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(A/N: Fluffy smut inspired by Jonghyun’s song ‘Moon’. Btw, pretty long) 

“You know I’d never hurt you, jagiya. I can’t get close to you if you don’t let me.” 

Jonghyun said softly, cuddling you from behind as the two of you watched the camp fire spit and crackle whilst the flames blew in the wind. The rest of SHINee had gone to bed in their tents while you and Jonghyun stargazed like young lovers did; the only thing wrong was that your trust was broken due to bad relationships in the past and although you knew Jonghyun was different, your mind just couldn’t let it go. 

“It’s different when you loved someone who you thought loved you…and then you wake up after being ‘close’ to them and they’re no where to be found…they decide they don’t want you anymore.” 

You explained, gazing at the bright colours of the fire, the rugged warmth making your cheeks red. Your heart felt a dull pain just by talking about the way you’d been hurt before. 

“That’s not what I mean by being close baby. I can wait for you. I can wait for years until you’re ready. I just yearn for you to trust me. I won’t hurt you, ever, I love you. I could never hurt someone I love.” 

You loved Jonghyun too. He gave you butterflies, he made your legs quiver when he kissed you, he made your jaw drop whenever you saw him with just his shirt and boxers on but your wall was proving difficult to knock down, even when you tried knocking it down yourself. You felt him gently kiss your cheek and your jaw line, making you rest your head back on his shoulder. Jonghyun’s sweet scent comforted you; he made you feel safe, he was your home. 

“I’m trying.” 

You replied, nuzzling in to the crook of Jonghyun’s neck. He loved it when you did that. It made him feel trusted. Before you knew it, you were kissing his lips romantically, sitting on his lap with your arms draped around his shoulders. They were long, lingering kisses that were only broken by gazing in to each others eyes, resting your foreheads together and then realising you wanted to keep on kissing each other until your lips hurt. Of course you had the tingling feeling down there that was hard to ignore, especially when you felt Jonghyun get excited too. He didn’t know how hard it was for you to hold off from going further than grinding on him and foreplay with clothes on because you wanted to, you were just terrified that Jonghyun would walk away with what he wanted all along after that. Like he knew what your mind was saying, he uttered:

“Going all the way won’t affect my love for you. I only want to show you how much I’m fucking in to you. I’m so crazy for you.” 

Seductively, he pulled your jacket from your shoulders, allowing him to kiss your neck, making you react with a slight moan. Though you were anxious about moving forwards with Jonghyun, his lips on your skin felt so amazing that you wondered just how much you’d love his touch on other areas of your body. The moon was out in it’s full glory, huge, beaming white within the pitch black sky and it was doing something to you that you’d never witnessed before. The heat of the fire kissed your skin as more of it was revealed by Jonghyun taking your shirt off. His puppy eyes widened in awe; he’d never seen this much of you before and he was in love with your body; every curve, every stretch mark, every freckle. You noticed Jonghyun staring, his hands gently caressing your back and hovering around the clasps of your bra. You felt nervous under his gaze yet excited. Something about how patient Jonghyun was, was beginning to make your trust blossom. 

“Say something.” 

You uttered, blushing as Jonghyun couldn’t take his eyes off you. They were glued to the wave of your hips and the peep of your cleavage. Jonghyun licked his lower lip, peering up at you under lust filled eyes. 

“I’m sorry. You’re just so perfect it’s hard to think.” 

Although, his manhood could think and you felt it stir beneath you, rubbing you through your jeans. Jonghyun seemed embarrassed by his situation but he couldn’t help but be aroused; he wanted an opportunity to show you how loyal he’d be so badly. You imagined Jonghyun’s body; the torso that made you forget how to breathe and his abs that he worked out hard for, they made your mouth water. Jonghyun’s expression seemed welcoming when he noticed your hands take the hem of his shirt. Knowing what you wanted, he lifted his toned arms for you and allowed you to remove the cotton from his body, revealing the frame of a greek god. The sight made your lip quiver. With a mind of their own, your hands explored the muscle on his chest, moving down to his belt. You decided you wanted him; hoping and praying it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Feeling your chin being lifted, you found yourself being lost in Jonghyun’s eyes. He was so serious that it stunned you.

“I promise you this is not what I’m here for. I want you, any way I can have you. We don’t have to do this baby, if it proves anything to you, we can stop it here and just kiss but…the moon is out, the stars are sparkling like your eyes and being close to you would just be magic.” 

Jonghyun’s kiss was intense, capturing your every breath and holding you so close in his arms as his naked form pressed against you. It wasn’t the most conventional romantic scene; you were naked on a blanket with Jonghyun’s hoodie as pillow to rest your head on but under the other wordly, clear night sky, it was caught up in the moment romantic. You loved the warmth of Jonghyun’s body brushing your skin, his hands holding the softness of your behind as he took your mouth as his. You were still in a state of bliss after having three orgasms just by Jonghyun spreading your legs erotically and eating your pussy like it was the best dessert he’d ever tasted; sucking your labia in to his mouth, circling your bud with his delicate tongue and licking up every drop of wetness from you. Then you treated him to something you hadn’t practised for a while. It soon came back to you after remembering how much you loved to drive a guy crazy. Sucking tightly on his shaft and letting saliva coat his manhood, he struggled to stay quiet. His fingers held your hair out the way as you moved your mouth up and down, his eyes closing although he wanted to watch you suck him so much; you looked so sexy to him. 

Jonghyun couldn’t stop asking for your consent, though you could barely keep your lips off his, giving him all the permission he needed. The reflection of the stunning moon shone in Jonghyun’s loving gaze as took his erection in his hand, peppering soft kisses over your breasts that made your back arch with pleasure. With his saliva, he coated his fingers and placed them over your already dripping entrance to make sure he wouldn’t hurt you; that you’d feel as amazing as possible. Jonghyun’s  breath tickled the delicate skin on your ear as he whispered: 

“I’ll take you to the moon.” 

Slowly, holding your gaze, he guided his length inside you. Instantly, you felt yourself stretching and trying to adjust to his girth. You let out a gasp, squeezing your eyes shut, feeling the fresh night air on your skin. Jonghyun groaned through gritted teeth, feeling how tight you were around him. 

“Is this okay baby? Do I need to go slower?” 

He asked, taking your hands in his before kissing them affectionately.  Your heart fluttered, you wished Jonghyun knew how incredible it felt, to make love with someone who actually adored you.

“No Jongy, it’s perfect.” 

You replied, opening your eyes to see his aroused yet caring expression. Running your fingers through his dark hair, you encouraged him to be brave with you, reassuring him that you loved the way he felt inside you. Squeezing your hands, he moved deeper inside you, refusing to look away in case you ever wanted to stop. 

“More. Please.” 

You begged, gently running your finger tips up his arms and around his broad shoulders. Jonghyun lifted your legs around his back, grabbing your hips and hoisting you closer to him, his shaft sliding balls deep inside you. Again, you gasped and panted, grabbing Jonghyun’s shoulders for support. He bit down on his lower lip as he moved his pelvis faster and more rough inside you, his grunting turning you on so much that you wanted to finish already. His relentless thrusts made you whimper so much that Jonghyun had to silence you with deep, burning hot kisses that sent a liquid warmth seep through your core. Jonghyun felt your muscles tightening around him; a tell tale sign that you wanted to cum but Jonghyun had other plans for you. He pulled away from the kiss, a slight smirk on his beautiful face. 

“Not now Jagiya. I promise you will finish but not now. Come, Princess, sit on my lap.” 

He had you reverse cowgirl, easing on to his length and giving you all the control you wanted, apart from his hands on your waist, hips, behind; he couldn’t decide, he wanted all of you. 

“Doesn’t it feel amazing baby? I love you.” 

He questioned tenderly. You nodded, rising and pushing yourself down on him, getting goosebumps as his lips brushed against your sensitive neck. 

“I love you.” 

