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Parwez (age 15)

“I come from Nangarhar in Afghanistan.

I’m travelling with my cousin - it’s just the two of us now. I’m 15 and my cousin is 16. My father was with us too, but we lost him on the way, in the forest on the border between Iran and Turkey. The police fired on us, and I don’t know where my father went. After that, we moved on to Bulgaria and to Serbia.

My father always told me: ‘You have to be strong because the way that we are going is very hard. Your life is in danger, you have to leave Afghanistan.’

We’ve been here in Belgrade for 12 days. We’re sleeping in an old train station, in a big hall. It’s not good at all, it’s too smoky. We don’t have clean water to drink. At 1PM, volunteers come and give us food, and sometimes we also eat eggs.

Before we left, my father said: ‘There’s no peace here, there’s only war, that’s why we have to go.’

My father had been to France before his job. When we left, I expected that we’d go to France and that there’d be no war.

I feel like I don’t have any chance. I told the authorities that I want to go to one of the camps [in Serbia]. They told me that I can go to a closed camp, but I don’t want to live like that. I’d like to go to an open camp.

The way we have been treated makes me feel really sad. I don’t like politicians – it’s because of politicians that we are stuck here.

It wasn’t a good situation in Bulgaria. The police came, and they beat me. Here in Serbia, a lot of organisations are helping us. But the weather is too cold.

My family are still in Afghanistan. Sometimes I talk to them on the phone.

I’m really sad now because my mother isn’t here, I don’t have my family, it’s not a good life. When I sleep at night, I always cry. I say to my cousin: ‘Where is my mother, where is my father, where is my family?’”


Carry On Bucky Barnes x Reader

Sooooo this is my first short, if you are going to comment please be honest but gentle pleaseeeeeeee

So some background on your character:

  • She is a Mutant like Logan (Wolverine) has healing factor like him as well as some other power (not used here)
  • She knew Steve and Bucky in the 40s (the three of them were BFFs)
  • She fell in love with Bucky
  • A year after Steve and Bucky “Died” HYDRA caught her and turned her into the Winter Soldier’s Partner
  • Winter Soldier and Y/N fell in love and tried to escape, ending with HYDRA making Soldier kill her
  • Y/N didn’t die came back to life tired to find Soldier but thought he was dead so she went and lived with Howard

Sooooo yep there it is - The is the tempo the song is going to
*Russian text done with google translate*

Characters: Steve, Clint, Natasha 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader 
Word Count: 1505

