give me the destroyer

Proving It

You were standing in your dad’s office backstage at RAW. Your dad was the one and only hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley.

“So you and Sami are getting pretty serious then, huh?” He asked.

“I think so. He’s great dad!” You said as your lips curved into a smile at the thought of Sami.

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy.” He said.

You couldn’t help but feel like there was something your dad wasn’t telling you. Then again maybe you were just paranoid. Or maybe he thought it was awkward that one of the Superstars he was in charge of was also dating his daughter, his little girl.

“Just nice? What do you not like Sami?” You asked.

“It’s not that. Sami is a great guy, and I can see that he cares about you. I…I just worry about whether or not he can protect you.” Your dad said.

“What do you mean? He is one of the toughest guys on the roster.” You said.

“He is as far as taking punishment goes but what if you and him get cornered by a bigger guy in the city? Is he going to be able to keep you safe? You’re my little girl; I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” He said.

Just then the door opened and in walked Sami. His usually happy demeanor was replaced with something else. Anger maybe>

“I want Braun.” He said as he looked at your dad.

“Braun? You want Braun Strowman?” Mick asked.

“Yes. I want Braun Strowman.” Sami repeated.

“Sami why do you want Braun Strowman?” You asked.

“For weeks he has been going out there and destroying smaller guys. Well someone has to stand up to him and if nobody else will, then I will.” Sami said.

“Sami I admire your heart, but I can’t-”

“Mick, give me Braun. I need Braun.” Sami said. You could see a fire in Sami’s eyes that you hadn’t seen in quite awhile.

“Y/n, would you excuse us for a moment?” Your dad asked as he looked at you.

“Sure.” You said. “I’ll see you later.” You said as you looked at Sami.

“I’ll meet up with you after the show, okay love?” Sami said. He leaned in and gave you a quick peck on the cheek before you walked out of your dad’s office.

You knew you shouldn’t eavesdrop. If you were meant to hear the conversation, then your dad wouldn’t have asked you to leave. But you couldn’t help but press your ear to the door and listen to what they were saying.

“Sami, what’s this all about? I can tell something is bothering you. Man to man, what’s going on?”

“I want to prove to you that I can defend Y/n. I want to show everyone who says I don’t deserve her, that I do deserve her. I can’t think of a better way than to go after the biggest guy in the company.” Sami said.

“Sami…don’t take what I said to heart-”

“It’s not just you, Mick. I hear it all the time. I’m just the guy that goes out there and gets beat up. I want to prove that I’m not just that guy. I want to show that I am a man who can protect my girlfriend. And if that means facing Braun then so be it.” Sami said.

“Sami, I care about you. Not just as a Superstar on my roster but as a part of my family. I can’t put you in a match with Braun Strowman.” Your dad said.

“Mick, please. I’m standing here asking you man to man; please give me this match. Braun is asking for competition, give it to him. Give him to me.” Sami said.

“Sami, Braun is a monster. A destroyer. He chews guys up and spits them out. I can’t let that happen to you. I can’t do that to Y/n.” Mick said.

“Mick, please. I’m begging you. One match. That’s all I want. You saw what happened last week. I went out there after his match, and he shoved me aside like I was nothing. I want to show him that I’m not to be taken lightly.” Sami said.

There was a long pause, but then you heard the words that had your heart racing.

“Fine. One match. That’s it. After this, no more Braun Strowman for you. Go out there and knock ‘em dead.” Your dad said.

You stepped away from the door and quickly made you way around the corner so that Sami wouldn’t know you had been listening.

You were sitting in catering about ten minutes later when your dad came over to you.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” He asked.

“Sure.” You said as you stood up and started walking with him.

“So…Sami has a match with Braun tonight.”

“What? Dad you can’t let him do this.” You said.

“I tried to talk him out of it, but he wasn’t listening. He demanded this match. He wasn’t going to drop it until he got it, Y/n.”

“Dad, he could get hurt!” You said.

“I know. But what else could I do? He wouldn’t listen to me. He thinks he has something to prove.” He said.

“I’ll go talk to him.” You said.

“Good luck.” He said.

You walked down the hallway to Sami’s locker room. You raised your fist and knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

“It’s open.” You heard him say.

You opened the door and stepped inside the dressing room. He looked up from the chair he was sitting in and smiled at you.

“Hey.” He said as he stood up and walked over to you.

“Sami, why are you doing this?” You asked, getting straight to the point.

“You heard about the match, huh?”

