give me your secret

i love when drama leads are always “this person is rude and loud, and unlike anyone i’ve ever met before. what is this strange feeling?” like, that’s attraction buddy and you’re gonna be so fucking in love with this person in like 5 episodes 

overwatch starters

 i play to win.  
❝  this is my curse. ❞ 
❝  wait for me! ❞ 
❝  your mother would’ve been proud of you. ❞
❝  let us hope for a different outcome. ❞ 
❝  sorry it’s such a mess in here. i-i wasn’t expecting company. ❞
❝  this is going to make you feel better. ❞
❝  the true enemy of humanity is disorder. ❞ 
❝  a steady blade balances the soul. ❞ 
❝  this is just like old times. ❞ 
❝  even here i feel an outcast. ❞ 
❝  think you can do my job, do you… ❞
❝  all eyes on me! ❞ 
❝  ooh, this is my jam. ❞
❝  got your aim from your mom, i see. ❞
❝  i’ll feast on your soul. ❞ 
❝  cheers, love! the cavalry’s here! ❞ 
❝   our paths cross for now. as to the future, we shall see. ❞ 
❝   we could’ve built an empire together. ❞ 
❝   ah. just setting foot here sets my soul at ease. ❞ 
❝  this time, stay down. ❞ 
❝  can i get your autograph? ❞
❝  why are you so angry? ❞
❝  ever get that feeling of déjà vu? ❞ 
❝  i am a different man now. i am whole. ❞ 
❝  over my dead body. ❞ 
❝   i’m on top of the world! ❞
❝  i’m patched up. ❞ 
❝  kids today with techno music. you should enjoy the classics, like hasselhoff. ❞
❝   what’s wrong? don’t you recognize me? ❞ 
❝   aren’t you warm wearing all that? ❞ 
❝  can’t stop, won’t stop. ❞
❝  i’ll race ya! ❞
❝   mock death at your own peril. ❞ 
❝  this time, i will finish the job. ❞ 
❝  death is an illusion. ❞
❝  look at this team! we’re gonna do great. ❞
❝  i am beyond redemption. ❞
❝   it looks like we will be working together. ❞ 
❝   you’ve rescued me again. ❞ 
❝  i will not be defeated so easily. ❞
❝  treasure? s-sure, i don’t know anything you’re talking about. ❞ 
❝  so this is what has become of you? a pity.❞
❝  you’re so amazing! you inspire me. ❞ 
❝  i miss him greatly. ❞ 
❝  there is nowhere to hide. ❞ 
❝  whatcha’ lookin’ at? ❞ 
❝  woo, nothing’s gonna stop me. ❞
❝  that was your dream, not mine. ❞ 
❝  what you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good. ❞ 
❝  hehe, there’s something on your dress.. ❞ 
❝  you have been judged! ❞
❝   i have the upper hand this time. ❞ 
❝  traitor! ❞
❝  you will never amount to anything! ❞
❝  i’ve got my eye on you. ❞
❝  lot of memories of this place. they weren’t all bad. ❞
❝  the heart of a man still beats inside of me. ❞ 
❝  stay out of trouble. ❞
❝  step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. ❞
❝  one shot, one kill. ❞
❝  don’t think i’m happy about that. ❞ 
❝  now this place? makes me wanna be an atheist. ❞
❝  our world is worth fighting for. ❞
❝  you haven’t aged a day. what’s your secret? ❞
❝  ooooh, shiny! ❞
❝  oh, did that sting? ❞
❝  heroes never die. ❞
❝  where does it hurt? ❞
❝  you’re just a no-good bully. ❞
