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Forehead Kisses - Newt Scamander Imagines.

I love forehead kisses like. There are so many forehead kisses? FOREHEAD KISSES WITH NEWT WOULD LITERALLY KILL ME. I feel like he’s a Forehead kiss sort of guy.

  • “I won’t be too long.” Newt’s voice was on the lighter side this morning, almost as if the way the sun peaked into the room gave him a complete and utter sense of tranquility. Giving a rather warm peck to your forehead, he tucks back some of your hair before resting his case on the ground and opening it. It’s a fluid action, and he moves rather smoothly and you found yourself almost fixated on the way his hands moved around his case. Skillful action, he’s done it a thousand times, maybe even more. Attention is drawn back to his entirety as he takes a step into the case. He looks back at you momentarily, his eyes locking with yours.
    Lets his gaze linger on you for a few seconds more before disappearing into the case you felt your breathing regulate. Moments like that, with a sort of eclectic rush and painted movement given by Newt always left you breathless.
    • An equivalent to the forehead kiss of “I’m late for work, kiss for you, and out the door”.
    • A lot easier than saying “bye”, something Newt doesn’t particularly enjoy. Goodbye’s, whether long term or short term, are goodbye nonetheless.
  • Instances where the two of you are sharing a bed, or simply cuddling there is a lot of embracing one another. He’ll tuck some of your hair away from your face, gazing down at you. From the position he’s in, he can’t clearly see your expression but given the chance to guess, Newt figured you were content in his arms. Craning his head down, he kisses the side of your head and presses his face into your hair. His skin tickles yours. Newt senses you smile before it turned into a soft chuckle. He holds you tighter, but not uncomfortably so. There’s something tender and warm about holding another person so close, about feeling their heart beating under your fingertips. It’s a raw sensation, stripped to the very center of the emotion running wild in both your minds.
  • Occasions where you feel completely helpless and find yourself leaning against his body in search of some sort of security. He smells like his case. Not awful, but more homely and more nurturing than anything else. A sublime mixture of tea, herbal medicine and strangely enough, fresh dirt from a far away in the countryside. The sudden defenselessness you were exhibiting set off alarms in his mind, and with feathery movement, Newt wraps his arms around you. Your knees finally give way after finding support and your face digs itself further into his peacock colored jacket. You smelt something else now, something that always helped you calm down. Newt had a certain scent that you hadn’t been able to describe, and the closest you came to describing it was as ‘A farm in the early morning. It’s quiet, there’s work to be done, and there’s only so much time in the day to get it done.’ You know it’s not a smell, but there’s almost a distant memory associated with it.

    Unbeknownst to you, Newt is feeling equally as helpless at the moment. You’re in his arms, crumbling so it seems and he’s no way of telling why you’re so melancholy. He takes a deep breath in and does what he thinks it right, a sort of instinct he always possessed. Kissing your hairline ever so gently, he spoke in a soothing tone, “It’s alright, I’ve got you…” He knows you’ll talk to him when you’re ready to be heard. But for right now, this was what you needed.
  • Newt having different sort of forehead kisses. The kind that aren’t completely center, and lean more towards the right or left. Usually happens when he’s in a hurry and leaves you with an unexpected forehead peck.
    • Kisses directly above your eyebrow. You’re both laying down, the sun hasn’t even risen yet and there’s almost a dreary sense of doom impending because you do not want to get out of the warm bed. Newt has only been awake for a couple minutes, still trying to process waking up. He knows you’re beside him. Without opening his eyes, he leans over and puckers his lips. The kiss hands directly above your right eyebrow. His lips curl against your skin as he pulls you closer. A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt.
      • Kisses that land more on the side of your head. A mindless, affectionate action. Happens with he’s not paying complete attention and his mind is somewhere else.
  • Attentive forehead kisses. Newt’s fingers are cupped on your jawline to keep you in place. His beautiful green eyes are staring right into yours. In the lighting, you can see his pupils dilating, you could almost count the freckles that lined his cheeks, and you could see the different colors swirling in his eyes. They weren’t completely green and seemed to hold hues of yellow and maybe even gold. Newt’s that close to you. Biting his bottom lip, he seems to be contemplating what to do before bending your head down slightly and craning his down to give you a gentle kiss to your forehead. The motion says, “I love you, you know that.“
    You raise your hands to place them on his before stepping forward. You kiss him gently, lips pressing in the slightest to tell him that you love him too.

I expected to write more but darn these are actually pretty long lmao. Thank you for reading! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! Stay tuned for more Newt Scamander + other FBAWTFT fics!

I Dare You

Seth Rollins/OC: You and Seth are best friends, and decide to go out for drinks with some of the others on the roster. After a few drinks, the girls dare you to give him a lapdance. It turns into just hot, dirty grinding, and Seth has to take you back to his room. Smut. Requested by anon

This was an older request that I finally finished, not a newer one. I have like, fifty thousand others started just not finished yet, so bear with me. They’ll get done, it’s just taking some time.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00 @the-geekgoddes @phenominalstyles @panic-angel3314 @that-lolachick @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @missdibiase 

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anonymous asked:

So to what extent do you think Palpatine ever considered Anakin a potential "apprentice"? Did he always intend to enslave Anakin from the moment they met? Like, I mean, yeah, he did, but. Like, when Sidious is fighting Yoda he says "You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." And somehow I think he meant it? Like, Dark Empire aside, he probably wasn't going to live forever? So to what extent did he want Vader to someday take over eventually maybe?

I don’t think there’s any functional difference, in Palpatine’s mind, between “apprentice” and “slave.”

Maybe Palpatine had some convoluted Sith plan to become immortal. Maybe he didn’t. But here’s the crucial thing about Palpatine: everything he does is aimed at getting and maintaining absolute power for himself.

Let’s assume he doesn’t have some plan to live forever. So eventually he’ll die, and then what will happen to the Empire he’s built?

I don’t think he actually cares.

Why should he? He won’t be in power anymore, and that’s his primary motivation.

I know the EU has this whole complicated thousand-year long Sith plot to take over the Republic, or whatever, but I don’t necessarily see any evidence for that in the movies. What the movies give us is Palpatine’s plot to take over the Republic.

For Palpatine, the Force and the Sith are just a few of the tools in his arsenal, all of which are aimed at gaining absolute power for himself. I think it’s one of the most interesting, and crucial, elements of his character and of his role within the narrative that he could have become Emperor without ever using the Force. If Palpatine weren’t Force sensitive, almost nothing in the PT would change.

So Palpatine wants absolute power. And he’s a master manipulator. He views other people as tools, and he knows exactly how to use them.

I don’t think he ever intended any of his apprentices to be his successor. Possibly Maul or even Dooku thought they would be, but if so they were always deluding themselves. I don’t think Anakin ever even thought he would be - not unless he pulled off a coup against Palpatine himself.

Palpatine’s apprentices are always picked to do very specific things for him. Maul’s role is to be an assassin, to look intimidating, and, most importantly, to provide a distraction for the Jedi. That works beautifully. It keeps working even after his death: for the next ten years, the Jedi are preoccupied with the return of the Sith, which keeps them from paying undue attention to the true danger in the political arena. In fact, the masterstroke of the distraction that is Darth Maul doesn’t play out until ten years after his death, with the start of the Clone Wars. The Jedi are so preoccupied with the discovery of Dooku as a Sith Lord, with the confirmation that the Sith are behind the Separatist movement, that they plunge headlong into a righteous war without asking a lot of crucial questions. (And, it has to be said, without showing any hesitation at using a slave army of people literally bred for war.)

Dooku himself serves as both an excellent distraction and as someone whose own considerable political acumen can hold together the Separatist movement while also carefully directing it to suit Palpatine’s plans. It’s possible that Dooku really believes he will be Palpatine’s heir, though given his age I think it’s more likely that he, like Anakin two decades later, is instead planning a coup against Palpatine.

And then there’s Anakin himself. My take on Palpatine’s thoughts on Anakin is actually articulated best in Trophies, which is a fic that’s part of the Double Agent Vader AU, but which actually fits well with canon, at least as far as Palpatine’s thoughts are concerned. I think he wants to control Anakin for three main reasons:

  1. The Jedi believe Anakin to be their Chosen One. That alone is reason enough to turn him - what better way to completely crush the Jedi than to turn their anticipated savior into their destroyer?
  2. In terms of raw ability / potential with the Force, Anakin is as powerful as it’s possible to get. Palpatine himself, in my headcanon, has a midichlorian count just below the cut off point that would have sent him to the Jedi Order. Palpatine loves power more than anything, and what could be a greater thrill than having complete control over the most powerful Force user who’s ever lived? (This, I think, is what lies behind Palpatine’s glee when he tells Yoda, “Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.” What’s important there is the unspoken, “And I’ll have complete control over all that power.”)
  3. I think that Palpatine actually had a vendetta against both Padme and Anakin following TPM. The conflict that would lead to his emergency powers and ultimately to his Empire was supposed to start on Naboo, but these two insignificant children, a girl queen who should have been easily manipulated and a slave boy who shouldn’t have been there at all, ruined his plans. Palpatine’s never been above petty revenge, and he’s very good at playing the long game. By the end of ROTS, Padme is dead and Anakin is completely under his power, which was the plan all along.
OP: Straw Hat’s crew bad habits

 - Luffy always sneaks off at night looking for food: he doesn’t even do it on purpose - he often sleeps-eats after all - which doesn’t make Sanji so happy about it (but he’s prepared, and if you hear a sudden scream, that’s perfectly normal: the trick worked.)

