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When Saeran is Mistaken for Saeyoung after Dying His Hair Red Again.
  • Zen: *throws arm around him* So about that Tripter bot! Can I give you some pictures to put on it? ^^
  • Saeran: What are you talking about?
  • Zen: Quit pretending like you don't know, you confessed you were behind it.
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung.
  • Zen: Hahaha, you're so funny.
  • Saeran: And you're a moron.
  • Zen: Oh. You are Saeran.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jumin: Get away from Elizabeth the Third. Why the hell are you in my apartment, Saeyoung?! Out!
  • Saeran: Saeyoung told me to come give you this piece of paper. The bodyguards let me in. Your cat likes me. I don't know why.
  • Jumin: Saeyoung sent Saeyoung over? Quit acting, Saeyoung and put her down!
  • Saeran: Here, cat. Be careful getting down. I'm leaving now.
  • Jumin: So easily, Saeyoung?
  • Saeran: *sighs*
  • Elizabeth 3rd: *meows sadly after Saeran*
  • Jumin: That wasn't Saeyoung, was it?
  • Elizabeth 3rd: *meows exasperatedly*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Yoosung: Hey, Saeyoung, how did you do on LOLOL last night?!
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung.
  • Yoosung: Okay! How did you do on LOLOL last night, other Saeyoung?
  • Saeran: *groans*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jaehee: *opens mouth as Saeran walks into cafe*
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung!
  • Jaehee: Can you do mixed coffee drinks if you have a book?
  • Saeran: Uh.
  • Jaehee: That's a yes. I need help. You're hired. Get to work.
  • Saeran: *sighs, again*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • V: ....
  • Saeran: You can't even see! I'm not Saeyoung!
  • V: Ouch.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Rika: Hi!
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Vanderwood: ......
  • Saeran: ......
  • Vanderwood: So....
  • Saeran: I'm not Saeyoung.
  • Vanderwood: Right. Sorry about last time! You all look so much alike!
  • Saeran: You're. A. Moron.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • MC: Hi, Saeran!
  • Saeran: MARRY ME!
  • MC: *confused as to why Saeran is suddenly clinging to her after he visited the others to drop off things Saeyoung had "borrowed" from them*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: Hi, second Saeyoung!
  • Saeran: I hate all of you.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: *secretly told all the members he would be the one visiting them* *troll*


Why did the old lady say that one thing? Why did that kid do THAT? Did the old man ever get drunk on his Mountain Dew?

Write a story and give me the backstory to your favorite Retale! Whether it’s Cat Lady’s personal life, what happened to the man aspiring to get drunk on Mountain Dew, or anything else, pick a tale and tell me all!


3rd and Runner Ups: A Target Retales notebook!

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1st: A Target Retales notebook, mug, and t-shirt! The whole shebang! 

Submit your fiction by 4/7/2017! Send your entries over to! Let me know if you have any questions at all!

A Little Heart-to-Heart

So…this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. This is based on @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU. It’s one of my favorite AUs of all time and I always get so excited when I see she’s drawn more of them. Everyone should check it out if you love skeletons.

Ironically enough, this is a follow up to her Follow Up comic :P

I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, or it goes against the AU in any way, but this is just a little thank you to Atomi for all the fun her art and comics bring to me. Thank you Atomi, and I hope you like this :>

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Jon: the world benefit greatly from the cease of your insistent banter


oh man guys it’s so hot right now in southern california. Like no cloud in the sky, sun high and blazing, it’s barely 7 am and it’s already 80 degrees Fahrenheit, kind of heat. It’s beginning. 


And tomorrow we’re hitting triple digits *cries*

I hate summer.  What does this heat benefit? you can’t do anything comfortable outside unless you wanna burn, your garden plants get cooked, your poor pets get overheated, traffic becomes more hellish than regular. *sigh*

At least it “cools” down somewhat around 5pm ( the breeze starts kicking in and thankfully not a too hot one). I should enjoy this before real summer heat hits.

At least i have good heat tolerance, but i still hate it.

This Cat Became A Museum Employee After Their April Fools’ Prank Backfired

A museum who thought it would be hilarious to prank everyone on April Fools’ Day ended up accidentally employing a cat.

Staff at the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art in Serpukhov, Russia, wrote out a fake application letter for stray cat Marav, who has been hanging out inside the building for the past two years.

Named after the cat-loving former museum owner Anna Maraeva, he has acted as the unofficial greeter for visitors since he started roaming the building.

