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I decided to make the little child that Mae and Bea have as an actual OC so… Here she is. The little trash child known as Cassandra ‘Astra’ Borowski-Santello, or ‘Casey’ for short. 

Yes the nickname was Mae’s idea, and her middle name since she was born on Longest Night. Also she can see ‘ghosts’ with her nightmare eyes… As well as her ‘Uncle’ CC (or the ‘real’ Casey). 


Anon: Hello! 💕 If you don’t mind I’d like #79 for Namjoon please? If you could make it angsty with a super fluffy end that would be nice~Ty❤️ 

It’s kinda short but I hope you like it! <3 

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Pairing: Namjoon x reader

“Open the damn door!" 

"Namjoon, we need to talk." 

 "Wow, I’m not used to you calling me my full name.” He nervously laughed. “It’s more like ‘babe’,'baby’ or even 'Joonie’ at most." 

 Him trying to lighten the atmosphere was making it harder for you to just spit it out. You gathered all the courage you had left and- 

 "I… I want to break up.” You confessed.

 "What?“ His shoulders slumped, eyes became watery, jaw shaking as if he wanted to say something but refrained himself. 

God you hated this. 

 "Wha-what did I do wrong?” He stuttered. “Did I not treat you well enough? Huh?" 

 "You’re always gone,Namjoon! I wait for you every night for you to come home and you’re never there! You always come back early in the morning and act as if nothing happened! I’m tired of this… I want a mutual relationship. Not… Not this." 

 "Not this? What is "this” supposed to mean? I’m a leader of a band, our new comeback is right around the corner so of course I have to work until morning! But you don’t get that and you don’t want “ this ”. 

 You looked at him, not knowing what to say. 

 "Cat got your tongue,huh? What have you been doing while I was gone? You probably cheated behind my back,huh? Is that why you don’t want “this” anymore? You wanted a good fuck so you betrayed me? So that goes back to what I was saying earlier, I wasn’t good enough for you. You’re so pathetic.“ He scoffed. 

 "Alright… I’m sorry you were dating my pathetic ass for so long. I won’t be a bother anymore.” You walked passed him, aiming for the exit. 

 Realization hit him and he instantly regretted his words. 

 "Y/N! Wait!“ 

 But he was met with a door slammed shut. 

 It’s been 5 hours since you broke up with him. But why were you crying? You were the one that wanted to end things, you should feel relieved and be going out,no? Why were you so… drained? Well you would scare away anyone who would cross your path, your eyes were so swollen, but why? Your head snapped to the entrance when you heard loud and urgent banging. 

 "Y/N… Baby… Open the door…” he pleaded. 

 "So that you bring me down again? No thanks!“ You yelled. 

 "Open the damn door!” He punched the wooded surface, losing his patience. “Give me five minutes,baby… Please.” his voice soften.

You swing the door open, Namjoon embracing you so tight once he was greeted by your figure. 

 "Don’t… Don’t fight back, just hear me out. I didn’t mean it. Any of it. When you told me that you wanted to break up I lost it. You’re my world Y/N, the best thing that happened to me… I’m so so sorry. I understand if you don’t want an “us” anymore, and if you still do, I swear I will work hard to have more time with you. You’re right, you don’t deserve to be left alone every night, you should be in the arms of a man and I couldn’t be that man… Your my baby,Y/N. You’ll always be my baby-“ 

 One thing among many others that you loved about him was his plump lips. You took them between yours, kissing him. You could feel how desperate for your forgiveness he was while he could understand that you still loved him. Another thing you lived about him, you could communicate without using words.

"You won’t be alone anymore. I’ll be there more than ever, baby.”


North Wood!

I Wish George North Would Lose The Pants, When He Dons The Lycra. No Matter Though, The Folau Looter Can Don A Sack Cloth And Still Elicit Excitement From Me.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Show Me The Love

Ollie Woodburn And Stuart Townsend Share Ian Whitten, But Sam Simmonds Wants Ian All To Himself!

Woof, Baby!


Sexy In The Sheds

Dave Dennis’s Feet…

Olly Woodburn’s Chest…

Give Me Wood, Baby!


Saturday’s Stud Part I

Bordeaux’s Eight Man,Marco Tauleigne, Is A Ten Plus to Me!

Sexy As Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

And Just Damn Cute to Boot!

Get A Room, Guys!

Odell Beckham Jr. Trades Jerseys (And Maybe Numbers) With Ezekiel Elliott after Last Night’s Game.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Tigers in Tights

Richmond Pocks The Lycra! Anthony Miles Puts His Thighs In Tights. Chris Newman Gets His Legs Lycra’d. And Shaun Grigg Gets His Rajah Raging From Those Tights!!!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


My Love Is Yours, Baby!

You’re Far Away
From Me My Love
And Just As Sure My, My Baby
As There Are Stars Above
I Wanna Say, I Wanna Say, I Wanna Say

Someday We’ll Be Together

George Ford And Owen Farrell…Someday They’ll Be Together!