give mindfully

My Go To Self Care

Reading a book for fun.

Taking a hot bath w/ foaming bath salt or a bath ball.

Drinking tea/coffee/cocoa.

Stretching my entire body out.

Going to the gym and doing a light workout.

Treating myself to a fancy cookie or snack at the coffee shop.

Mindfully giving my pup a doggie massage.

Putting on comfy clothes and cuddling in a blanket after a long day.

Watching an episode of a funny TV show.

Playing my keyboard.

Building something or finding ways to keep my hands busy.

Checking things off of my to-do list. 

Window shopping online (just looking no buying). 

Teaching my pup a new trick. 

Making PB cookies and tea. 

When helping people start keto I like to give them options. It’s good to see the range of keto and figure out where you fit personally. I’ve been as strict as 1200 calories at 5% carbs, and I’ve been as lax as 1400 calories at 10% carbs. If people don’t feel confined they allow themselves to succeed.

I think that the way you FEEL about your diet is more important than the way you execute your diet in the beginning. Think about the eating habits you already have and try to find similar, low carb/high fat alternatives. A diet shouldn’t throw you so far out of your comfort zone that it’s unsustainable.

Even if you’re at the extreme end of the spectrum and eat donuts and milk every morning for breakfast, maybe you should try a warm Quest Bar and some almond milk? Oatmeal can be swapped for nuts. Bagels with cream cheese can be swapped for low carb tortillas with cream cheese. A bowl of cereal has no equal, I’m sorry… but perhaps you can find a way to move past that? Then again, almost everything is available on Amazon these days - maybe someone has found a way!

Establish a pattern of eating mindfully. Don’t give into your cravings… modify them. And track, track, track!