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“My dear,” your aunt says, lifting a hand to adjust her shawl and causing a cloud of her expensive perfume to waft towards you. “Don’t take this the wrong way but we all knew your relationship with that young man of yours would not last.”

“Okay,” you say, unsure how else to reply. “I mean, we haven’t broken up. We’re just going through a thing.”

“He was incredibly good-looking and intelligent,” your aunt continues, ignoring you. “And the two of you just had so very little in common .”

Ouch, you think, torn between taking offence and marvelling at your aunt’s masterful dig at you.

“Too true, aunt,” you say, standing up from your chair and giving her a pat on the shoulder. “But, you know, plenty of fish in the sea and all that.”

Your aunt nods. “Yes, take comfort in that, my child. I, myself have never found that saying to be accurate but maybe you are the exception .”

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Lost in Fire ---- Chapter 6

Thank you so much for the love I’ve gotten! I was nervous writing my first fan fiction ever and stepping out of my comfortable lurking position on here. I’m still really insecure about it, but this fandom is amazing!

Warnings: contains adult content.

Enjoy  :)


Elias came home first and greeted Alex. He smiled when he saw you and he noticed you were flushing. You were calm and happy, something you hadn’t been for some time. “I’m happy you’re back, Y/N” he said, touching your elbow and giving Alex a grin, who smiled and winked at his friend. “Me too…” You answered. You helped the boys make dinner while Alex kept glancing your way, touching your back and ass when Elias wasn’t looking. “Don’t start something you won’t finish” you whispered, your body already responding to his touches. He gave you a piercing look “Who says I’m not planning to finish?”. You bit your lip and smiled.

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this is inspired by this art. i just saw it and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shirabu is a good guy. Okay, maybe he’s a decent guy, not entirely all good and sparkle he dare say. He’s hardworking, respectful, maybe a bit too hot-headed for the ‘good person’ category but he deals, he is content. He is capable of recomposing himself quickly, hiding whatever snarky comment he wants to make behind thinly pressed lips.

So he doesn’t really get what godly creature he pissed off to get this in return. Is it because of that one time when he threw a kid’s pencils out of the window in middle school and it cried? Well, the boy was an asshole and a bully, Shirabu did what he had to do. Maybe it is because his constant bickering with Goshiki, but, well, the kid needs to improve nonetheless, if he wants to follow the whole big ace dream he shouts about all day.

It’s Tendou who notices first and dear god does he ever keep his mouth shut? He raises an eyebrow at first, a smug expression on his face (that Shirabu will gladly smack off if he had the chance) as he eyes him. Gooddamit, why didn’t Shirabu notice this earlier? Why didn’t he notice before he went out of the changing room? 

It’s his stupid boyfriend’s fault. No one else in the world can be blamed for this, but Semi, Shirabu reasons. 

Tendou doesn’t leave at that, of fucking course. He whistles, which successfully attracts the attention of everyone in the gym and says, “You guys couldn’t wait until after practice?” 

Fucking Tendou with his weird as heck “I notice everything” personality.

Shirabu furrows his eyebrows, thinks very hard, replays every single moment in his life that lead him here, standing in front of a smug Tendou and a very curious Shiratorizawa ensemble. He comes with nothing.

Then, he turns to where Semi is standing (he looks like he doesn’t have a fucking care in the world as if they didn’t just–nevermind) and then it hits him, like a goddamn truck, because how the fuck does one not notice how incredibly tight is Shirabu’s jersey top on Semi.


He looks down at himself and sees it, the stupid number 3 jersey of his stupid boyfriend mocking him.

He can feel blood rushing to his face, all hot and annoying and he knows, he knows he’s blushing with his whole damn body judging by how warm and queasy he gets.

This wasn’t supposed to be the way they tell their team, this wasn’t-

Semi laughs, hight and pearly and so damn beautiful–no, scratch that–not beautiful, annoying. Why is he even laughing?

“I’m sorry,” he manages in between hiccups, “you’re just–adorable when you blush.”

Well, if shit couldn’t get any worse. Shirabu is torn between wanting to die and taking the goddamn compliment because it’s not very often that Semi sounds so painfully sincere. Jesus, why does his boyfriend need to be so gorgeous. Couldn’t he be less.. of that.

Tendou joins in, snorting, “Don’t you worry, Kenjirou-kun, it’s not like we didn’t know.” He rises his shoulders and sighs exaggeratedly, “I mean, you have to be blind not to notice.”

“We are all happy for you two,” Oohira reassures. 

Kawanishi gives him the most emotionless thumbs up Shirabu has ever seen.

Goshiki looks more embarrassed than Shirabu himself and promptly avoids looking at him, taking a liking to the nearby spot of dirt on the floor instead. 

Ushijima gives them a look, like why the hell is practice held off for this kind of look, or more like all i wanted was to play volleyball kind of look, or why is my team like that

Okay, Shirabu needs to stop thinking and start collecting himself.

“How about you two,” Ushijima starts and points towards both of them, “change so we can continue with practice.”

“Yes!” Shirabu chirps, embarrassed, as they both head towards the locker room.

They reemerge not 1, but 12 royal minutes later to a head shake and a sigh from Ushijima, one very embarrassed Goshiki and lots and lots of snickering


Viktor and Yuuri both got what they wanted in the end

 Despite how I really would have liked Yuuri to win the GPF, I think Yuuri and Viktor both got what they wanted in the end.

With Viktor, he’s been a lot more certain about what he wants, meanwhile Yuuri’s been all over the place in this final episode. He starts off with a firm decision of what he wants, but ends up changing his mind. I’ll go a bit into how his thoughts fluctuate.

As we know from that painful scene at the beginning, Yuuri starts off by wanting Viktor to leave his side as a coach once the GPF is over, and to go back to Russia and to competitive skating.

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Viktor naturally reacts poorly and breaks into tears (and breaks my heart while he was at it).

But while Yuuri tells Viktor this, he also admits that he won’t be skating anymore after this tournament.

Now, Viktor cries when Yuuri expresses his wish that the two part, more specifically that Viktor himself be the one to leave Yuuri. But then, he’s asking Viktor to leave, and there’s still some control for Viktor left within this request. Viktor himself will have the final say in whether he leaves or not. Still, it hurts all the same so tears leak from his eyes.

But then, Yuuri explains how he won’t be skating anymore. And as soon as he says that, Viktor’s eyes widen and the tears come gushing. 

Viktor cries more, more heavily and emotively, when Yuuri says he won’t be skating. This is the part that hurts him more. He wants Yuuri to skate. He fell for Yuuri’s skate, he desperately wants him to keep competing. And I think it was also because he thought that if he ever returned to competitive skating, that he’d want Yuuri to be there. He can’t imagine going back to the ice, to the world he once had without Yuuri and the Ls he gave him. 

If you’ll recall back in Russia, when Viktor was asked if he’d like to compete with Yuuri, he gives this little secretive little smile before diverting the reporters’ attention to Yurio. I think he did want that.

So what Viktor wants is to compete with Yuuri, but also to stay by his side as his coach. He wants both of these things.

The suggestion that Viktor skate without Yuuri by his side is just utter madness, preposterous. 

And Yuuri, oh Yuuri, what he wants is to retire, and have Viktor continue skating. He’s determined to have this, while Viktor is on another page completely! 

Yuuri is so firm on his decision that he doesn’t realise that it doesn’t really benefit Viktor like he thinks it does, that Viktor will be the one left behind. And indeed before his FS, there’s a strong sense of this ‘Viktor being left behind’ vibe.

As they walk to the rink, there’s a focus on their shoes. They stand still, then Yuuri takes a deliberate step ahead and away. The shot makes sure to linger on Viktor’s shoes on their own. As though Yuuri had just walked away from him.

Then after that, at rinkside, we have that feeling again.

Yuuri says he’s made up his mind (which we know to be retiring after the GPF and releasing Viktor to the ice). He grips Viktor’s hand and then he pulls away. Sure he pulls away because it’s his turn to skate, but the way Viktor’s hand is hanging there in suspension, reaching out for Yuuri in a way, it feels as though Yuuri has left Viktor behind here.

Yuuri’s entire FS is a testament to his decision. But we get the insight to what most of us could already tell from Yuuri’s character. Deep down, he doesn’t want go give up skating or Viktor. But he wants Viktor’s happiness above all, and he feels returning to the ice is the only way that will happen. 