❝  i’m a one-man apocalypse. ❞
❝  you should look somewhere else. ❞
❝  you said you would arm wrestle me. nervous? ❞
❝  i learned that from my brother. ❞ 
❝  i hope nobody saw that. ❞
❝  on a scale of one to ten, how is your pain? ❞
❝  i’m not a miracle worker. well… not always. ❞
❝  this was once my home. no longer. ❞
❝  sorry! sorry, i’m sorry. sorry. ❞
❝  i remember being here. it was good for my tan. ❞
❝  wish i’d practice my japanese more, konichiwa! ❞
❝  you need a time out. ❞ 
❝  you might not want to tell your friends about that. ❞
❝  guess we know who’s really on top, don’t we? ❞
❝  with every death, comes honor. with honor, redemption. ❞
❝  a punishment for your crimes. ❞ 
❝  i will be on my best behaviour. ❞
❝  you think there’s something worth stealing in that temple? ❞
❝  people should be free. ❞ 
❝  you were never my equal. ❞
❝  death walks among you. ❞ 
❝   last i checked, i didn’t ask for your opinion. ❞ 
❝   you can’t be serious. ❞ 
❝   they’re back. ❞ 
❝   armor? how positively primitive. ❞
❝   now this is my kinda city, everyone’s free to live as they choose. ❞
❝   you need a time out. ❞ 
❝   die! die! die! ❞ 
❝   to think i would have to work with a street ruffian. ❞ 
❝   death comes. ❞ 
❝   one of these days someone is gonna to put an end to you. ❞ 
❝   that which doesn’t kill you…makes you stronger.. ❞
❝   well. you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya? ❞
❝   aren’t you supposed to be dead? ❞
❝  i’ll tell you my secret if you give me your coat. ❞
❝   sleep. ❞
❝  never liked you much. ❞
❝  never leave a teammate behind. ❞
❝  together we are strong. ❞
❝  you won’t get rid of me that easily. ❞
❝  i don’t even think children are afraid of you. ❞
❝  i taught you everything you know. ❞
❝  it’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up. ❞
❝  i’ll put an end to your sad story. ❞
❝  you havin’ trouble keeping up? ❞
❝  i have destroyed more of your kind than i can count. ❞
❝ it’s a perfect day for some mayhem. ❞
❝  we’re all soldiers now. ❞
❝  give me your best shot. ❞
❝   you knew exactly what were you doing. ❞
❝   knock me down, and i’ll keep getting back up. ❞
❝   you always did have a high opinion of yourself. ❞
❝   i’m not a young man anymore. ❞
❝  still trying to play hero? ❞
❝  i sometimes wonder if your height is why you’re always in such a bad mood. ❞
❝  this is no place for children. ❞
❝  the world could always use more heroes. ❞
❝  looked in a mirror lately? ❞
❝  Me one, bad guys zero. ❞
❝  i’m gonna have to shoot you down. ❞
❝  this old dog has learned a few tricks. ❞
❝  another one off the list. ❞
❝  i love your glasses, so cute! ❞
❝  if at first you don’t succeed…blow it up again! ❞
❝  that’s for my family back home! ❞
❝  i’ve got you in my sights. ❞
❝  i’m the one who does his job. i’m thinking… you’re the other one. ❞
❝   you weren’t given those guns to toss them away like trash. ❞
❝   i will protect the innocent. ❞ 

