give our heart


Scott: gotta keep moving forward together. If you get scared, just hold our hands and we’ll continue to lead the way. Keep venturing on. 

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The reason why borderlines get so upset over our favourite person showing love or caring about others is because of how we perceive caring and love. To us, caring about our favourite person means giving our entire heart to them. Making our life completely about making them happy and adoring them as much as possible. And we can only give ourselves so completely to one person at a time. So when the favourite person then expresses caring or love towards someone else, we perceive it as them offering themselves completely to that person and that they don’t care about us (since we think that you can only care about one person at a time). And that’s why we get so hurt by it. Not because we’d like being mean and jealous, but because we genuinely feel abandoned and unloved when it happens because we don’t understand normal caring or love.

My child, give Me your heart and let your eyes delight in My ways. Proverbs 23:26
In other words, when we give our heart over to God, He directs it towards His love and we are able to follow Him wholeheartedly. We are able to accomplish things for God’s glory and overcome temptations that might have otherwise been impossible.
Verses to ponder:
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” Proverbs 4:23
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21
“Set your heart on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God” Colossians 3:1


     ↳ sotus: the series (2016-2017)

“The gear represents our unity. And it’s very important because it was hard to obtain. It’s because of its importance that it is considered to be the heart of the engineering student’s heart. To the point where they say the gear is within the heart…the heart is within the gear. If we give our gear to someone, that means we’re giving them our heart.”


Commander Masterpiece

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

He tapped the spoon on the cup’s rim and set it on the saucer. “When pleased, I beat like a drum. When sad, I break like glass. Once stolen, I can never be taken back. What am I?”

She thought for a long moment before venturing, “A heart?”

Hatta’s eyes warmed. “Very acute, Lady Pinkerton.”

“It’s very good,” she said, “although I wonder whether it wouldn’t be more accurate to say, ‘Once given, I can never be taken back.’”

That would imply we give our hearts away willingly, and I am not sure that is the case. Perhaps we should ask Jest when he returns. I daresay he’s the expert.”

Sterner stuff

Oh, my love

there’s not enough

time to show all I feel

Life is tough

Our love is still

made of sterner stuff

Rough and gentle

pleasures and such pain

Skin on fire with our desire

sweet kisses in the pouring rain

Giving and taking

though our hearts are breaking

We come to the end of day

nothing left to say, except this

I’ll always remember

remember your kiss

We’re going to be constantly giving our hearts to the wrong boys and making mistakes but that’s okay as long as they’re not the same mistakes.
Because once you give your heart to someone they never give it all back. And if you keep giving your heart to the same boy, eventually he’ll have more of it than you do.
Waiting on something

have you guy’s noticed that were all waiting on something on almost all of  Shungiku Nakamura work’s.

Junjou Romantica : for misaki and usagi to tell takahiro about their relationship or him finding out 

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : Onodera saying I love you to Takano

Yokozawa Takafumi No Baai : Yokozawa and Kirishima telling Hiyo about their relationship

Hybrid child : To give us our broken hearts back…

like there’s a moment in each story that we’re all waiting to happen

I have never believed in love at first sight, that we are able to give our hearts away upon one view or that after just one glance we are in love. But I do believe the second I saw your eyes, I loved them. And the moment I saw your smile, I loved it. And the instant I heard you laugh I fell in love with the sound. I have never believed in love at first sight but I do believe that after one glance in your direction I have belonged to you completely.

It was good to hang out with Roh again. He’s been through some serious shit, and it’s something I’m going to have to deal with in the next 10 years I think. He went back home to take care of his mum while she was sick and on the way out. The things he has to say about his experience and her are touching. To see someone as beautiful as he is suffering was hard. The last 6 years doctors have been saying she only has a month, and he lived with the unknown of when. He’s strong, and kind, and he’s come out the other side still standing. To hear him talk about what he went through is rare.

I’ve missed him, he’s a kindred spirit in so many ways. I love him lots. I’m glad he’s back, and coping. He’s more at peace than I’ve seen since I’ve known him.


We think being broken is beautiful,
But we beg to be repaired.

We dance in the rain,
But we refuse to pack dry clothes.

We dream of a tomorrow,
But we cannot let go of the past.

We swear we are infinite,
But we all just want to die.

We drown in vodka,
But we want to remember.

We smoke our lungs out,
But we want to breathe.

We are disgusted with the world,
But we are making the world sick.

We are aching with heartbreak,
But we give our hearts freely.

We are tired of losing,
But we continue to play.

We think someone will save us,
But we surround ourselves with pieces of people.

We are the romantics,
But we swear love does not exist.

anonymous asked:

I dated a guy who did cocaine which ended our relationship. He has been sober for a couple months and keeps in contact with me but doesn't make much effort. He has always been indifferent and doesn't let himself care for people to the point where they can hurt him. I tried to be a light in his life but he just fed off of my empathy and ability to put others first and see good in them. There's good in him, which is why it's hard for me to move on and realize he's bad for me. How do I move on?

You still have feelings for him. We don’t give our hearts to people because they “deserve it”. That’s the brain talking, The heart doesn’t care. Time, distance and closure is the answer to your problem. There is no way of falling out of love which does not hurt. If I could find one I’d bottle it, sell it for $9.99 a pop and make a fortune.