He’s trying to get Viktor to understand with his skating. Doing a program with Viktor’s level of difficulty, the quadruple flip– Yuuri is showing Viktor what he is, and could be if he goes back to skating. His entire program is his love for Viktor. But it’s misguided. 

So it’s clear they’re at odds. Viktor wants one thing, Yuuri (thinks he) wants another. But after the moving FS, Viktor concedes in the end.

His face here says it all. He gives in to this man he loves so much. He’ll go back to competitive skating, it’s not like he never thought of it (he just thought Yuuri would be there too).

But Viktor’s still hoping that Yuuri makes the decision he wants. They had decided not to make any final decisions until the GPF was over, and Viktor is nervous and worried about how everything will go. He doesn’t want Yuuri to retire, but all he can do is what Yuuri wants for now. 

As he desperately hugs Yurio, I think this means many things. It’s a good luck for his friend and rinkmate’s FS, it’s a thank you for being the rival Yuuri needed, but it’s probably most likely comfort seeking. Viktor is worried about what Yuuri will decide in the end, seeing as he’s leaning more towards retiring.

I’m reminded of when he told Yuuri back in Russia to hug Yakov if he ever feels in trouble. Seems like Viktor needs a hug when he feels in trouble, and he certainly does here. He gets it from Yurio because he’s also close to Yuuri, he’s also feeling anxious that he might retire (which is obvious from Yurio’s reaction to the news). And Yurio really wins my respect when he pours those feelings into his performance, urging Yuuri to stay on skating in his own angry way.

While they hug we have Otabek’s thoughts which I believe act in place of BGM.

“Don’t forget what it is you want, now is the time to take off, live your life”

And it’s no coincidence that we break to this scene of Yuuri without Viktor:

He sees the discarded Makkachin tissue-box and water bottle, and he sees no Viktor. I think this was when he started to realise that if he did continue to skate (which he currently thinks he won’t) without Viktor there to support him, it would be incredibly lonely.

Meanwhile, Otabek’s thoughts continue in this line “dance your dream, sing your own song”, framing this pensive scene with Yuuri. 

Then of course, Yurio takes the stage, skating his convincing skate (full of agape and emotion–he’s grown so much!) and Yuuri is kind of wowed. It seems the performance, and the result of it which show that Yuuri just misses the gold medal, light a fire under him (Yuuko did say he hated losing). So he thinks “I think I’ll continue, I’m not done yet.” I recall him once saying he’d only be done when he wins gold with Viktor. But then, he understands that should he continue skating, he doesn’t want to do it without Viktor. He wants them to win the gold together.

When Yuuri asks that Viktor still be his coach another year, the medal is flung in the air and discarded. It’s on the floor for crying out loud!  Just as Otabek’s thoughts had acted in time with Yuuri “Don’t forget what it is you want”, Yuuri now knows what it is he actually wanted all along, which was, is and always will be Viktor

But I think even here, Yuuri’s still at odds with himself. Because he wants Viktor to be happy on the ice, he still wants him to skate competitively once more, but he also wants him by his side. So he asks for just one more year! One more year is the compromise he comes to, because he’s torn between his two desires. 

And then Viktor, as always really, gives him what he wants. He gives him 5 more years, or however long it takes, forever. But on top of that, he also says that he’ll be competing too. So from what he wants, Yuuri gets both, Viktor gets both and they get each other.

Yuuri holds the medal to his chest, but it’s his gold ring that glitters in this shot. The gold that really mattered is already with him. It’s the real gold he won with Viktor.

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Movie Date

“Can you write one where your crush is your best friend even though you go to different schools, and you go see a movie together and it’s cute but also you hook up in the back row? ;) He’s really tall and I’m short so if you wanna include that you can. Thanks :)”

Not my best work but I hope you enjoy anyway. And by the way, unless you specify otherwise I’ll always make the characters sassy because I find those imagines to be the cutest! (I can try writing super cheesy fluff but I’ll be cringing the whole time haha)

Word count: 2222 (that made me so happy)

You walk into the movie theater, reluctance making you drag your feet, although you’re secretly very excited. Reluctance because you gave in and agreed to watch that stupid Life of Pets movie instead of the much cooler movie you wanted. And excitement because you’ll be watching the movie with your crush, (c/n).

You check your texts again. (C/n) said he arrived five minutes ago, and he’s still in line for popcorn. You look up, scanning the food buying area until you spot him. He’s paying already.

“Hey (c/n)!” you call out, walking over. “Get me a popcorn!” There’s a looong line behind him and you’re not getting into it.

“Too late,” he says, turning around and exiting the line. He holds up a bag of popcorn. “It’s okay though, I got a large. I will allow you to take a piece or two.”

You give him a big, fake smile. “Your generosity astounds me,” you say sarcastically.

He mirrors your smile. “I know, I’m a saint.”

You reach over and grab a handful of popcorn. “Hey!” he says indignantly, reaching out a hand to retrieve his stolen goods, but you jump away, laughing.

“I’m sorry, did you want this back?” You chuck a piece at him, pegging him on the forehead. Bullseye. You do a victory dance.

(C/n) growls playfully and grabs a couple pieces of popcorn, aiming for your face. You duck, but one of them bounces off your head anyway. You throw a last piece at him and tear off down the hallway.

(C/n) chases you down and catches up to you just as you both arrive at the door of your assigned theater. You quickly down the rest of your handful of popcorn, munching happily as he glowers. “Mmm, buttery, thanks (c/n)!” You look over his shoulder. In his hurry to catch up he spilled popcorn out of the bag all over the hallway. “Nice job,” you remark, pointing.

He turns to look. “Oops.” He turns back, and for a second you look at each other. “Hey (y/n),” he says, grinning.

“Hey (c/n).” You grin back. You’ve almost forgotten that this is the first time in a while that you’re seeing him in person. Your friendship has developed so much over text that talking to him for real just feels natural and ordinary. Still, you appreciate being able to see him in the flesh, actually experience the hilarious height difference, hear his voice, and hey, he smells good, too.

“Well, let’s watch this movie, shall we?” He gestures to the theater door.

You sigh dramatically, remembering the stupid cartoon you’re about to watch. “I’m so not excited. Only for you, (c/n).”

He seems pleased with himself. “After you,” he says in mock politeness. You walk in and he follows you to your seats in the back of the theater. The hookup row, you can’t help but think. But hey, you didn’t pick these seats, he did. And it was probably a good choice, because knowing him, he’ll talk disruptively through the entire movie.

The trailers are still going, and that cartoon he keeps texting you about comes on. He gets visibly excited. “That’s the movie I was talking about! Looks sick, right?”

“Mmmhm,” you say without passion. (C/n) and his cartoons….He blabbers on. “We’re watching that next. Soon. Maybe right after this we watch that.” As he talks you quickly google it. “Oh my god, chill, it comes out in like two weeks.”

He shrugs. “Okay, fine, two weeks. It’s a date.”

“Um - that’s not - okay…” you stutter, torn between your nervousness at the word “date” and your eagerness to see him as much as possible. In typical (y/n) fashion, you quickly change the subject. “You’re hogging the popcorn. I want some.” You hold out your hand expectantly.

He looks scornfully at you and makes a show of dropping two small pieces into your hand. “Okay, give me that,” you say, grabbing the bag from his lap and putting it on yours. He tries to take it back, gripping the edges of the bag and brushing the front of your shirt in the process. But you won’t submit. This popcorn is yours now.

Luckily, the trailers finally finish up and the movie begins, so (c/n) gives up and sits back in his chair to watch. You gobble your popcorn triumphantly as the opening scene unfurls.

Suddenly your back pocket buzzes, and you jump. Oh, it’s just your phone. You pull it out and read the notification on the lock screen. It’s a text from (f/n) to your group chat. HOWS YOUR DATE GOING (Y/N)?!?!?!?! Another message pops up from (f/n/2), reading ^^&&&.

Typical. You don’t know how she always manages to make that typo. (F/n) texts DID YOU MAKE OUT YET and you suddenly remember who you’re sitting right next to. You quickly hide your phone and sneak a glance sideways to see if (c/n) read the messages over your shoulder. He’s looking straight ahead at the big screen, but the smirk on his face tells you that he probably saw everything. You wince and mentally facepalm. Turning your phone away so he can’t see it, you quickly text back, Omg stfu (f/n) we’re not making out! and then add, I’m turning on Do Not Disturb…see ya in two hours hoes!! You shut your phone and put it back in your pocket.

