give me your sweater

Need a pick-up?

♡As you all know, Valentines is just around the corner, BUT do you know just how to go about it? Here’s 25 pick up lines that MAY or MAY NOT work♡

1. I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me

2. My phone has an error, it might fix it if you give me your number

3. Feel my sweater, know whats it’s made of? Boyfriend material.

4. When you kiss someone for a minute, you burn 2.6 calories. Wanna burn some calories with me?

5. Aye are you a pokemon? ‘Cause you’re a catch!

6. I think we have a connection stronger than my wifi

7. Do you have a library card? ‘Cause i’ve been checking you out

8. Are you full of Beryllium, gold and titanium? ‘Cause you are Be-Au-Ti-Ful

9. Are you from outer space? You’re out of this world

10. Are you sitting on the F5 key? Because your butt is refreshing

11. Hey baby, you better call life alert because i’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up

12. I’m not a photographer but I can picture us together

13. Girl, i’ve got a gold ring with your name on it

14. I may not be Fred Flintstone but I can sure make your bed rock!

15. You must be the cause of global warming because you’re hot

16. Am I cute yet? Or do you need more to drink?

17. Excuse me, but i’m new in town. Could you give me directions to your place?

18. You must be a bacon burger because you’re bacon me crazy

19. Are you an appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out

20. I lost my number, can I have yours?

21. You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life

22. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

23. If you were a triangle, you’d be an acute one

24. Ever heard of princesses? You have my number if you want to be treated like one.

25. Can I have your pictures so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

Annnnnnd I hope these make your day a little happier :D

"Surprise!" Zootopia Drabble

He brought over a large blanket from his room heading towards the couch, where a certain bunny waited. Judy had a bowl of popcorn on her lap, with her legs curled underneath her. She wore a large grey sweatshirt, the bottom stretched over her knees, hiding her jeans and T-shirt. The sleeves fell over her paws and the fabric looked as if she already had a blanket draped over her. Obviously too large, but it was a perfect size for him since it was his.
He plopped down beside her, wrapping the green blanket around both of them, it looked like as if they were wearing a large cape.

“Warm enough, whiskers?” He smirked, half-coyly when he placed his arm around her shoulder.

She smiled at him sweetly. “Yes, and thank you for giving me your sweater, if I knew it was going to get cold I would have brought my own.”

‘It’s a good thing, you didn’t.’ He thought, because she looked good wearing his clothes. If he can, he would called her cute, but he knew to keep that to himself knowing Judy’s distaste of the word. He brought her closer to him instead.

“Anytime Judy, I even ordered some pizza for us to eat when we are watching the movie.”

Judy cocked a brow at him. “Really, Mr. Cheapo?” He scowled from at the name. That one time he used a month’s worth of coupons to get three month’s worth of ice cream for ten cents, and suddenly he’s called cheap. “And where did you ordered?” She asked already knowing the name. Nick huffed, putting a paw over his chest as if offended.

“The only best pizza place in town!-Little Weasels.”

She giggled when she replied. “Penny-pincher.”
Well, He wasn’t going to take that lying down. He growled playfully, locking his arm around her waist, planting a kiss on her neck. Judy laughed when she felt his whiskers tickle her neck, she put out her own paw, trying to push his muzzle back.

“Don’t!” She chided, it was hard to sound serious when you are laughing.

“Penny-pincher? I show you a pinch!” He replied with a grin. Judy yelped when he gave her a small pinch in her side, not hard enough to hurt but it was enough to feel it.

“Hey!” She slapped his paw aside before giving him a smack on the chest. “You flirt!”

“You like it.” He smirked, giving her a wink for good measure. She pushed his muzzle aside, a soft laugh escaping. She felt his arm loop back around her waist making her run her paw down, slowly to his tie. Loosening it slightly.

“What toppings?” She asked.

“Half carrot , half crickets.”

“Ew!” Judy exclaimed. She would never get used to the fact that carnivores eat bugs. Creepy, leggy, slimy and with too many eyes. How can any animal manage to put that into their mouth?

“If you can eat strawberries, you can at least eat one little cricket.” He argued, giving her ear a tug. She recoiled at the thought he had the gall to compare the sweet and delectable fruit with a ugly and green bug.

“Strawberries are not the same like crickets!”

“Whatever happened to your motto, “try everything?” Huh?” He said using his free paw for the air-quotations.

“I am not trying a disgusting cricket.”

“Try one.”