“Sami, you don’t have anything to prove. You’re man enough for me. You make me happy, and I feel safe and protected when I’m with you. You don’t have to go out there and have this match with Braun. You went out there last week and stood up to him. Nobody else had the courage to go out there, but you did. That shows what kind of man you are.” You said.

“Y/n, I have to do this. This isn’t just about Braun being a bully. This is about me proving that I can protect you.”

“Sami, nobody has ever said you couldn’t protect me-“

“Maybe not to you, but everyone says it. The guys backstage say it, hell even your dad said it. I have to prove that I’m tough enough to protect you.” He said.

“Sami, please don’t do this. I don’t want to see you get hurt.” You said as you wrapped your arms around his torso and looked up at him.

“I’m not going to get hurt. I’ve got this. I’ll have the match, and then I’ll come find you, and we’ll head back to the hotel afterward, okay?” He asked.


“Trust me, okay?” He said as he held you tightly in his arms.

“Sami, I do trust you. But I know what Braun is capable. Please don’t have this match.” You said. “I don’t care what the guys in the locker room say. I don’t care what my dad says-“

“We both know that’s a lie.” He said. “Your dad’s opinion means everything to you.”        

“Sami, please…for me, don’t have this match. I’m begging you. You don’t have to go out there. You have nothing to prove to me.” You said.

“Y/n I have to have this match. I just have to.” He said.

You sighed but gave in and nodded. Sami had his mind made up on facing Braun, and you knew better than anyone that once Sami had his mind made up, there was no changing it.

“Okay…please just…please be careful.” You said.

“I will. I’ll see you later, okay?” He said.

You nodded before giving him a big hug. You clung to him tightly like it was the last time you would see him in one piece as you laid your head against his chest.

“I love you.” He murmured.

“I love you too, Sami.”


**Later That Night**

You watched as Sami made his way to the ring where Braun was waiting, looking like a hungry bear about to feast on its prey. You brought your hands to your mouth as you prayed that this wasn’t a decision Sami was going to regret.

Then Braun grabbed a microphone.

“Foley, maybe you didn’t hear me. I said I want competition. And right now, I don’t see any real competition.” Braun scoffed as he looked at Sami.

Just then Sami attacked Braun from behind.

“Sami, what are you doing?” You said to yourself. Then Sami reached up and slapped Braun. You couldn’t believe Sami had the nerve to anger Braun. Was he crazy?

You smiled as you watched Sami lay a few good kicks to Braun who was on the outside of the ring. Sami dove over the top rope, attempting to dive on top of Braun but was caught. Then as if Sami was a rag doll, Braun threw him into the barricade.

Sami landed with a thud, and that was all there was. Braun walked away as Sami lay on the ground, struggling to get to his feet. You watched as Sami pulled himself to his feet using the ropes and climbed into the ring and asked Braun for more, only to be ignored by the giant of a man.

You made your way towards Gorilla so that you could meet him on his way back from the ring.

You got to the Gorilla Position just as Sami was walking through the curtain.

“Sami! Are you okay?” You asked as you ran up to him.

“I’m fine, babe.” He said as he put his hand up to stop you from hugging him.

“Sami, it looked bad-“

“I’m fine, really. I just wish he wouldn’t have walked away like a coward.”

“Sami, you did great out there.” You said.

“No, I didn’t. He got one offensive move in on me and then walked away. Like he was done. It takes a lot more than throwing me into the barricade to keep me down. I have to go talk to your dad.”

“No! Sami, you don’t have anything to prove. You were great out there!” You said.

“Y/n, I have to finish this.” He said.

“Sami, you did great out there.” A voice said.

You looked up to see your dad standing a few feet away from you.

“Mick, give me another match. Give me one more match!” Sami said.

“Sami, I can’t put you in another match. You asked me for one match. I gave you one match.” Your dad said.

“Mick, please. Please, just one more match. You saw what happened. The match didn’t even end.” Sami said.

“Sami, I gave you your match. I’m not putting you in another match.” Your dad said. “Now take the rest of the night off. Get some rest. Put some ice on your back. You have nothing to prove.”


“Sami, we’re done talking about this.” Your dad said. Then without another word, your dad turned and walked away leaving you and Sami alone.


“Don’t. Just…don’t right now, Y/n.” He said before turning to walk away.

“Sami, where are you going?” You asked.

“I just need some time to myself, okay?” He said.