“Friends checking up on you?” (c/n) teases, and you know from his tone that he definitely saw their texts. Great. “Uhhh, yeah.” How else are you supposed to respond?

(C/n) just keeps smirking to himself, and you both turn your attention back to the movie.

Every couple minutes he turns and looks at you expectantly, sometimes asking, “What do you think?” or “Pretty great, huh?” You mostly respond with noncommittal grunts. The movie is just as stupid as you thought it would be.

You munch on your stolen popcorn. (C/n) reaches into the bag every few seconds to get popcorn for himself. Every once in awhile you’ll go in at the same time, and your hands bump into each other clumsily. Of course, neither of you backs down, and you fight over control of the popcorn, which just means you shove each other’s hands away and grab as much as possible.

You go in for another handful, and (c/n)’s hand goes in after yours. But this time, instead of pushing your hand out of the way, he just clamps his hand over yours. As in, you feel his palm resting on the back of your hand. You’re confused, and at the same time, your heart starts to flutter. You look over at him. He’s still staring straight ahead, but he’s smiling, and he’s got a bit of a devious look right at this moment.

Your hand is still clenched around the popcorn, but it looks like that’s not what’s happening right now, so you allow it to go limp and release the popcorn, not without feeling a little sad. No matter how much you love boys, food will always be a priority too.

(C/n) takes this opportunity to lace his fingers between yours, and now it seems like he’s holding your hand. Well, okay then! This is certainly a development. Amidst your nervous confusion and excitement, you smile a little picturing your friends’ reactions when you tell them about this.

As if holding your hand isn’t enough, (c/n) starts rubbing circles with his thumb, sending shivers down your spine. Your breathing seems to get louder and you worry that he can hear it. Maybe he can also hear your heart beating furiously in your chest.

If someone were to ask you the plot of the movie at this point you would have no idea what to tell them.

After several minutes of this, he untwines his fingers from yours and takes his hand out of the popcorn bag. You can’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment, but it doesn’t last long, because next thing you know that arm is now around your shoulder. He pulls you towards him and rests his head on the top of yours. For once you appreciate being as short as you are. The ten inch difference is really helping with this whole cuddling thing. 

Well, he’s been sending some hella obvious signals, and it’s finally enough to encourage you to do something. You turn towards him, grip the armrest that’s separating the two of you, and lift your face towards his. He looks down at you, that sexy smirk on his lips, understanding in his eyes. As you stretch your head upwards he leans down to meet you, crashing his mouth onto yours.

You’re hesitant at first. You’re unsure of what to do, but (c/n) seems much more confident, and you remember wryly that he has plenty of experience, from everything he’s told you. But this is not the time to be thinking about all his sexual exploits. (C/n) parts his lips slightly and allows his tongue to graze your lips, and your mind is quickly wiped of any thoughts outside of him and his mouth and OH. MY. GOD.

You open your mouth a little too, and he takes this as his cue to tilt his head and dive in deeper. This is definitely making out, and fuck, it’s so much better than in the movies. You’re deaf to the sounds of the one playing in front of you. You don’t give a crap about those stupid cartoon pets, and at last, it seems as though (c/n) doesn’t either.

He cups your face in his hands and you grab his neck, trying to pull yourself closer. The goddamn armrest is in the way. You stand up slightly and slide over into his lap, letting your feet dangle over the seat next to his. He pulls apart to take a breath, and grins. “Much better,” he says approvingly. His voice is low and sexy, different than you’ve ever heard it before. You would love to listen to it more, but you would love even more to just keep making out. So that’s what you do. Neither of you seems inclined to break away at any point. So you don’t.

You don’t even notice the end credits starting until the lights go up, and the theater isn’t dark enough to hide you anymore. You jump away hastily.

People are getting up and exiting the theater, passing you on the way out. You get up and follow them out, (c/n) close behind. You feel lightheaded and your legs are a bit unsteady. You stumble a little as you walk out the door, and he grabs your elbow. “You okay there?” he teases, putting his arm around you protectively.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” you say, smiling. “I am very much okay.”

“Wonder why,” he responds sarcastically. You elbow him. “Shut up, dumbass,” you say playfully, though you’re a little embarrassed at how bubbly and elated you feel and how obvious you’re making it. This is very out of character for you. You’re sassy and sarcastic, not dreamy and happy.

(C/n) chuckles and hugs you closer to him as you walk towards the front doors of the theater. “You’re so cute,” he says.

Your cheeks heat up. What do you say to that? “Um…thanks,” you mumble, feeling very flustered.

You call your parents for rides, and then sit down on the front steps to wait.

“So,” he says. “Good movie, huh?”

You nod. “Oh, yeah. You were right. Totally worth it.”

He grins at you, eyes twinkling. “What was your favorite part?”

“Umm….” You have absolutely no idea what actually happened in the movie. “The part with the animals?”

He laughs, and you melt at how adorable he is. “Same (y/n), same.”

You giggle. Like a little girl. What is this boy doing to you?!

“So two weeks is a little too long for me. I’m thinking we need to meet up sooner than that,” he says casually.

You can’t keep the smile off your face. “Did you get that Pikachu you wanted yet?”

“Nope.” He sighs. “I think Pikachu hates me.”


“Hey!” He nudges you playfully.

You laugh apologetically. “I bet my Pikachu won’t hate you,” you hint. “Our train station is always open!”

The smirk is back. “Maybe I’ll stop by. Grace your town with my presence,” he says, as if it’s the kindest thing he could do for anyone.

“Don’t trouble yourself!”

He chuckles. “No, no. It would be my pleasure to hunt Pokemon with you, (y/n).”

“Likewise, (c/n).”

You smile down at your hands. Just then, your mom pulls up and honks her horn.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming!” You jump up and open the car door. As you climb in, you turn and wave to (c/n). “See ya,” you call out to him.

He winks at you and waves back. You shut the door and your mom drives away. Before you get too far, you turn back to look, and you can see (c/n) sitting on the steps, smiling to himself.

Read about their Pokemon Go date here!


“Sir? Are you here?” Ruran called, specifically toward the closed door to the back room.

There was some shuffling from behind the door. “Yes,” Renaud Dailemont answered. “Come back another time.”

Sonelle Cosseau gave the fireplace an almost accusatory look before moving in, her attention swinging to the door. “Renaud? Are you well?”

“I am fine.”

Ruran’s brows rose behind his mask, and he leaned closer to the door. He looked to Sonelle with a tilt of his head, silently inquisitive.

Sonelle did not seem particularly satisfied at this. She pressed forward. “…Have you eaten today?”

“I said I am fine.” Though quiet, Renaud was clearly a touch agitated.

“That does not answer my question.”

Ruran seemed conflicted. At this point, he would’ve likely backed off by now. But with Sonelle here, he felt a little more obligated to stay. He looked to the door, then to Sonelle, then back again.

“I will eat,” Renaud answered.

Sonelle huffed at this. She dug into her bag and produced something small and box shaped wrapped in linen. “I brought you some lunch.”

“Leave it at the door.” He wasn’t budging an inch.

“No, I will give it to you in person, Renaud.”

“Another time, Sonelle.” There was an audible exhale.

Sonelle narrowed her eyes at the door, becoming a little irritated at the voice from beyond it. “Renaud, if this is about last night, I am very sorry if you became uncomfortable but I would like to discuss it face-to-face, if you please.”

“Tis not about last night, Sonelle.”

“Then what is it?”

“When I am ready to discuss it I will. For now, I would like to be left alone.” There was that rising tone again.

Ruran looked back and forth between the door and the Duskwight woman, until his weary gaze fell to the floor for a moment, simply listening to the two bicker.

Sonelle drew her mouth into a thin line. She seemed to have forgotten that Ruran was even present, her hands tight on her box. “At least come and take some food from me first.”

“No. Please, leave.”

“Perhaps we ought to give him some space,” Ruran quietly suggested, peering up at Sonelle.

She made a very annoyed rumbling sound, torn between being polite and being mad at him. She stepped around Ruran to slam the lunchbox onto the table with perhaps more force than she should, her tone bitter. “Fine.”

There was an audible sigh from within the room, Renaud repeating, “I’m… sorry. Another time, please.”

Ruran cast a concerned look to Sonelle, then to the door. “If there is anything we can do, sir, please let us know.”

