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mamapeño i need you to give me the secret formula of how to begin a chapter like,,, how??? i always struggle with the first paragraph its either i know where to start, what to write or its 'haha u ain't gonna write this scene anytime soon good luck my dude' i,, need your secret,, give me your wisdom,,,

Ooh some Spicy Life Tips™ time 

I think what has us get caught up is the fear that blank page instills in us coupled with the thought that we MUST start at the beginning. Our brains don’t always work that way! Most of the time you get inspired it’s for a particular scene. So write that! Write a scene of conflict between characters. Write a description of your character. Don’t worry if it’s not going to end up being the beginning. Think of writing like building a snowman. You start with this tiny bit you form in your fists and then roll it out; build and build upon it. 

Start with what has you the most excited and then build from there. Usually as you reach the end you’ll get sparked for a great opening scene or line to introduce what you’ve already formed.  

If you’ve already written and still struggle with openings or getting your story going in general…

A few great tips I’ve learned from my writing professors–

  • Start with action. Start where the story actually takes off! Skip the boring shit and go right into the conflict of it all. If you need more explanations you can always add in flashbacks or some great dialogue that explains plot points/conveys important information. 
  • Try starting with dialogue. This is one of my favorites. Don’t bother explaining things or opening with flowery lines. Just toss the reader right into the characters and let it unfold from there. 
  • Look at opening lines from your favorite authors. How are they starting their stories? What do you like? Analyzing others’ writing is a great way to learn. Take what you enjoy as a reader and use that to build your own style. 
  • Sometimes your opening line is in the middle or at the end of your first paragraph. It doesn’t always have to be POP at the start. Take a few sentences to build up on that important line. 

I don’t usually struggle with opening my stories, but I will tell you that most writers will write the beginning last. Because writing is a journey, you’re learning about the characters and story as you go. So if you don’t know where you’re headed or anything about the ending, how can you start? Once you have everything written and figured out, you’ll know how to introduce your story. 

Best of luck to you! 

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15 things you love about jackie?(p.s. i loveeee your blog so much )

Hello! Thank you SO much for your question! I’m actually happy someone wants to talk about Jackie with me (lol). And for your kind words, thank you so much too <3

Now, I love plenty about Jackie but made this Top15 was kind of hard. I dind’t want it to get too long, but I guess that’s never posible with me lol. Everything must be long with me, lol. This is in no particular order.

1. Her enormous heart

This woman loves like no one ever. Even when she is mean and selective, she is capable of loving with all in her and beyond. When it comes to love, her selectiveness is gone, she just gives and gives. That’s why she ends up hurt so easily, and yet she still gives everything… and most times, she gets nothing back but a bunch of lies, jokes and hard words.

Honestly, this show hates its female characters, but Jackie was always their favorite target to make crap out of her.

Jackie has the super power of loving with the force and the long of thousand lifetimes, which also leans to…

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