“When the pizza guy comes, I dare you to try one!” He pressed. She shook her head, her mouth tucked in a thin line. Like a child not wanting to eat her vegetables.

“No way!”

Their ears perked when they heard a rapping at the front door beside them. Nick’s brow rosed.

“That was quick, hey get the door while I go and get the cash in the kitchen.” He said making his way towards his counter now, Judy excitedly got up, already having a hankering for some carrots and cheese. If Nick is going to make her eat a cricket than she is going to make him eat a carrot. That should make him back off on making her try something as disgusting as a bug.
She opened the door slightly, opening it to just a crack. Mostly as a precaution. With Nick living in a bad part of town, who knows who might be at the other side of the door. Her eyes widen slightly seeing a blond slender fox, wearing a pair of overall pants and a white shirt underneath. Judy noticed that the white, was really no longer white with all the blotches of motor oil on it. She wondered if she was a mechanic because there was no way she was the pizza delivery guy, since she had no pizza.
The beautiful blonde fox piercing blue eyes widened in surprise, just as large as Judy’s. Almost as if she didn’t expect to be there. Her blue eyes bounced back and forth at her and to the side.

“I-I’m sorry, do I have the wrong apartment number?” The blonde fox asked. She took out a piece of white paper, her eyes scanning it. “I thought this was the place, figures he wouldn’t give me his real number.” she muttered before letting out a scoff.

“Hey Judy, I got the money!” Nick called out from behind, making Judy and the blonde fox’s ears perk. Suddenly the blonde place her paw on the door forcing it open and making Judy stumbled back in alarm by how strong she was besides having a girlish figure.

“Nick?” the fox called out, locking eyes with him. He froze, like a deer stuck in a crosswalk during rush hour. Judy whirled at the two foxes, does Nick know her and how does she know him? Nick never mentioned another girl. Her small paws tightened against the fabric of her sleeves. What if she was someone from his past? Nick dropped the crumpled money to the ground, his smile gone, his tail standing on end and his face full of fear.

“J-Jessica?” He said with a small voice. The blonde fox, Jessica, stared at him in bewilderment. Mostly because her eyes darted to him and to Judy, looking at Judy as something that does not belong. She put up her paw, pointing at her, going slack-jawed.

“Isn’t that your sweater?” Judy felt her cheeks go pink from the question.

“No!” Nick shouted, making Judy turned at him. Why would he lie to her about that? It seemed that Jessica did not believe him as she continued to bombard personal questions, mostly towards at Judy.

“Who is she? Why is she wearing your clothes? What were you doing? I-I thought you didn’t like bunnies so why is she-Is she the one you keep texting about?!”

“That’s none of your business!” Nick replied in annoyance.

“N-nick?” Judy softly spoked. Gaining both of their attention, she turned to him in seriousness. “Who is she?”

“N-Nobody!” He said with a nervous chuckle. “I have no idea!”

Jessica scoffed placing her paws on both of her hips. “Are you serious right now?”

“Look I-!”

“Nick!” Judy said loudly. “Who. Is. She?”

“Juds! I-I…”

“Nick! Who is she?” Said Jessica while she crossed her arms pivoting her hips to the right while tapping her foot.

“Look I-I can explain!”

He tried to come up with another lie but saw that Judy was in no mood for his games. His arms fell in defeat. “She’s my sister!”

His sister? He never told him about her or even mentioned her. He was always so private about his family life but trying to deny he knows her. What exactly happened between him and his family? She was suddenly grabbed by the wrist and pulled towards his bedroom. She could practically hear his stomps when they walked towards the door. Once inside, Nick slammed the door and locked it. Judy watched in confusion as he pressed his ear to the door before turning back at Judy.

“Nick, what are you doing?” She asked with a low voice. It almost seemed appropriate since he replied in a whisper.

“Okay look, I had no idea she was coming over today.” He said in a rush, almost as if he had broken the law. “I thought she was coming over tomorrow when she asked me for my address!”

“Nick, I don’t understand, why are we talking like this? Why don’t you talk to your sister?”

“Because she saw you!”


He placed his paws over his ears in exasperation, closing his eyes when he responded. “You won’t understand.”

“Try me.” She said sternly, she jabbed a finger against his chest. “You tell me right now, Nick, or I’m walking out there and asking her myself.”

He put her hand down, rolling his eyes from her threat. “Trust me, you don’t want to talk to her.”