“I will be fine, Ser.”

Sonelle treated the man with silence, simply radiating anger born from his refusal and waiting for Ruran. 

Ruran sighed, then turned his attention to Sonelle. “Well… Shall we?” He motioned to the front door.

There was a creak as the man evidently left his bed, followed by footsteps leading to the door. And a click from said door.

Sonelle did not need telling twice. She marched like a petulant child to the outside door and threw it open, only stopping herself from leaving entirely when her long ears catch the quiet click. She paused, still glowering, but at the very least she waited for Ruran.

Ruran glanced to the door. Having not checked the doorknob, he assumed the ‘click’ was one of the door being locked. His shoulders dropped slightly, and he turned back to follow Sonelle.

But it was the opposite in fact. Renaud drifted from the room, looking like he’d seen a ghost. White as a sheet, the man took the box before trying to shuffle back into his room.

Sonelle watched Renaud carefully. He was almost as pale as she was, a feat in itself. She did not make an effort to stop the man, although whether it was because she is unspeakably angry with him or because she was satisfied at least that he got up to collect lunch was anyone’s guess.

Ruran half-turned, looking behind him and toward the pallid Ishgardian. “Sir..?” he said with quiet concern but didn’t move, making no attempt to strongarm the man into staying.

Renaud didn’t offer any sort of conversation. He just rubbed at his eye before making his way back into his abode.

Sonelle narrowed her eyes at Renaud’s back, letting out a breath to steady herself before throwing Ruran an apologetic smile. “My apologies, mister Vas. Let us leave him to his meal.”

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Where’d We Go Wrong Part.2 -George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request:  1.) Can we please get a part 2 to ‘Where’d We Go Wrong’?? Love your writing by the way! xx

2.) part 2 to where’d we go wrong?

3.) Pleasepleasepleaaaaase make a part 2 of “Where did we go Wrong” pleaaaaaaaase!!!!!! ^-^

4.)  Are you going to do a part 2 to the George Weasley imagine where you 2 get into a fight? I just read it and I would love for you to write another part to it.

5.)  Part 2 to “Where’d We Go Wrong?” with tons of fluff?

6.)  Hey, I think your an amazing writer and I love your blog! I was wondering if you were going to make a part 2 to Where’d We Go Wrong (George Weasley x reader)? I really enjoy reading your imagines, continue the great work!

And like 20 other reuqest for a part 2!(:


The agonizing seconds turned into minutes, which then turned into hours, then days, and soon enough weeks. It had been roughly five hell like weeks since their last encounter and George felt overboard defeated. The last thing he had wanted to do was fight with the girl he loved, but his worst nightmare became reality the second he lost her.  

He didn’t mean a single word of what he said to her. George could barely comprehend why such nasty words would be present in his vocabulary, and how he could even allow himself to speak to Y/n in such a way. If he was ever given the choice between Y/n and Angelina, he would chose Y/n in a heartbeat. Not that it mattered anyhow. Y/n practically hated him and she had valid reasoning too. Missing dates wasn’t an uncommon thing in the life of George Weasley. Sometimes he found himself so caught up in a new experiment, he’d lose track of time and skip classes too. Although it was obvious to George that in no way would that be a good enough reason to have missed an anniversary with the girl he adored.

Sitting all alone in his shade drawn room, George was ripped away from his self-pity party by the bedroom door swinging open in a full motion. Fred Weasley entered the musky room with a slight hop in his step, setting his book bag down to the side as he approached his brother’s bed with caution. Last week when Fred had checked up on his brother, he was greeted with a harsh right hook to his arm and a grumbling George shouting at him to leave. Now he was more so in the sad stage of the break up and far past the anger.

“Georgie… it’s me, Fred. You want to go grab some grub with Lee and I? I reckon it would do you some good to get out of this room for a few hours.” Fred lifted back his brother’s sheet and shook his shoulder lightly. “Maybe take a shower while you’re at it. That might make you feel a bit better, what do you say?” A heavy silence fell over the room like a thick blanket. Fred was desperate for a solution to fix his brother’s attitude but manly things between George and Y/n. All of their friends missed seeing the two so happy together. Ginny had been giving Ron and Fred updates on Y/n ever since the split and it seemed like she was taking it almost identical to George.

“C’mon George… you’ll feel a lot better I promise.” A loud groan separated the thin tension in the room as George sat up slowly, emerging from the high pile of blanket.

“Leave me to die… I’m not getting out of bed.” Fred rolled his eyes becoming feed up with his twin and without a second thought torn the blankets clean off George’s body. Wasting no time, George shot straight off the mattress, glaring as cold as ice over at his brother.  

“What the bloody hell was that for?!” The fierce tone struck Fred as he just shrugged satisfied that he managed to get his moody twin out of his bed.

“Just get dressed and meet me in the Great Hall in 20.” Fred exited the room leaving no time for George to protest, and slammed the door smiling to himself. George would be in for quite the surprise when he got to the dining hall.

Ginny’s pov-

The hallway directly outside of mine and Y/n’s shared dorm room was completely deserted. I knocked lightly on the door signaling to Y/n. I could hear pounding footsteps from the bottom of the spiraled staircase. Soon enough a brave voice called out sending the words trailing up the steps and bouncing off the walls,

“Pink Mountain! Pink Mountain!” I jumped, anxiousness taking over my body. Fred continued to call out loudly. Becoming annoyed I called out briefly,

“Yeah yeah, copy that! Now get a move on! We have to make this work!” He let out a heavy sigh in agreement and, I assumed from the decreasing echoes of footsteps, left the common room. Turning my attention back to the dorm room door, I could hear Y/n shifting around from inside as her hoarse voice called out softly.

“I’ll be out in a second, Gin.” The sense of sadness and sorrowfulness laced her voice. Truly I felt bad for Y/n. She had been one of my closest friends since my first year at Hogwarts. I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy again and all the dragging around she had been doing lately didn’t help the case. Of course I was disappointed in George and what he did to Y/n. Hell, I ignored him for two weeks. Once I realized how depressed he had become, similar to Y/n, I wanted to help them. They needed each other, more than either of them preferred to express.

I couldn’t take another night of Y/n’s small sobs for George in her sleep, and I knew she couldn’t either. Not that she would ever verbally admit this, but it was true. He had hurt her, but maybe… just maybe she could find it in her to forgive him and start all over again.

The door snapped open making me stumble back a few steps in surprise. Y/n made her way out and softly shut the door behind her glancing up at me. She had lost some weight, and the noticeable black bag under her eyes proven how little sleep she was lacking. Her h/c was thrown up in a careless messy ponytail and her oversized sweater hung loosely around her frame. Paleness took over her skin as the color had drained a few weeks prior.

“Hey Y/n… how are you, darling? Ready to go?” I asked timidly taking her delicate hand in my own and aiding her down the stairs. She shrugged her fragile shoulders effortlessly and spoke as quite as a mouse,

“I’m alright, a bit tired is all. Let’s grab some food quick and get back. I don’t feel too good.” She never felt good now a days. But the lack of food she was receiving was also playing a part in her sickness and I didn’t want things escalating any further.

“I’m sorry, Y/n… hopefully some food will make you feel a little better.” She only nodded her head wordlessly and followed my lead out of the common room and down to the Great Hall. As we entered the buzzing atmosphere, I caught sight of Fred and locked gaze with him as he smiled faintly, tapping the spot beside him.

“Oh look Fred saved us a spot!” I faked a surprised tone, tugging Y/n along to the open spot next to my brother. Not a single word escaped her lips but her posture and body language gave off the obvious sign she felt nothing less than uncomfortable.

“Hey Y/n! It’s nice to see you!” Fred smiled warmly to her as she returned the gesture halfheartedly.

“It’s nice to see you too, Fred.” They chatted for a while before dinner was severed, appearing all along the table varying from bright colored jello, to tender slices of meat and chicken drumsticks. Y/n stacked her plate with a good amount of various food and began to dig in. The color began to slowly start rising back into her cheeks. This had been the most words I had heard her exchange ever since the break up and I was glad to see her lightening up more, although I knew that would soon alter.

A grand smile evident on Y/n’s face glowed brighter than before as she chatted the night away with Ron and Harry. Turning my attention to Fred, I gave him a questioning look wondering where the hell George was. Though the answer to my question was given not much later as a tall slumped figure entered the room, dragging in everyone’s attention.