He whispered again. Jonghyun took the opportunity to curve his hands over the swell of your breasts, rubbing your nipples between his fingers and gently tugging at him. He loved the way the rosy bumps of skin got harder when he played with them and by how heavy you were breathing, he could tell that you loved it. 

“Look up baby. Let’s make love in front of the moon.” 

You could see why he wanted to do that. There was something about doing it out in the wilderness that was so sensual and erotic; the man was so deep and adventurous that you found yourself falling even harder for him. Jonghyun moved his hips to meet your pace, bringing his hand down your stomach and teasing you. Even the smallest of baby hairs on your skin stood up stiff. You groaned, knowing what he wanted to do; knowing he’d bring you over the edge. Surely enough, his damp fingers found your glistening pearl and he rubbed it eye- rollingly fast whilst he bucked his manhood harder in to you, making you cry out in to the night, your voice echoing around the trees. Jonghyun’s godly jaw tightened as he was getting close too but all he truly wanted was you to let go on him, to feel your juices coat him and for all your orgasms to belong to him from then on. 

“Yes baby, let me take you there.” 

Jonghyun continued to claim your body until your pussy couldn’t take anymore and the building pleasure in your core exploded. You cried out loud once more, your walls gripping around Jonghyun so tightly as your juices poured over him. The orgasm was so strong that you barely noticed Jonghyun finishing inside of you. He held you close to him, intimately wrapping his arms around your stomach until the last drop was gone. The heat of his body was comforting, your orgasm washing through you time and time again. You’d never felt anything like it before. His lips kissed your check affectionately, followed by your neck and your shoulder. He hummed blissfully. 

“Thank you for letting me worship you tonight. I promise I’ll never stop loving you.” 

The tweeting and singing of the birds woke you up. You were surprised to find yourself in the tent, thinking you must have passed out after the love making. You were extremely tired afterwards that you probably fell asleep in Jonghyun’s arms. On the same track of thought, you felt a warm object wrapped around your waist, a beautiful Jonghyun cuddling up to you. Though you felt an ache in your core and in your thighs, you couldn’t help smiling at him. It was the best night you’d ever had and if that was the first time having sex with him then you couldn’t imagine how much better it would get. It was safe to say that it wouldn’t be the last time he’d take you to the moon. 

Worried Sick | Niall Horan

“Hello love!! I really enjoy your writing!! Can you write a Niall imagine where guys are going to visit your family over the weekend and he goes to bed that night says his tummys feeling kind of iffy but he just says he needs some rest but in the middle of the night it gets worse and he wakes up really nauseous and being sick and you’re trying to comfort him because he’s really stressed and upset about it because  he doesn’t like throwing up? thanks love!!“ from @niallhasmehard .

This smiley gif isn’t mine!

A/N: I used Michigan as the destination since that place is still fresh in my mind from vacation! Also if you don’t know what the card game ‘Spoons’ is, then look it up. AND I MADE THIS SUPER LONG WHOOPS

“And how long are we going to be gone?”

“Just the weekend, babe.”

“So… two days?”

“That’s typically how long a weekend lasts, Niall,” I reply with a giggle as I fold up another t-shirt to place inside the suitcase. My eyes watch him pace at the end of our bed after I put the cotton tee inside. “I don’t understand why you’re so nervous. You’ve met my parents already.”

He stops in the middle. “Yeah, but only for dinner a few times, not the entire weekend.” He sighs and rests his hands on the gray comforter. “I’m afraid they’ll find something wrong with me.”

“Like what?”

He shrugs then chuckles. “I dunno, maybe that I laugh too loud, or my accent is weird, or that I leave you alone for months at a time? They probably think I’m cheating on you.”

We were dating for a month before he met my parents for the first time. They were in Los Angelos doing usual tourist things when they decided to pop by our house unexpected. It was so impromptu that Niall had a mini freak out session. He knew they were in town, but he didn’t expect them to stop by at random; he wanted to prepare himself at least, he said. He was so caught up in making a good first impression that he was stumbling over his words throughout dinner, and his cheeks flushed pink the entire time. It didn’t help matters any when my father put on the whole ‘tough as nails’ act. Although Niall said he felt like an idiot, he won over my parents with his 'words’. They didn’t mind that he was a musician: as long as he is doing what he loves, and making their daughter happy that’s all that matters.

“Niall stop putting all these thoughts into your head. My parents love you, and more importantly, love you, so that should be the only thing that matters.” He lets out a defeated sigh. “You’ll be all right,” I reassure him with a warm smile which spreads across his face after a few seconds. He presses a kiss against my forehead.

“You’re right, I’m worrying too much. I’ll go pack!” He exclaims, then disappears into our closet, the light flicking on. 

“Don’t forget to bring a sweater! It gets cold up there!”

* * *

We boarded our plane at ten in the morning, and six hours of naps, and bad movies, we landed in the upper peninsula of Michigan. If we drove another couple of hours from my parents’ place, we would be in Canada. As I make the final turn onto their road, I feel a shiver of excitement rush through me; the giant grin couldn’t be wiped off my face. Occasionally, I glance over at Niall who admires all the tall pines, birches, and oaks. “Isn’t this exciting?!” My hand falls onto his knee and gives it a small shake. He averts his gaze from the window with a look of content. 

“It’s gorgeous up here, princess. Why did you move away from this?” His large hand rests on top of mine, squeezing it. 

“As lovely and isolated as it is, there wasn’t a lot of job opportunities here, and I wouldn’t have met you, sugar-bear.” He rolls his blue eyes at the nickname.

He leans forward in the seat to get a better view out of the windshield as we pull into the driveway. “This is your folk’s place?” Nodding, he gasps in awe. It’s nothing too special: just a four bedroom, two bath cabin with a small boat house a twenty feet away. The siding it has makes it look like logs, but it’s all fake. When I pull into the drive, I see my mother lying in one of her favorite places: the hammock strung between two large pines just beside the house. A book is in her manicured hands. I don’t find my father anywhere yet.

“You’ll be okay, Niall. They adore you, and remember it’s only the weekend.” I reassure him when his smile fades at the sight of my mother walking over, beaming with joy. Climbing out of the car, I walk into her open arms and hug her tight. The faint smell of her cucumber and green tea shampoo reminds me of my childhood. “How was the flight?”

“Eh, long and tedious. Nothing new.” Another car door closes, and my mother calls out to Niall when he steps around to the other side. She hugs him the same way she did me, and I can see his cheeks turn pink when they pull apart. 

“It’s good to see you again, (Y/M’s/N).” He says the tone of his voice is a little uneasy. 

“And you as well! I missed you, guys! How long has it been? Almost a year since I’ve seen the both of you?” She glances between the two of us. 

We both nod. “Yeah, I think the last time was Christmas. Speaking of, where is Dad?”

She walks to the trunk of our car and pops it open, eager to get our suitcases out so we can unpack. Niall and I walk over to assist. “Oh, he took a walk down to the lake to see how rough it is. You know your father, he basically lives at that beach down there.” She giggles. “Go ahead and make yourself at home while I go fetch your dad! You can have any of the guest rooms.” She says after passing me the last suitcase from the trunk.

Thanking her, she heads towards the gravel road to make her five-minute descent down to the beach. We step inside the cabin, then head upstairs to the room on the far right. I step my belongings on the end of the bed while Niall sets his on the ground next to it, then collapses on the comforter. Niall lets out a sigh of relief like he was holding his breath the entire time. “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look too good.” I address paling skin and raise a brow when I feel his forehead that burning to the touch. But he brushes my hand aside and reassures me that he’s alright with a little bite in his tone. Rolling my eyes, I head downstairs to the kitchen to grab him a glass of water and some Tylenol. When I reach our bedroom, I see him still in the same position, but now he the crook of his elbow over his eyes to block out the sunlight. “Here Ni,” He peeks, spotting the glass and two pills, but shoos me away. I love him, but he can be stubborn as hell sometimes. He never wants to admit he’s wrong. 

“I said I’m all right, babe. I’m just tired is all.”