You decided to let Sami cool off. You got a ride back to the hotel with Bayley and ended up rooming with her to let Sami have some space to cool off. You thought one night would be enough time for him to clear his head but as the days passed nothing changed.

Days turned into a week, a week turned into two weeks, and two weeks turned into a month. Sami kept asking your dad for Braun, but your dad wouldn’t give in. Braun was in the Survivor Series 5 on 5 Elimination Match against SmackDown Live which occupied most of his time on TV and left Sami angry and wanting revenge.

The Monday after Survivor Series you found Sami once again talking to your dad backstage, begging for another shot at Braun.

“Sami how many times are we going to have this talk? You had your match.” Mick said.

“Mick, please. I’m begging you. One more match. That’s all I want.” Sami said.

“Sami, this isn’t a good idea. Braun is fuming after Ellsworth eliminated him last night. He’s going to take that anger out on you.” You interrupted. If Sami wouldn’t listen to your dad, you hoped he would at least listen to you.

“Sami, I love you like you’re my own son, and one day you probably will be my son. You are a great man, and I’ve never seen my daughter happier than when she’s with you. You don’t have anything to prove.” Mick said.

“Mick, you’re my hero, and that means a lot to me. But listen. This is about pride. This is about showing what kind of man I am. This is about more than just proving that I deserve to be with Y/n. Mick, I need this match!” Sami said.

“Sami, I can’t give you this match,” Mick said.

“Mick, please. Just give me Braun one more time.” Sami said.

Your dad sighed before looking over Sami. “Let me think about it. I’m not saying yes. Just give me some time to think about it.”

Sami stared at your dad for several moments before sighing and nodding.

“Okay,” Sami said.

Sami turned and walked out of your dad’s office. Once he was gone, you turned to your dad.

“Dad this is getting out of hand. Braun is all he’s talked about for weeks. It’s like it’s consumed him. He never wants to go out and do anything. He’s working out in the gym more. He watches tape of Braun at home. Dad, I don’t know what to do. It’s like he doesn’t even care about our relationship anymore. All he cares about is Braun and proving himself.” You said.

“I know it’s hard Y/n. I see both sides. I hate seeing you upset. I hate that he is laser focused on Braun and that he is bringing work into your relationship. But I’ve been in his shoes. I know what it’s like when you have the feeling of needing to prove yourself.” Your dad said.

“Dad, I understand that. I do. But-“

“But he can’t ignore you because of this feeling of needing to prove himself. Look, I’ll talk to him, okay?” Your dad said.

“Thanks, dad.” You said.

“You’re welcome, honey. I love you.” He said as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you in for a hug.

“I love you too, dad.” You said.


**Mick’s P.O.V*

I took a deep breath before knocking on Sami’s door.

“It’s open.” I heard him yell.

I opened the door and stepped in.

“Hey Mick,” Sami said as he stood up. “So am I getting the match?”

“Sami, that’s actually not what I came here to talk to you about. I came here to talk to you as a father, not as a general manager.”

“Is everything okay? Is Y/n okay?” Sami asked as he knitted his eyebrows together.

“Actually, no, I don’t think she is. Listen, I know how you feel-“

“No, Mick, you don’t. You’re a legend in this business. I go out there every week, and I’m the guy with the biggest heart in the world. But I’m also the guy that gets beaten up every week. I want to prove myself. I want to show everyone that I have what it takes.”

“Sami, I do understand where you’re coming from. I wasn’t always a legend. I was once a kid just like you. I put my body on the line in crazy matches just to get noticed. I was the guy that got beat up by the bigger and more popular guys. Sami, it took years off my career. And I saw what it did to my wife to see me put myself through that. Sami, I care about Y/n. She’s my only daughter. I don’t want to see the look that was on my wife’s face on my daughter’s face. I can’t put you in this match tonight. I just can’t. Not because I don’t believe in you. I do believe in you. But this time I’m bringing my personal life into work, and I’m not signing this match because I know what it will do to my daughter to have to watch it.”

“Mick, I’ll talk to Y/n about the match. She’ll be okay-“

“Sami, you don’t even see what this is doing to you? You are so focused on getting your revenge on Braun. You’ve got to move past this. What happened to all the time you and Y/n used to go out to after shows? I never see you guys do anything anymore. Hell, I don’t even see you guys talk backstage anymore. Sami, you can’t forget about what is most important. It’s not always wrestling. One day wrestling won’t be here. But Y/n, Y/n will be here.” I said.

I looked over at Sami who nodded his head. I hoped his words got through to him.