3rd Person pov-
George entered the room at such a slow pace it was as if the world was in a natural slow motion state of mind for him. His eyes traveled around the scenery and when they landed on the table we were occupying, George’s brown eyes grew the size of Jupiter.

“I can’t remember the last time I ever even went to a-“Y/n was cut short by the one person she hadn’t been expecting to see. The one person that had broken her heart in three. The one person who had crushed her with his simple words. The one person she had been secretly longing to see more than anyone else in the universe. The one person she felt the most love for in the world. The one person she wanted so desperately to have come running back in her life. George Weasley.


~ Ohhhh cliff hanger! Tell me if you’d like a part 3! Thank you for being so patient! 

-Daizy xxx

Alive (Part 9)

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(Part 8) -> Part 9 -> (Part 10)


Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

***WARNING: Language****

You had to get out.

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anonymous asked:

How would vixx react when you tell them that you have terminal cancer?

AAHHH Im not even going to lie, I cried while writing this oh my god. 

Thank you for your support! 

Love you 


N: When you broke the news to him, it was like his whole world just shattered to pieces. He would stare at you for a long time, not being able to believe it. He would shove you lightly on the shoulder and tell you to stop messing with him. His face would be serious in hopes that this was all just a prank you decided to pull on him, but once he saw your expression and the tears pouring down your cheeks it would finally hit him that this was no joke. He would pull you in quick for a tight hug, breaking down into your shoulder letting the tears flow out. He would try to be strong for you, but first he . He would tell you how much he loves you, and that he will be fighting by your side throughout your whole battle.

Leo: You made him have a seat before you told him, you sat down beside him and grabbed his hand. You were crying before you even told him anything, that’s when he knew it was bad. You told him what was going on and instantly he shot up from his seat and ran his hands through his hair. He looked down at you with despair, he didn’t quite comprehend the words said until a few moments after. Leo would immediately begin to sob, covering his eyes with his hands and crying out. You would walk over to him and give him a hug, knowing that the both of you would need this. His arms would wrap around your body, his hands would turn into fists, grabbing handfuls of your shirt, trying to bring you as close as he possibly could. He would apologize a million times under his soft breath and tell you how much you mean to him.

Ravi: Once you told him about your illness and broke down in front of him, he would do a double take on the whole situation before actually taking  in what you said and losing his shit. He may punch a wall or two before breaking down in tears and giving you the tightest hug. Ravi would pull away and grab your hand kissing it as the tears would flow down and tell you all kinds of things.

“ Baby… we’re going to make it through this okay? We are going to get married, have kids and grow old together. I’m going to take you all over the world, okay baby?…You’re not leaving me…you are going to win this fight..I promise..”

Ken: He would be completely torn. Would rest his head in between his knees, trying to control his breathing while he sobbed almost uncontrollably. Ken would always give his all in the relationship and knowing that this might end it would absolutely kill him inside. But even though he knew the outcomes of this, he would never give up on you or the relationship and he would tell you that a thousand times until it was buried into your mind.( after he regains composure)

Hongbin: For some reason I get this vibe that Hongbin would be the one to be the most devastated. He would probably hold his breath as soon as you told him you wanted to talk to him. After telling him he would be and utter mess, sobbing, hard breathing, he would probably be on the verge of having a panic attack. He would grab you by your face and look at you as he sobbed and beg you not to leave him. He’d tell you to promise him you’d always be with him, he’d tell you to promise him you’d win this fight. He would do all these things before taking you in a hug.

Hyuk: Being the youngest , this would would have a huge impact on him. Having to experience something like this at a very young age is always hard. Once you told him, he wouldn’t know what to say or what to do. His heart would stop for a moment before beating again and hurting like hell. His tears wouldn’t stop for days. He’d cover his face and drown in his tears just thinking about losing you. He’d express his love for you and give you hope in his words of encouragement. He’d tell you that you’d make it, he’d tell you that you are going to be fine, he’d tell you these things to comfort you, but secretly he’d be comforting himself, trying to break free from this nightmare.

So I was feeling bad that I wouldn’t be releasing anything new for my lovely Wattpad followers, as my long fic is on hiatus, and thought maybe I could give them an old fic from AO3.  I was torn between my two Creature!Draco fairy tales Draco Dormiens and Breath Of Life, when I figured I could quickly write a third story, and start a little anthology.  So that’s what I’ve done.

Also, it seemed like a nice excuse to write something fluffy for my good friend Katy ( @enigmaticrose4 / @aroseindaegu ) who had her birthday recently, and has also been going through a tough time lately.  Hugs to you darling xxx

A Veela!Draco take on the Rapunzel story, no smut, 2.3K words.  Aesthetic by me, though I don’t own the images.  Featuring Chris Pine as Harry.


On The Wings Of Love

   How Harry got himself into these situations, he still wasn’t sure.  He pelted through the forest, branches whipping at his face as the hounds barked and snapped at his feet.  “Hey!” he hissed behind his shoulder.  “Look no hard feelings, okay?  I was just sleeping in that barn!  I wasn’t looking for trouble!”

  The dogs seemed less than sympathetic to his pleas though, their teeth glinting in the afternoon sunshine as they salivated.  

  “I’m not that tasty, I assure you!” Harry went on, charging up a rise and swinging from a low hanging branch over a log.  He was too skinny to look appetising, he was certain, but these dogs probably loved gnawing on a juicy bone.  

  He darted through bushes and around trees, hoping to find some way to escape the angry beasts.  He wouldn’t mind, but he really hadn’t been stealing anything this time, he had just wanted a night’s rest somewhere a little more hospitable than the open ground. But of course the young maiden that had found him had questioned his virtue with a blistering scream before Harry had time to assure her she had nothing to fear, and decided it best to run for it rather than stick around to offer an explanation, risking the sword of her no-doubt enraged father.  

  Up ahead, a solitary tower loomed, which was an odd site for several reasons.  There was no town nearby, Harry knew this as he had counted himself lucky to stumble upon the farmhouse.  And if it was a small castle, surely there should have been more turrets?

  He had to admit though, all he cared about was the fact that is rose from the ground. If he could get inside and bar the door, he could maybe loose his hungry entourage.  

  The dogs were still a dozen of so feet behind him, but his chance came to increase his lead when a small stream cut across his path.  The water was fast, but he was larger than his four-legged friends and was able to hurtle across in next to no time.  They though would have to swim, giving him a precious extra few minutes.

  He sprinted towards the tower, his boots squelching but his spirits raised.  As the foliage cleared he could see a single door at the base of the structure, and he lurched for the handle.  It was locked, and picking it would take time he didn’t have, so he decided to risk a few moments to try a direct approach.  

  “Hello there!” he cried out, pounding his fist against the wood.  “Anyone home?  I’m in a bit of a pickle and could use some help!”  He turned around to peer through the greenery, and could just about make out the dogs still struggling across the water, but he didn’t have long before they were free again.  “Blast,” he huffed, and pulled two thin bits of metal from his tunic pocket, hoping he hadn’t made himself become dinner by wasting time asking for help.

  Before he could attack the lock though, he was startled by a rope falling down in front of his face.  He jumped back, and saw it had come from the only window, all the way at the top of the tower.  “Climb up!” a voice called.

  Another glance back to the stream told Harry the first of the beasts were just clear of the water, and he decided it was worth the risk of falling if only to get off the ground for now.

  He grabbed the rope – and almost slipped back off again.  It was like no rope he had ever encountered before, more like silk than the usual course fibres, and now he was looking at it, he could see it was not spun into one single line, but plaited.  It gave a small jiggle as he inspected it.

  “Come on!” the voice floated down.  

  Harry decided not to question his escape route any further, and wrapped his hand around the plait to get a better grip.  The owner of the rope responded by hauling him up, so in mere moments he had scaled several feet.  A good thing too, as the first of the hounds finally reached the tower, and jumped up to try and bite as his heels.  He was already too high though, and he grinned down in triumph.  “Sorry boys,” he gloated.  “You shall have to find your supper elsewhere!”

  Gradually, he made his way up to the window, his feet walking up the wall and his hands moving up the rope, careful not to slip again, otherwise the snapping dogs would be the least of his troubles.  “Are you nearly there?” called the voice of his mysterious rescuer.

  “Yes, almost!” Harry responded cheerfully.  