I set the glass and medicine on the side table. “If you say so, I’ll let you get your beauty sleep.” Giggling, I place a kiss on his the tip of his elbow, then head toward the door when I hear my mom’s voice call out to me. “I’ll wake you when it’s time for dinner.”

* * *

The next couple of hours I spent catching up with my parents. Pretty much just filling in the blanks of everything the missed between last Christmas and now. There isn’t much to tell since we do keep in touch on a regular basis. We played a couple of round of cards, then my dad and I went down to the lake to watch the sunset disappear beneath the watery horizon. Now, I’m in the kitchen with my mom helping her fix dinner: fried fish fresh from the lake and an assortment of steamed veggies. The smell is making my stomach grumble. The last time I ate was after our plane landed, so I’m starving. The faint noise of fish sizzling in the pan is accompanied by the cheering television as my dad watches some sport in the living room. “I’m going to see if Niall is awake,” I state, wiping my hands on a piece of paper towel after placing the carrots into the steamer. My mom nods and I take few a few steps out into the foyer then freeze when I see him coming down the stairs, his natural brown locks a disheveled mess. He still looks a little pale, and the bags under his eyes are more prominent. “Have a good nap?”

He shrugs nonchalantly. “It was okay, would’ve been better if you were there with me.” He kisses me on the forehead and manages a small smile. His palm is like ice as he grazes my side. He’s definitely getting worse.

“Did you take that medicine I gave you?” That just makes him groan. “Niall, if you’re sick you need to tell  me so I can take care of you.”

“(Y/N), for the hundredth time. I am fine! You don’t have to worry.” He murmurs, but I’m not convinced. He sighs at my somber expression, then lifts up my chin with his index finger. “Princess, promise me you won’t worry anymore?" 

My eyes narrow. "Fine,” He thanks me, smiling bigger with relief, then kisses my forehead again. I follow him to the living room, leaning against the doorframe watching their reunion with a grin. My dad rises from his special chair and brings him in for a hug, patting on the shoulder blade twice before pulling away. They both sit back down, Niall taking the sofa catacorner to the chair, talking about whatever was on television. Not interested in sports talk, I head back into the kitchen where my mom slides the last piece of fish onto the paper toweled plate. The veggies are already mixed and placed into a bowl. “Hey, looks good mom!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you, sweetie. We make a great team! Can you grab the boys, tell 'em soups on?”

* * *

Throughout dinner, the focus was mainly on Niall. No surprise considering he was asleep for the rest of the day. He talked about his upcoming album, tour, and even showed us a few demo songs he didn’t put on the record. He was beaming throughout the entire conversation, and I started to think he was right. Maybe he wasn’t sick after all? After dinner, Niall and I helped my parents clean up the kitchen; then we played a few rounds of spoons to which things got pretty heated. I ended up in a tug of war for a piece of silverware with my boyfriend. Being the good man he is, he let me have it, costing him the game, but hey we are a competitive bunch.

Now the time is almost eleven-thirty. I’m sliding into bed with nothing except for one of Niall’s shirts, cuddling into his side. “Did you have fun today? I know it wasn’t a full day and we didn’t go fishing yet, but still!”

“Yeah, I forgot how nice your folks are. It doesn’t seem like they hate me.” He chuckles lightheartedly. “Who knows though, it could all be an act!”

I smack him lightly on the chest. “Quit being melodramatic and go to sleep!”

“T'was nothing but a joke! Good night princess, love you.”

“Love you, too.”

* * * 

Being the light sleeper that I am, it was no surprise when I felt the shifting weight of the matress, multiple times throughout the night. By the fifth time, I sat up in my bed, squinting at the bedside clock to read the time: 4:00. My hands search the sheets next to me to find warmth, but instead, I find emptiness. Rubbing the sleep away from my eyes, I then scan the room and spot the bathroom door closed with a tiny sliver of light peeking through the bottom. Throwing off the covers, I head over to the door and just before I knock I hear the toilet flush. When I creak open the door, I see Niall resting his head on his arms that lean on the toilet seat. “Babe? What’s the matter?” I squat down next to him.

“Man, I was hoping you wouldn’t wake up,” He mutters.

“Why? Do you not want to help you?”

“No, babe. I shouldn’t even be sick. This is stupid.” He picks his head up only to rest his chin back on his arms. His eyes are watery and bloodshot. “I was fine when we came up here, I promise, but I just kept thinking about meeting your parents again… It just freaked me out a little bit.”

“More like a lotta bit if you’re in this state. I’ve told you a thousand times, Ni. My parents love you, and even if they didn’t, it wouldn’t matter because I do." 

His bottom lips juts out. "I’m sorry, I should’ve just listened to you, and now I’m all pukey.”

Giving him a soft smile, I pat him on the arm then get up, walking to the doorway. “I’ll make you some mint tea, and Niall?”


“I still love you even though you’re all pukey.”

He chuckles. “I love you, too, princess.”

Making Plans

Request:  Could you do a Harald or Halfdan imagine? Thanks!

And  Could you do a halfdan imagine? I love him! Maybe where she’s a shieldmaiden or witch or both?! Don’t really care about the plot lol, love anything about him. Thanks!

A/N: This is the first request of the blog. YAY!! Hope all of the sister wives and all of the lovely men and women like it. Decided to kill two birds with one stone and did these two in one imagine. I do plan to do a Harald one soon.

For as long as you could remember, it was only you, Harald, and Halfdan. When you were young, your parents passed and left you in the care of Harald and Halfdan’s father, a long time friend of theirs. Since then, you three were inseparable. Even when Harald became King and then began to make plans to become King of Norway. 

Somehow along the way, you began to love Harald as a lover or a husband and not the love of a brother or friend. Which became very difficult after he met Princess Ellisif. He fell for her and swore to become King of all of Norway and you still supported him, no matter what. 

By then, you settled for not being able to be the woman Harald wanted, but you didn’t let that deter you any. 

Halfdan, being the very watchful, saw this and tried to take your mind off of the fact that Harald could not see what was right in front of him. Halfdan saw you as someone worth marrying as you would produce great warriors just from you being one of the best known shield-maidens, just behind Lagertha. 

Around the time it was to set sail for England to avenge Ragnar’s death was when you all saw Princess Ellisif again. And she was not alone. 

You had stood at the docks, viewing all of the bustle to and from the boats, when you felt Harald straighten next to you. 

“What?” You spoke from beside Halfdan, who was staring in the same direction as Harald. You looked at where they were looking and saw Ellisif.

“It’s her.”

“No, it’s not!” Halfdan denied. He put his arm around your waist in comfort as he saw your jaw twitch and your hand clench your sword hilt. 

“Yes, it is! That was the woman who made me believe I had to be Kind of all Norway before she would marry me. That is my princess. I think of her every day of my life.”

Halfdan sighed before saying with a nod. “Well, then you ought to go say hello.”

But Ellisif had ducked away once noticing Harald staring at her. You saw the look on her face before she covered it and you could tell it would bring hurt to your friend.

Harald walked off and left you and Halfdan alone for a moment, giving Halfdan the opportunity to comfort you.


You huffed a big sigh and nodded at him as he bumped foreheads with you. “I’m okay.”

“You are not fine, Y/N. You need to let him go. This is unhealthy. He’s blinded by that weak doe that he cannot see the great wolf in front of him.” He spoke softly that you almost struggled to hear him but you did. You smiled softly and closed your eyes and held your foreheads together for a moment.

You opened your eyes and saw that he was staring at you with a look that you have never seen on his face before. His facial features were soft but his eyes swam with emotions as if in a sea. 

Neither of you moved for a moment but soon he leaned in just a small bit and that was all it took. You leaned in as well and your lips meet in just a small pressure. You leaned back slightly and opened your eyes that you didn’t notice were closed and stared into his eyes. 

You leaned back in and pressed your lips harder against his and he pressed back into you and gripped your waist tightly as you held tightly to the sides of his tunic.

“Well, that was unexpected.” You said as you leaned back against the poll that Halfdan had pressed you against. 

