give these damn people a movie already


“I feel more than lucky to be playing strong women and to be, hopefully, inspiring some young women while they watch,” Emilia affirms. “And being asked to play Sarah Connor was one of those jobs where it was like ‘How could I EVER say no to that?’ “But there’s a stark difference between television drama, or movies, and reality,” she concedes.” - Emilia Clarke On Badass Roles, Inner Strength And Bumble Bees


Yes, I realize this is super late, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t post it at all.

It’s the new teaser for Toei’s theatrical OVA series, Digimon Adventure tri. It’ll be a series of six OVAs, each hitting Japanese theaters (as if oft the case).

But really, you probably know all that information already. Hell, part of the reason I’m posting this is because it gives me an excuse to watch the damn thing again.

I know some people are upset that Toei axed the TV series setup, and the first movie isn’t debuting until November, but I’m actually very happy with this result. After seeing the trainwreck that was Sailor Moon Crystal, I have to admit that I was more than a bit cautious about this project.

I’m not saying it still can’t be a trainwreck, but I’d much rather they take their time with each entry than force it out to meet the spring season.