give me video


Do you ever just think “hey, I wonder if someone has made this thing” and when you search for it your life is changed forever?


An R&B music video? 

Real R&B? 

Not glorifying side hoe culture? 

Actually about love? 

Black love? 

Yes, yes indeed. Share it with me :)


99.8% of people won’t re-blog because they’re too ashamed to have the most synchronized, well thought-out & downright amazing Concept Trailer of all time on their blogs. 


I’ve seen heaven with my own two eyes

Is it a boxer? Is it a runner? No! It’s Jung Jaehyun!

Almost four years later I’m still fucking waiting….. @5sos get your shit together

Hes really just a giant puppy


YouTube’s “Recommended For You” more like “Recommended For Pain”