give me the music video


An R&B music video? 

Real R&B? 

Not glorifying side hoe culture? 

Actually about love? 

Black love? 

Yes, yes indeed. Share it with me :)

Can we all agree dance practices where no one takes it seriously are the best dance practice videos

Hi T!

THIS. MUSIC. VIDEO. Iconic. Gives me all the feels. My heart hurts when I think of all you’ve endured, but holy crap did you rise above! I can’t imagine how it feels to live in your shoes on a daily basis, but you make it look easy. I’m so proud of you babe. Your strength is next level. I love love love you, even if you did send Red era Taylor to her death.

❤️ Whitney

I’m still in complete awe over Wake Me Up. I knew B.A.P tended to make their songs focus on important issues which I’ve always admired them for, but this is a whole new level to me because it focuses on mental health issues, as well as revolutions and unable to be heard by others when you have a voice to express yourself. Not to mention the variety of people starring in this, from various racial backgrounds, ages, genders, etc. It’s just so powerful to me and I admire them so much for this. This is more than a song, more than a video. This has the ability to touch so many fans and people. I feel as though, seeing this video, people won’t feel alone in the hardships the video portrayed. This is so powerful.