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We Have Rules For A Reason [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of We have Rules For A Reason

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Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

A/N: Contains Text Images

“Thank you, Ji,” you said as you pulled up to your apartment complex.

“You’re welcome, miss Y/N. What time will you be needing a ride tonight?”

“I’m sorry?” you questioned, confused as to why you would need a ride.

“To go to work. Mr. Tuan insists. He wants to make sure you’re well taken care of”.

“Oh,” you blushed. This was all so new to you. “Um, I need to go in a little early. Can you please get me around 5?”.

“Of course, I will see you then. Also, if you would like to give me the key to your car, we would be happy to retrieve it and bring it back to you”.

“Oh, Ji, really this is all too much” you giggled, shaking your head.

“Nonsense, I insist. You are special to Mr. Tuan so you will always be in the best of hands”.

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your mouth is a storehouse of surrogate
bones, you grow fruit trees and crocus
in the back of your throat.
give me
your moonshoulders, the stars all over
your body, and the keys. hand over
the map (…)
my love, my sphinx, my vanishing
point, I am not perfect. but
I was built for this.
—  marty mcconnell, excerpt of the chariot in love

My parents are trying to convince me to move to Texas to do housekeeping for my dad at his new parish assignment. They can’t pay me enough to cover my bills, and god knows what jobs I could get there. Not fucking happening, assholes. You’ll have to actually kick me out, and I’ll still have to come pretty close to dying before I go to Texas.

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Tsukishima playlist!

☆ 1. Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene - Hozier

2. bad_news - Bastille

3. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes - Fall Out Boy

4. Ego - Indila

5. Fair Game - Sia

6. Fallout - Catfish and the Bottlemen

7. HeavyDirtySoul - Twenty One Pilots

8. Polarize - Twenty One Pilots

9. Northern Downpour - Panic! At the Disco

10. Stall Me - Panic! At the Disco

11. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

12. Weapon - Bastille

13. Young God - Halsey

14. Strange Love - Halsey

15. Yung God - Russ

((I have so many playlists on my phone, if you ever need good music I gotchu))

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Hi there, I'm a real big fan of your art and I was wondering do you have any tips about how to line-art and colour (<- Sorry for my spelling of this word, I'm Australian ;P) neatly and quickly or is it just practicing as much as possible. Thank you for any tips or advice you can give me. Yours Sincerely, Australian Anon.

sure!! <3 practice is key ofc, but I have some tips for you, too.
since I injured my drawing hand some time ago my movements are quite limited, so I developed a way of EASY/FAST coloring for myself. thus it isn’t very detailed but you can just build around it anytime.

my tip for lining: use a stabilizer.
you can find this feature in most graphic programs and it will help you to get neat lines (I work with Paint Tool SAI and stabilizer S1)

layers and folders (or ‘layer sets’) are essential for coloring. there are many layer options that are super useful!!

to start make a new folder for lines. create a new layer ABOVE the sketch (set sketch on low opacity), then line it. i use an extra layer for hair, too (bc then you can fix hair strands easily and don’t need to be careful with the face)

hide your sketch and close the lineart folder. then create a new folder for your coloring. put it UNDER the lineart. it’s very tidy this way and you’ll find your layers in seconds again, even without naming each one of them.

create a new layer (background) and fill it with a color of your choice. it will help your eyes to spot ‘holes’ while coloring. sounds weird at first, but I prefer this method over anything else. new layer for the skin, color goes on this layer!

repeat for every part of the drawing. go wild to save time and do it totally messy under the skin layer, shhh no one will know…

now you can start shading. I use the layer options ‘multiply’ for shadows. and ‘luminosity’ for highlights.

and the rest…

fancy up the bg aand DONE!! hope it helps a bit

Commission status: Closed

Commissions will be selected by me after everyone has sent me their commission info, or after midnight tonight (12/14/16).

When messaging or emailing me, please don’t leave something like “Hey, can I get a slot?” I’LL BE IGNORING THOSE MESSAGES! I’ll only respond to those who actually give me a full description so please don’t do that.

Please don’t take offence if your commission isn’t selected, I can only take so many so please be understanding.

I should mention that I still have a couple of Patreon commissions plus I’ll be away this weekend. I’ll be starting work on commissions once I’m back.