 - Luffy, Usopp, Franky and Chopper always spend their money on “That super amazing cool thing” than save it for actual important stuff.

 - Zoro sleeps everywhere. Everywhere. So basically he’s always in the way. And when the members of the crew stumbles on him, he doesn’t even wake up. The only one to maybe avoid him is Sanji as he’s often carrying food around – and food must not be wasted.

 - Sometimes Zoro gets even lost on the ship and ends up opening a door on the toilets instead of the kitchen where he was thinking he was going to - certainly looking for alcohol. (Fortunately let’s hope no one was currently using the WC.)

 - Sanji can be distracted from time to time, so he flicks his smoke to get the ash off and and it somehow always end up in Zoro’s hair while he’s napping, which absolutely infuriates him, and no matter where Zoro naps and how careful Sanji is, it must be a curse as Zoro always has ashes in his hair at the end of the day.

 - Usopp always makes excuses up when he doesn’t want to do something, which often ends up with Luffy and Chopper doing the chores instead of him and they don’t even see they’re being fooled – so basically someone else from the crew (very often Nami or Zoro) has to remind Usopp of his real duties and dismiss the Captain and the doctor.

 - Franky’s robotic parts make noises at night, especially when he moves in his sleep. Zoro and Luffy don’t notice it, and the others got used to it. However, Usopp didn’t. As Chopper happens to shapeshift, the snipper uses it to his advantage (when he’s in that big huge fluffy shape) to minimize the noises. It doesn’t work and Franky suddenly wakes up thinking he’s being attacked.

 - Franky and Nami’s hair are always left behind in the shower. At first Luffy was persuaded Vivi was back on the ship and hiding, somehow, because of the hair colour. (It was really hard to convince him.)

 - Nami can’t help herself but always bets about anything with everyone. And she, 99% of the time, wins them: so basically the whole crew is more or less indebted to her - especially Zoro – and therefore they have to make new deals with her which is actually maybe not the best idea ever.

 - Chopper often forgets about his antlers when he is in another shape than his usual one, so when he’s crossing a door in a hurry he might scratch the wood of the walls - but Franky eventually got it fixed.

 - Robin is a woman who very often knows more than what she’s showing - she just never says any thing. If the land is on sight, the archeologist won’t say it until someone asks her, if someone lost something and she knows where it is, she won’t say it if she’s not directly asked about it.

 - When Robin is running out of book to read, her interventions get more and more morbid which scares the hell out of them - and how relieved they are to have a new island in sight.

 - Brook plays a lot of tunes and it gives the Thousand Sunny a very nice atmosphere, but it can come to a point where the trip on the sea until next land takes longer than they thought it would, so the musician runs out of new partitions to play and ends up always playing “Binkusu no sake” ten times a day, awakening some of crew’s members homicidal (or skeletonal?) thoughts.

 - As usual, when one devil fruit user falls into the sea, at least two other devil fruits users jump for them. The rest of the crew have a few seconds left to figure out whether to leave them in there once for good - especially that idiot captain - or who’s going this time.


I meant to post this yesterday but got caught up in the 4th of July festivities
Hope you guys like it anyway <3

Title: Photography
Pairing: Julian Albert x reader
Summary: After having you take photos of him for hours, Julian decides to flip the script and try his had at photography.
Word Count: 1,177
Warnings: None
Tagged: @kindnesswins @melconnor2007

Your name: submit What is this?

           "Darling, stop,“ Julian mumbles, holding up a hand to cover his face.

           Despite his requests, the shutter clicks again, capturing the moment. He rolls his eyes, but you just grin, lining up to take another shot of him.

           Julian turns his body away from you, shifting his paper work along the desk. Now that his face is out of your sight, Julian thinks you’ll stop taking pictures, but it’s the contrary. The light from the desk lamp was the only light in the scene and it cast a yellow hue over Julian’s perfectly pressed shirt.

           "Stay still,” you tell him, snapping a few more shots. You admire your handiwork from the display screen on the camera.

           Julian groans, setting down his pen. “Y/N, please. I’m trying to work,” he complains.

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SO maybe I don’t have a license or a house or a job

But I am 25 and despite disliking children I have learned to listen to them when they talk, respect their opinions and thoughts and boundaries and apologize to them when I am wrong because they are also people and don’t deserve to feel like they’re inferior 

I might still sometimes hesitate but I don’t feel bad for having to stop for a second and think hey, will this hurt someone? Is it disrespectful? And if it the answer is yes I will decide not to say it or do it because I want to get rid of internalized prejudices I grew up with  because I want everyone to feel safe around me.

I don’t find people being hurt “funny” and I don’t feel bad for “not having a sense of humor” when ppl complain that I don’t laugh at their shitty biggotted jokes, and if I make one -because I am mature enough to recognize that I am only 25 years old and barely starting to learn about how diverse people are and how little I know about them- I will apologize and do everything to avoid repeating my mistake 

I know I might not  make much of a difference but if I see something bad happening to someone who can’t fix it by themselves I will offer my help in any possible way and stand for them

I find that money is important to my own survival but also that it doesn’t make me better or more valuable than people who don’t have it. I am conscious that I am privileged and that renouncing to a few bucks for the sake of helping someone who can’t sustain themselves doesn’t mean I’m encouraging their laziness- And I give money to someone that looks like a drug addict without giving a shit about wether they do buy drugs with it or not because I’m not gonna deny to a person the right to eat something bc others might use it for drugs. 

I understand that some people will take advantage of my kindness and of the systems of healthcare and other forms of public services and I still will gladly give my money to keep them running because thousands of honest people depend on them for survival and I don’t care about the shitty few who don’t.

BITCH my life might be far from perfect-I might not have money or be married or not have my own house-but unlike all these shitty baby boomers, I have a fucking heart and I’m damn fucking proud of it.

When You Come Home  (Part 1 of 3)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: lmao good fucking luck pals.

Warnings: #pain ahead. 

Word Count: 7,826 (totally not sorry, dudes.)

A/N: Alright, friends. We had crazy fun writing this so we hope you like this disaster as much as we do. Please feel free to yell at us because honestly, that’s all we’ve been doing behind the scenes. In fact, we’re yelling about it right now. Thank you so much for your support. There’s a shit ton more left to this, so stay tuned!! Without further ado, Team GTNW presents part ONE of THREE. Enjoy the ride, pals. We sure as hell did.

- Team GTNW -  

The concept of home is nothing if not indefinable.

We jump from place to place and house to house and person to person in a single lifetime—and maybe all of them are home in some way, but more likely than not you find one or two places to call home, a couple of houses, and if you’re lucky, a person.

The concept of home may have always been indefinable to you, but you most certainly knew what it felt like.

You felt it that day, walking down the street of your childhood neighborhood and breathing in the New York air. You felt it when you walked into your old favorite record shop for the first time in eight years, eyes brightening at the messy shelves and dim lighting that had managed to stay exactly the same. The sign was off kilter and the bell on the door was barely hanging on but the air in the place was the same.

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the last | yoongi

Summary: your last days with Min Yoongi before he’s going far away to reach his dreams.

Genre: Angst

Length: 2.6k

A/N:  idk why when I feel like writing angst, his face is the only one that pops into my mind :c please enjoy! Let me know if I should make a series out of this!




You’re staring at the boy in front of you, his cheeks are stuffed with the lunch you made for him. When he feels that you’re not munching your food anymore, he looks up at you, raising both his eyebrows as if asking you why aren’t you eating?

You flash him a smile, shaking your head. “It’s nothing,” before taking a bite on your egg roll.

Last week he told you that he’s been thinking real hard about chasing his dream for real. Which means he’s been thinking of leaving this small warm hometown of Daegu to come to the faraway metropolitan city of Seoul. You told him that he should go after his dreams wherever it may go, but that time, deep down you knew you would never be able to have the heart to see him going so far away from you.

Deep down you are scared, but this is one thing the boy that you love with everything that you got wants to do, something that he wants to achieve ever since he was a child and you know that. You know that more than anyone else.

So you just smiled at him and told him you would support him through everything.

You know that nothing is stopping him, not even you.