He chuckled at your flustered expression and took your hand to bring you towards the main hall. 

Pillow Princesses

Hey guys, 

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of sexual reciprocity. While I understand this comes from a place of “you should give and take in relationships,” I wanted to just note that there is nothing wrong with not wanting to give sexually due to trauma, circumstance, or just not wanting to. We need to stop stigmatizing pillow princesses.

As a self-proclaimed pillow princess myself, I can tell you that if you discuss with your partners that you’re rarely or never going to give to them, and you give them the opportunity to leave or say no, it is okay. In the past, all I’ve my partners have still been able to orgasm or reach their sexual goals, and we’ve had fulfilling relationships. If your partner needs to receive in order to reach whatever goal they have for sex, and you’re uncomfortable with it, then the responsibility lies on both of you to end your sexual relationship or renegotiate.

More simply put, it is offensive and wrong to suggest that the kind of sex that someone wants and that makes them comfortable is inherently wrong.

50. Valentine’s day.

Summary{Requested} - How Valentine’s say would be like.

Characters - Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam x reader

Warnings - fluff

Scott: Scott’s soft hand met with your bare stomach, making a groan bubble from inside your chest. “Let me sleep.” You groan, hearing a tiny chuckle from him. “It’s time to wake up gorgeous, My mom made heart shaped pancakes.” You couldn’t help but laugh, opening your eyes to reveal the sight of the handsome teenager in front of you. Little hairs peppered the skin beneath his lips, that wrapped around his cheeks as well. His hair sat a mess, the black, thick hair sent in ever direction making you smile, pressing your hands against his cheeks, rubbing the tiny hairs underneath your thumb. 

“Good morning.” You mumbled earning a smile from him, as his soft lips soon came in contact with yours. “Happy second Valentine’s.” His lips whispered against the skin of your neck making you smile, as you returned the tiny kisses leaving a trail against his collar bone. Today you were going to spend it with Scott, and his mother, and wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Stiles: “I have a surprise for you angel.” His words left a loud groan fall from your mouth. “Stiles we promise each other no gifts.” He smiled cheekily at you, leaving a small kiss against your cheek. Due to both of you having no jobs, you agreed to just spend it together, and enjoy each other’s company because that was better then any lousy gift. “It didn’t cost much.” His words made you roll your eyes, but only made him laugh. “Cover your eyes.” You did as told, shutting them, and covering each eyes with your hands. You began to shuffle behind  him, his hand never leaving yours. Finally you both came to a hault.

“Open your eyes.” The moment you did you couldn’t help but feel the tears coming. The room was deacoraded with blankets, blankets coming from the ceiling, the floor, basically everywhere. In the middle was comfy quilts, along with must have been thirty pillows. The big flat screen faced you both, your favorite movie on it’s menu ready to play. His arms wrapped around you, leaving a small kiss against your forehead. “Happy Valentine’s day babes.”

Theo: “Theo I don’t like this.” You frown at the blindfold that blocked you from seeing anything. His hand suddenly caught yours, his lips pressing a soft kiss against yours temple. “Relax, it’s a surprise for a reason.” You rolled your eyes, feeling his fingers intertwine with your own, “Fine.” You growl, practically feeling his smirk. Finally you two began to walk, the handsome werewolf leading you, after seemed like ten minutes you finally said. “Okay now I’m scared.” A chuckle fell from your boyfriend, as he removed the blind fold, showing the beautiful sigh in front of you.

You let out a squeal wrapping your arms around Theo, hugging him close. Never ever have you been to a beach you only dreamed of going to one, but here you are, with the most amazing boyfriend ever. He left a small peck against your lips, making you smile. “I love you so much.” You say, pressing kisses all over his face. “Anything for you my princess.” He pauses before giving you a grin. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Liam: “Liam you didn’t have too.” You mumble, giving him a bright smile. Your favorite breakfast food waffles, and every topping you could think of was sitting in front of you, scattered along his kitchen table. Liam left a small kiss against your cheek, and stepped back as you took in the opportunity to take a look at hims, shirtless but clad in grey sweat pants, but wrapped around his neck was a white apron that met to his mid thigh. You bit your lip staring sexily at your boyfriend. “I find a man that cooks very sexy.” You smirk, earning a grin from him, as he presses his hips against yours as you leaned against the table.

“Yeah?” He mumbles, falling dangerously close to your lips. You bit your lip and nodded pressing your lips against his, but he was quick to break it, leaving you pouting. “Eat babygirl.” You roll your eyes, “You’re no fun.” He laughs, making you smile admiringly at the brunette. “Happy Valentine’s day, I love you.” You say, only to feel his lips against your forehead. “And I love you baby.”


It’s almost a crying shame how everything turned out to be utterly disastrous in a matter of days. Her life once quiet life like a serene ocean had become seduced by a hurricane. Lydia Martin was the popular girl with all her charms and definitely a girl who was at the level of genius. She had all she could ever want, a nice car, treated like a princess, the perfect athlete boyfriend. What more could a girl want, right? That is until a cold hearted fox named Stiles came along and ruined everything. She isn’t the boy she once knew in elementary, he is something far worse, and Lydia figures, demonically worse. Literally…



I used to know Stiles. He was a good kid, top of his class, always had a cheery bright smile on his face. Well, that kid is definitely dead, that’s for sure. Now, Stiles is the type of guy that novel written girls adore. The typical bad boy with the leathery black eyes and menace demeanor. Stiles had those traits, and more. Not only was he extremely cunning, but he did have leathery black eyes, brown I already know, but you could hardly tell from the shadows. He looks like he hasn’t slept in years and it makes me shift uncomfortably, every time he even looks at me, he gives me a smirk that holds something behind it.

The bell had finally rang and I grabbed my books and skipped out of the room before I could make eye contact with him. But to the shit of my luck, Stiles is seated closer to the door, which gives him fair opportunity to stand and wait at the door, just so he can bother me, like he has been doing ever since he returned to beacon hills high a few days ago.

He leans with a crooked smile, letting people through, expect for me. He rather finds pleasure in taunting me.

“Are you going to do this every time class is over?” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.
Stiles simply chuckles.

“You seem to enjoy it,” he grins. “After all, you are treated like a princess, rewarded with anything you could dream of. So here I am, a bad boy to complete your list of selfish desires.” He moves closer me I shoved past him, entering the hallway.

“Ironic. The very thing I don’t want, is the very thing that wants me.” I tease a smile and turn to leave him. More like escape him.

“Who ever said I wanted you?” He gives me a venomous glare, looking me up and down almost judging like. “Princesses aren’t really my thing.”

“I’m not a princess.”

“I wonder how painful it was to say that.” Stiles laughs and I sigh dramatically.

“What the hell do you want, Stiles? Or can I even call you that?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not Stiles…” I tell him.

“I’m anything you want me to be.” He replies with a grin, stepping closer to me.

My breathing intensifies as he has my back against the lockers.

“You know, my boyfriend would really be..”

“Fuck Jackson,” Stiles growls. “What you need is a distraction.” He smiles and I feel anxiety rushing over me. Strange enough, it’s a good type of anxiety, a rush of lust that I am not used to. In fact, I don’t even understand what I’m feeling right now.

“Please just let me go to my class, Stiles.” I look away from him and his minty breath brushes against my neck and the bell rings.

“Catch you around.” He says and disappears, quickly turning a corner.

I shake my head and I clench my books tight, leaning against the locker.

“What, the holy hell, was that?” I mumbled to myself, remembering the twisted darkness trapped within Stiles’ eyes.

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Knight in shining armor - Dean Winchester x Reader (Knight/Princess AU) - Part 12

Title: Knight in shining armor

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Henry x Reader

Word count: 3,583

Warnings: None

Original imagine: AU. Imagine being a princess and falling in love with one of your father’s knights, Dean Winchester, although you are forbidden to.

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A/N: *sly grin slowly spreading on my lips!* Bout damn time huh?

You felt your breath hitch on your throat- or more like the air being knocked out of your lungs as your eyes locked with his. Only one thought was running through your mind.