It is a simple mission, just a normal “get in, get info and get the hell out” kind of mission. Steve was on board with it, he knew I could handle myself. Bucky on the other hand… he is a little more reluctant to let me go. I am packing in my room, making sure I have everything I need while Bucky and Steve are sitting on my bed watching me pack, well Steve is making sure I won’t forget anything, Bucky was just pouting
Steve: Got your Katana?
Y/N: yes mother, god you are worse than Tony
We both let out a small laugh, both glancing at Bucky to see if he cracked a smile. Nothing. I look at Steve and he shrugs and gets off the bed.
Steve: I’ll go see if Clint is ready to leave
I nod mentally thanking Steve, he gives me a nod back and leaves the room. I zip up my bag and Bucky finally spoke
Bucky: you shouldn’t go
Y/N: Buck I’ll be fine, it is a simple mission
Bucky: but you are going in alone
Y/N: I’ve done that plenty of times before Buck
I sit on the bed in front of him and he moves forward letting his head rest on my shoulder. Even though this is a normal thing for us it doesn’t fail to make my heart skip a beat every time, even back in the 40’s
Y/N: what’s wrong Buck?
I run my hand though his hair waiting for him to answer
Bucky: it’s just a bad feeling. I can’t place it but it feels like we have been here before
I almost froze in place. The thing is that we have been in this place before. Years ago, while we were both stuck in HYDRA. It was the same moment before we were caught escaping and Bucky was forced to kill me. I still have the bullet scar from that night, I still lived with that memory of watching them dragging him away from me tears running down his face.
Me: I will be find Buck, I have Clint and Natasha as back up
He pulls away from me and looks me in the eyes, those beautiful ice blue meeting my (Y/E/C)
Bucky: быть безопасным (Be safe)
I smile and kiss his cheek
Y/N: YA vsegda (I always am)
Bucky gives me a small smile and I climb off the bed
Y/N: I will see you soon Soldier
I grab my bag and walk out of the room
*Four Days later on the Quinn Jet back to the Tower*
The mission went well I got out without a scratch… okay that is a lie I have a graze on my side and a clean through and through bullet wound on my left shoulder. Natasha patched me up pretty good until Bruce can get to me.
Natasha: soooo when are you gonna tell Barnes?
Y/N: what are you talking about Natalia?
She gives me a small smirk
Natasha: that you love him? That you still love him
I let out a sigh and let my hand run through my hair before I look at her
Y/N: never
Natasha: but Y/N –
Y/N: Natalia no. he doesn’t remember me and it is better he doesn’t remember that part of his life
I look to the floor of the jet
Y/N: it will be easier for him not to
Natasha doesn’t say a word, just reaches out and squeezes my hand than gets up and goes over to Clint. I watch them talk and I can’t help but feel a little jealous, the two of them had each other they made it through everything the world through at them. I let out a sigh and lean back, we should be back in less than an hour, a little nap wouldn’t hurt. I close my eyes and level out my breathing. All of a sudden my phone goes off, not the avengers one, my personal one. I quickly answer it
Y/N: hello?
Jarvis: hello Ms Y/L/N, I am very sorry to disturb you but Captain Rogers needs to speak to you immediately, it is concerning Sergeant Barnes
Y/N: Put him through J
Within seconds Steve is on the line
Steve: Y/N! its Bucky
Y/N: What is going on?
Steve: he is having a panic attack… Y/N he thinks you are dead
My eyes go wide
Y/N: how did this start? He knew we were on the way back
Steve: he was reader his old HYDRA file to get some memories back… Y/N he found you
Everything made sense the minute Steve said that, he remembered the time he shot me and he can’t get out of it. How can I get him out of it, we are still at least 15 minutes away. Then it hits me
Y/N: Jarvis
Jarvis: yes Ms. Y/L/N
Y/N: put my on speaker in that room
Jarvis: yes Ms. Y/L/N
I wait for a few seconds
Steve: you’re on Y/N
Y/N: Bucky, love I need you to listen to me okay? I am coming home I am okay. I’m coming back to you
Steve: nothing Y/N
I take a deep breath and close my eyes and get up and go over to Clint, I keep talking trying my best to talk him out of it. I sign to Clint to Step on it and he nods. I take one more deep breath and sing
Y/N: Carry on my wayward son/ there’ll be peace when you are done/ lay your weary head to rest/ don’t you cry no more
I move to the door waiting for us to land listening and hoping this will work
Y/N: Once I rose above the noise and confusion/ just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion/ I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high
I start to hear his breathing even out
Y/N: Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man/ Though my mind could think I still was a mad man/ I hear the voices when I’m dreaming I can hear them say
I hear Tony entering the room, I know he loved this song too
Tony: I haven’t heard this in years
Y/N: Carry on my wayward son/ there’ll be peace when you are done/ lay your weary head to rest/ don’t you cry no more
I hear Natasha whispering to Clint but I don’t pay too much attention to it
Y/N: Masquerading as a man with a reason/ My charade is the event of the season/And if I claim to be a wise man Well, it surely means that I don’t know
I hear Bruce
Bruce: that is beautiful
Y/N: On a stormy sea of moving emotion/Tossed about, I’m like a ship on the ocean/ I set a course for winds of fortune,But I hear the voices say
I start to tap my feet, I need to be there
Y/N: Carry on my wayward son/ there’ll be peace when you are done/ lay your weary head to rest/ don’t you cry no more
I hum the rythme a little as Clint lands the jet. Once he opens the door I blot out running towards Bucky and the others Still singing.
Y/N: Carry on, You will always remember Carry on,/ Nothing equals the splendor/ Now your life’s no longer empty Surely heaven waits for you
Once I reach the room I see Bucky in the corner of the room his knees pulled to his chest his eyes red and puffy, tear stains on his cheek Steve sitting beside him. I turn off my phone and walk towards him finishing the song, he looks up and he gets up with Steve helping him
Y/N: Carry on my wayward son/ There’ll be peace when you are done/ Lay your weary head to rest/Don’t you cry, Don’t you cry no more
The minute I finish the song, Bucky runs over to me and almost tackles me into a hug hiding his face in the crook of my neck. I can feel fresh new tears falling from his face
Bucky: I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry!
Y/N: hush love, it is okay it is in the past now. I’m here, I’m with you
He pulls back and looks at me. I open my mouth to say something, but he doesn’t give me a chance. Instead he attacks my lips with his with a needy but loving kiss. I am shocked for a few seconds but kiss him back with the same neediness and love he was giving me. Once we break apart he rest his forehead on mine
Bucky: I love you
I smile and give out a small chuckle
Y/N:I love you too Bucky
I quickly take his hand and drag him away up to my room
Bucky: where are we going?
Y/N: bedroom. I need sleep and you need cuddles

Extended ending
Tony: Jarvis?
Jarvis: yes sir
Tony: did you record her
Jarvis: yes sir
Thor: I was not aware that lady Y/N has such a beautiful voice
Steve Chuckles and everyone looks at him
Steve: They never change

Awed - 7 :F:

BTS - V (Taehyung) series
Warnings : Contains mature content, also slang words.
Genre : Angst,fluff,smut, all mixed up XD

You could’ve heard to Taehyung’s explanations but now there was not a single ounce of mercy left for him after you heard him and his mother bickering. Hearing the phrase of even ‘You know you have to pay back if she won’t agree’ ‘So much money can’t be gifted for free, okay?’, the money Taehyung had lend to my father in exchange of me also intern ship in his company.

