give me the game already

Hes really just a giant puppy

when………. am i gonna get this au


Introducing the characters of Scandal in the Spotlight 

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A Dragon’s Knight

1. Cocky

“Hiyaah!” FWANG! His sword clashed against hers. Hands tightly gripping the weapon’s handle, Cyrus tried to slide a step closer and leaned toward her. Though teeth had gritted roughly, a little smirk tugged the corner of his lips.

Kamui only returned that slightly cocky attitude with an annoyed huff.

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Universe: Just give me this game already

blackpotlittlepot  asked:

What are your initial thoughts on andromeda????

I’m…reserving judgement for right now. The animation/graphics really disappointed me, and I’m riding that wave since I honestly didn’t get too far into it yesterday (I was questioning Elliot’s appearance and if I go further, there’s no going back…and I really need to let go of his obsessive character creation ride I go on). All that to say, I still have hesitations, but I’m not going to let prevent me from giving the game an honest go and enjoying it. You’re already pretty far in, yeah? What do you think?

shriignold  asked:

give me the forbidden shrignold playlist, sweet prince. ( i already have one but maybe i'll Start a Collection :B pfff )

!! Yeyeye

Drugs-Adam Jensen

My Mom- Kimya Dawson

Secrets-Mary Lambert

Guillotine-Jon Bellion

Jenny-Studio Killers

Oh, It Is Love-Hellogoodbye

One More Drink-Gjan

Riptide-Vance Joy

Lucky-Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat

Tangled Up- Caro Emerald 

You Don’t Own Me- Grace


  • me trying to get a rare item: fuck FFFFUCK AA why am i nOT GETTIGN IT i have tried 50BILLION TIMES ALREADY GIVE IT TO ME GAME YOU ASSHOLE
  • me when i find said item: hey, patience is a virtue all your efforts will pay off as long as you keep calm and dont give up this truly is a wonderful game