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Nick Robinson - Kick ass


“Please, please, please, I really need to learn some kick ass moves and you are the only one who can help me!” Nick begged through the phone for about the sixteenth time that week. He wanted me to teach him some kicks and stuff because he was casted as Ben Parish for the new movie, The 5th Wave and wanted to improve his fighting skills before the filming started. My father taught me how to fight when I was a little and I had three older brothers who I was always fighting with, so I knew one or two things about how to kick someone’s ass.

“Nick, they will teach you the moves, you don’t need extra lessons from me,” I rolled my eyes turning a page in my History book I was trying to read, but my phone kept distracting me from it.

“I do! I have never did anything like this, I don’t want to seem unprofessional. Please, Y/N, just one afternoon.”

I sighed knowing he wouldn’t give up until I say yes. I watched at my calendar seeing that the rest of the week was kind of full with my practices and extra lessons and the filming was about to start on Sunday.

“I’m free today,” I said and then heard him shout a loud “YES!” in response to my answer.

“Okay, to be honest, I’m already on my way to your place, so ten minutes and I’m there,” he said making me raise my eyebrows.

“How did you know I would say yes eventually?”

“Y/N, please, I know you. Also, I didn’t know, I wanted to knock on your door until you say yes.”

I laughed at him and then just ended the call. I put away all my books knowing I would be able to study more that day and in exact ten minutes Nick arrived to my house.

We were friends since we met at a casting about five years before. He didn’t get the role he went for, but I got in. On the other hand, my acting career came to an end there, I realized I didn’t want to do this, but he became a well-known actor since then and I was proud to be his friend.

The doorbell rang and I run down to open it. Nick was waiting for me there in a pair of dark jeans and a plain, grey T-shirt. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath seeing his causal but hot look. I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to him. He was tall, handsome and just awesome, but I knew that thousands of other girls found him hot since he became a star and that some of them were way more beautiful than me, so I was just kind of silently admiring him all the time.

“Hey,” he smiled at me giving me a quick hug that reminded me how much taller he was than me.

We walked out into the backyard where I already set up a few mats we could practice on.

“Okay, so what do you want to know?” I asked as we stood at the middle.

“Everything. I want to be like… Like you were when you fought with that creepy girl in the gym.”

He only saw me fighting a few times, when he came to the gym while I was practicing, but he was always impressed how easily I could kick anyone out in minutes.

I sighed nodding my head and then we started with the basic things. I showed him the stuff my dad showed me when I was younger. I taught him how to defend himself and how to hit with his fist in the proper way.

“I’m scared I’ll hit you,” he sighed when I told him to try to hit my face.
“Oh, that’s sweet, you think you can actually hit me?” I chuckled. He wasn’t that bad, but there was no way he would be able to win against me.

“Hey, don’t underestimate me!” he protested. “What if I’m just pretending to be bad and am actually a karate master?” he asked arching an eyebrow at me.

“Then let’s see it. Why don’t we have a fight? If you are that great, I’m sure you can win,” I challenged and I could see that he wasn’t really into my idea, but nodded anyway. He just didn’t want to look like a chicken.

We took our positions and when I nodded the fight had started. Needless to say, that it took be about half a minute to take him down and win the fight. I was holding his hands back and kept him in place by placing one of my hands to his chest pressing it down. Our faces were dangerously close and I felt my heart starting to beat really fast.

“See? I told you I would win,” I whispered gulping hard. He stared into my eyes for a long moment and I was just about to let go of him when suddenly, with one perfect move he turned us over, so now I was on the ground and he was pinning me down. I gasped in surprise and I was ready to hear him brag about how he turned us over, but then he crashed his lips to mine surprising me for the second time within a few seconds.

We kissed for a few long moments, his hands were on my waist and I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. But then we both pulled away trying to catch our breaths.

“Is this something you would do in a fight?” I joked chuckling lightly. He smiled at me shaking his head.

“No. This is something I have wanted to do in a long time,” he admitted making me blush immediately. “And I think it was the perfect ending of our fight,” he added grinning at me.

Her voice is calling to me

Prompt : The Little Mermaid AU

Word count : 8315

Warnings : Language, smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up kiddos or you’ll have babies or worse ! and I’ll put the gif that inspired me for that and blame the series of books ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Eloisa James and it leads well to the end, I let you do the counting). Prince Bucky (yes that’s a warning !)

Author’s note : So this is finally my Little Mermaid AU for @sincerelysaraahh‘s Month of Fairy Tales. I’m sorry it took so long, I was supposed to post that on Monday, but (holy shit) it’s a 13 pages long story. A big part is inspired by the Disney movie of course, some scenes are a rewrite and the rest comes from me. As I already said in my previous stories, English is not my first language and even if I check my texts several times, mistakes can remain (don’t hesitate to tell me if you spot one, also if you spot my name inside just tell me, because I write it with my name first and then I change when I post). I hope you’ll enjoy it and feedback is always appreciate.

Song of the title : Her Voice, Drew Seeley

Tag list : @allandnothing90, @sincerelysaraahh, @crazychick010, @spiderbarnes, @imaginingbucky, @youandbucky, @jarnesbrnes, @capsbuchanan, @pleasecallmecaptain, @writingruna, @bovaria


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The sea in the distance, that was the view from his room, he had forgotten it, after spending so long time at the hospital. He took a look at the left side of his body, instead of a flesh arm, there was a metal one, from his shoulder to his fingers, no flesh anymore, but a prosthetic metal arm. Everything happened in a blink of an eye. He sighed, what if he hadn’t be so stupid, what if he didn’t had drunk that much on that damn night, what if he didn’t let his best friend, Steve, who was also his cousin, drove his car that night when he was as drunk as he was. What if ? Stop thinking about it James, what’s done is done, the past is the past. But, how wasn’t he supposed to think about it when he, James Barnes, was the crown prince and only heir of the kingdom of Edensea. Sometimes, he regretted to still be alive, he would rather die than live as a cripple the rest of his life. Of course, he was still as handsome as he was before that unfortunate accident, with his perfect jawline, his dark chestnut hair and his steely blue-eyes, but when he woke up a few days after and saw that his left arm was missing, something had gone out from him. He was broken inside and outside. Why did he have to lose one of his arms, and have scars, when Steve was perfectly healthy ?

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So @getinthefuckingjaeger sent me this post about Colin Firth FARRELL (thank you aquarterquell) giving Eddie Redmayne a backrub before a comic con thing to help him calm down.

Who am I to disagree with a thing like that?

Newt’s book is a success.

Of course it’s a success. It was written by the best magizoologist alive - the best wizard alive, in Graves’ humble and completely unbiased opinion. If it wasn’t a success, he’d be storming around with his wand out in search of whatever foul play was interfering with the success of Newt’s book. Probably dark magic. Evil dark magic that wants to stop Newt’s book being the success it was always destined to be. The dark magic should count itself lucky that Newt’s book has sold out every print run to date, because otherwise it would have a severely pissed off Graves knocking on its door.

But. That’s by the by.

Newt’s book is a success, and the wizard - and his heroic, daring exploits as he tracks down and saves his many fantastic beasts - have become something of a sensation in the wizarding world. Strangely enough, it’s the younger generation that have taken to him the most. The older wizards are still shaking their heads about newfangled notions and the follies of having feelings for potions ingredients, but the younger generation have full-out gone for it.

With a party.

A huge, fantastic beasts themed party.

It’s billed as a collection of seminars, a convention of sorts - leading experts from around the world giving lectures about magical animals and what they mean to the wizarding world. There’s networking, a whole lot of people very interested in working with magical beasts and a whole lot of people sitting up and taking notice of the funding pouring in to various reserves and research centres. There’s even a few hands-on sessions where people can get close and personal with some of the tamer beasts.

But, basically, it’s an enormous party. However you dress it up (and yes, quite a few people have dressed up). And Newt is the star speaker, about to go out on stage in front of hundreds - thousands! - of wizards and witches from about the globe to talk about his book, his travels, and his beasts.

Graves couldn’t be prouder of him.

Newt, on the other hand, is a nervous wreck backstage and if it weren’t for the anti-apparition precaution wards put up around the whole place, he’d be several continents away by now.

Graves approaches with caution.

“Newt?” he asks, laying a hand on his shoulder. Newt spins, eyes wild and wand half-raised in front of him. He stutters to a stop as soon as he recognises Graves.

“Sorry,” he mumbles miserably. “I didn’t - sorry.”

Graves fights the urge to wring his hands like a distraught housewife or find whatever is making Newt sad and hex it. “No no,” he says. “Don’t be sorry. Just, tell me what’s wrong?”

Newt fists his hands into his hair, coming dangerously close to sticking his wand in his eye, and struggles to find how to word it. Graves’ hand finds its way back to his shoulder, thumb rubbing gentle circles against his shirt.

Slowly, the tension eases out of Newt’s frame. Not completely, but enough for him to lower his hands and lean back slightly into Graves’ touch. “It’s a lot of people,” he finally says.