Damn he is handsome

You really had to acknowledge that because damn him he was. And coming from you, who had seen so many men over the past years while your father tried to find you the right one to marry, meant something.

Especially now that you had met Dean.

But this man- this man was much more different than him. Handsome in his own way.

Tall. He was certainly really tall. Slim, the good kind of way. You couldn’t see clearly under all those clothes but you could clearly imagine that although he was not built like Dean with broad shoulders and chest it was sure that he would have equally good body features. You didn’t care much about that, though. His face was what captivated you. A ginger close to blonde beard covered his face, matching the color of his slightly long hair that were brushed back. His slim lips were pursed, forming a line as he looked at you with a deep frown. His cheekbones were prominent but what you found yourself captivated by was his eyes. The blue color of them made you think as if you were looking at the sky itself. Your mind was blank as you stared back into his eyes and literally found yourself out of breath.

“My lady?” his smooth voice broke you out of your trail of thoughts and you blinked a few times.

“Are you alright?” he repeated his previous question.

A small smirk was about to play on his lips as he had noticed you staring but the concern he felt surpassed it and a frown was set on his handsome features.

“I uh yeah, yeah I’m fine” you muttered averting your eyes from his because you knew that he would be able to see right through you and your lie.

“My apologies” he said and you looked up at him “I had no right to ask you something that is obviously personal to you.”

“No, no it is alright” you shook your head slightly.

“Pardon me. It was just a really sad sight to see a beautiful face as yours stained and such shining eyes dull with tears” he said ever-so-softly.

“No it is alright” you said with a forming smile “And thank you” you said sheepishly.

“There is no need to thank me, my lady. I am merely saying the truth.” he smiled ever so slightly “Excuse my curiosity but I wanted to ask you if something is the matter”

He asked you indirectly and letting out a soft sigh you looked down at your hands “Yeah, uh something happened but I hope I will just get over it soon” you mumbled.

“Well, I do not believe it is my place to speak but- maybe you should not let something or anything for that matter bring you down” and he added “Especially on such day.”

You looked up at him with a frown and he spoke again.

“It is your birthday, my princess. Your special day. And instead of being there, inside, dancing with someone you are here and crying.” he said.

“Well, I am not exactly crying anymore, am I?” you asked with a smirk and he chuckled slightly; you would be lying if you said you didn’t feel your heart flutter at it.

“Indeed you aren’t” he replied “But if I may ask… are you completely sure everything is alright? I don’t mean to intrude it is just out of pure concern”

“Yeah it’s just… things happened” you said looking down at your hands “Isn’t it sad how you think you know somebody and you believe so do they but in the end you were both just wrong?” you asked looking slightly up at him.

“I suppose” he gave you a small nod “Something like that happened?”

You nodded at his question “Sort of. It was just-” you shook your head “-I didn’t do anything wrong. At least I don’t think I did. All I was trying to do was just for the best and yet… It hurts. I thought it would be for the best but it only feels as if I have torn my own heart apart with my bare hands. I just can’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I try. I try really hard but I just end up hurting people. No matter what choice I make, somebody will always end up hurt.” you let out a shaky sigh and bit your lip to keep the tears in.

“It is not easy to make the right choice, my princess. It is actually a struggle all the time. Mostly when somebody is hurting. I really am not the best when it comes to choices but I believe that it is best to think about it more. Take your time, princess, and give the opportunity to both choices to happen. Because if you don’t, then you will never know what you’ve opted for.” he said with a small shrug and after a while of looking up at him you nodded.

“I guess you’re right” you gave him a small nod “Thank you…” you trailed off, frowning when you realized you had not asked his name yet.

“Henry. My name is Henry” he smiled at you and so did you.

“Pleasure to meet you Henry. I am (Y/n), but you obviously know that already” you said with a soft giggle and his smile only widened.

“The pleasure is all mine, princess” he took your extended hand and kissed it.

You bit your lip to keep your smile from getting bigger especially when you felt a tingling sensation at his lips touching your hand. You couldn’t help it when your mind started wandering to how it would feel if those lips kissed yours and other parts of you.

Whoa (Y/n) just hold it there! What? you thought to yourself, your eyes slightly widening at the thoughts that ran through your mind.

“(Y/n)” you said softly “Just call me (Y/n) please”

“(Y/n)” he said in a smooth, and with a slight accent, voice. You already loved how your name sounded coming from his lips.

Not how it sounded when it came from Dean you couldn’t help but think.

You shook slightly your head to rid yourself of the thoughts and mentally scolded yourself for it. Even now that another man was able to attract you to this point you kept comparing him to Dean.

You really needed to get him out of your mind.

“You are Henry the fifth, right?” you asked him “King of England?”

He nodded at your words “Indeed. You have heard about me?” he asked intrigued.

“Everybody’s heard about you. Everybody knows you.” you stated “Besides, you fought with my father on the most recent war in France, right?” he nodded at your words “He told me a lot of things about you. He trusts you a lot”

“I am glad to say he does. Just as much as I do. We have a great friendship that has lasted through the years.” he said with a smile as you both had started taking a small walk through the garden, his hands were folded behind his back and yours in front of you.

Some fresh air was definitely needed but talking with him was needed much more.

“He has also told me a lot of things about you. He is really happy to have a daughter as you and after all this time I couldn’t help but want to meet you as well. That’s why I came here tonight.” he said, looking down at you with a small smile.

“And I have to say it was certainly worth it” you bit your lip as soon as the words left his mouth, and tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“Really?” you asked sheepishly looking up at him.

“Oh yes. And I am most happy to say that reality far exceeds my expectations” he added with a small smirk.

“And you mean?” you asked playfully, smirking at him and raising an eyebrow.

He chuckled slightly as you stopped walking and stood in front of you “That your beauty far exceeds what your father had described you to be. It far exceeds what anyone could have ever prepared me for. For it is is impossible for anyone to have ever prepared me, believe me. And I assure you that it greatly exceeds my expectations. That no matter how hard I imagined you, this- what now stands in front of me is much more than what human imagination can come up with. That you, my beautiful princess- (Y/n)-” he let a soft chuckle at his small mistake “- are so much more than it is possibly imaginable. That the beauty that now stands in front of my eyes is greater than the finest pieces of art I have seen in my entire life, made by both artists and God himself.” he said in a soft voice, his accent more evident now - clearly defining his origins.

It was soft like velvet that you could almost reach and touch it. He spoke as if he was a great poet and at this moment you were sure you could stay and listen to him for hours to no end talk and talk about anything and anyone. Even if it was the most simple of things you were sure he was going to make it sound so great and he would surely have you captivated just like now.

“A simple ‘You’re beautiful’ would have been enough” you said with a soft chuckle that soon died off as you stared up at him like you were in a daze.

He chuckled as well “I suppose. Forgive me if I tired you, then. It is impossible for me not to speak as that when I gaze at you, my lady” he said apologetically.

“No need to apologize, Henry.” you said and he smiled at you as you both started walking again through the garden, you glancing every so often at the open ballroom’s big windows.

“So…” you started again, biting slightly your lip, not sure if you should ask him.

“Yes?” he raised a playful eyebrow, slightly smirking at the blush that rose in your cheeks.

“Are you here tonight with… someone?” you asked shyly.

“If- if you don’t mind my asking” you hurried to add.

He chuckled at your slight nervousness and spoke “No it is quite fine. And, no, no I’m not here with someone. Unless my knights and soldiers count. Do they?”

“No, no I guess they don’t” you mumbled, with a small nervous chuckle, looking down at your hands.

“Something the matter?” he asked and you could see the playful glint in his eyes.

“I- no it’s just uh-” you tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear “I was just wondering- and I don’t mean to come off as rude but- how come?” you asked in a soft voice.

“How come what?” he asked, a small smirk forming on his lips.

Damn him. This man was definitely pulling on your last of strings. Did he really expect you to say it?

“H-how come you are not here with a woman? O-or is it just tonight?” you soon added a second question, your voice trembling slightly.