One last thing, depending on how many commissions I take and how life’s treating me, finishing them all could possibly take up to one or two months. So please be patient with me and don’t be afraid to contact me for updates.

info on how my commissions work and how to commission me

1. When you email or message me, please give me all important key information about you and your commission and have it layed out like this.
(Keep it short and understandable and to the point please)
Email (only if you pm me)
Type of commission (sketch, lineart, flat color, shaded, etc.)
Number of Characters involved and their names
Character References
Description and Details of your commission idea (poses, background, extra details, etc.)

2. payment is upfront before I do any work on the commission.

3. I only accept paypal, if you don’t have a paypal I can invoice you the payment.

4. I have the right to not take your commission if I am not interested or if I don’t like the subject matter. I’m sorry if I don’t take your commission.

5. Revisions on the sketch are at max 2. So please be very clear with your idea and references.

6. I’ll most likely upload your commission online, so please let me know if you want your commission to be private or have your name in the description as anon.

7. You’re completely welcome to upload your commission as long as you give credit.


Most of what’s in my gallery


anything gross, violent and disturbing.

  • Alfred: This is about Miss Kyle, isn't it? You're going on a date with her!
  • Bruce Wayne: [laughs] No, my main man! Get out of town!
  • Alfred: Oh, this is bad... This is bad! You've fallen in love with her!
  • Bruce Wayne: You are forgetting your place, Alfred. Now give me the keys!
  • Alfred: What happens when Selina finds out who you really are?
  • Bruce Wayne: She'll never find out! That's the point of lying!

Imagine Slytherin muggleborns sending the pureblood students scam emails via owl

“Hello, I am a Nigerian Prince who currently has several million galleons in my vault at Gringotts however I am temporarily unable to claim it in my own name. I am writing to you to ask if I could temporrily transfer the money into your vault. As a way of thanking you for assisting me with this I will leave you 50%. All you need to do is lend me the key to your vault by giving it to this owl and you shall be rich”

To be triggered or not be triggered that is the question?

I’m still not sure why continue to follow here, you have a great site but one huge trigger me. And yet I still follow.

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

Life is going to give you triggers.  

Even if you block me, your life is still going to give you triggers. Infact, every key relationship with a male from mates, friends to bosses will trigger you.

It is your responsibility to take your recovery at your chosen pace “boundaries”,  it’s also your responsibility to heal yourself.  

  • So how do you plan to heal yourself if you are avoiding learning about yourself and identifying with others?

I absolutely believe that it is better to deal with these issues on your terms, then to let life events take you down when you don’t expect it.

Yes, you were triggered, but you bounced back, and please write about that.  It will help you to super-charge your recovery.

Because what will happen if you don't’ deal with them on your terms, particularly when you enter or exit a relationship those unhealed triggers will overwhelm you jeopardizing your job, health, housing, etc.  

And if you haven’t already experienced this, it’s terrifying to be frozen in a depressive/anxiety when your losing everything on a fast track to homelessness.

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                                                       heroic deeds meme!

send 🔫 for Mon-El to save your muse from being mugged

It was lucky for Winn that Mon-El had chosen that particular time to step outside on his break for a breath of fresh air. It was dark, with only the dim light on side of the building to luminant the alleyway, and Mon had to squint to make out the three—no, two, he mentally corrected—figures a couple of feet away. The taller and larger figure seemed about ready to rough up the smaller. He could hear a gruff voice bark out a demand of, “Give me your wallet, your watch, keys and anything worth a cent on you!” Then a familiar voice, shaky but firm, refused and the mugger flicked open a switchblade. That was Winn! Mon-El realized, eyes widening. He approached the two men in a blur of super-speed and lightly tapped the mugger on his shoulder. “Hey now. There’s no need to rob an innocent fellow… If it’s money you need then I suggest finding an honest occupation.” The switchblade was jabbed at Mon-El’s lower abdomen and the instant it made contact, the blade broke clean off to clatter to the pavement at his feet. Now that was just rude. He then clouted the mugger good in the side of the head but didn’t bother to try and catch him as he collapsed. Mon-El stepped over the guy’s unconscious form to look at Winn and see if he was alright. “Are you hurt?” Shaken, perhaps but he appeared unharmed. Digging out his phone, Mon-El called the police and reported an attempted mugging and where to find the crook in question.



[ seeing the reaction from her big brother she had to retract it just as soon. ] 

“Nicky, relax. I know what I am doing. I was just messing with you. I know what the D on stick means. Drive. It means drive. Get your knickers unbunched and give me the keys. You told mama and daddy that you were going to teach me how to drive stick so you are not backing out. I was just kidding when I said I didn’t know.” [ she had to reiterate that knowing that he would have taken her seriously. ]