“Then tell me what’s going on!” She demanded, pulling away from him and taking a seat on the edge of his bed. “We agreed that we wouldn’t keep secrets from each other and I gave you a pass when you said that you didn’t want to talk about your family…” She sighed when rubbed her temple. Nick loosen his tie, gulping slightly.
“But you didn’t tell her about who I was to you!”

He put a finger to his lips trying to shush her or make her lower her voice. She scowled angrily at him and crossed her arms in defiance. He let out a breath, coming over to her.

“Okay, okay-” he began, taking a seat beside her. “No need to pull my tail about it.” He muttered. She I crossed her arms, putting a paw on his knee making him glance at her. She stared at him with so much intensity, he thought he was being interrogated but at the same time she looked at him in concern.

He sighed heavily. “I….I come from a wealthy family, alright?” She blinked. “My dad is a banker and my mom works in real estate. Well, some years back, I dropped out of high school…” His ears lowered when Judy put a paw over her mouth in shock. “And my dad kicked me out when I did that and cut me off of the inheritance.”

“Oh Nick…” She whispered, putting a paw on his cheek, stroking it gently. “Is that why you were-”

“Conning animals out of their money? Yeah. My dad wouldn’t talk to me, I couldn’t ask for help so I did what I had to do.” He grasped at her paw turning to her. “I haven’t talk to my old man in years, and I barely got in touch with my older sister a few years ago.”

He put his paw behind her head, stroking her ears down. She felt her cheek heat up as she felt his fingers gently brush her ears down.

“But I never told them about you, specifically you being a bunny…and my sister is a loudmouth.” He said, his muzzle agitated into a displeased scowl. “They won’t understand our relationship.”

She licked her lips before speaking in a tender voice. “Nick…”

“D-don’t do that.”

She raised a brow. “Do what?”

“Make that noise, that you understand, but you don’t okay? My family is different! If my old man finds out about you, it will ruin his image, he would try to keep you away from me.” He said darkly. “With any means necessary.”

She shook her head, not believing him. “Aren’t you over reacting?”

“I’m not.” He said becoming livid. “He would try to bribe you, if you don’t take it then he would try to ruin your name….and you’re a cop.”

She suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine. “Will he really do that?”

“I seen him do it before, Judy.” He moved his paw to her cheek making her turn towards him fully, their nose almost touching. “But I’ll make sure that never happens…alright?”

Her eyes lowered, almost unsure. “What will you do?”

“Let’s say I have a plan and leave it at that.” He smiled slightly. She nodded but deep down she still felt unsure. Just what type of animal Nick’s father is? She felt Nick run his paw down her cheek almost as if trying to calm her nerves. She worked too hard to have it taken away by some animal she hardly knows. She bit her lower lip and grabbed Nick’s shirt, almost clutching it. Deep down she was afraid. She was afraid for both of them. As if sensing her fear, Nick wrapped his arms around her frame protectively, her body pressed close against him.

“I promise nothing will happen to you.” He whispered into her ear. For some reason, that made her feel a little better.
She jumped slightly when she felt his hot lips on her right ear. She pushed against him only to feel his lips on her jaw line. A soft whimper escaped her lips prompting him to capture her mouth with his own in a heated embrace. She could feel his desperation and passion when he kissed her. Her whole face turned into a dark shade of red. She was so surprised by his act, she tried to pull away, getting only an inch of freedom before hearing him growl. He pushed himself forward and capturing her lips again. Things were getting heated real fast. She pushed against him again.

“N-Nick…Nick wait…” He tried to get to her again but she made herself firm, a soft laugh escaped when he was met with her palm. He gave her an unimpressed look when she got up from the bed.

“Couldn’t even give me five minutes?” He muttered when he followed her. She slapped her cheeks slightly trying to wave the heat down from her cheeks.

“Did you already forgot that your sister is outside?” She questioned, she heard him groan.

“Oh right….alright, I’ll handle it.” He wrapped his paw around the handle, unlocking the door as he turned it. Outside, he was startled to see his sister waiting just outside of the door with a coy smirk across her face.

“Had fun in there, Nick?”

“How long were you there?!” He demanded, already in a fury that his sister would had the gall to peek in at his conversation.
She looked at her nails.

“Long enough.” Nick eyes narrowed.

Jessica interest was peaked when she saw Judy hiding behind Nick, wondering whether or not to show herself. She pushed her brother aside making him shout out in surprise when she went up to Judy.