  It was with great relief that he grasped the lip of the window sill, and with a final grunt of effort, pulled himself through the opening and tumbled to the floor. He shook himself and sat upright, wishing to thank his new friend.  Then stopped in surprise.

  Before him stood a young man of what looked like his own age.  He was dressed simply in a white cloth, draped over one shoulder and collected into a short skirt at his waist.  His skin was creamy like milk, dazzling even in the gloom of the room, and his face as beautiful as any prince Harry had ever seen.  But that was not what had given him pause.  For the man had golden white hair, shining in the small amount of light coming from the window.  It had been pulled behind his head into a plait…a plait that carried on and on until it finished in Harry’s own hands.  

  “Did I just climb up your hair?” he asked, utterly perplexed.  He had never seen such a thing in his whole life.  

  The young man smiled shyly.  “It seemed like the best idea, considering you were in trouble.  I – I watched you run from the dogs from afar, and did not wish for you to be eaten.”

  “Nor I,” Harry agreed, and got to his feet, brushing his hands and marvelling at the man’s gorgeous hair once more.  “Is that how you usually let your visitors in?”

  The man smiled again, but this time it was with sadness, and Harry’s heart gave a twinge of pain.  Surely someone so beautiful could not be unhappy?

  “I do not have many visitors other than my master, and he has the only key to the lock.” He looked at Harry with eyes he could now see were a brilliant silver, and a shiver ran up Harry’s spine.  He was starting to think his lovely new companion was not entirely human.   “He only comes once a week to leave food and collects his wears.  He does not speak much to me, other than to call me his pretty bird.”

  Harry didn’t like the sound of that.  “Your master?” he asked.  “Are you a prisoner here?”

  The man moved closer, and looked out the window.  The view of the kingdom was quite magnificent from here, and Harry took it in with him.  “I am Veela, do you know what that is?”  Harry shook his head, and the man picked his long plait up in his hands.  “Our hair contains potent magic, and until we are Unfurled, grows extraordinarily fast.  My master stole me as a babe from my parents, to keep me from transitioning, and sells my hair for great profit.”  He turned to Harry, and tried to smile, but could not quite manage it. “I fear I shall never become a true Veela, and will remain here all my days.”

  Harry blinked.  “But that’s awful,” he cried.  “Why don’t you escape?”

  “As long as I am still Furled, I am cursed to stay within these walls,” he said, then seemed to rally his spirits.  “But enough of my woes, stranger.  I do not wish to burden you.  When the danger has passed, I will help lower you back down again. Until them, may I ask your name?”

  “Your woes are no burden to me,”  Harry assured him.  “You may call me Harry, and in return I would ask the favour of your name, and the details of this curse.  Surely there must be a way to break it?”

  The man smiled, genuinely this time, and turned back into the room.  It was sparsely furnished, with a straw bed for sleeping, the table and chairs that they now moved to sit at, and a small stove for cooking.  One wall was lined with books, and Harry was relieved to see the man’s master had not been so cruel as to deny him that luxury.  

  “It is good to meet you Harry,” the man said.  “My name is Draco.  And yes, I discovered the curse’s undoing many years ago, but sadly it has done me no good thus far.”

  Harry felt a thrill of hope.  He had never been so enchanted to meet anyone in his whole life, and if he could free this man and become better acquainted with him, he surely could not be happier. “Do tell,” he urged, pulling his chair closer to where Draco sat.  “Perhaps I can help you?”

  Draco looked at his hands in his lap.  “Alas,” he said.  “Only love’s first kiss can set me free.  It is how my people Unfurl and become true Veela.  Then, I could escape this life.”  He looked up at Harry, and laughed.  It was one of the most beautiful sounds Harry had ever heard, like a song straight to his heart.  “Unfortunately, the adventures who have scaled these walls before were disappointed not to find a female, and were disinclined to help me.”

  “Oh,” said Harry, thinking what fools they must have been.

  “I bear them no ill will,” Draco said quickly, silver eyes full of concern. “Love cannot be forced.  I just wish one day I might be lucky, and the right kind of adventurer might come to call.”

  He blushed, and turned his face from Harry.  “You wish for a female also – a girl?” he asked, hope fading.

  Draco looked to the window wistfully.  “No,” he said.  “I would very much prefer a male, but such a thing is rare.  I would be extremely fortunate indeed to find love, even were I not confined to this tower.”

  Harry’s heart raced once more, and reached out to take Draco’s hand.  “And all it takes is one kiss?  The first of a new love?”

  Draco considered him, surprise lining his features.  “Yes,” he said softly.

  Harry moved to kneel before him.  Perhaps he was being reckless, he had only just met the man after all.  But he had never felt like this before, so strongly and so suddenly.  He had heard of love at first sight, why shouldn’t it happen to him?  “May I?” he asked gently.

  Confusion marred Draco’s brow, until it smoothed into happiness.  “Of course,” he whispered back.

  Harry leaned forwards, and carefully pressed his lips to Draco’s.  They were cool, and soft as satin, but as soon as they touched a warmth burst to life, and he jumped back in shock.

  Draco, likewise, shot to his feet, staring at his hands in awe.  His pale skin was glowing, and he began to laugh.  Not the sound blemished by hope that had still managed to fill Harry with joy, but an honest, wonderful laugh of freedom.  “It is working!” Draco cried, tears in his eyes.

  Harry didn’t know what he could feel, but clearly he was changing into a fully grown Veela, and he too leapt to his feet in delight.  And then he could see why the process was called ‘unfurling’.  

  Wings, fluffy as a newborn chick and white as pure snow, were revealing themselves from his back, until they spanned half the room in their mightiness.  “I thought you beautiful before,” Harry said, his voice trembling.  “But now you are truly an angel.”

  Gradually, the glow vanished from his skin, but Draco still smiled as if he had not been so happy in all his years.  “You have freed me Harry.  Can it be, do you in fact love me?”

  Harry laughed.  “As far as I can know, I think I do.  Is that madness?”

  “Only if loving you too is madness,” Draco said, and stepped forward to embrace Harry.

  Their first kiss and been sweet and chaste, cut short by the Unfurling and dismantling of the curse.  But this kiss set Harry’s heart of fire, and he took Draco in his arms, feeling his wings envelope him protectively.  “Now shall you leave this prison?” he asked, and Draco squeezed him tightly.

  “Gladly,” he said.  “But first.”

  He went to the stove, where a knife lay nearby.  He offered Harry the hilt.  “Do you wish to do the honours?” he asked, holding up where the plait of his hair began. “I long to be free of this weight, and I think we could get a pretty price for it at the market.”

  Harry beamed at him.  “Fair money,” he said, light with the thought of not stealing for once.  “To start our life together.”

  “Indeed,” Draco said.  

  The blade cut through the hair smoothly, like it was no more than water, and Draco sighed contentedly as he shook his remaining locks happily.  They coiled the plait into a basket, ready to depart, and Draco opened up his arms.  

  “Come here, my love,” he said, pulling Harry safely to his side.  “So we may find out what freedom really feels like.”

  He beat his impressive wings once, lifting them from the ground.  Harry nuzzled into Draco’s neck, feeling the warmth of his body and the power running through his veins.  “Let us fly,” he said, as they left the prison tower behind, heading into the sunset, ready to begin their future lives, together.

 The End

Dean X Reader: With Sam and Cas

Request: could you write a one shot where the reader and TFW are in New Jersey and have a day off, so they go to 6 Flag? thanks!

Request: Can you do a one shot where the reader is stressed with school and dean (her boyfriend) gets her to relax. Just really really really fluffy and cliche-ish

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anonymous prompted: “Klaine setting Dave up with Chandler :)”

“This is wrong.”

Kurt shushes him with a finger pressed to his lips. “This is not wrong,” he whispers.

“We’re spying on people. Even worse, we’re spying on a first date.”

“Yes, a first date that we set up, so it’s within our rights to see how it goes.” Kurt smiles at the waitress when she arrives, quickly ordering an iced tea for him and lemonade for Blaine, who rolls his eyes.

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Watching FitzSimmons in season 1: These two are great with the comic relief stuff, but they’re awesome with drama too when they get the chance to show it. I hope the writers will give them something to sink their teeth into sometime soon.  

Watching FitzSimmons in season 2: Oh god, I’ve made a horrible mistake! Everything is depression and heartache and misery! Take me back to season 1! I WANT TO LAUGH AGAIN! 