Workers sent a prank job application out in a press release to local media and said that they had accepted it, giving him a job.

April Fools’: The museum tried to prank the media with Maray’s job application (Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum)

The application, that was even signed with a paw print, read: “As I am a direct relative of [Anna] Maraeva, I ask you to give me a job in ​ your museum. Maray The Cat.”

However, the prank was taken a bit too seriously by journalists, who had contacted the museum to find out more about him.

As a result, staff actually gave Maray a job for real - and he is now officially a part of the team, working a 9-5 shift and having a regular lunch break like everyone else.

Employee: The cat is now officially a part of the team (Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum)

His colleague Nina Strelkova said: “All people who work in our museum love Maray.

“Many bring him food from home and take pictures with him. So he gets a little fat now.

“And visitors love the cat too - lots of them taking selfies with him.”

He doesn’t slack too much, however, as he would probably face disciplinary action.

Top pic: Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum

@gertiejo inspired me to make this composite with her amazing series Subpoenas and Spousal Privilege. If you haven’t read it yet what are you even doing with your life. 10/10 would recommend. 

{Bad habits.}

It’s some lazy afternoon in the summer. One of those in-between months, between seasons, between obligations. Andrew and Neil had slept in, went for a run, and now they’re strewn across the couch for a day full of absolutely nothing. Savoring the quiet days, alone in their apartment.

Andrew’s leaning against one arm of the couch, pretending to read. He has his legs stretched out in front of him, the bottoms of his feet resting lightly against Neil, where he sits at the other end with a cat in his lap. And then suddenly, there’s the second cat, slinking along the back of the couch, right up to Neil’s face, licking his cheek and rubbing its nose against him: Give me attention

Andrew says, “Your cat thinks it’s a dog.”

Andrew’s still as wary of the cats as they are of him, hence Neil as the only current recipient of affection. Andrew neither likes nor dislikes them; they haven’t been around long enough for him to have formed an opinion. He likes to claim he can’t tell the difference between the two. (He can.)

“Our cat,” Neil says. “And I’d say he thinks he’s you.”

So Andrew regards the cat nuzzling Neil’s face. He does not do this. Okay, no that’s not true, he knows he does, but to a far less nauseating degree, and not nearly enough for the cat to be mimicking the behavior. Andrew had not, however, thought Neil had noticed. 

Neil turns and reaches a hand up to pet the cat, to scratch between its ears, leans to maybe kiss the top of its head as it starts to purr.

This is when Andrew realizes that he might have a problem: the occasional (uncontrollable) urge to press his face to Neil’s face, specifically, the side of his face, and maybe, while doing so, lay a kiss somewhere in the vicinity of his cheek. 

But right now, instead, he is glaring at a cat.

“Are you jealous?” Neil asks.

Andrew doesn’t think such nonsense warrants a response, but, steadily, and with malice, “Of your cat?”

“Our cat.”

Andrew says nothing.

“If you are, you have my permission to do something about it.”

Andrew drags his gaze from the cat back to Neil’s face. “I have your permission to get rid of the cats?”

“No, I was thinking something we’d both enjoy.” A challenge as well as an invitation.

Andrew stares at Neil (and cats) for another full minute before tossing his book and crossing the couch, kneeling over Neil, and pressing their foreheads together. But that’s it. He can feel Neil’s breath on his lips, can see Neil’s smile in his eyes as they stare at each other awkwardly from this too-close distance. Distance that’s begging to be closed, and Andrew can think of all sorts of directions in which he could take Neil’s permission. 

But he takes none of them. For one, he wasn’t actually gunning for this, at the moment. Also, there’s still a cat sleeping in Neil’s lap between them, and another clawing at his shoulder.

So Andrew sighs and slides his head around the side of Neil’s and brushes his lips across his cheekbone. Not a kiss. Kind of a kiss. Another too long moment before he pushes himself up from the couch, leaving Neil alone with his cats while he goes to make coffee.

Andrew may have a problem, but he’ll admit to nothing. This is yet another bad habit he’ll have to kick, though unlike the rest, there’s technically nothing destructive about this one, and as such he doubts Neil cares this time; selfish reasons. Some bad habits never hurt anyone, and after what has actually been years of this, Andrew is pretty sure there’s no going back.


(this has been part three in the unofficial cheek kissing series.)
(that cat needs chill. but so does andrew.)

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