“So you’re the Judy my brother kept talking about in his texts. He didn’t mention that you were a bunny…” she began, putting her thumb in between her teeth when she looked her over.

Judy smiled politely. “And you’re Jessica, Nick’s sister that he never once mentioned to me.”

“I know he’s so rude.” She snorted giving him a glance. He glared at her making her turn back to Judy. “And you’re the same bunny that gave him that police job. Good. He was such a deadbeat when he was doing his con “job”…”

Nick let out a growl, making Jessica pivot her hip towards him giving him an unimpressed look.

“Oh please! You know you were, you were still living on rooftops when you were at your “odd jobs” and you live at this dusty old place!” She turned back to Judy. “You didn’t move in with him, did you?”

Judy laughed slightly, a blush forming. “Oh no!…I w-won’t do that until I’m married, and I won’t be living here.”

Jessica let out a loud laugh. “Yeah I bet! Yeah I like you better than his old mates! Those stuck up-!”

“Alright that’s enough!” Nick shouted out going in between them. “I need to talk to you about this…” He said sternly. She rolled her eyes.

“I won’t tell dad, ya big baby.” She said with a sense of boredom. “I know how much she means to you…” Nick’s ears lowered, letting out a sigh of relief. “And I am not a loud-mouth!”

“Well good!” He retorted. “Now you can leave and come back tomorrow!” Judy grabbed his arm, squeezing it slightly.

“Why don’t you let her watch the movie with us? I would like to get to know her better.” Judy said. Jessica flicked her nose, grinning at her.

“Yeah I like her best.”

“But Judy-!” Nick began, not wanting his sister to ruin their date.

“Come on, she can eat pizza with us!”

Jessica went around towards Judy, putting an arm around her shoulder. “You’re my type of animal, Judy.” She said walking her towards the couch. “If you need your car checked, I’ll do it for free!”

“So you are a mechanic!” Judy exclaimed.

“The best in the business!”

Nick clutched at his face watching the two girls sit down on the small couch, excluding him out of the conversation and his seat. The rest of the night he sat on a plastic chair, eating quietly and listening to Judy and Jessica conversation. He hardly ever heard the movie or gotten close to Judy.
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Wont you be cute with me

Wont you lay on the grass with me and gaze up at the trees with me. wont you sleep with me, no not have sex with me, sleep with me in your arms, head on your chest while you stroke my hair. Wont you take me on a cute date to a park and we can smell the roses together and feed the ducks and then when i get cold you can give me your sweater and i can accidentally on purpose keep it to wear for a week so that i can feel like i’m being hugged by you at all times. Wont you take photos of me and kiss me on my forehead and tell all your friends about me and introduce me to them as “your girl.” Wont you be cute with me… 

We’re an Idea? (BTS; Yoongi)

Yoongi and I are wandering through the park. I finally got this lazy kid out of bed and he seems to be enjoying himself. Conversation has been relaxed as we discuss his job.

“So how’s that boyfriend of yours?” Yoongi glances my way. “You haven’t mentioned him in a while.”

“Mm, good reason for that.”

“Which would be?”

I open my mouth to answer him, but lo-and-behold, said boyfriend is walking right towards me. He has a girl on his arm and she’s looking up at him with the widest grin on her face. Panicking, I look around for a place to hide. We’re on the Han River, so trees are pretty scarce. There’s no way to get off the path without him seeing us.

When I turn to Yoongi, he has an eyebrow lifted. “Are you alright?”

“Do me a favour?”


“Give me your sweater and wrap an arm around me.”

He looks stunned at the request. “What?”

“Yoongi,” I whine.

Yoongi immediately does as I ask. His sweater comes off and he rests it on my shoulders. Rather than placing an arm around my shoulders, his hand finds my own. “Now what the hell are we doing?” he demands.

I walk closer to him. “I stopped talking about him because he broke up with me. Apparently, he fell in love with some other girl.”

“Alright, and why am I holding your hand?” he asks.

“Because I don’t want him to think I’m still pining after him.”

Yoongi studies my expression. “Are you?”

I shake my head. “Not really.”

“So then why are you acting so—”

“This is my pride here, Yoongi.”

And if Yoongi understands anything other than music and the need to sleep, it’s pride. “Okay.”

It only takes a minute or two for us to bump right into my ex. His eyes immediately flick to Yoongi before he looks at me. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Yoongi doesn’t have a lot of height, but I can feel his presence very distinctly next to me.