Taehyung had been a suspicious one since the start you had known him. He would enjoy peace in a corner even in the parties. Just that he opened up a bit to the group he is with now, Jimin, Jungkook and the others. He is a rebel. Complete troublemaker but also a smart-ass.

Quietly sitting in your library you tried to forget all the mess in your head. 

“Get out!” you shouted as you heard the door click open and without seeing you could tell who it was.

“Hear me out please.” Taehyung whispered.

“Won’t change a thing.Try your luck anyways” you muttered.

“Give me a chance like you do to these.” He said brushing his hands on the books arranged in front of you. “Come here” he said motioning you to join him at the ‘romance’ section.

“These are your life aren’t they?” he asked with a smile.

You just nodded in agreement. These books had been with you every time. The peace you used to find in this room being surrounded with them. Not just romance but mystery , horror, your fantasies.

“Aren’t you now in ‘kiss the angel? Just like daisy wondering arranged marriages don’t happen in this modern world so how did she end up in this fix” he smiled. “Like his fiancée Alex is a soulless man, I am too, more like used to because he gets a partner who has a beautiful heart.”

You just stared at him in awe as he continued.

“Like the ‘age of innocence Archer was torn between duty and passion. My dad is too.”
“Now you might be wondering that we are like Charles and Sophy from ‘Grand Sophy’ getting married to solve the family stuff but I assure you it’s love.” He whispered the last few words and continued.

“Like Persuasion’ you are being Anne and breaking the engagement with Wentworth due to some misleading from lady Russell, my mother is fitting for this one” he chuckled.

“Now that it is on guiding and misguiding, like ‘the phantom of opera’ Christine hears voices which eventually teaches her to sing, in our case watching you have taught me to live.” He was staring deep into your eyes. 

When did he even read these? You had seen him being all alone but not with a book. He also became a troublemaker but not a person like this.
the look in his eyes told he still had more to say.

“Take the place of Gilbert from The tenant of wildfell hall Gilbert offers his friendship but the the reclusive behaviour of the lady and the other gossips from people misplaces his trust on her. But when he reads her diary he gets to know her shocking past which eventually gets the trust back too.”

You still stared at him unable to answer, your mouth was agape as he sat on one knee and reached out his hand.

“Open the diary of my life. Read my past. Add me in your shelf like one of the book having unexpected turns and I’ll keep on making the happy little things possible.” 

Still not being able to get anything you say you stood still.

” Like ‘the princess bride we will have all the things, little fights , hate, the part we are onto” he chuckled and continued “ bad men, which is your father for you right now, beautiful woman , for me which you are, escapes, escapes from our misery, sadness all the bad things, death, as we will also grow old together, miracles, one will happen right now if you say yes, truth, which is the only thing I’ll speak from now on, mm a little sex” he smiled ”and most of all true love. Love that will last forever”

“Marry me?” he proposed staring deep in your eyes searching for an answer.

Did he just-?
You had a lot of questions popping up in your mind but the only way to find the answers to those were to accept him, open his diary of life, read it, make it a part of you, which you did by slowly lifting your hand and holding his which reached out to you.

Sorry for the short chapter
Always open for requests and suggestions :’)
Thank you all <3 

anyway 2015 is coming to a close and i just gotta say that this was one of the toughest yet necessary-for-my-growth years i’ve had since the unmentionable 2009 which says a lot. my anxiety reached new heights this summer and then later i met a guy who brought me a kind of calm not a lot of people do and told me shit like “i was meant to meet you” while he held me (bc i actually let someone touch me, when i usually don’t) and “it hurts to look at you” as he was saying goodbye a few days later after choosing the other girl. you go through days and nights that make you think you’ll never be calm/happy again, will never trust/open your heart up again but then you get a few days’ sleep and you listen to your favorite songs and you talk to your best friend and you give yourself pep talks in the shower and you go on. i don’t want to get too fake deep on here and i don’t know how hard everyone has it but what i can say is that staying alive is 100% worth the chance of being happy again. give it time and give yourself credit and find some peace. life is good peeps