Graves hums. “It’s not that many,” he disagrees lightly. “Not as many people as there were faeries at the solstice gathering you took me to.”

“They’re considerably bigger than faeries,” Newt huffs, but Graves only raises an eyebrow to that.

“They don’t have to be,” he offers. “Send Frank up into the rafters with a shrinking potion, I’m sure he can fix things.”

“Frank isn’t a potions dispenser,” Newt protests, but there’s the beginnings of a smile on his face.

“Or I can cast engorgement charms on you until you’re twenty metres tall and they’re tiny little peanuts compared to you, that would work as well.” He tilts his head, mock-serious with his considerations. “Not sure how where we’d transfigure that many flower petal outfits from, though. Some of them may have to go without.”

Newt whacks him on the shoulder. “You’re awful,” he says through a grin.

“Thoroughly,” Graves agrees. He steals a kiss and herds Newt to the stage, though not before conjuring the sparkliest, floweriest petal dress for Pickett to wear. He even gives the bowtruckle a pair of glowing wings, much to the little thing’s delight.

“Awful,” Newt repeats, but he’s too enamoured with fairy-Pickett to remember to be nervous when he turns to face the crowd.

Current Projects

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @folatefangirl

Okay, so things have been up in the air because of moving and one of the projects.

Work’s project from hell
Status: 90% done? We’re in hypercare and there’s a piece we pushed off which we still have to install, but we’re ALMOST there. I hope after next week my hours are all back to normal and the stress level is down.

The Novel
Status: 80%? I still have to get that last chapter done and do another edit, so… but I’m talking to someone about query letters (have to get back to them, that got put on hold because of the move and the PFH).
Counts: 83,426 words atm.  And still a chapter to go. First book in a planned three…. Celtic-based fantasy novel about gods thinking they know what’s best (they don’t), plotting mortals and mages, and magical creations caught in the middle who are DONE with it all. A death and a promise are tinder to set off things long brewing.
Blurb: The stone walls of the room seemed to press in on her as she thought of her long captivity.  Desperate to breathe, she leaned out as far as she could through the narrow window, the cold night air almost a taunt to her as a reminder of the things denied over the many years.  What was it like, to stand out under the stars?  To feel the wind and the elements over your entire body? To know that the entire world stretched forth in front of you and all you had to do was decide which direction to take as your first step.    Hatred roiled inside of her as she stared at the night sky, focused on the humans who kept her chained and the gods who thought her nothing more than a tool.  Whatever she had to do, she would return all of the suffering she had endured onto them a thousand-fold.
Notes: I really need to take some time to sit down and give this fic a proper edit. I’m the only one who’s really read it, too… Hopefully it’s worth the effort.

Status: Uhm… honestly no clue, this is growing on me. Ch10 is almost halfway done, but this week has been killer. I’m HOPING it’s posted on Sunday. It’s got at least a few more chapters. AT LEAST.
Count: 16000 OMFG it’s that long already??? *whimpers*
Blurb: Still, Ombré and Danseur went over to rub against him, which cheered Neil up somewhat, and then Jorea turned about in the air to face Andrew with several lilac blossoms in held in the full skirt of her silver and purple dress. She had a calculating look on her sharp-featured face as she eyed him up and down – eyed his head up and down, which made him narrow his eyes at her. “Don’t even think it,” he warned the flying pest as he held up his right hand with his thumb and middle finger touching in a clear gesture of him ready to flick the pixie away – the tiny Fae were tough, and being flicked into the wall wouldn’t do them any real damage at all. There was no way in hell he was allowing them to shove flowers in his hair and be ‘claimed’ like a certain Unseelie idiot.
Notes: OMFG, there’s still so much I need to cover in this fic. *sighs* But in the upcoming chapter, you will see Andrew’s necromancer talent some more, and we’re starting to see Kevin’s ‘queen’ come into play. Definitely more of that in ch11.

Status: Okay, this falls under a couple of different items. There’s the one fic I started in fits and pieces, that’s not even like, 5%. But there’s also two fics I did for the @exyordeath-zine and I really, REALLY want to do more chapters for them. So let’s just say that you’ll be seeing more Raven!Neil in the future.
Count: unknown
Blurb: Lately, Neil couldn’t get the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ out of his head – it was on a constant loop in his thoughts, repeated in English, French, and German, even in rough Spanish and Italian. For so long he’d regretted being unable to play Exy, had thought back on when he’d played with Riko and Kevin at Evermore, had dared to ignore his mother’s numerous warnings and join some no-name team in a town in the middle of nowhere….Only to find himself back at Evermore not by his own choice but forcibly dragged there and told that he should have been at the Nest all along, that he was Moriyama property. That his mother hadn’t taken him and run so much from his father but his father’s employers. That he had no choice but to play Exy since he was Moriyama property, and he had to be of value to them in one way or another.
Notes: I’m really hoping that as soon as work evens out, I can get back to this.

First Breath Sequel
Status: barely started
Count: 2423
Blurb:It still amazed Andrew that he not only had his own apartment to call ‘home’, a large loft with a freezer stocked with multiple pints of ice cream and a cabinet with liquor and the entire place warded to keep out almost everyone, but that he shared the place with Neil. That when he returned to a space that wasn’t just a building where he was staying for a certain amount of time but where he felt safe and content and had made it his own, there was a gorgeous idiot waiting for him with a bright smile.
Notes: Another thing to get to, maybe late Summer? We shall see, since Heartlines is taking longer than expected.

Status: ongoing. Kevin needs to be tormented some more, and Riko fried to a crisp.
Count: Uhm… not going to look.
Blurb: “You… you… you’re such an asshole,” Neil all but spat at him as he waved his hands about in the air for added emphasis. “I didn’t ask for you to fight my battles for me or to give me a place to stay or to be so amazing or to make me feel these things which are so damn confusing, do you know that? I’m nothing. I’m supposed to want nothing,” Neil told him, and the bleak expression on his face twisted something sharp inside of Andrew, wiped away the faint fluttering of warmth that had been there a moment before upon hearing that ‘amazing’ and ‘feeling’ bit, but even as Andrew reached for the idiot, as the beast drove him on to reach out, Neil flung a tiny ball of aether at him before he spun away and ran. It was just enough magic to sting Andrew even in human form, to make him flinch and blink his eyes to clear his sight, and by that point Neil was long gone.
Notes: Hmm, there should be another part soon.

Misc fics:
Status: ???
Count: ???
Notes: Cat!Neil and whatever prompts I still have outstanding. I’ll get them. Eventually….

The Neil Hatford Fic
Status: Okay, so this is something I’ve been plotting out with @foxpaws10 - an idea about Stuart getting his hands on a young Nathaniel and raising him in the UK among the Hatfords and then about 13 years or so later, ‘Neil’ showing up at PSU.

Uhm… I think that’s it? Other than doing something w/ the garden, that’s basically my projects (writing, writing and more writing).

Ah, let’s see, tagging… uh… @philosophium, @still-waiting-for-godot, @still-waiting-for-godot, @foxpaws10, @broship-addict, @whitejenna, @moonlitvampire, @goramidiot, @sonyathefairy, @sayabenz only if you want to do this?

WFW Anon

Hi Anna!

He did pretty well today, I think.  So far, little evidence of Cardboardbatch, lots of seemingly genuine smiles and silly poses.  Good for him!

I’ve seen some complaints about him bringing Donald (creator of Orangebatch), but seriously, so what?  He’s having hundreds, if not thousands of pictures taken and if it gives him confidence, who cares?  I’m concerned less with the idea (accusations of being a diva) and more with the quality of the make-up job itself.

A few also seem to be taking issue with the comment he apparently made when asked, if Sherlock could fall in love, who it would be with.  I know how much the show means/meant to some fans, I know about the dissatisfaction for some with the way it ended but the thing that keeps coming to mind for me is that, while I’m sure he’ll always be grateful for what the show did for his career, can you imagine how sick he is of talking about it?  The last season was filmed over a year ago and this weekend isn’t a Sherlock con, it’s a comic con.  He’s there because of his work with Marvel, not to revisit questions he’s been asked in one form or another, over and over again now for years.  Ask me the same question more than twice and I’m going to start giving snarky answers too.  Not that I think his answer was snarky mind you, I think he was trying to be funny. 

No matter what he says or does, he’ll never make all segments of the fandom happy and he has to know it.  Personally, I like it when he just opens his mouth and lets things fall out, consequences be damned (yes, even the awkward shoe-horning) because that’s the ‘batch that makes me grin, even if it occasionally also makes me roll my eyes or cringe at the same time. *shrugs* That’s just the type of girl I am.