He laughed slightly at your stuttering and you felt your blush only darken “No, no. I am not with a woman here by my side because I do not have one, whatsoever. Why are you asking though?” he glanced at you from the corner of his eye “That hard to believe?” he added when he saw your almost stunned expression.

“I uh- well uhm- actually- To be honest yes. It actually is.” you finally managed to stutter out “It kind of is hard to believe how a man like you does not have a wife or at least fiance by his side. I mean, any woman would certainly want to be that so, yeah I guess it is pretty hard to believe”

He just nodded at your words, shrugging slightly but did not say anything for a while as you both walked through the garden. His hands folded behind his back and yours in front of you.

The almost-silence did not last long, though, as a smile formed on Henry’s lips and he spoke up “Would you?” he raised a playful eyebrow and glanced at you, for a good while at that.

You felt yours eyes widen as soon as the words left his mouth and the heat in your cheeks rise even more, your heart picked up - although it had already been beating really fast and you averted your eyes from his immediately.

“I-” you could only utter as you felt a lump on your throat. You bit your lip nervously.

You certainly could not deny that you were attracted to the man and right now he just was not making things easier for you.

He laughed and shook his head “Just kidding” he muttered.

“But- to answer your question I guess it is for the same reason you haven’t, princess- I mean (Y/n)” he corrected himself “Even if it is hard in this era of marriages made out of pure convenience and of Kings and Queens marrying somebody just because they must, I believe that seeking out that true feeling of love is of outmost importance. It is what keeps us alive. Just like a horse needs water after a long and tiring day so do humans need love. True love. It is hardly possible to find that scarce feeling in our days. A feeling so strong and powerful, capable of making people do anything their hearts wish for as long as it is for it. Love. Wasting my life with somebody whom I do not have true feelings for is equal to death, my lady, and for that I shall live alone and simply wait for her.”

He spoke so beautifully that you really found yourself captivated by him.

“There is no point in trying to get that with someone other than that special one. Blessed be those who find true love no matter what the circumstances may be.” he added and looked at you.

“You- you think that true love can be found only on the face of one person?” you asked hesitantly, fearing to hear the answer.

You luckily didn’t as Henry simply smiled at you and then looked up at the starry night sky, the both of you walking in silence for a while.

You were partially glad about that because you actually didn’t know what you were going to do if you actually heard him say it. You were trying hard - and maybe succeeding - in getting over Dean, trying to forget everything about him although it seemed and was impossible. You were actually hoping that you would manage it at some point but deep down you knew what the truth actually was. You feared to say it- you feared to even think about it but Dean- Dean was-

“Beautiful song, don’t you think?” Henry asked, effectively breaking your trail of thoughts.

You looked at him for a split second and then followed his gaze to the ballroom where you could hear soft music coming from.

“Would you-” he said and you turned to face him “Would you like to offer me this dance?” he was bowed slightly, one hand behind his back and another one extended to you.

He was serious for a while before he opened one eye and peaked up at you, a playful smile was on his lips. You could surely get used to this side of him as well.

You giggled slightly and took his offered hand. A big smile spread on his lips as you both walked towards the ballroom. You entered from one of the many doors and as expected all eyes were on you again. Your father had stopped talking with Uther immediately and was now looking at you and Henry as well. A small smile was slowly forming on his lips as you saw him give you a small approving nod. You immediately understood why.

Why not? you thought to yourself.

Henry gave your hand a small squeeze and you turned your head to look at him. A smile immediately formed on your lips as your eyes did not leave his for a split second after that. Even as you made your way to the main dancing area.

A small smile graced his lips as well. While still holding your one hand he slowly brought the other one around your waist and yours rested on his chest. You felt yourself take in a small breath when he moved his hand higher and his skin came into contact with the skin of your exposed back.

“Pardon me” he apologized and moved his hand a little lower.

You immediately shook your head and moved his hands up higher where it previously was “No, it is perfectly fine. Just there” you murmured and saw the smile return to his lips.

You both started moving to the soft music, slowly but not so much. Just enough for the both of you to enjoy it. His hand on your back created goosebumps all over your skin and you bit your lip to keep your smile from getting even bigger.

You couldn’t help that a small part of you, though, compared it to Dean’s touch.

Damn it. Why did you have to think about him even now that you were with Henry. You were really attracted to him and found yourself loving every aspect of him but Dean- Dean still kept being present in your mind.

You found yourself utterly lost, completely losing track of time, as song after song played and you only danced with Henry. You were completely captivated by him as you gazed up at his eyes. You could literally get lost in them.

“Are you enjoying the ball now, my princess?” he asked with a small and you gave him a small nod.

“Very much so. Thank you Henry for making my night better” you mumbled.

“I did nothing, (Y/n). On the contrary I thank you for offering me the time of my life” he said, voice ever-so-smooth.

“It is sad that I won’t be able to see you after tonight. You are going to leave, aren’t you?” you asked him with a sad look on your face.

“Well…” he hesitated slightly “I could always stay if you want me to, my lady… Do you?” his voice was really low, barely audible, and soft as he looked at you deeply in the eyes.

“Yes” you breathed out with a smile at the prospect of getting to spend more time with him “Yes, I would very much love that”

His own smile widened as he nodded at your words, his grip on you slightly tightening as he pressed you to him. No space was between you anymore.

You were sure that lots of people were looking at you right now, even as you danced song after song with only him and didn’t switch with another prince as expected to. And what you were most sure about was that your father was watching your every move. You didn’t and couldn’t see him as your eyes were locked with Henry’s all the time but you were sure, just like you remembered, that he had a smile on his face at seeing you with one of his best royal single friends- and quite close to your age so that nobody would have a problem. Henry was most probably just 10 or 11 years older than you. Quite younger than your father but they got along really well so who cared?

All eyes were on you, that was for sure, but you decided to ignore everybody, to clear your mind of anything and anyone - well, Dean anyway - and just focus on Henry. At least for the night. You would not pay attention to anybody else but him. You would ignore everybody but him… if it meant forgetting Dean.

And that’s what you did. Ignored everybody. Did not look at anybody but Henry and as a result…

….missed Dean’s look of hurt as he watched you dance with Henry.

He felt a pag on his chest. His stomach suddenly dropped, it was tight like a knot and it felt impossibly heavy. His breathing became slow and deep as if he was struggling to take in air, to breath properly. His hands clenched by his sides at the unplesant - totally unpleasant - feeling that ran through his body. He clenched his jaw tightly and pursed his lips as his eyes followed your every movement, most importantly paying attention to how close you and him were and of course not failing to notice how you would not tear your eyes from him even for a second. His brows were frowned deeply as he struggled to understand what was going on. Well, he basically did. He understood very well what was going on, it was just that there was still a small part of him- or well most of him, that didn’t want to accept it. Accepting it meant that it was true, that it was happening and Dean didn’t want that. His heart thudded in his chest and it felt as if it was about to jump out of it any given moment. Or well, more like the shattered pieces of his heart because he was sure there was nothing left of what it previously was there.

And he watched. He watched with a look of pure emotional pain on his face. He stood there still and watched.


That’s all he could do.

Watch as you danced your way away from him and straight into another man’s arms.


A/N: Adding this note at the end hoping more see it! I’m feeling super energetic and like bringing on more pain so I would love to hear some ideas about moments between Reader and Henry! Please just please I need some ideas!


Part 13 & 14

Character: Princess Midna

Game: Zelda, Twilight Princess

Maker: Eileen Skopnik

Photographer: Peter Bennett Photography Destin Fl


Comments: This is the first costume I ever made, I taught myself how to sew while making Midna. This costume took 6 weeks to make and it won 2x 1st place awards in 2011 and 2013. This photo was taken in a dark room with a blue light.. I’m wearing blue body paint by Mehron (mixed 3 types to get this colour) the eye paints are by Ben Nye & Lipstick by MAC. 

All the accessories are made out of fimo clay and craft foam, the whole cape and skirt was hand painted and I have EL-wire ( electro-luminecent-wire) on my gloves. 

