give me the shota i want the shota

I just wanted to give a personal thank you to all of you guys!! This has been a big year for my art, and I’ve gained over 3000 of you guys in under a year which is crazy to think about!! You are all amazing and I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays!!~

znowwizard  asked:

I find it really adorable that you have been giving anybody who asks a head pat, So just wanted to be nice on my end and give you a cookie! *Hands you a chocolate chip cookie*

*nom nom*

This cookie is fantastic!! Thank you so much!!~

Making this cos i get asks about it daily

I hate Omocat. I hate people who support that, I hate shota stuff, I hate their products. I hate it. And you know why? Cos I actually really give a shit about the safety of people and kids especially. And omocat supports this whole “younger the better” “shota babe” “shota con” thing and with such a mass audience it really effects the consumers mind towards it. It fucking worries the shit out of me because I love kids and I want them to be safe, I would never wish something this horrible on a kid nor would I support a company that promotes that. It’s disgusting and If I see you reblogging it or associating w it in unfollowing you. I don’t have time to argue this stupid bull shit any more.