WFW Anon


I co-sign ALL of the above Word For Word Anon (the most aptly named anon in this blog’s history as far as I’m concerned), and have only the following to add:

  • I wish Donald (The Wizard Of Bronze) would treat every day like today and keep the bronzer to a bare minimum.
  • I don’t get the backlash regarding his comment on Molly.  I know I’m a self-proclaimed Sherlolly shipper and not many Skeptics agree with me on that account, but if Ben has moved on from shipping Adlock to shipping Sherlolly, that should be fine, no?  The same if he starts shipping Johnlock tomorrow.  It’s his freakin’ personal opinion…
Son of a Bitch

Summary: You’re Tony Stark’s daughter (he had a one night stand with a girl and she gave birth to you and didn’t tell him) and you get capture by shield. While you’re there you fall for Peter. 

Ship: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: BAD ASS READER!! swearing, fluff, sass, sarcasm, fighting, blood, etc. WHIP, DESCRIPTION OF BLOOD!! *IF THIS IS TRIGGERING, PLEASE DO NOT READ*

Your P.O.V

Originally posted by frolicingintheforest

I slithered into the abandoned place I call home, tossing my back pack on the disheveled mattress, plopping my body on the edge. I look round, taking the atmosphere in. It could be worse.. I tell myself. I took a deep breath and packed the rest of my belongings into my bag. It was time to move onto a new place. A new life. I couldn’t stay here any longer. They’d find me.. And charge me for all of the things I’ve done. I hopped out of the building, sliding down the staircase with ease and precision. After scanning the area for the umpteenth time, I swoop in and began walking. I blended in the crowd with ease. Peering behind me every so often, completely paranoid. It’s okay.. They don’t know where you are.. They haven’t been able to track you.. I take a deep breath and continue walking. 

After a good twenty minutes of walking around aimlessly, I started to get this weird sensation. I stopped, taking in my surroundings and found a man watching my movements. I took a sharp breath in and bolted. The distant I moved, sound of commands stunk through my ear. “I NEED ALL UNITS! I REPEAT! I NEED ALL UNITS!” I was running so fast, I could feel my heart beat out of my chest. I pushed through every person, not even bothering to apologize. I was too far gone. I ran through different corridors of the mall, jumping and lunging over escalators. The man chasing me puffed behind. “CUT HER OFF AT THE FRONT! ALL UNITS SURROUND HER!!” I pick up my pace as best as I can. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. This was the closest they’ve ever gotten to me. A crowd began to form at the side of the mall. 

I pushed myself to go faster, but was forced to a halt when a few men surrounded me. I turned around to see the man that had been chasing me, grin. “You’re coming with us.” I smirked. “And who might you be?” A man from behind spoke up. “Shield.” My blood ran cold. Oh god.. I needed to get out of here.. I peered over to see hockey sticks. I waltzed over to hit, picking one up. “If you want me, come and get me.” The men proceeded to step forward. I lunged my stick at their heads and crotches, immediately disabling four of them. Another few stepped forward, getting a few good punched at me before I hit a few more. All of a sudden, I ended up on my face. I looked up to see a blur walking by. I pushed myself up, peering over to see my broken weapon lying aimlessly on the ground. I put my hands up in a fighting stance and glare at the other men. 

One of them scoffed. “Don’t you ever quite?” I smirked. “I could go at this all day.” A sweet voice from behind me scoffed. “Well we don’t have all day.” Before I could even respond, and electric jolt struck through my body. I fall down onto the cold concrete, shaking every so often. I felt a blanket wrap around my head, my body being dragged from the awkward scene. A rough voice spoke. “Get her to the facility and quick.” And with that, sleep took a hold of me.

Third P.O.V

Originally posted by doseofsuperhusbands

The whole team sat together, well most of the team. Tony arrive five minutes later. “So why the hell are we here Fury?” The gruff man peered over his shoulder, smirking. “We found someone very important to us. I asked Cap to attend the mission with me this morning.” Steve nodded his head. “So, who’s the girl anyway?” Fury smiled. “We’re gonna find that out. Steve, Nat and Tony, come with me. The rest of you are dismissed until further notice.” The three soldiers followed Fury through the corridors. Tony glanced at Steve. “What the hell is he talking about?” Steve shrugged. “I only know so much about this kid.” 

In the other room..

They dragged her out from the car. She kicked and screamed at the agents. Five to six of them were trying to hold her down. “Damn, this kid’s a fighter.” She scoffed. “I. Am. Not. A. Kid!” She kicked him in the nuts, pulling out of one of their rough grasps. He crumbled to the floor, groaning. Pietro and Peter leaned against the railing, observing the events about to unfold. “Damn!” They giggle and hoot as another two of them fall. Clint came up from behind, shaking his head before hitting theirs. “Come on you two, time to train.” They rolled their eyes before running into the other room. Clint peered over the railing and watched her get put in the lab room. The men strapped her into a chair. She fought roughly against the restraints. The nurses told her to kindly calm down, and that they would be taking some blood. 

Respectfully, she obeyed. “Why were you so obedient when she took blood?” One of the agents asked. She smirked. “Because they actually deserve respect. They’re innocent, until like you people who take innocent people into custody.” The agent scoffed. “You are far from innocent.” Her eye brows rose. “True.” Once she was pulled from the char, she kicked his crotch. “WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT!?!” She smirked, doing it again. “Nope.” In response, the agent punched her stomach. Immediately, Clint stood up, his overprotective father side showing. She groaned, stumbling onto the floor. But before she could come in contact with it, the agents picked her up and tossed her in a cell similar to Loki’s. She lifted her head just to spew out blood. “Come back you sick bastards! I’m not done kicking your asses!” She coughed up more blood before turning over and passing out. 

Fury walked into the lab followed by Steve, Nat and Tony. “The girl was just in here. She’s been kicking our agents asses left and right. We however, we’re able to get some of her blood samples to identify who her parents are and how she came to be.” Natasha furrowed her brows. “What did this kid do?” Fury paced back and forth. “She’s been helping different organizations kill people. She is a highly trained assassin.” Little did they know, (Y/n) was getting antsy. “I’m not gonna sit here and wait for my prince to come.” After a few minutes, an agent came in to give her some food. As soon as the door opened, she smirked to herself and striked. Her moves were precise and quick. As his body crumbled to the floor, she closed the gates. “Sorry sweetheart, but I’ve got business to take care of.” She smirked as she slithered down the hallway, grabbing a weapon on the way. 

She scanned every corner, twice before moving. Her body and presence may have seemed calm and collective but her mind was moving a thousand miles. She took a gulp before turning into the living room of the Avengers head quarters. Little did she know, half of the team was on their way there. Tony, Nat and Steve followed Fury into the living room, chatting amongst themselves when they saw a young girl; battered and bruised in the middle of the hall. They started to walk forward but stopped abruptly when Peter walked out. She took her chance and put a knife up against his throat. She whispered in his ear, barely audible. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I just need to get out of here.” She continued, smirking. “And if this situation was different, I would be asking you out on a date right now.” Tony grinned at her charisma. “Nat, she’s like a mini Romanoff.” Natasha’s brows cocked upward as she payed attention to the young girl’s movements. 

Originally posted by sam-kaulitz

Immediately, Peter’s cheeks flushed a crimson red. He wasn’t used to being flirted with. Especially, by a random young girl he’d yet to see. Steve put his hands up in a calm, collective, motion. “Don’t hurt him. Put the knife down and let’s talk about this?” She scoffed, stepping backwards. “And what? Put me back in that cell? No way.” All of a sudden, the girl was thrown to the other corner of the room. Her body hit the floor with a loud thud. “Uhhh! What the fuck!?” She peers over her shoulder to see a tall boy with snowy white hair, smirking. “What, you didn’t see that coming?” 

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

She scoffed, swiftly kicking under his feet. He stumbled backwards, hitting Peter who fell over in the process. She peeled herself off the floor, racing over to the other side of the room when all of a sudden, she stopped abruptly. The white haired boy stood in front of her, blocking her path of escape. “Names Pietro. And that wasn’t very nice.” He peered over at Peter before grabbing both her arms pulling her over to the table and pushing her down to kneel. She looked up, the anger seething through her body became visible when Steve and her made eye contact. Fury stepped forward. “Nice to finally meet you (Y/n).” She glared at the man with every fiber in her being. The rest of the team stumbled into the room, watching the events unfold. All of a sudden, a woman, whom look to be like she lied in the medical profession walked in. “Fury, we found something.” He turned his attention toward the woman. “What is it?” The woman looked at (Y/n) and then Tony. “She has Mr. Stark’s blood..” His jaw dropped. 