Jealous Eyes

Words: 1280
Steve Rogers X Reader X Best Friend!Tony Stark
Request: “Hello beautiful! I have a request. Can you make a Steve x reader imagine where they fight because he is jealous of her and Tony’s friendship thanks!” -Anon

You could feel Steve’s eyes on you. He was standing across the room trying to listen to Clint. His attention, at least the majority of it, was diverted to watching you talk to Tony Stark. Your interactions with Tony were always strictly platonic. Everyone on the team knew that. You’d made it especially clear to both Tony and Steve several times. Tony was also your best friend. Not only did he throw the best parties, he never failed to make you laugh or give out incredible advice, and he always had a shoulder ready for you if you needed it.

“Uh, oh.” Tony whispered as he handed you a glass of water. “We’ve been made.” He nodded in Steve’s direction, smirked and raised his own drink in your husband’s direction.

“Don’t do that.” You swatted at his arm. “You’re only going to make him more upset.” You could see that even from across the room, Steve was visibly jealous.

“Oh, c’mon.” Tony smirked, looking back at you. “Think of tonight as a free pass. You can do whatever you want. He wont be mad about anything once you tell him the good news.” Tony gently elbowed your ribcage and you watch Steve clench his first from where he stood.

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More Drarry Feelings

I want Harry and Draco slow dancing to the same records James and Lily danced to when Harry was a baby.
I want Harry taking Draco to his first muggle film at the theater, not even paying attention to the movie because Draco’s reactions are better than any plot line.
I want Draco to realize his dream of writing poetry and writing down pretty words he hears on Harry’s hands when they walk around town (“Harry, if you think I’m going to fuck up my tattoos with a ballpoint pen, you’re wrong. Give me your arm.”)
I want the secret drawer full of photos of Draco Harry has taken from the time they started dating, full of hidden smiles Draco seems to save only for him.
I want Draco and Harry trying to cook Christmas dinner together for the first time, and opting for Chinese takeout instead (with making out to follow, of course).
I want Draco introducing Harry to the world of true Wizard literature, and Harry exposing Draco to the magic of muggle libraries.
I want Harry and Draco’s 2AM drunken dance parties when the memories of the war are too much and they just need to let loose and forget and love each other.
I want my two boys living their best lives together and knowing what real love and happiness is for once.

anonymous asked:

Hi, love your writting style. ;D If you're not to busy could you write a short meihem (junkrat x mei) fanfic with the prompt 4. "I can never tell if you’re hitting on me or not.” I hope you'll have a great day!

Ahhh the Meihem shippers have been very patient with me. Okay! Here we go!

“I don’t understand how you can fight in the cold wearing so little,” said Mei as the team was heading back to the Orca.

“Hm, I’ll tell you my secret if you give me your coat,” said Zarya, grinning.

Mei giggled. “So you are cold!”

Junkrat, seeing Mei in apparent good spirits, attempted to join in. “I get cold just lookin’ at ya!” he said, sauntering up alongside her.

“Then you should look somewhere else,” said Mei.

Junkrat was sort of left standing there with his mouth hanging open slightly, “Well–what I mean is—”

“Or put on a shirt!” said Mei, “Don’t complain about the cold if you’re not even wearing a shirt!”

“I’m not complaining about the cold–that was— Well you know, I was just being–I was trying to—”

Height-wise he towered over her, but there was something both terribly intimidating and incredibly disarming when she pushed her glasses up her nose, and glared up at him with her eyebrows furrowed.

“Y’know, I was just…” Junkrat trailed off and looked over at Zarya to back him up but she simply smirked and shrugged. “Anyway—” Junkrat cleared his throat, “I think I hear Roadie calling…”

“I didn’t call you,” said Roadhog, from several feet away.

“Coming, Roadie!” said Junkrat, hurrying over. Junkrat matched Roadhog’s more slow-going gait to allow Zarya and Mei to slip out of earshot.

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong,” muttered Junkrat. He turned to Roadhog, “I mean…I’m… attractive, right?”

Roadhog gave Junkrat a long and steady look. “Are you really asking me that?”

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Roy, no don’t pull Ed’s hair he doesn’t like it he loves it


Well, i was trying to do something more…huh…hot, but my parents wouldn’t leave the living room so that would be awkward xDD

Anyways, hope you guys like it! <3

I’m trying to remember the first time… back when it all started. We were so young and careless. We had no idea of the world of obstacles ahead of us. I always think, if you knew then what you know now, would you still choose me? Would you still share your deepest secrets? Would you still give me your most fragile kiss? Thinking about those moments brings a smile to my face. Sometimes thinking about the beginning makes it all seem so worth it. It was worth it then, you and me. But now… now, you don’t chose me. You don’t share the intimate parts of your heart. You don’t look for moments to steal my breath away. I sometimes wonder if it’s because you forgot what the first time felt like. Or maybe you didn’t forget. Maybe you just pushed those thoughts aside.
—  Just know that I remember

🌻Open your eyes
Get up off your chair
There’s so much to do in the sunlight
Give up your secrets
Let down your hair
And sit with me here by the firelight🌻

I finally finished my art piece featuring the Monkees!💖💖💖 🌻Monkees & Sunflowers🌻
Imagine….prompt 21 ‘give it back,’ 39 ‘I know your secret,’ 79 ‘marry me?’ Jared Leto

Originally posted by mars-avenue


I know your secret’ you whisper in Jared’s ear, going up behind him and wrapping your arms around his waist

‘Uh oh, which one?’ he questions cheekily

‘The only one I hope’ he turns in your arms and you reach into your back pocket to pull out the little black box that everyone knows what’s inside Jared sighs hoping to propose romantically but that’s out of the equation now

‘Where did you find that’ he questions

‘Um I clean the house, how do you think? I haven’t looked at it if that’s what you’re worried about, I thought I’d leave some surprise to it’

‘Thank god I was hoping you didn’t’

‘Although maybe I will’

Give it back (y/n)’

‘Why should I?’

