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Hello, first let let me introduce myself as an elia martell lover, and second I kinda low key ship jonerys though my two oops with Jon are Samxjon and Robbxjon, but I know you ship jonsa and that's great we should all ship and let ship, but all this fandom drama between opposite side shippers is getting to me so to feel a bit better I'm looking to just avoided tumblr for a while but before leaving I wanna ask what makes you ship jonsa? I genuinely want to know.

Hello, thanks for introducing yourself to me.

I started working on this reply then I loss it so I can’t make any promises that it will be any good.

So why do I like Jonsa?

1. They aren’t meant to be

Now I know this might seem like a weird reason to like a ship but this is one of my favorite things about Jon and Sansa. The world of GOT is gritty and cut throat. It’s a fantasy world but it’s not a fairytale world. That’s why the idea of these two people going through so much individually away from each other, being on seemingly opposite paths in life romantically, but reuniting at this crucial moment and developing genuine feelings is so appealing to me. Their love wouldn’t be fated by the universe. It wouldn’t be something that was always meant to happen, it wouldn’t be something that was inevitable. It would be something that blossoms because of who they are and what they mean to each other. It would mirror how real life love tends to happen. In real life we don’t go on parallel journeys with our great loves and then meet at a universe determined point of convergence and instantly fall in love. We exist in our worlds and sometimes it’s pretty and sometimes it’s ugly and then suddenly you’re at concert and you lock eyes with this guy and he’s handsome and you exchange numbers and you get to know him and he makes you feel respected and valued and wanted and you fall in love with him. When I think about Jon and Sansa and how their love story would be that’s what I think of. Two people who existed in a shared world but never understood each other until one day they lock eyes at castle black and relief washes over them because it’s familiar and they both really need familiar. Then one day Sansa realizes that this guy makes her feel respected and valued and safe and she loves him for it. And for Jon, he looks at her one day and she’s beautiful and she’s smart and she challenges him and she gives him a reason to fight in this brutal world again and he loves her for it. It’s not a fairytale but it’s beautiful in it’s own right because it’s organic and pure

2. They compliment each other

Sansa has been through so much and she’s rightfully hardened. She’s not a hateful Bitch by any means, but Sansa has grown used to being betrayed which is breed feelings of mistrust in her and a low tolerance for bullshit. Jon brings a necessary balance to this in sansa. He’s still very much empathetic to those he even sees as an enemy. He still has a element of idealism to him that I think Sansa will need in her life so that she doesn’t slip into the type of hardness we saw in Cersei. Jon still trusts people, he still trusts in the goodness in people and I don’t think Sansa does but I think she needs to because even tho the songs were lies, even tho she had to have her fairytales ripped away from her in the harshest of ways, there are still good people in the world, there are still trustworthy people out there. She doesn’t have to walk around with a wall of suspicion all the time, doing so will get exhausting eventually. Jon has already brought this to her life because he’s restored her faith in men and he can keep doing this for her. As for Jon, well Jon can be a dumbass sometimes let’s just be honest lol Sansa brings a necessary sense of pragmatism to Jon to balance out his impulsiveness. Sansa is very smart and well versed in this game they will have to keep playing for the rest of their lives. She’s the missing link Jon needs to make sure he doesn’t end up like his predecessors. They make the perfect team and have a mutual respect and understanding that makes them well suited to build a stable and good life together.

I also like that Jon is very passionate. I know we associate Jon with broodiness most of the time but I’ve always seen an innate passion in Jon. He’s passionate about his family, he was passionate about the watch, he was passionate about ygritte, and now he’s passionate about Sansa. Maybe it’s the targ blood or even the wolf in him but he has a fire in him that I think Sansa needs after all of her experiences. She needs a man who will bring something innately passionate to her, spark a fire in her, push her, frustrate her, arouse her. She needs someone who won’t treat her like porcelain glass and I feel like Jon can do that. Jon needs someone who will in a way dominate him and I think Sansa can do that. When I say dominate him I don’t mean someone who makes him their little pet and constantly gets him to bend to their will. I mean someone who will challenge him in a way that makes him stand back in awe. Someone who makes him feel less like a hero or a savior and more like a regular person who doesn’t know everything and doesn’t do the right thing all the time. Sansa does that, she illuminates his flaws in a way that makes him adjust, not feel inadequate, she respects his leadership but she doesn’t worship at his feet. She sees him as a good competent man but he’s not infallible, he’s not just a hero, he’s Jon and sometimes Jon is stupid, sometimes Jon is impulsive, sometimes Jon needs to be checked just like everyone else. Sansa is the best person to do this from him, she already does it. To borrow Kit’s words Sansa twists Jon in a way that no one else does and he needs that in his life after experiencing something like a death and a resurrection because without it he becomes the mythic god that all these people thinks he is, that he doesn’t want to be.

3. They make sense

Even from a nonromantic standpoint Jon and Sansa make sense. I like things that make sense, that aren’t rooted in just my emotions but also logic. I think ships where there is a rational reason why they would fall for each other or end up together in some way and Jon and Sansa have a lot of logic to back up a potential marriage. Sansa is the key to the north, she always has been. Once Jon’s parentage is revealed he will need her if he wants any claim over the north. A marriage with Jon would be politically advantageous for both of them, giving Sansa power that she needs to maintain her autonomy and giving Jon a claim over the north that he will need of if he wants to unite the 7 kingdoms. It’s hard to resist something that makes so much sense which is why once I realized how good of a match they were and that there was a precedent for cousin marriages I couldn’t resist.

I hope this answers your question. I know I rambled a lot and in my original reply my thoughts were organized but better but this is pretty much why I ship the two of them.

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More Announcer, please? Like, happy or sad boyo?

He’s pretty much a really laid-back, sort of cheerful person? Nothing really bothers him since he’s pretty much seen them all, working in the Casino for so long. 

I mean he does get really witty and excited when he’s giving commentary as a ring announcer and he lifts up the audience’s hype at a match, so yeah he’s generally a mild happy guy


It’s the luminous and lovely thundersshadow’s birthday, and as per the usual, I gift her (and the rest of you, if she’s magnanimous enough to share) a birthday snippet. I panicked a bit over this one because I feel like I’ve already posted half the chapter in snippets and I have to leave some things to the imagination, but then I realized that I could actually build upon this one, the original bday snippet (which has changed slightly since then), which is the beginning of the chapter and thus won’t be giving too much else away, and yay everyone wins!

So have an awesome, amazing day, Sam, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. =D

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Tbh I feel a part of why the NXT Divas Division is just better is the commentary

Obviously the girls are amazing but being commentated like a legitimate match and not “all girls just hate each other, let’s talk about the app not the match” is so much better. They treat it like it’s not a joke and they give a damn. Like Corey cracks Becky jokes and says Carmella is pretty but NEVER steps out of line like Jerry and Corey finished his comments with how in ring they rock and are super talented, when was the last time Jerry said a girl was a good wrestler?