How could this be possible? She continued, eyeing the little girl that spit at the floor. “She’s Tony Stark’s daughter.” At that moment, the whole rooms eyes were on her. The young girl spit again, glaring at the team that surrounded her. Steve glanced at Wanda, who nodded, immediately stepping forward. She leaned down, face to face with the young assassin; placing her hands gently on either side of her face. (Y/n) fought under the excruciatingly tight bounds that were Peter and Pietro’s hands. She cried and pleaded for them to stop Wanda, but nobody moved. Peter and Pietro’s grips tightened as Wanda’s eyes glowed a deep crimson. The dark red mist traveled up into her head. (Y/n) gasped, eyes growing wide. Wanda glanced over her shoulder at Steve. “She’s disabled. For now.. We have to get her to the lab. From there we can enter her mind and memories.” They all nod and watch as Wanda moves her hand in a swaying motion. She slips on a pair of handcuffs just in case. Immediately, Peter and Pietro let go of her arms. Slowly, she rises and follows Wanda, like a robot. The team’s eyes follow (Y/n)’s movements as they walk down the hall and into the lab. She lies down on the medical bed, closing her eyes. The team however, gathered behind a set of computers and watched as Wanda’s magic seeped through the screens. The group watched the video intently.

They watched as past Tony leave a bar with a random woman. His usual charm had earned him a casual one night stand. Thankfully, it fast forwarded past the dirty stuff and went to a woman who was crying in a bathroom. Their brows furrowed at the tragic scene. She glanced at the positive pregnancy test that lie on the top of her sink. It was the woman Tony had had a one night stand with a few days prior. She cursed under her breath as she ran her fingers through her hair. She thought Tony wouldn’t want the baby. In fact, she didn’t want the baby. The woman wasn’t ready for a family, especially not with Tony Stark. She was so young. A few years out of college. She didn’t want to be a mother or have to deal with the finances that she didn’t even possess. Immediately, she called her friend asking for assistance for the situation. The first choice was to abort it but then over time she changed her mind to just give the baby up for adoption. 

After a few months, she gave birth to (Y/n). Right after the procedure, a secret organization posed as a small group of doctors kidnapped the child; taking her away from a potential new life and safe home. The moment the little one could walk and talk, they began to train her and teach her how to be an assassin. Memories of her life came to view on the screen. Most of her short life was about training and combat. Being able to take down someone with a single punch. She was used to the repetitive training until one evening. She walked into a big, cold, concrete room. Four people, with sacks over their heads, kneeled on the floor. All (Y/n) could do was stand in line and stare. A booming voice spoke to the children, grinning wickedly. “Today we will be increasing your tolerance with certain emotions you didn’t know you possessed. (Y/n) please step forward.” She did as he asked. “Pick up the gun.” Her brows furrowed, but continued with her orders. “Shoot him.” Her eyes grew wide. “What?” He glared at her. “You heard me. Shoot him.” She continues to look at the commander. “Sir?-” Before she could continue, a loud crack struck throughout the building. A man from behind, a soldier whipped her in the back. She stumbled, almost falling toward the ground. The commander stepped forward. “For each second you stall, a whip you shall receive.” She pulled herself away from the table that kept her balance. A few seconds had passed by before she lifted her gun. “Twelve seconds. Twelve lashes.” 

Originally posted by codeinelord

After he spoke, she pulled the trigger. The mans limp body, crumbled as it hit the floor. (Y/n) stood there for a few seconds, hands shaking. She pushed her jelly legs forward, resting the gun on the table. “Is that a tear?!” The commander shouted, hitting her. “No. Crying. To me crying is a sign of weakness.-” He looked up at one of the soldiers. “Add five more lashes.” (Y/n) looked up, horrified. The soldiers pulled her body up and out of the room and into another. They strapped her down, her back facing them. *crack* She cried out in pain. She could feel the blood oozing down her back. *crack* *crack* crack* crack* She let out a blood curtailing scream. *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack* She gripped the wooden board, fingers turning white. In the other room, where current (Y/n) lied. Her unconscious body twitched and shook. Tony, Bruce and Peter slipped to the other room to check her vitals. Peter stayed at her side, rubbing her hand soothingly. “What’s wrong with her?” He asks desperately. Bruce’s brows furrowed. “Her heart rate is increasing. Her vitals are all out of whack.” Wanda shook her head. “She thinks she reliving these events.” 

They continue to cringe at the gruesome scene. *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack* crack* *crack* The soldiers unbuckled the bounds on her wrists. She slumped over the wooden bench, breathing heavily. Seconds later, she let out a blood curtailing scream. The soldier pulled out a bottle of alcohol, popping it open and poured the whole bottle all over her back. She clutched the wooden stool, her fingers growing white at the tight grip. A little woman shuffled in and began to cleaning her wounds poorly. After a few minutes, the soldiers peeled her off the bench, dragging her limp body back to her room. In the other room, (Y/n)’s body on the bed began to tense up. All of a sudden, she bolted up forward, gasping. Immediately, Peter sat by her side, whispering sweet words of comfort. Slowly, but surely, her heart beat went back to normal. She soon rested her head against Peters. Glaring daggers at Wanda, who looked down, apologetically. 

“What are you waiting for? If you’re gonna lock me up-” She stepped forward, pushing her hands forward. “Than do it..” They all looked at her with shock. “Lock me up. You’ve seen just the tip of the ice berg of terrible things that I’ve done. Lock me up.” Tony scoffed. “No way in hell.” She rolled her eyes. “Right, cause you actually care. You would lock me up in a second if I wasn’t your kid.” He shook his head. She stepped forward, glaring down upon him. “Please. Tell me I’m wrong.” He gazes down, ashamed. She merely scoffs, rolling her eyes. “Exactly.” Steve stepped forward, chest puffed out. “So- what do we do with her?” The rooms eyes fell on her once more. Tension filling the air. This was going to be a long night. 

(I hope you liked it! If you would like a second part don’t be shy to ask!) 

Episode 54! Setting up ALL the plot! Part 1.

I can’t believe that these two are still on this interminable not-date… They’re in the museum, which is open and busy surprisingly late. It was sunset before they even dueled Johnny Steps, then they had to get from Kaibaland to the museum. And it doesn’t seem to be winter, since Yami comfortably hangs out outside in the dark with no jacket on (thank you, animators!) so I’m going to say it must be like 9 pm by now. This is a 12 hour date!

… It is so indescribably wrong to me that the sarcophagus has a real human face. That’s not what people look like in anime! It looks like an alien beside the “humans”, but it has real human proportions! 

Otoh, Yami’s face is super cute in that shot.

Yami gets to see the stone tablet with himself carved in it. He finds it almost supernaturally; it’s downstairs behind a rope barrier, but he’s drawn to it in some way.

“Because of my hair. NO ONE has hair that ridiculous but me.”

He realises he must be a thousands of years old spirit of a king from Ancient Egypt, based on, I must say, some pretty shaky evidence. I suppose he instinctively knows it to be true, now that the idea has been triggered. And he takes it well!

“Heh, I’m a ghost! Everyone I ever loved is dead! My total lack of knowledge about my own identity can be chalked up to old age. Lol!”

Ishizu, of course, has been expecting him, but arrives a few minutes later. I suppose she wanted to give him a moment to himself first.

She also takes it surprisingly coolly. I mean, she’s much too professional to say anything stupid, but you’d think she meets the spirit of the god-king her clan has served for millenia every frigging Tuesday from her attitude. Her family was destroyed in his name for his sake, she was raised to fulfill his destiny, this moment is the first step in the culmination of thousands of years of isolation and pain and toil for her family and her ancestors … and she’s like, “hi”. 

She does show off her bling.

Ahh, so, Atem himself is in the Puzzle, but his lost memories are broken up across the seven Items, and that’s why he can’t access them until he reunites the seven. And that’s presumably why Ishizu can show Kaiba the vision of the past; it’s a piece of the Pharaoh’s memories … although not from his perspective. She’s just better at using her Item than most of the others, they can probably all show fragments of his memories (Except maybe the Puzzle, I guess? It might just have room for him).

Yami is, justifiably, suspicious.

At first I was like “Cool your studded high heeled boots, Yami!” but on reflection, literally everyone he’s met with an Item so far has acted like a nosy asshole at best (Shaadi, and Marik although he doesn’t know that) and tried to kill him/Yugi at worst (Pegasus, Bakura). So, fair question.

Ishizu just says her Item isn’t his enemy which I would frankly take as a massive red flag but Yami seems cool with it.

And then he thinks about Kaiba for a bit.


He’s in the Kaiba Corp Research & Development: Collectible Card Games Division, testing his new Duel Disk. The best part is, the Collectible Card Games division has to be the biggest division. Which I find pretty entertaining.

He’s dueling against a Duel Robot that has his own most powerful deck - with the three Blue Eyes - while he has a deck with Obilisk in it.

So. These shooty out holograph projectors. How do they get back into the Duel Disk for next time? Do you, after your dramatic victory, have to hang around and pick them up and slot them back in? This whole thing seems only marginally less inconvenient than Pegasus’s Duel Arenas… You still have to have a big open space and at least the Duel Arenas were never going to take someone’s head off.

Anyway, Kaiba is also thinking about Yami…

This is basically a declaration of love, in Seto Kaiba language.

Speaking of declarations of love…

It’s TURN THREE, Seto. The robot summoned it literally as fast as it could! God you’re so impatient!

