give them room to grow

ilvermorny headcanon #3

the pukwudgie dorms would not be connected to the school itself. rather, they would be located in a cute little cottage (with an expanded charm - it’s actually huge on the inside) somewhere on the grounds. its distance from the main school would represent their value of individuality, not to mention it would give them plenty of room to grow all sorts of plants and things

What I want the most in life is for people to be allowed to be themselves around me. I want them to able to take as much as they need, to be allowed to feel fully without questioning wether it’s too much or not enough. I want them to give themselves room to grow and to know that they’ll never knock down my walls doing so. I want them to be themselves, to be messy, to make mistakes, to learn and know that I won’t turn my back on who they are.

|| @ersatzambassador ||

Mikayla hummed softly as she reached up to wipe at the sweat that had gathered at her brow from the heat of the sun that shone down on her. Out front in her flower gardens, she was working on clipping the dead flowers off, giving them room to grow new and continue blooming for as long as they were able to. The blonde woman loved gardening, loved flowers, and her yard showed as much. The flowers lined along either side of the front porch, a pleasant combination of blues, lavender and yellow flowers accenting the pale yellow house with white shutters. 

Hearing somebody approach, Mickey turned and looked up from beneath the brim of her sun hat. Grunting with the effort it took her to get to her feet (she certainly wasn’t a young woman any longer), she moved to take her gloves off before looking back to the person and offered a gentle, kind smile. 

“Hello. Can I help you?” She prompted lightly, her posture and expression both showing the gentle nature of the woman 

When we care about someone, we want to give them all the answers. We want to protect them from hurting themselves. We want to show them what they need to change in life to be happier. But unfortunately, there can be no coercion when it comes to personal and spiritual growth. This is why our words sometimes fall on deaf ears.
True care for someone is simply loving them as they are, giving them time to make mistakes and the room to grow at their own pace.