I’d be very grateful and delighted if you could give me the opportunity to show my work on your page. It’s been received well on the Deviant Art website & I have given many interviews online about the making of this costume. 

Thank you for your time and consideration

Best wishes

Today is a pretty special day for me: it’s officially this blog’s second anniversary (and only a few days before my birthday, funnily enough). I can hardly believe I’ve been running this blog for two years now, but I enjoy it. It’s an opportunity to see all of the beautiful work that people post on this site and for me to attempt to contribute.

I’d like to give a shout-out to the following blogs. If you’re reading this, you guys continually post great content (regardless of whether or not it’s Ganondorf-themed stuff) and it’s always a joy to see you on my dash. Keep up the wonderful work.

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And most of all, I’d like to thank all of you lovely people who continue to follow me and enjoy the content I post, even if most if it is reblogs. You keep this blog alive!

Here’s to another year of Ganon(dorf).


Summary: LD fic in which the lieutenant teaches the princess a few steps.


Word Count: 2,404

And all the night’s magic seems to whisper and hush
And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Emma sat on one of the many benches in the courtyard and toyed nervously with the thick tulle of her dress.

“This is ridiculous,” she scolded herself under her breath as she stood up and began to pace back and forth in a busy line over the grass. There was to be a ball in the castle tomorrow night, and here she was, the crown princess, sulking around in the woods after dark, waiting around to be taught how to dance. “Utterly ridiculous.”

“You know, lass,” Emma turned her head to see Killian, decked out in full naval attire, leaning up against the gate at the entry to the courtyard, arms crossed over his chest as he smirked at her with an air of self-satisfaction, “they say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.”

She snorted at that – she didn’t mean to, but with him it always just sort of happens – and clapped a surprised hand over her mouth before erupting in a fit of giggles. She ran over to him, jumping into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him tightly.

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prince michael - part 3

PRINCE Michael | PRINCE Michael – PART 2

You were in shock; the prince that you were looking for was right in front of you. He had been the one that you were searching for, hoping to get a meeting with him, and now that opportunity was here. You were speechless; all your thoughts of freedom, plans on bringing an end to the way were completely gone. You were the strong princess of your kingdom, but that didn’t mean that you weren’t shy at times. Because technically you weren’t supposed to be here, you were finally doing something great for your kingdom, bringing them a much needed peace, and what was worse is that you knew that your family wouldn’t be happy that you escaped your kingdom to end up here.

“Are you ok?”

“Give me a few minutes to collect my thoughts”, you said as you stood up and tried to calm down.

“Is the mighty princess, finally realizing that this may be too much for her to handle”, he said with a small smirk.

“Hey don’t forget who is currently in bed with an injury”, you said teasing him back, “maybe this was too much for you to handle.”

“And here I thought that you were grateful for your savior”, he said with a smile on his face.

“oh I am, I would hate to get hit by a tree, but mind explaining me why a prince was out and going to battle?” you said taking a sit on a stool that was right beside his bed.

“Same reason as you (Y/N), I need to help my kingdom and what better way to help than by fighting for our freedom”, he said as he tried to get comfortable without making his sore muscles ache.

“That’s still very noble, guess you do fit the prince mold”, you said with a smile.

“I would argue you do too, especially with your ability to wield a sword, are you sure there’s not a boy underneath that beautiful face of yours, not that I’m judging”, he said with a smile.

You blushed by his words. He said you were beautiful, but that wasn’t the only thing that was making you blush. He complemented your ability to fight and still be beautiful, usually when you met your suitors they thought less of you when they noticed that you were a good swords master, saying that a princess should only look pretty. But Michael, at least in that comment thought otherwise, and that was something that you liked.

You quickly shook those thoughts out of your head, you couldn’t fall for Michael, and you have to remember that he was the prince of the kingdom that you were at war with, sure you wanted to stop the war between his kingdom and yours but that was it. Your family and his haven’t had the best history and you knew that you couldn’t forget your history because of some comment.

“Well sorry to disappoint you but I’m a princess, not a prince”, you said trying to not let your blush pass onto your cheeks.

“Trust me it’s not a disappointment”, he said letting out a laugh.

His laughter was contagious that you began laughing as well. The room was filling with laughter that Michael couldn’t help but stare at you. He found it hard to believe that the princess of the rival kingdom was this beautiful, this humble, and kind. He just couldn’t figure out how hid kingdom had gotten you so wrong. In his mind you were supposed to be this horrid person, but he had yet to see this horrible person, all he saw was this amazing person, had had taken care of him without even knowing a name, showing your kind personality.

He continued to laugh, but then felt a pang of pain on his side. His happy face changed to that of pain, as his side ached. Your laughter instantly stopped as you took notice of his pain. You instantly stood up, and placed your hands on his back, trying to move him into a more comfortable position, hoping that would ease the pain.

“Here, let me help”, you said as you lifted him up to a more sitting position.

“t-thanks”, he said with a bit of a pain filled voice and a shaky smile.

“Are you sure?” not believing him at all.

“Yea, it just still hurts a bit”, he said with a small wince in his voice.

“Well now that you’re up though, you really need to eat”, you said as you reached for the plate of food that you originally brought for him.

“Yea thanks”, he said finally the pain going away.

You placed the plate of food in front of him, before reaching for your plate to eat along with him.  Michael looked down at his food, noticing that you actually took the time to go get him food, proving more things wrong about him, and as he was reaching for his food, he noticed that it still hurt a bit to lift the spoon up to his mouth. He wanted to tell you that if there was any way that you could help him, but he blushed at the thought of you spoon feeding him, that was something really intimate, but it would be the only way he would be able to eat without it hurting. Michael looked over at you and noticed how comfortable you were eating, and thought that maybe he would wait a bit, let you eat a bit before he would ask… if he asked.

You were already half way done with your food, when you looked over to Michael and noticed the food was still untouched.

“Michael is there something wrong with your food, I can run down and get you something else to eat if…” you said placing your food down on the floor, getting yourself ready if you needed to get some more food.

“no… no its fine (Y/N), it’s just that, it sort of hurts to eat right now, but just give me a few minutes and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be fine”, he said with a smile.

“Here let me help”, you said as you reached for his bowl of soup and placed it on your lap and began to scoop up soup and as you were going to feed it to him, some of the soup spilled onto the bed. “Sorry Michael”, you said hoping that he wouldn’t mind.

“No its fine, I’m sorry that you have to do this”, he admitted, “but I think if you don’t want to spill anything, it would be best for you to sit right here”, he said as he patted an empty area on the bed that was right beside him.

You knew that the closer you were to Michael, it could help make you not spill since there would be less space. But you thought about how easily distracted you were around him, would it really help for you to be that near him. You knew that you had to help him, because you felt that if you were in his position he would help you as much as he could.

Letting out a sigh, you got up and took a seat on his bed. You faced him, as the bowl was still held in your hands. You took a spoonful as you led it up to Michael’s lips. He quickly took it into his mouth, savoring a bit before swallowing, as his eyes lit up a bit with content, already awaiting the next bite. You took another spoonful, and led it up to his red lips and noticed that his eyes never wandered from you face, observing you taking in all your features. Michael’s looks made you blush; you weren’t used to being looked like this, and especially being this docile around anyone. But as your blush grew, you noticed that Michael also began to blush, because he wasn’t used to someone feeding him like this.

“So how do you plan on stopping our lands from fighting?” he asked, remembering that you wanted to stop the war.

“I actually don’t know, I hoped that maybe we could arrange something with the king, but I was hoping that maybe we could negotiate something”, you said nervously.

“You mean you didn’t even have a plan. You do know how dumb that sounds, it practically sounds like you thinking of handing yourself over to our kingdom, which would make things worse, since I’m pretty sure your people would want their princess back”, Michael admitted.

“Well when you put it that way, I guess it does sound stupid. But what else I’m I supposed to do. The war doesn’t mean it’s going to stop soon, and more and more families are losing their loved ones with each fallen soldier, I don’t want that anymore. And I’m pretty sure it’s the same with your country”, you looked over at him.