Mokuba’s watching with the … duel scientists? … up above the testing area, and he’s FREAKING OUT.

Calm down, kid! I mean, he’s literally sweating! It’s just a simulation of a game! There are no consequences to losing against the robot! That you know of! Yet!

The robot is really good at the game, though!

It explains all the cards it plays, at, like, 4Kids level of unnecessary. It also has a strange male voice, which seems wrong to me since the dub robot was a woman’s voice. And it has a shit ton of good luck. I think it’s probably cheating wildly. Those duel scientists couldn’t figure out how to build a program that could play Duel Monsters as well as an actual person, so they just made it able to cheat.

Kaiba isn’t fazed.

He’s actually … kinda weird about it.

Mokuba and the duel scientists are fazed, though!

CALL YOURSELF A DUEL SCIENTIST?! (probably not) ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU CAN’T THINK OF A SINGLE WAY TO DEFEAT THE BLUE EYES ULTIMATE?! I mean, Yami did it! And Kaiba has a card that destroys dragon-type monsters on the field. These guys are the worst duel scientists ever! No wonder the robot has to cheat, if these assholes programmed it.

Also they say that Kaiba programmed it to mimic “real battle damage”, which, I dunno, like… What does that even mean? Like, will the Duel Disk somehow cause him the same damage that an ACTUAL DRAGON would do? Unlikely. 

Anyway, Kaiba is too distracted thinking about Yami to listen to Mokuba telling him to call off the duel because of potential physical danger.

I know I’m biased because I fucking love prideshipping, but seriously, he’s in the middle of testing his brand new game-changing duel disk, and trying out his God Card for the first time, and facing down his own favourite monsters … and the first thing on his mind is imagining what Yami feels when he faces Kaiba in a duel, completely with picturing him there in front of him, jacket dramatically sweeping off his shoulders to show off his lithe arms…

#justsaying #obsessed #himnotme #butalsome

Anyway, he does manage to tear himself away from imagining his boyfriend rival long enough to summon OBILISK THE GREAT WAR GOD.

And because he is Seto fucking Kaiba, he does it in style. Coat flaring, dramatic pose and …. lightening. Actually the lightening is pretty dangerous.


But he’s too busy getting his stone golem to punch his dragon in the stomach

Which, in fairness, is pretty fucking cool. It’s so powerful, it not only destroys the Blue Eyes Ultimate, it also destroys the actual duel robot, which bursts into flames.

… His real Blue Eyeses weren’t in that robot, were they? Like, can you imagine?! (So that totally means the robot WAS cheating, with fake cards. Fake cards Kaiba gave it, but still.)

Anyway, on a scale of one to maniacal laughter, Kaiba is pretty clear that he’s satisfied with the outcome of his test.

Sunday chain #22

1. It’s me, says Bob as he comes in from the lock. And I can tell at once that there’s something wrong; he’s stumbling around, confused. It’s me!, he says again. His g-counter is silent. Dorit and I exchange looks. Mart on the door rushes to scan him and there it is: maybe his g-counter is broken or something but hers is beeping red within two metres of him. There’s no real protocol for what to do if someone makes it through the lock contaminated. Mart grabs the spare sheeting we were using for the lab extension and pushes him back with it, panicing. Lin opens the door and together they shove him backwards into the lock, where he falls over and starts vomiting. We shut the inner door. I send Mart and Lin for decontamination and we check the area. No-one wants to think about Bob.
2. We’ve lost three people so far, and so there is a kind of protocol in place for that. If you are contaminated beyond hope of recovery, you stay outside. The next survey mission, in the morning, collects the body and we take it home for the family. There’s not a lot you can see of the city outside through the protective glass. Just grey mist and the looming shadows of buildings. Normally when this happens they’re too far gone to struggle much. We’re pretty good at decontamination these days but you can only do so much.
3. Of course, the best way to come back safely is: don’t get haunted in the first place. Don’t provide a hook, a sense of familiarity that the ghosts can cling to. The city is so old, now, and so full of ghosts, that it can be hard to avoid triggering memories for one or another of them. Mart estimates that we have come at a time when the city had been inhabited more or less continuously for a period of approximately half a billion years. Even the time underwater, there were people here. This is why our suits have been designed with features that as far as we know humanity has never had. Those irritating inflatable skirts give us a silhouette proven in two years of field tests to minimise haunting potential. Sometimes the suits come in with g-count zero, even for a full ten-minute mission.
4. Bob is quiet, outside. I think that he must be dying, quietly, politely somewhere out of sight. Even if he were not haunted, we put him back out there without any oxygen. Quietly, politely, we eat dinner. We turn the lights out. Dorit, who is an interfaith minister, says a few words into the darkness. We try to sleep.
5. Why do this at all? The opportunity was there. We could come forwards, but only to the point when there were no people left. Maybe they were employing some blocking technology before that, maybe it’s nature’s way of avoiding too many paradoxes, I don’t know. We could come forwards in time but only to after the death of humanity. So we came. We came to find out more about the last people, to learn from them, to maybe avoid their fate. Because there were people here, not many people but some, until maybe a few years ago. The people must have been resistant to haunting, somehow. Lin thinks it was the plants that were the problem. At high g-concentrations the ghosts will latch onto anything familiar at all, even plants, and suck it dry of life. No plants, and give or take a thousand years, no oxygen. So the last people must have known they were doomed. There are ghosts up on the hill that gasp: are they the final inhabitants?
6. Anyhow, the next morning they bring Bob back in, and he’s stiff and cold but oddly peaceful-looking. And we put him in the box, the one that we have for these occasions, and I take him back in time, back to when we came from, and we inform the authorities. I phone the family. We arrange a handover.
7. We never expected the ghosts. The ghosts of a city a thousand years old are gentle whispers, almost invisible. I used to think that memories were laid thick in the streets I grew up in. I used to pass a building that had been built from the stones of another, older building that had fallen into ruins and feel a thrill at the weight of history. Where we went to, the streets have half a billion years of history. The ghosts are so thick in the air that almost nothing else matters. How many people in half a billion years? If you squint through the mist, sometimes you can see them. The gaspers on the hill. The grey ladies in the temple (we no longer go to the temple). The long man. The burrowers.
8. I pass the box over to the authorities, who will perform a final decontamination and pass the body on to the funeral directors appointed by Bob’s family. And only then do I realise. It’s me, he said. It’s me. In bringing his body back to our own time, we have let loose Bob’s own patient ghost. It has half a billion years to go until it can haunt him. But it knows where to find him when it’s time. And it will.

nikkigilbert180  asked:

Hi Nyxie! What do you think is population of BH and how many max. School does it have?

In Season 4, the Sheriff states that Beacon Hills has about 30,000 residents, and Beacon County has about 500,000 thousand.

On average, about 10-12% of any given population in America will be in their late teens/high-school aged. So a town with a population of 30,000 would have about 3,000 high-school aged students.

In California, towns that size will only have one or two public high schools, though these will usually be larger than some slightly bigger towns with two or three smaller schools.

So if Beacon Hills has only one high school, BHHS, then it would have as student body of about 3,000, give or take a few hundred students. That’s normal to me, and that is the student body size of the school it’s actually filmed at (Palisades Charter High School). However, said school is an average-sized school in Los Angeles. Small towns usually have smaller schools by population. For a population of 30,000, about 2500 is closer to average in California.

Wealth plays a huge factor, though. Two districts can have the same number of students, but if one is wealthy and the other is not, the first one will also have a lot of private schools that the second one won’t. And that means the student population will differ drastically. I haven’t sat down and counted, but the classes in Beacon Hills look pretty small, only about 20-30 kids per class. (For context, having actually attended that school, PCHS, 30-40 was the norm for me.) Additionally, the number of private schools is very relative to the quality of the public school. I know that in L.A., Beverly Hills doesn’t actually have that many private schools (at least, not as much as you’d expect) because the overall wealthy of the town is pretty high - meaning the public school gets a lot of funding. Conversely, if you look at towns with sizeable poor and wealthy populations/a lot of wealth gap, you’re more likely to get a lot of private schools due to a “mediocre” or middle-class-level public school.

In Beacon Hills, we see Jackson and Danny attending the same school as Scott and Stiles, despite the fact the former two seem to come from much wealthier families than the latter two. Beacon Hills is generally portrayed as a pretty nice town overall, and we see that the school itself is very nice and well-funded (despite constant rebuilding and damage and such). So it looks like Beacon Hills has a very nice public school, and thus probably not too many, if any, private schools.

Another thing to consider, though, is that in a lot of places, schools aren’t strictly divided by town, but there are several schools by county, and while a certain town might predominantly feed into certain schools, it’s not a one to one thing (especially if, again, there are private schools thrown into the mix).

