @shockapop  @endrae @tubbsen @mewkur

this is normani as a tumblr plant grrrl 

janellemonae 🔲⚫️⚪️🔲

janellemonae Let’s give the makeup artist some love. @jessicapsmalls thank you for my under eye twinkles! And being a true artist. 🙏🏿 Congrats on your first golden globes!

janellemonae Let’s give the hairstylist sum. Thank you @nikkinelms for my diamonds and pearls and corseted hair. I love keeping Prince with me on the red carpet. 🙏🏿Congrats on your first golden globes! Thanks for being a true creative and Artist!💜 

janellemonae And let’s give the stylist sum! Thank you @stylememaeve for being the best partner in criminal fashion experience architecture.
I was so happy to design this dress with you and Armani! We just get each other. See you tonight!! So proud of you! Congratulations on your @marieclaire award for stylist of the year!!

janellemonae Thank you @georgeschakraofficial for my jumper!🙏🏿 #instyleafterparty #goldenglobes ⚪️⚫️⚪️🔲🔲🙏🏿


We aren’t bad people,
We just make bad choices.

Thank you so much to @just-face-planted for letting us dub their comic!

Please go give the artist and their original work some attention and love at this link here.


Well, it’s my first time making a seamless background! Feel free to use, but keep me sourced! Give some love to this artist ( ´•̥ו̥` )

It was inspired from Guild Wars 2, the Overgrowth territory from Edge of the Mists. Although my friend said it looks like more to Morgan’s Leap in Caledon Forest. Eh.

P.S. Don’t ask why the water comes from under the grass (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

she’s dangerous. [LISTEN]

she won’t stop me put it down // so get your gun and meet me by the door
1. jeff williams ft. casey lee williams & sandy casey: red like roses, pt. ii - 2. my chemical romance: hang ‘em high - 3. green day: she’s a rebel - 4. yeah yeah yeahs: date with the night - 5. oleksa lozowchuk & klaton: kill the sound - 6. fall out boy: she’s my winona - 7. the bones of j.r. jones: the heat - 8. muse: survival - 9. sleigh bells: demons - 10. linkin park: mark the graves

art © @rosiemonomi

Reminder- #Dumbfoundead artist feature is up!

“From Jay Park, Ailee, Tablo, Amber, Eric Nam, to Sam Kim, Esna, Lydia Paek and countless others it is no secret there doesn’t seem to be a place for them in their own western countries. Many artists will have success online with media outlets like Hypebeast, Complex and 88 Rising, but it still has yet to be enough to achieve full radio play.

But what about the artists who stay? We want to give not just some love, but respect to our local artists who have not just embraced the uphill battle in the states, but also welcomed kpop and hiphop artists into their studios and music venues. Dumbfoundead is our very first artist feature. Any fan of kpop should know this man, his music and his message. He has been making music for over 10 years and it is good. ”

Dumfoundead music and videos:

*image rights Duncan Cheng*


“It’s too late to turn back now…”

A big thank you to @draikinator for letting us dub their comic!

Give the original artist and comic some love here.