Watching FitzSimmons in season 3: OMG! A whole episode where no one was crying or getting their heart ripped out and they weren’t needlessly torn apart or having people come between them or anything! What did I do to deserve this wonderful gift? Wait… what’s this about some flash forward full of blood and explosions? *begins drinking heavily* 

A Thin Line

There’s a thin line for my feelings for you. One minute I’m so over you and the next all I want is to hear you call me baby girl. Conversation after Conversation you leave me with this feeling of emptiness and abandonment yet you leave me with the feeling of wanting to talk to you more. I’m on a thin line of giving up on us. I keep asking myself is it worth it? Should I stay and see what happens? The smart part of me says get away now. Don’t go in too deep with him because you’ll never get what you want from him. The truth is I’m already deep. I’ve been deep since the summer. I honestly wish I could change my feelings for you but you can’t help who you love. I just so happen to love you but I really don’t want to. There’s a thin line on if I should stay or if I should give up. I’m so close to making a decision saying I should leave but someway somehow you always drag me back in. There’s a thin line that I’m stuck on. My question to myself is “Do you really want to continue to walk this line or are you going to finally go over the thin line and make a decision?” But see I can’t answer that because my heart is emotionally torn between two sides of you and I really wish you could see it. There’s a thin line and I really wish you see what you’re putting me through and make that thin line go away. Signifying the harmony of you and me and all the great things we could be. Take me out of that thin line or at least give me something more to help me venture off of that thin line.

neraciro  asked:

Hi Doug. I'm writing a short story at the moment, but it's not going well. I've scrapped what I thought was bad twice now and I'm onto my third effort to write up a proper draft. What advice do you have to offer a person like me? I'm currently torn between the age-old idioms of perseverance is best and knowing when to give up. It just feels like currently I'm beating my head on a stone wall and nothing good's coming out of it.

It sounds like you’re brute-forcing your way through writing and revising in one step. I sympathize. In my experience, that will drive you crazygonuts. Try separating your process into two phases.

In the first phase, take your Inner Editor and stick ‘em in an Oblivion Ring. All thoughts that have to do with evaluating what you’re writing get shelved for now. Your goal in this phase is not to write something amazing–“amazing” is evaluative. “Good enough to satisfy my aesthetic standards” is evaluative. “Non-crapola” is evaluative. All those Inner Editor thoughts get turned off, as best you can. Your goal during this phase is this: FINISH. WRITE WRITE WRITE until you FINISH and type the words THE END. A this point it matters ZERO PERCENT what goes on in your story; you are just hurling clay at the potter’s wheel so that you can craft this sculpture later. This phase is not about quality – it is about finishing. It is Supposed. To. Suck.

THEN put your writing aside for a while. Simmer. Take a walk. Take two walks. Eat something delicious. Pet a fuzzy animal. Refuel.

THEN enter the second phase. Now you’re a different person, in a way. You Naturalize that O-Ring and bring your Inner Editor back in full force. You aren’t criticizing the author of this clay in front of you– you’re using the raw materials they’ve provided you to shape it into something. The something might be almost there, and it might just take a bit of smoothing and spinning to get it to be great. (My rough drafts are not like this, and if yours are, I kind of hate you a little.) Or it might take squashing the whole thing back into a lump of clay to begin to form it into something beautiful again. But I find that every draft d’ crapola has at least one shining hint of a great idea buried in it. Look for that. Look for those moments that move you, even though you wrote it. Look for things that make you giggle all alone at your laptop. Look for stuff that makes you want to say, “Wait. Go back. Zoom and enhance on that last part”–that’s your cruddy draft, and your Inner Editor, telling you when something is working.

When you do both of those phases at the same time, what happens is that the Inner Editor becomes paralyzing. Its voice becomes so loud that it reaches beyond words on the page, all the way to words you haven’t even typed yet. You toss out everything you have before you’ve even whipped up a batch of raw materials. You stop working before you’ve managed to create that tiny gorgeous detail that you were trying to reach. Resist the urge to bring in the critical thoughts too early. Give yourself permission to go to weird and awful places, because just beyond those places are the best ideas and the best lines of dialogue and the best heartstring-plucking imagery you’ll ever have. Keep going. Your breakthrough might be ten thousand words from now, so you have two options: write ten thousand words agonizingly slowly over the next year, criticizing yourself about every line and hating every minute of it, or blast out ten thousand words THIS WEEK, and be basking in the glow of that tiny mote of awesome by Sunday.

Stray GMNY brain dump: If Lucas and Riley's movie date...

…wasn’t with the group, if they went alone (which it kinda sounds to me like they did)…isn’t it interesting how Riley apparently behaved pretty much the same way with Charlie (who she doesn’t actually like) as she did with Lucas?

I mean, it’s pretty hard to mindlessly grab someone’s arm if you’re already holding their hand, ya know? Maybe that’s part of what Riley meant by “we’re not very good at holding hands.” Maybe it went beyond New World.

And can we talk about Lucas and Riley’s faces after “and she doesn’t even know she does it!” How old is Riley there? She seriously looks like a young child when she gets that gigantic smile. Lucas too. That’s a legit kiddish grin, not a smirk or a d'aww like he gives Maya. I mean are they eight years old? It just makes me think of what Riley said in the pilot: “this is innocent!”

Like…it’s cute. It really is. I can appreciate a legit Riley x Lucas moment when I see one. And they probably (definitely) have some residual puppy love going on in that moment (even moreso on Riley’s part)…but this is not a pair of people reminiscing over some heavy, romantically charged moment (especially since the arm grabbing is something Riley also does with Charlie and doesn’t even realize she’s doing). Lucas and Maya’s card chewing moment is weightier (to say nothing of their rooftop convo).

I dunno, it’s cute, but it’s just not that *heavy* of a moment. It’s light, but it’s sweet. And then Charlie has to ruin it by posturing at Lucas—honestly, a big part of what was going on there was that Charlie would NOT stop goading Lucas. Like, I’m sorry bro, but if you wanna seriously date Riley Matthews, you have to get in with Lucas Friar just as much as you need to get in with Auggie, tbh. He’s not just her ex, he’s one of her best friends in the world, hello? And Charlie doesn’t even try to be cool with Lucas, not really. For all that they say “new friendship!” in Semi-Formal, you can tell that Lucas and Charlie don’t actually like each other very much. Sometimes I worry that Charlie’s gonna end up with a black eye, because he just REFUSES to stop acting like Lucas has no right to so much as talk to Riley…like? Whatever, Charlie.

And Lucas is just so done with “Mr. Perfect” Charlie’s posturing and poking, it’s not even funny.

Poor Lucas. You gotta wonder if now HE’S the one wondering if Riley ever even liked HIM, considering how fast she was going out with Charlie and how their movie date apparently went pret-ty similarly to her movie date (or whatever it was) with Lucas. Like it sounds like the only major difference was licorice vs popcorn.

I dunno, but I DO actually like that they had Lucas showing some kinda real-type feels for Riley in this episode, because honestly?

For most of this season it’s been pret-ty hard to believe that he was even remotely into her still. Semi-Formal was almost jarring—and even then Lucas’s “jealousy” was thin at best, to say nothing of his lollygagging/not even respecting that Riley wanted something.

The “you let him see your notebook?” line was pretty much the first moment in S2 where I really BELIEVED Lucas & Riley had some kinda real middle school Thing going on post-New World, and that he was into it.

But again, how come, post-New World, Charlie Gardner has to show up for Lucas to act like he is or ever was some kinda boyfriend to Riley? I mean there’s New World and then…nothin’ really unless you count the fight in Secret of Life. Lucas doesn’t even reassure Riley of their status/his feelings after the Yearbook thing, I mean…just what? He has this lovely little near-private conversation with Farkle at the end, but at no point does he reassure Riley of his feelings or the status of their relationship. Just…what? And in Rules, I’m sorry but when you compare “what do I seem like to you?” to the face-wiping moment (which I love, by the way), it’s just not even a contest.

And apparently nothing important or life changing happened on their movie date (or whatever it was)…otherwise we would have seen it. Maybe it’s coming in another episode, but…maybe not.

Post-GM New World, with the notable exception of Texas 1-2 (when Riley dumps him), Lucas pretty much never acts like a guy who is dating/ever dated Riley…UNLESS Charlie Gardner shows up. Semi-Formal, GMT3, and GMNY have the MOST obvious, higher key Lucas likes/liked Riley moments, and almost ALL of those moments are directly tied to something Charlie Gardner says or does. There are some lower key moments, like, “she took us both out” in Secret of Life, and the “we need better minds” look in Forgiveness, but the higher key Lucas likes/liked Riley stuff really only shows up when Charlie shows up.