“I’ll see you later, okay?” I said.

“Okay, Mick,” Sami said.

I reached over and put my hand on his shoulder in support before turning and walking out of his locker room.

**Y/n’s P.O.V**

I walked into Sami’s locker room later that night expecting to find him, but he wasn’t in there. I asked a few of the guys backstage if they had seen him and they all pointed towards my dad’s and Stephanie’s office.

I knocked on the door, and a second later I heard my dad say “Come in.”

“Hey sweetheart,” he said with a smile.

“Have you seen Sami?” I asked.

“He’s on the way to the ring for his match,” Stephanie said.

“You gave him the match?” I asked with wide eyes as I looked at my dad.

“No, I didn’t-“

“I did. He came in here and wanted a match with Braun Strowman. Said he wanted to prove himself. I’m all about letting Superstars prove themselves here on RAW.” Stephanie said.

“What?” I asked as I looked at her in disbelief.

“It’s one match. I told him that this would be the last chance with Braun.” She said.

It felt my heart drop to my stomach. I couldn’t believe Sami was going to have another match with Braun Strowman.

I stood backstage and watched Sami make his way to the ring on one of the monitors backstage. My stomach was in knots, and I wasn’t sure I was emotionally ready to handle watching this match. But Sami had given me no other choice. He had gone behind my back and my dad’s back to get this match through Stephanie. If he survives Braun Strowman, he might have an even worse fate waiting for him at the hotel; an angry girlfriend.

I watched as Sami danced his way to the ring and fed off the energy of the crowd like he always does on his way to the ring. Then Braun came running up from behind him and shoved him into the ring apron. This was not going to end well for Sami. The match hadn’t even started yet, and Braun had already run over Sami like a truck.

Braun then picked Sami up and whipped him into the barricade. After that, he picked Sami up and threw him into the ring like he was a rag doll. Sami couldn’t even stand up. He had to use the ropes to pull himself up in the corner.

The referee stepped in to check on Sami to make sure he wanted to continue. You knew Sami would continue with the match. He didn’t know when to say no. You really wished the referee could use his judgment and call off the match.

The bell rang, and Braun charged across the ring into Sami who was trapped in the corner. Sami fell to the floor, and he looked dazed and confused. Sami managed to pull himself back to his feet only to get charged at again by Braun.

It was hard for you to watch. Sami didn’t know where he was at by this point. He was completely defenseless.

Braun positioned Sami into the corner for another running slam, but Sami somehow managed to get his feet up and kick Braun. Braun was startled for a second but recovered and ran at Sami again only to be met with another kick.

“There you go, Sami!” You cheered at the small glimmer of fight left in Sami.

Sami then mustered some offense by delivering a few right hands to the side of Braun’s head. Sami used the ropes to try to get some leverage as he hurled his body at Braun trying to get the big guy off his feet. He got two good hits of that on Braun, but on the third try, he was met by a devastating clothesline by Braun.

Sami fell to the mat, and it looked like he was out cold. Braun picked up his arm and it looked like Sami was dead weight as he dragged Sami towards the ring corner.

“How’s the match going?” You heard your dad ask as he joined you backstage.

“Dad, he can’t even defend himself. He’s had maybe thirty seconds of offense the entire match. I mean look at him he’s helpless!” You said as you motioned to the screen.

“Let’s hope Braun ends it soon and then we can go out there and get him.” Your dad said.

The next few minutes went much the same as the first three minutes of the match. It was Braun dominating a defenseless Sami. He somehow kept getting to his feet only to be knocked back down by the larger man.

The fans started doing their “Ole Ole Ole” chants to try and encourage Sami, but it didn’t help.

You felt tears start to form in your eyes as you watched the man you love get destroyed.

“Dad…dad, you have to do something. You have to stop the match!” You begged as you looked over at him.

You saw your dad stare at you for a few moments before glancing at the monitor. He sighed and nodded before heading towards the curtain.

Braun picked Sami up and put him upside down in the corner. Sami was absolutely defenseless. He was at Braun’s mercy. You just hoped your dad could get out there in time to stop whatever Braun had planned.

“Stop the match.” You heard your dad’s voice say. “Chad, ring the bell…It’s done. He can’t defend himself. The match is over.”

You felt the damn finally break as the tears started to fall down your cheeks. You felt a pair of arms wrap around you. You turned and saw Bayley hugging you.

“He’ll be okay.” She said. “He’s tough.”