‘Because I want to do this properly’ you sigh and promptly give back the box

‘So um, gosh I didn’t think I’d be this awkward about it’

‘Yes’ you answer

‘What?’ he questions not understanding

‘Yes ill marry you’

‘I’m supposed to ask the question first’

‘Well sorry go ahead’

Marry me?’ he sighs out still with a nervous tone even though he knows your answer

‘YES!!!! You adorable dumb ass’

‘Love you too’

wait so tony said that he and sam don’t know each other very well, but he goes ahead and makes sam redwing anyway?? where are the A.I.s for everyone else tony why are you giving one to sam specifically?? is it because you have a crush on him its because you have a crush on him isnt it tony

April 2, 2017

Give me a minute, while I properly ball up my future and send it flying. I tried fitting it all on one sheet paper. Did my best to fold it into something vaguely resembling a swan. In the end I settled for the next best thing, which is stuffed down a cannon, shooting the damn thing straight through the moon. I’ve said it all before. Lord knows I’ll say it again. All this stuff in us, the dusty specks of us, sad space detritus interacting. I’m here then I’m not here then I’m back again. I’ll give you whatever you want, just pass me your secrets. Teach me to protect myself from the self I’ll find tomorrow morning in the mirror.

Below you will find quotes taken directly or paraphrased
from the book 'The Bloody Chamber' by Angela Carter. Feel free to change or switch around pronouns.
  • Are you sure you love him?
  • I’m sure I want to marry him.
  • See? I have acquired a whole harem for myself!
  • My little nun has found the prayer books, has she?
  • Have the nasty pictures scared, Baby?
  • Baby mustn’t play with grownups’ toys until she’s learned how to handle them, must she?
  • But it is our honeymoon!
  • What is that key? The key to your heart? Give it to me!
  • Every man must have one secret, even if only one, from his wife.
  • All is yours, everywhere is open to you - except the lock that this single key fits.
  • But you must promise me, if you love me, to leave it well alone.
  • There I can go, you understand, to savour the rare pleasure of imagining myself wifeless.
  • Some intuition told me that you couldn’t sleep and might, perhaps, pass the insomniac hours at your piano.
  • And that I could not resist.
  • No bride should suffer so much, so early in her marriage.
  • Any bride brought to this castle should come ready dressed in mourning.
  • Oh God, I can smell the blood.
  • We may resume our interrupted pleasures, my love.
  • Now? This moment? Can’t it wait until morning, my darling?
  • It is the key that leads to the kingdom of the unimaginable.
  • My little love, you’ll never know how much I hate daylight!
  • My virgin of the arpeggios, prepare yourself for martyrdom.
  • What form shall it take?
  • I can be of some comfort to you, though not much use.
  • You do not deserve this.
  • Who can say what I deserve or no? I’ve done nothing; but that may be sufficient reason for condemning me.
  • You disobeyed him. That is sufficient reason for him to punish you.
  • I only did what he knew I would.
  • Shall I come up to fetch you down, Saint Cecilia?
  • You wicked woman, do you wish me to compound my crimes by desecrating the marriage bed?
  • Do you think I shall lose appetite for the meal if you are so long about serving it? No; I shall grow hungrier, more ravenous with each moment, more cruel…
  • Run to me, run! I have a place prepared for your exquisite corpse in my display of flesh!
  • Good fellow? I am no good fellow!
  • So late! You will want to sleep.
  • I have come home.
  • Yes, my beauty! Gobble you up!
  • My master has but one desire.
  • If you wish to give me money, then I should be pleased to receive it.
  • However, if you choose not to give me a present, then that is your right.
  • I shall twist a noose out of my bed linen and hang myself with it.
  • Nothing human lives here.
  • All cats are cynics.
  • All good women have a missionary streak; convince her her orifice will be your salvation and she’s yours.
  • When I want your advice, I’ll ask for it.
  • Once you’re in her bedroom if you don’t know what to do, then I can’t help you.
  • Keep your foul thoughts to yourself.
  • I must and will have her forever!
  • I’m burning with the fever of love!
  • I shall steal her away from her husband to live with me.
  • What do you propose to live on?
  • I am sick and tired of your foul-mouthed barbs!
  • You read my thoughts, my love.
  • Do as I say and never mind the reason!
  • Dead, is he? Broke his neck, has he?
  • Mother, mother, you have murdered me!
  • Coffee, you must have coffee.
  • I rarely receive visitors and that’s a misfortune since nothing animates me half as much as the presence of strangers.
  • You have such a fine throat, like a column of marble.
  • I thought, perhaps, you might irradiate me.
  • I am condemned to solitude and dark; I do not meant to hurt you.
  • See, how I’m ready for you? I’ve always been ready for you.
  • You will feel no pain, my darling.
  • I will vanish in the morning light; I was only an invention of darkness.
  • Besides, aren’t you afraid of wolves?
  • Is it a bed? Shall we make a game of it?
  • What would you like?
  • There’s nobody here but we two, my darling?
  • I love the company of wolves.
  • Throw it on the fire, dear one. You won’t need it again.
  • What shall I do with my blouse?
  • What big eyes you have.
  • What big arms you have.
  • What big teeth you have!
Looking for a ship in Cross Gene? SAY NO MORE!