(Meanwhile, Lucas’s Maya feels are all over the damn place from the last scene of Semi-Formal on. No jealousy catalyst required.

Meanwhile, Farkle and Riley have been having some pretty heavy scenes lately. Alone. Farkle and Riley have had more conversations 100% ALONE than anyone else among the kids, Rilaya aside. That we’ve been privy to, anyway.)

So I mean, what’s up with that? How come Charlie Gardner has to show up, (or Riley has to dump Lucas), for Lucas to seriously ACT like anything undeniably resembling someone who is (or ever was) some version of a boyfriend to Riley for more than half a second?

Like…if Charlie hadn’t been in GMNY, there probably would’ve have been very little “Lucas likes Riley” stuff, if any…although the “Riley likes Lucas” stuff would’ve been there, probably. But…nearly all of the “Lucas OBVIOUSLY likes Riley still” stuff in GMNY (not to mention the whisper of it in GMT3) was directly tied to Charlie Gardner, right down to eating the card…since playing the game was Charlie’s idea in the first place. When Lucas bumps into Riley on the way in and hovers close to her during the Smackle convo, he’s not…visibly affected by it (Riley is). But then he doesn’t even bother to properly greet Riley or even hang up his coat before going over to Maya. (And Riley follows.)

But, when confronted with a goading, gloating Charlie…Lucas gets jealous (or at least sure damn acts like it), and you can tell he’s kind of taken aback by it. Afterward, he’s just staring up at the sky alone on the roof for a while, and the way he says, “I don’t know anymore,” to Maya…you just can’t help but feel for the kid. He’s legit torn between two people he feels pretty strongly about and he’s not really hip to the difference in his feelings for them yet (we are, ofc). And he’s shredded once he finds out there’s an actual decision to make, when Farkle takes away the easy out Riley tried to give him. (And also the moment he was having with Maya got ruined. If you don’t think Lucas was as upset as Maya about that moment being cut off, I dunno wtf show you’re watching.)

And it’s a huge deal that Lucas and Maya acknowledge the issue of his Riley-feels still existing on some level BEFORE THE BLAB. That’s a big big big deal. Lucas wouldn’t answer the question in front of Riley (and everybody else), but he’s honest with Maya when she asks. BEFORE THE BLAB. So, even before Farkle opens his mouth, Lucas and Maya have acknowledged that there’s an issue there. But they’re going with it. They stand together anyway. They’re the ones together and smiling at each other when the clock actually strikes twelve. Either one of them could have walked away, or invited lonely sad Riley over to join them, or whatever. But they didn’t.

And, damn…so when Farkle blabs, Maya KNOWS that Lucas still has some type of feels for Riley, because he basically told her so just a minute before. So just add that to everything else you’re seeing on Maya’s face when it crashes.


I’m pretty sure we’re meant to believe that Lucas and Riley are gonna get back together, now that Lucas’s residual Riley feels are out there and Riley’s “love” is out there. I mean, y'all SAW how Lucas fussed at Charlie, right? Y'all saw how Lucas glanced at Riley but not Maya when the credits rolled, right? They are ABSOLUTELY setting people up to expect Lucas x Riley. Big loud jealous moment, big reveal, final glance of the episode. They made it big and loud and obvious.

But to fall for that, you have to ignore or gloss over EVERYTHING else about the episode. You have to ignore how, unless Charlie is around goading him or making an issue of things, Lucas almost always prioritizes Maya. And when he does get into it with Charlie, Lucas still pretty much immediately snaps-to when Maya demands his attention back. You have to ignore that Maya was the first person to ask Lucas a damn thing about how he’s feeling, and she’s the first person he’s said anything to about it. You have to ignore how MAYA got a major Corpanga pep talk before going upstairs to Lucas. You have to ignore that LUCAS initiates the Lucaya hi/heys. You have to ignore their moment just before the blab. AND you have to ignore what’s starting to happen between Farkle and Riley.

It’s pretty obvious that Riley and Lucas are FINALLY going to have a private conversation (or close to it anyway) about their relationship and who they are to each other in Legacy. And while I’m sure it’s going to be pretty heavy at the end when they work it out and hug or whatever and I’m probably gonna cry, it’s not going to hold a candle to the campfire, or midnight, or even Riley and Farkle’s recent private conversations in terms of romance. Because, even if they both really wanted to be…that’s just not who they are. If it were, they’d act like it…and it wouldn’t take Charlie Gardner goading Lucas to bring it out.

This has been a brain dump.

urlplankton  asked:

Are there any specific lyrics or anything in the sharpest lives that make you think it's about Gerard getting clean? I really like this meaning, I'd never really thought about the song like that until you mentioned it

Oh man there’s heaps…
I’ve never been drunk before in my life so I have no experience to draw on here, but in my mind this is what I think of it. Don’t kill me if I have the wrong idea - I just don’t have the first hand knowledge.

So he makes a few blatant references to drinking - in the first verse and the pre chorus (“I’m drunk I suppose” and “I’ve really been on a bender and it shows”), but I think the whole song kind of emulates the struggles of addictions and stuff.
Like at the start he basically gives you the run down of his drinker life - he comes home late, crashes on the couch in his clothes because he’s tired from dancing all night and maybe he’s drunk etc etc. But the attitude in this, especially in “I’m drunk I suppose” is like he doesn’t really know, and doesn’t really care, he’s just going with. Same with “If it looks like I’m laughing I’m really just asking to leave, this alone”. To me it’s like he’s just dismissively laughing it off when people confront him about his addiction or try to intervene - Remember when Brian on LOTMS said intervention wasn’t working?
You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe
I think at least at some point drinking leads to crankiness right? I mean with hangovers and what not… And generally if you act cranky to people, they’ll act cranky back because your sudden un-called-for crankiness annoys them. Gerard needed his band mates and friends and other people, but in his out-of-it state it would have been easy for him to think that they started hating him because of the cranky. Here it’s like he’s realized he has a problem and that he needs help, but he doesn’t think he’ll get any because he thinks he’s loathed.
You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose
‘Cause I love all the poison
Away with the boys in the band
Gerard did say in LOTMS that he felt that he needed to be drunk to be able to be Gerard on stage, to be able to perform…
I’ve really been on a bender and it shows
I don’t know about you, but I think this line is delicious in a musical sense too. It’s an admission of his problem, but what’s more - he knows it shows, which means can see how it’s affecting everything. And it’s just something about the way Gerard sings it and the actual succession of notes that he sings that says he knows his problem is bad. I also love how the guitars have that whole pitch bendy thing going on to go with it :3

In the chorus, it’s like there’s two options for him, and he’s torn between the two - facing it and actually getting clean - to kill the habits “A light to burn all the empires”, or giving up and allowing it to get worse and worse - which wouldn’t take much - “A kiss and I will surrender”. To rise or fall?

Then there’s the third verse.
There’s a place in the dark where the animals go
You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow
I like to think he’s referring to that mentally altered state you’re in when you’re drunk, in this bit. Taking off your skin - is kind of like how some of your inhibitions are removed when you’re drunk. 
Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands
Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo
On one hand getting drunk might be fun - gives you a high - whatever, but on the other hand he should stop and think about what he’s doing to himself…
It’s like while he’s trying to get clean, the temptation to just go and drink and get loose is tugging at him and whispering persuasively in his ear about how fun it would be, and its hard for him to keep snapping himself out of it. Then the pre chorus and chorus come in, and it’s really too much for him to have to do this on his own.

Also, there’s that bit in the bridge of the song where the Mikey goes nuts and Ray starts playing D# s and then E s and there’s this casual choir in there. Now the choir is split in two and is singing one of those scales that I forgot the name of (you learn them in grade 1 piano I’m sure…) where one part goes up the C# minor scale and the other goes down the C# minor scale simultaneously ( of course The Sharpest Lives had to be in freaking c sharp minor :P ). I think it kind of emphasizes the whole alternate paths thing, - rise or fall.

Yeah… so that could have been briefer, but I suck at explaining things even though my parents are teachers. I apologize. It’s fuzzy in places but that’s half my interpretation of the song.
(I’m sorry for answering late <3 )