You leaned your head on your shoulder and hugged her, silently thanking her for being there for you.

“Thanks, Bay.” You said.

“That’s what friends are for.” She said.

You watched on the screen as your dad, and several referees went to ringside to help Sami to the back so he could get to the Trainer’s Room.

He walked through the curtain and immediately collapsed onto the ground in Gorilla. There were several referees around him making sure he was okay. He was still pretty out of it, blinking his eyes and slurring his words.

“Am I bleeding?” He asked as he noticed the blood coming from his mouth.

“Yeah, you’re bleeding a little bit.” One of the referees said.

“Let’s get him to the Trainer’s Room,” Mick said.

Two of the referees helped him stand up and start the walk to the Trainer’s Room.

He managed to get out of Gorilla, but he struggled when he got to the stairs just past Gorilla.

“Take your time, Sami.” The refs encouraged him.

You were standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him. He was walking on his own without help from the referees which was a good sign to you.

“Guys I need to stop for a second,” Sami said as he made his way over to you.

Bayley let go of you and turned to leave to to give you and Sami a minute alone.

“Don’t…don’t cry.” He slurred.


“Shh, I’m all right.” He said before leaning in and pressing his lips to your forehead. He was sweaty, but you didn’t care. You wrapped your arms around him and leaned your head against his chest. You heard the beat of his heart, and it reminded you that he was alive. You felt the rise and fall of his chest that reminded you that he was breathing. He was banged up, but he was okay. And  this whole Braun thing was finally behind you and you and Sami could finally get back to being happy.

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So Krennic gave Tarkin a "gift", is there anything nice Tarkin has done for Krennic? (NSFW or otherwise)

Spoiled Prince

“Is it a new shuttle?”


“Is it a star destroyer?”


“Are you giving me a whole fleet?”

“Certainly not! Stars, Orson, what would you do with a fleet of star destroyers?”

“Far more than I can do without one,” Krennic retorted, scratching the edge of the blindfold irritably.

Tarkin tugged the cloth back down over Krennic’s eyes and dialed in the coordinates, setting their course towards Krennic’s gift.

“It is not a Fleet.”

Krennic had been attempting to guess the identity of the gift for a solid ten minutes now. Meanwhile, Tarkin continued to say “no” to any and all guesses while seeing the man’s gift come into view. 

This was no mere bauble. This was something far more precious than glittering stones, fine silks or luxurious furs. This was commitment for the both of them.

He looked back at his partner. Krennic sat on the edge of the co-pilot seat, back straight, gloved hands in his lap, but his leg bounced up and down in an anxious shake. He continually licked his lips, something he did when he was apprehensive or eager and as of right now he was most likely both.

Some days, Tarkin wondered why he put so much effort into taking care of Orson…

“Is it an summer home on Coruscant?” Krennic asked suddenly, a boyish smile spread across those lips.

He may be a spoiled prince,  he thought with a slight smirk. But he is my spoiled prince.

“It is not.”

“My own estate then?”

“You have an estate with me on Eriadu, Orson,” Tarkin reminded him. “A rather large one.”

“Yes, but I could have my own, too.”

“No, one estate is more than enough. For goodness sake, I had a statue of you erected in the main grounds. It can practically be seen from space.”

Krennic let out a surprisingly endearing giggle. “That was a rather nice birthday gift.”

“And before you ask, you are not getting your own planet.”

“My own planet?” Krennic scoffed with a flair of exaggerated drama, “Ridiculous, I would never ask such a thing. Really, Wilhuff, what kind of greedy man do you take me for?”

Tarkin laughed before he could catch himself. A victorious smile pulled at Krennic’s cheek, a smile he only showed Tarkin when he was particularly proud of himself for getting the stuffy grand moff to laugh.

“Are you ready?” Tarkin asked.

“For my simple box of chocolates from my dear partner? Of course…I just hope they are cream-fil…”

When the blindfold was removed, Krennic’s voice faded away.

“Oh, Wil…” Krennic breathed.

Tarkin watched the director closely as he gazed at the gift. Krennic’s mouth hung open. That persistent, overly-confident grin was erased entirely and disbelief held those sinfully pouty lips apart. His crystal blue eyes that Krennic so often used against Tarkin to get whatever he wanted, glittered with growing tears. That throat that Tarkin often decorated with precious gemstone, pearl,s and well-oiled leather during their intimate moments moved slightly as he tried to swallow down the glorious sight before him.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It is,” Tarkin replied.

