give me the jacket

His smile gives me life✨

k-pop star suga will be the death of me

(Also, consider bodyguard! Daichi….)

Agents of SHIELD Promotional Pictures, S4E07 ‘Deals With Our Devils’

-give me lukas buying philip cute little patches to go on his jacket
-give me lukas doing a motor cross competition and philip on the sidelines with lukas’ numbers sewed onto his jacket
-give me forehead touches
-give me eskimo kisses
-give me lukas teaching philip how to drive his bike with with his hands on top of philip’s
-give me study dates that turn into make out sessions
-give me movie dates with philip laying his head on lukas’ shoulder
-give me happy lukas and happy philip

BTS reaction to you (their crush) asking for a hug because you’re cold

Request open

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Would slowly blink at you and process the information. After his brain finally got the information he would nod and smile at you, pulling you into a thigh hug.

I swear his hugs are probably the best on earth

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He would look at you and just shrug, hoping you would get that it was okay to hug him. Internally he would scream, believe me.

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He would pull of his jacket and give it to you and then pull you in a thigh hug, giving you all the warmth he owns

Warm hug award goes probably to him, cmon

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He would shyly smile at you and pull you gently into a hug, trying to make you the most comfortable.

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He would giggle and pull you silently into a hug

“i hope i can warm you up”

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He would be in for any kind of hug, so he wouldn’t even give you time to say the whole sentence and you’d already be hugged to death

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“why didn’t you wear something warmer then…?”

After annoying you with stupid questions he would still allow you to hug him

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Clothes sharing is just like the ultimate fluffy trope. Like fuck yes, give me one person in my otp letting the other wear their letterman jacket around school like every cheesy high school romance in existence. Give me the smaller one walking around in the bigger one’s oversized, worn sweatshirt and socked feet, with their hair all messed up from sleeping. Give me my otp wearing those dumb but adorable coupley shirts that match each other. Just give it to me in every variation possible I love that shit it’s so cute I can’t handle it.

nailed it

Simon: *to himself* this is it Simon. this is your big chance to tell Raphael to either fight you or fuck off. you can do this. deep breathing




Raphael: ……

Simon: *softly* oh shit



Raphael: fine just give me a second to change out of this jacket dios knows you’ll find a way to ruin it.

Simon: wait wait I’m sorry what the fuc-


Today (valentines) one of our teachers made our entire grade’s boys throw away our (girls) trash at lunch, offer their jackets if we were cold, and basically be our slaves the entire day. Knowing me, I put that to good use and made every boy I saw do something for me. They carried my things, bought my lunch, and threw my stuff away even when the trash can was a few feet away from me. (I know, I’m a bitch) One of my friends ran over to my exboyfriend and told him to give me his jacket. He was about to, but his best friend took his off and started chasing me around the hall screaming “TAKE MY JACKET, MAIA!!” At least three other tried giving me theirs but I wouldn’t take any.