“Just going for a walk,” I say. I glance at the girl he’s with, she seems to be preoccupied looking at Yoongi.

“Are you from BTS?” she asks.

Yoongi and my ex look her way. Out of the corner of his eye, Yoongi asks me what I want him to say. I only shrug.

“Yes, I am,” Yoongi decides.

“You’re Suga, right?” she enquires excitedly.

Yoongi nods his head slowly.

“I can’t believe you’re dating Suga from BTS,” she whispers to me.

I try to keep my face neutral rather than confused at her impoliteness.

“Well, we better get going,” my ex says. He tugs at her arm, pulling her away from Yoongi before she can ask for an autograph.

Yoongi glances over his shoulder. “He’s watching us,” he comments.

I glance down at my shoes. “Oh, he’s—”

Before I can finish my sentence, Yoongi swoops into my line of vision and presses a kiss against my lips. I stare at him in surprise, but then he’s pulled away and looks back again. “Okay, we’re good.”

I blink, not sure as to what just happened.

Yoongi drops my hand and buries his hands in his pockets. “Wanna eat?”


“Your treat.”


Yoongi glances my way. “What? You’re not going to treat me for using me?”

There’s an intonation in the way he says ‘using me’, as if I’ve properly hurt his feelings. Except I can’t dissect it further since he’s already walking away.

Trailing after him, his sweater still around my shoulders, I wonder at what he meant. Being too curious not to know, I ask him.

“Did I offend you?”


“So, why are you upset…?”

“Because you used me.”

“Oh, but Yoongi-yah, I—”

“And you always say my name like that.”

Now I’m lost. “What?”

“Like it means something.”

“You’re my best friend. Of course your name means something.”

“I’m mad because I want that to be real,” he grumbles. “Now, where do you want to eat?”

Befuddled by his constant switch in topic, I stop him. “Let’s focus on one thing at a time, hmm? Because I’m confused.”

“Well welcome to my life.”

“Put it blatantly, Yoongi-yah. Because I’m missing it.”

“I like you,” he enunciates. A few girls turn our way, but a glare from me gets them to keep moving.

“Your mint hair is making it very obvious who you are,” I complain.

“Well you said to put it blatantly. And that’s what it is. I like you. I might even be fucking in love with you, but I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “Let’s just stick with like. Less scary for you and less traumatizing for me.”

“Why is liking me such a death sentence?” I enquire. He tips his head. “You make it sound as if I’m ripping your heart out.”

“Because you have, and you do, every single day.”


Yoongi shrugs, running a hand through his distinct mint hair. We find a bench and sit down. I wait a little while, giving him time to process his thoughts and giving me time to figure out what I want to say.

“That felt real to me,” he starts.

“Us pretending?”

“I want it to be real,” he clarifies. “I want it to be real with you, but you always have another guy you’re interested in. There’s always something else taking your attention away. It doesn’t help that I’m rarely around.”

“How long have you felt like this?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I don’t know. All I know is it sucks watching you fret about all these other guys who aren’t me.”

“You should’ve told me.”

“Again, there’s always—”

“There’s always time for you,” I interrupt. “There won’t ever be a time when I will not drop everything I’m doing to see you.”

“See? That sort of shit. Gets me every time. So stop doing it if you don’t mean it.”


“Stop that too.”

“You want me to change all my habits?”

“I want you to… stop being you.”

“Thanks, great for the ego.”

Yoongi makes a face at me. “Just until it goes away, okay?”

I contemplate this request. “What if I don’t want it to go away?”

“Then you’re a bitch.”

“Thanks,” I reply, the sarcasm dripping in my voice. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Like you said, put it blatantly.”

“I don’t know. The idea is… intriguing.”

“What idea?”


“We’re an idea?”

“We are now.”

“And before?”

“In my head, it didn’t exist.”

Yoongi nods his head slowly. He studies me and now that the idea is there, a shiver goes up my spine. “You aren’t just saying that?”

“Give me time to figure out what I want.”

“I guess another three years of my life won’t be that bad to lose,” he agrees.

“Three years?” I demand.

“Did I say three? I meant, four.”

I throw my hands up in disbelief. “You should’ve—”

“Swooped in before you put me in the friendzone.”

“If you really want to know,” I answer, a little bit annoyed at his pity-party, “you were always borderlining the friendzone. Now come on, it’s your treat today.”

“I thought we agreed—”

“And then you made me mad.”

His jaw drops slightly, but a small tug lifts the corner of his mouth. “Fine.”