“Yea, it is, but that’s what war is like, but I don’t like it either. Maybe we could negotiate a treaty of some sort, I mean you are their heir, that has to stand for something, and I’m pretty sure since I’m the future heir, I could help out as well”, he said with a smile at the thought of bringing peace to his land.

“Aren’t you supposed to be king; you look old enough to take over the throne?”

“I’m old enough, but in my family, we have to married to take the throne”, Michael answered.

“So I’m technically speaking to an almost king”, you said jokingly.

“Yep, and am I speaking to the future queen”?, he said with a sly smile, he quickly thought of his choice of words, “I mean not my future queen, but the queen of your kingdom”.

You blushed, not even thinking about what he originally thought. You wouldn’t be his future queen, you would be queen of your land, not his, because than that would mean you had to be his wife as well.

“Well sort of, I mean… I’m supposed to have my coronation after the war is over, but at the way that the war is going, I don’t know if that will be anytime soon”.

You let your thoughts wonder, thinking of all the people that were fighting in what you think is a meaningless war. A war that was taking your lands resources, your people, your hope for a brighter future, it was taking so much that you wondered if your people would ever recover from the scars it would leave behind.

You kept thinking these gloomy thoughts, until you felt something warm glide across your cheek. You looked up and noticed that the warmth on your cheek, was the warm hand of Michael, you could see in his green eyes how much he was worried, most likely knowing the pain that you were feeling inside. His warm hand traced your face, rubbing small circles on your cheek. His green eyes hypnotized yours, making it almost impossible to look anywhere else but into his feline like eyes.

“Don’t worry everything is going to be ok”, he said with a small smile hoping it would make you smile as well.

“You can’t promise that”, you admitted.

“actually I can, because I promise as prince Michael, that I will accompany you to see my father, the king, in hopes of negotiating a treaty of peace”, he said with a strong voice, that made you smile.

“Do you actually promise that?” you asked.

His other hand reached for the bowl in your hands, as he set it aside on the table. He took your hand in his, while his other still held you face. He held your hand so tenderly, making sure not to scare you away, before bringing up to his lips, his eyes never leaving yours. You could feel his breath on the back of your hand, each breath sending shivers across your body.

Michael gauged your ever move, making sure that you suddenly wouldn’t lash out at him. Once he knew that you would do so, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the back of your hand, feeling the heat of his lips on your skin felt like a jolt of electricity shooting throughout your body, bringing your nerves to life.

“I promise”, he said before kissing your hand again.



Sorry for the long wait, since I was on vacation I just wanted to enjoy that with my family and friends and yea… also I got new video games and books that I just want to finish, so I am so sorry since I have been spending time on those as well.

I hope this update wasn’t that bad, its mainly a filler, THE ROMANCE BETWEEN YOU AND Michael WILL START ON THE NEXT PART… but I really do feel that this update was ok I hope that it makes sense, but yea I’m going to try to update as much as I can, since I have come back from my small break



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Voltage Gree Farewell Week - Let’s celebrate their end with a bang!

Dear Voltage Fans. As you know the Gree platform for all Voltage Games available in English is coming to an end on November 25 worldwide. So let’s give them the best farewell party ever!!! This is the lineup! I thought I give more time so we can all prepare for it.

November 1 - 3 Be my princess 
November 4 - 6 Celebrity Darling
November 7 - 9 My Sweet Bodyguard

It truly feels like the end of an era. courtneymichelle5 suggested this appreciation week for Gree and I highly support the event. I think this will be more of a farewell to the amazing platform that gaves us the opportunity to spend more time to get to know our beloved biases from each game in more depth through events and amazing routes. 

I know a lot of people were not attracted to the platform. It required a lot of dedication, time and (sometimes a lot of cash) to go through them. But once I played one I realized the stories were worthwhile, and even better than the non-gree version. Me and probably a lot of other new fans will not have time to start and finish a route now, so I am hoping this VOLTAGE GREE FAREWELL WEEK can be a great opportunity for everyone to share their favorite events and moments from their favorite free route, much like the nostalgia week, brag about your bias, post event images and talk about anything and everything! (May I be selfish and emphasize on the events because there were none for MSB since I started playing free a year ago? thank you!)

So please reblog and share the word around and let’s give them a unforgettable farewell event!!!

anonymous asked:

do you ship commander princess? id love to hear your thoughts on the kiss in general?

This is a so-so issue for me.  I don’t particularly ship them since Lexa has never been my most favorite person, but I love the opportunities this gives the writers.  And I really, really hope they take it.  Having a bisexual heroine would be so very epic and even though my feelings about Clarke’s readiness for a real relationship are that she is not ready I think this opens the door for more interactions, more powerful moments, etc.  

Sadly though, I’m not really sure this will be all everyone is expecting…my theory is a lot darker than the ones floating around out there so I won’t share it.  I don’t want to rain on other shippers’ parades because I know this a real moment for the Commander Princess crowd and I want them to enjoy it entirely!

P.S. (not important at all) - A slow, beautiful, passionate-burn Bellarke is already canon in my all roads point there.  But I’m so ready for everything that comes in between.


My Readings { 1 - }

The Mystery of Princess Louise, Queen Victoria’s rebellious daughter by Lucinda Hawksley

The secrets of Queen Victoria’s sixth child, Princess Louise, may be destined to remain hidden forever. What was so dangerous about this artistic, tempestuous royal that her life has been documented more by rumour and gossip than hard facts? When Lucinda Hawksley started to investigate, often thwarted by inexplicable secrecy, she discovered a fascinating woman, modern before her time, whose story has been shielded for years from public view.

Louise was a sculptor and painter, friend to the Pre-Raphaelites and a keen member of the Aesthetic movement. The most feisty of the Victorian princesses, she kicked against her mother’s controlling nature and remained fiercely loyal to her brothers - especially the sickly Leopold and the much-maligned Bertie. She sought out other unconventional women, including Josephine Butler and George Eliot, and campaigned for education and health reform and for the rights of women. She battled with her indomitable mother for permission to practice the ‘masculine’ art of sculpture and go to art college - and in doing so became the first British princess to attend a public school.

Such an underrated Princess ! Princess Louise was definitely one of the most interesting princess of her time. Absolutely forgotten, she deserves so much more, for her work as Princess, as an Artist, as an independant woman. This biography by  Lucinda Hawksley is an excellent start, the author give you the opportunity to form your own opinion which is quite enjoyable. I recommend with all my heart this book, to discover this fascinating woman, who deserves so much more recognition.

Seized Part 3

Part 1. Part 2.

Also at ao3.

This is a ‘No Curse AU’.

Thanks so much to all the kind responses I have received about this story. It totally makes my day, so I appreciate it! It took me a little longer than I expected to get this chapter up, but I hope it was worth the wait.

Emma couldn’t get the blasted pirate out of her mind. It had been about 36 hours since she’d last seen him, and during every one of those hours a random thought about him would cross her mind and she’d be forced to think about him once again. It was extremely irritating.

So, now that she had the ship in some kind of an order and Phelps was at the helm, Emma decided that she couldn’t ignore the man forever. She’d sent Amalia, one of the crew members, to collect him and bring him to her cabin. Just to talk. She was sure that whatever she had experienced around him last time was an aberration that wouldn’t be repeated in the light of day.

Besides, she did have some genuine business with him.

The door opened and he shuffled in, his wrist and ankles bound with chains, closely followed by Amalia. Emma’s heart did an odd little tumble at the sight of him which she desperately ignored.

She gave Amalia a look of annoyance. “Chains?”

“He’s dangerous,” she replied. “Part of our duty as crewmembers on this ship is to keep you safe.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “It would be extremely stupid for him to attack me. And he does not strike me as a stupid man.”

Amalia pressed her lips together to express her disagreement with the statement. Hook, on the other hand, grinned. “Thank you, lass. I believe I’ll take that as a compliment.”

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