Tried to find an excuse to post some cute moments of Cross Gene members being close lol soznotsoz. These are just my Cross Gene pairings photo/gif dump of what pairings I notice right now. Feel free to add more to the list
(May update in the future in a new post)

If I put the name first like (Chanyeol x Baekhyun) then the first name is the one that’s top (if you’re into that)

The Hyung and Maknae (Yongseok x Seyoung)
The traditional oldest and youngest pairing. Most recent discovery not at all that strong with skinship though. Not much to say about this ship but I want more of it >:)

The Foreigners (Sangmin x Takuya)
LOL I know, I know. Sangmin is Korean but he still has the Western look. I was actually going to call it something along the lines of Takuya being the Korean and Sangmin being the foreigner. In ‘Song For You’, Takuya mentions how he’s more Korean now than Japanese and the MC says, “You really sound like a Korean having trouble trying to speak Japanese” or something.  (soz for the gif size)

The (probably) First Couple Fans Notice (Seyoung x Takuya)
Considering Takuya actually knew Shin before debuting is a fact many fans don’t know. So basing off from the chereo of Amazing -Bad Lady-, the Sekuya ship was born. Soz for the small gif lol had to resize btw. But Oh my god, look at how they fucking caress each other. Notice how Takuya turned his head sideways at the beginning? Oh and there’s a lot more of this couple in my files :^)

The Noona and the Tramp (Yongseok x Takuya)
LOL sorry to Yongseok. If Takuya were a woman, I reckon Yongseok would be all over him. [cue Yongseok’s pick-up line from Secret Box]
Yongseok: Noona~ Give me your number~~

The Childish Couple (Shin x Yongseok)/(Yongseok x Shin)
I honestly didn’t know who’d top but anyways, the maknae is always so cute and playful with his hyungs. Look at that perfect skin dudeee. This couple would devo be reversal.

The Husband and Waifu (Shin x Takuya)
Oh Takuya why so many pairings huh? jk jk. The actual first ship to set sail. They’ve known each other for quite awhile and lived with each other longer than other members. TakuShin is one of the most popular pairings in this fandom

Just a random hierarchy of who’d top who:
1. Sangmin/ Casper (as always, absent including this post)
2. Yongseok/ Shin
3. Seyoung
999999. Takuya (jks jks)

That’s all I have for now. Can you guess which one’s my OTP just basing it off the descriptions? lol. Hope you found your one true ship in Cross Gene.

anonymous asked:

hogwarts! AU scenario where an eagle always stops by suga's window, and he's grown a soft spot for it, he starts telling it about his crush whom he cant talk to, but then the eagle is actually his crush's animagus form

Alright so, I love eagles okay (they look so regal from the side and dopey from the front) so I am going with a Harpy Eagle because it is beautiful and majestic don’t touch me
P.s. I don’t know if the tower windows can open, so let’s just say they do for plot sake
P.p.s I spent more time looking up Hogwarts layout, school rules, and bird habits than I did writing this, and let me tell you, I know so much about Harpy Eagles now.

I got too excited writing this one, just because Hogwarts AU is the one AU I never get tired of, so I am going to put the story under a “read more” cut to prevent any clutter. Hope you enjoy! I’m going to go lie down (._.’’’)

~ Admin Kay

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