“Is it mine?”

“It is.”

Krennic touched the glass of the viewport with a gloved hand.

“She’s beautiful. How did the Emperor agree to this?”

Tarkin smiled at the spherical frame of the second Death Star still in its infancy suspended within space near ten mobile small space stations. Cargo ships and shuttles zipped around it like restless bees tending to a hive.

Tarkin regarded the young battle station with an appreciative smile. “The Emperor and I have been discussing a second Death Star since the victory at the Battle of Yavin, but I did not have the means to oversee such an operation nor did I trust anyone else to do so in my place. After my involvement with you, Orson, I have been considering what our relationship truly means in the grand scheme of things.” Krennic’s gaze pulled away from the Death Star and focused intently on Tarkin. 

“I do not enter into relationships easily, Orson,” Tarkin continued. “A man of my caliber has little use for frivolous emotions that would otherwise deter me from my goals. Somehow…you have managed to worm your way into my life and despite my best efforts to rid myself of you, I realized the more I resisted, the harder I seemed to fall.

“I spoke with the Emperor and expressed to him that of anyone in the galaxy, it absolutely should be you to look over this second Death Star project. You managed to put together the first Death Star with little help from your superiors. In fact, we did all we could to slow your efforts. I posed to the Emperor this thought: ‘Imagine what we could do with the a whole Empire backing him?’ 

“We already have the technology, thus avoiding any further betrayals as devastating as Erso’s. We have more than enough resources and manpower since our power has grown thrice fold after Yavin. You have everything you need: Materials, equipment, endeless resources, and above all…you have support from the Emperor, from Lord Vader, from me.”

Krennic gazed at Tarkin dumbfounded.

“I honestly don’t know what to say, Wil. I think this is the first time in my life I truly do not know how to respond.”

“I have rendered you speechless? Then this is a momentous occasion,” Tarkin teased, but he took Krennic’s hand and kissed his knuckles lightly.

“Will I get an audience with the Emperor then?”

Tarkin nodded. “It is scheduled in a week’s time and you will have regular audiences with him as he would like to know every detail about the growth of this project. I will coach you on how to conduct yourself in front of him. No, do not argue. Trust me on this, Orson. He is a long-time friend of mine but he is dangerous and the more faith he has in you, the easier your time in the Empire will become.”

“Moff Krennic,” Krennic beamed.

Tarkin rolled his eyes. “Deliver us a second Death Star and we can talk about future titles.”

“I love you, Wil,” Krennic said. “Thank you for this…” 

“Understand, I did not do this out of love,” Tarkin clarified, a bit quicker than intended. “I did this because I have the utmost faith in you. You managed to build a Death Star when the galaxy was against you. Yet despite these obstacles you delivered us a weapon that crushed a significant part of the Rebellion in one swift stroke. This Death Star will finish the job and secure the Empire’s rule for centuries to come.”

“Yes, but you also did this because you love me,” Krennic said with that infamous dashing grin.  

Tarkin snorted irritably, but leaned over and gave Krennic a soft kiss on those wet, power-hungry lips. “Yes, fine…I suppose I did.”

Thank you so much for the prompt, bestie! This was fun! 

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Haha so I'm here just thinking of: space warrior token + alien Clyde and Youth pastor Craig + devil tweek I laugh

So cute so cute

Phone destroyer is giving me so much new content to work with

One thing that hurts me most about Percy’s insecurity is that, whilst Frank was insecure about how he looked and his talents, Jason is insecure about being good enough to lead the quest, Leo is insecure about whether people care about him etc. Percy doesn’t believe that he is that great a person, and sometimes appears to believe that he doesn’t deserve to be loved, like our baby feels like this, why don’t we talk about it? For example, remember the scene where Percy and Annabeth are in Rome? This is a rough version of what is said:

Percy:“How do you always know what I’m thinking?”

Annabeth"Because I know you seaweed Brain"

Percy: … And you like me anyway? 

‘Nuff said, we all need to give our baby destroyer a big hug :( 

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Okay okay but think about Iwaizumi coming to Oikawa during one of his late night practices and failing to get him to sleep. He asks him why he’s still trying to hard and Oikawa replies with:

“I can learn as many styles of dance as I like, but I still haven’t found my own yet." 

Ushijima has his own style, Kageyama has his own style, and Oikawa just feels inferior to them because he feels like his dancing doesn’t mean anything. And if you can’t convery meaning through dance, then what’s the point?