Now, Beacon County has half a million residents, which would actually make it one of the larger counties of CA. With a high-school aged population of about 50,000, that would probably be distributed across at least a dozen high schools. Beacon Hills makes up less than a tenth of Beacon County by population - specifically, 6%. That’s a tiny ass town in a very large county. The fact that there could be an entire other werewolf pack in the county without the show’s pack ever running into them for over a year makes a LOT more sense in that context. Of course, even if there are very few private schools, for a county of that size, there will be one or two, which we already see (Brett’s school, which is also Liam’s former school that he got kicked out of).

tl;dr - Beacon Hills probably only has one high school, which is BHHS, since it’s a very small town in a much large county. Beacon County probably has at least a dozen high schools, and probably a handful of private schools, though Beacon Hills itself probably doesn’t have any private high schools.

Testing the Waters: Chapter Five

The hike down was considerably quiet, with your hand ever so slightly brushing against Simon’s by his close proximity. Your mind went about two thousand miles an hour trying to process what just happened when he finally decided to break the silence. With his signature deep chuckle, he glanced over at you.

“So this is awkward….please give me a hint of what you are thinking, Minsu-ah. Do you feel the same?” He was patient with your response.

Taking your lip between your teeth you racked your mind on how to reply.

A few moments passed before he let a sigh escape.

After a few more, you noticed he was walking a bit behind you,  as if to give you some space.

Don’t think, just do. You immediately thought.

Stopping, you turned to face him, causing him to almost bump into you.

“Truth be told, Simon, I don’t know if I can process what you just told me.” You reached out to cup his cheeks, planting a kiss on his lips. His mouth opened slightly in surprise but it took him just a second to respond. Arms wrapping around your waist, you were pulled tight to him. His teeth gently pulled on your bottom line causing you to groan. Feeling his smile against your lips, you pulled back, turning away and continuing to walk down the path back to the cabin. Hearing Simon’s fast steps just behind you. “So that was fun, but not really an answer…”

You shot him a death glare, knowing he just wanted to hear you say it. Luckily you were saved by the cabin when you walked in and noticed all the food and drinks sitting out.

“It took you guys long enough! What were you doing out there, making out?” Gray joked, not knowing he was so close to the truth. Jay took in the both of you, glaring at Simon and hurrying over to you.

“Are you okay? Did something happen?” He whispered. “I don’t know.” Before you could finish your sentence, Loco was putting a drink in your hand and explaining the game you were going to play.

“So it’s a bonding trip, which means we need to get to know each other better. We are going to play "never have I ever.” Someone will call something that they’ve done before, if you haven’t you have to drink. If not you don’t drink. Got it? Jay, you start.“

Jay gave his signature smile before saying "never have I ever done something stupid.” To which, of course, everyone drank to. Next it was Gray who asked who had preformed with a girl, leaving all but a Pumpkin and Loco drinking. Pumpkin in turn questioned who had rann around naked in the past. Loco, Simon, and you drink a huge shot. This gained a few laughs and stories about what had happened. Cha Cha inquired who had dated an idol/famous person, with out a surprise Simon, Jay, and you were guilty of this. Wegun asked who had gotten a tattoo. Only you and Jay were tatted.

the next round Loco asked which of you had been chased by police. Much to your surprise,  you, Ugly Duck, Jay and Simon all shared your police stories.  Jay boasted on who had performed overseas, all but you taking a shot. Most of you were now drunk and Wegun asking who had sex in public. Evidently you, Jay and Gray were the only exhibitionists in the crew.

Most of the guys were too far gone to notice the game. Loco and Pumpkin had already passed out and Jay was busy shooting glances between you and Simon. Next it was the second CEO’S turn. Boldly he asked “who in AOMG had kissed Minsu?” Simon drink alone, clearly happy being the only one to taste your lips.

Jays eyebrows looked like they were going to shoot through his head. “What did you do?” He directed right at Simon.

“You said to get to know her better. Plus she started it!” Simon pouted slightly while pointing at you.

Your mouth hung open. “I…I did not…you on the mountain with the hands and the ‘I like you, let’s not fight thi’” you used your deepest voice to try your sound like Simon making Jay crack a smile.

“But your the one who kissed me. Both times you started it!” You huffed and folded your arms, turning your head the other way.

“Simon, I told you to get to know her, not get in her pants. She needs this place and you can’t mess this up!” Jay was trying to be stern with Simon, but between the two of you pouting and acting like kids, it was difficult.

“You keep saying that Jay. She needs this, why? Why do you need her to be here? Do you like her?” Simon was louder than he meant to be because of the alcohol in his system. Jay looked down, rubbing his eyes.

“Because I have no where to go.” Your voice came out in a whisper as you got up and went to the room. Simon watched you leave while Jay was sighing.

“Shit.” Simon went to follow you before Jay stood up to stop him. “We need to talk,  Simon.”

About an hour later you were still up. You had been on Facebook and Instagram, noticing that you were tagged in the group photo that you took  before the hike started. Everyone had a huge smile on their face, you standing between Loco and Jay. Everyone had their arms around each other and for the first time in a while you felt like part of a family.

There was a knock at you door.

Before you could respond, it opened revealing a stoic Simon.

“Jay told you, didn’t he.” You flopped back on the bed. “He didn’t have the right. I swear I will kill him someday. Oh my gosh, he is so embarrassing.”

Simon walked over to you, sitting next to your head on the bed.

“I was serious out there, on the mountain. I really like you. More than I have in a long time. I don’t care about that, Minsu-ah.”

You sat up, moving to the side in order to look at him.

“You don’t care that my family kicked me out when I was 16? That I was basically homeless until I started rapping? That I haven’t spoke to my parents in over two years?”

His eyes were filled with concern as he let you finish your rant.

“That’s okay, as long as you and I are here being honest and open.” He moved to touch your hand before you pulled away. The guilt of keeping your rap identity was starting to get to you. A part of you wanted to tell him but then you know that things would change if the guys knew….if Simon knew.

“We all have a past Minsu. If you like me, then just test this out.” He made another move to pull you in, this time you let him. He hugged you to his chest and laid back on the bed. Your head was buried in his chest, breathing in his intoxicating scent.

 You laid there as he rubbed circles on your back, relaxing more and more as he kissed the top of your head every so often. The next thing you know, you felt a jolt and looked up to see Jay with a goofy smile across his face, lightly pushing Simon to get him awake. The sun was out and you realized that you had slept in Simon’s arms all night. Jay laughed as you tried to sort out your bedhead, and Simon cursed at the lack of your body heat.

“So this finally happened,” Jay noted. “See Minsu, I told you it was going to be good here.” All of the sudden, Gray was at the door. His face was dark and he didn’t even bother to knock or crack a joke about the state of you and Simon.

“Minsu, Dok2 has been calling you nonstop, something must be up.” Gray said as he handed you your phone.

12 missed calls, all from Dok2. At that moment Jay’s phone rang.

“Speak of the devil,” he said as he answered. The smile on his face was wiped off after a couple seconds. “I’ll check it out” he said as he hung up the phone and typed away.

“Minsu, you are going to want to hear this.” No. No. No. This cannot be happening. You kept thinking.

Dok2 had noticed a track release from your old crew, namely the top rapper currently in Busan, who happened to be your ex-boyfriend. The track was called 'The Real Sim Kyung’ and was vulger, shocking and called you out by name. Every dirty, slimy word was directed at you.

They played the track again, the hate filling the air as his lyrics came out. Simon couldn’t look at you, Jay couldn’t stop staring and Gray just stood there taking it all in. After the song finished for the third time, Gray excused himself and Jay joined you on the bed.

“So, we can respond? I mean it’s just a stupid song, but he didn’t have a reason to do it. How long has it been anyway?” You looked down.

“Um, like 8 months since we broke up, but I….um… I saw him couple months before I came here.”

Jay nodded. Your ex had gone to far by releasing a track talking about your sex life and inferring that you used him for money the whole time, along with calling you every name under the sun.

“I can’t respond to that, Jay. Not directly at least. Not with all of AOMG to consider. If I start drama even before I debut, it’ll be bad news.” Jay nodded understanding.

“He always was a jerk. I just can’t believe he said all that after all those years with you. What a prick.” Jay excited the room, already on his phone with someone.

With this Simon stood, leaning against the wall facing away from you. Scrambling after him, you tried to get him to stop before he could leave.

“How much of this is true?” His voice came out just above a whisper, so soft you could barely hear it.

When you didn’t respond immediately, he turned around, hand coming into contact with the wall. You jumped slightly from the sound.

“I’m so sorry, Simon. I just…sorry.”

“So you were basically just fucking him to get your way? And you didn’t think to tell any of us about your little alter ego? Why? Because you are just using us like you did him? Huh?!” You couldn’t look at him or explain things.

“I guess you’re right.” Before he could say anything, you were out of the room. Tears were coming down by the time you made it outside, finding yourself on the front step, head between your legs, trying not to throw up. You heard the breaking if glass accomplish by a loud crash and scream.

Texting Jay, you say the words you would grow to regret: “I might have to leave AOMG….”