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Hello again! I wrote this in about half and hour and didn’t proof-read or anything, so it may be a mess, but hopefully it’s alright? This is a Peter Parker story about the reader having an awful day and Peter being there to help make it better. I got a request for an imagine about Tom comforting an upset reader, but I just changed it to a Peter fic, so I hope that’s okay!


    Peter and Ned rushed down the hallway, late for class as per usual, each boy faulting the other for the possible detention slip that loomed over their heads. Truthfully, they were both guilty parties.

Ned and Peter had gotten hungry after gym class and snuck off campus during their lunch break to grab sandwiches at the shop a few blocks down. They’d been so absorbed by greasy fries and vanilla malts that they had forgotten to check the clock. To make it to physics on time, the boys had needed to run down the street, which proved very difficult seeing as the streets were always crowded with too many people. You could barely bend over to tie your shoe without someone getting in your way and vice versa.

“This is so annoying!” Peter whined, “I can’t deal with a detention today, what if Mr. Stark needs me, or like, I don’t know, I’ve got to somehow figure out how to multiply myself so I can be about a thousand places at once so I can fight all the city’s crime.” He bent over for a second to wait for Ned to catch up.

“Dude, shut up,” Ned wheezed, “I think I’m just going to take the detention slip, I’m over this.” He braced himself with a harsh hand on Peter’s shoulder. “This is like taking gym all over again.”

“No, Ned, we’re so close! I’m sure that we can drag ourselves a few more feet.” Peter encouraged his best friend, while the pair moved sluggishly up the stairs.

Ned opened his mouth with a witty retort in mind, when Peter smacked a hand over his chest to steady him. “Do you hear that?” Peter mumbled.

The boys strained their ears and heard the soft pitter patter of heels clacking against the floor above them. The longer they listened, the more amplified the clicks became. “Shit,” Ned cursed, “we’re so getting caught. I am not down for detention right now.”

The boys fumbled on the stairs, unsure of which direction they should run in when the noise traveled nearer and nearer to where they stood on the stairs. “Maybe we’ll just get a firm talking to for being late again?” Peter said, doing his best to think positively in the face of defeat.

Ned groaned, slumping his shoulders, as he too accepted the fact that he and his best friend were about to be completely vanquished by whatever school staff member was about to bust them for their constant tardiness.

Peter moaned and leaned back into the banister, taking out his phone to text both Aunt May and Mr. Stark that he would be unavailable for a few more hours after class. The boys both lifted their heads up to meet the furious gaze of the teacher that never came.

Instead, the young girl that breezed past the boys was one of their friends, and Peter’s biggest crush yet. When Liz Allen hadn’t worked out, Liz had made sure to introduce Peter to her friend, who was in the same grade as Peter and Ned. She even shared more than a few classes with the pair of them.

She stunned Peter on a daily basis. Whether it was her ability to quote Shakespearean literature like it was a simple recipe that she’d learned over the weekend, drink eight lattes a day, manipulate chemicals to do as she pleased, or her capability to be the kindest person he’d ever met, Peter was always left breathless. She was nice to everyone, even to the people who didn’t deserve it and had never flaunted her beauty or brains in a way that hurt a classmate intentionally. Peter didn’t think he had ever heard her utter a mean word about someone in his entire life, even when people would say horrid things to her.

She comforted Peter on his lowest nights, even without being near him. She had a soft voice and he imagined cuddling up with her in bed, while she played with his curls and listened to him cry about the level of stress that he was under without ever making fun of him. Besides that, she was easily the most beautifully luminous girl in Peter and Ned’s entire high school.

Although, right now, she was wiping her eyes and trying to cover up the sobs that drifted past her lips. Peter’s eyes widened and he looked to Ned and then back at the girl that he desperately desired to make his own, and then back at Ned.

“Go,” Ned urged, pushing Peter in an attempt to steer him closer to her. “Go or it’ll be too late. She likes you and you like her, stop being a baby, Parker. Tony Stark can’t do everything for you.”

A few weeks ago, a rumor spread that she had gotten a little too tipsy at one of Liz’s parties and had accidently, and quite loudly, revealed that she harbored a massive crush on Peter Parker. Peter had been quick to brush off the rumor, claiming that it was only started to embarrass her, remained unaware that the rumor wasn’t just a rumor, and was an actual fact.

Before Peter could take offense to Ned’s statement, something clicked in his brain and he was tearing down the stairs, trying to make his way to her before she reached the school’s front door.

He called out her name just as her hand closed over the door’s handle. She turned, brown mascara smudged beneath her eyes and waved, her lips quivering into a soft smile that she aimed at Peter before she pulled open the door and walked through it.

“Shit,” Peter mumbled, breaking into a full run in hopes of getting to her before she drove off.

Her day had been so horrible, no matter how she tried to look at. All she wanted was for Peter Parker to wrap his surprisingly muscular arms around her frame, pull her onto his lap, and allow her to cry into his neck while he whispered soft words of reassurement to her. She logiticied that Peter hadn’t reciprocate her feelings, seeing as Liz had been his crush since day one, no matter what Liz said, so she would have to settle for her warm, pink bed, a tub of ice-cream, and a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Peter called her name out once again, nearly tripping over his own two feet to stand in front of her. “Wait,” he wheezed, all of his words crawling back down his throat when he looked upon her face.

Fresh tears glimmered in her eyes, her rosey lipgloss had been disturbed, her lower lip trembled and Peter was almost lost for words. He had never seen her look so sad before and he decided right then and there that he would find the person who did this to her and destroy them, spidey suit or not.

“What’s the matter?” Peter said gently, moving to hug her close, but then dropping his hands because she hadn’t said that he was allowed to touch her and Peter wouldn’t ever want to make her heart hurt more.

In reality, the girl knew that she was probably being over-dramatic and silly, but she couldn’t help it. Everything that she had worked so hard for was collapsing in on her and there was nothing she could do about it. It wasn’t even one in the afternoon and she had suffered through three anxiety attacks, and was currently on the brink of another one.

She opened her mouth to respond to Peter, but when she couldn’t make her mouth move past a strangled sob, she simply shrugged her shoulders and catapulted herself into Peter’s arms.

Peter reacted automatically, cradling the small of her back to him while he rubbed soft circles onto her spine. “It’ll be okay,” he whispered into her floral smelling hair, “tell me what I can do to fix it and I’ll do it.”

They stood like that for a while, Peter slowly rocking them back and forth, while he supported the meager weight of her shaking frame in his arms. He spoke to her tenderly, telling her that he would help her make whatever was hurting her okay before she lifted her head to meet his eyes.

“Peter, I’m going to get you into trouble.” She sniffled, “you should be in class, I know that you love physics.”

“If you haven’t noticed,” Peter said, raising his eyebrows, “I don’t give half a damn about physics right now, you’re the only one who brought it up. I want to be where you are so I can help.”

She prayed that she wouldn’t regret what she was about to ask Peter, “do you wanna come home with me? We’re both going to get detention if we stay out here for much longer. I promise I’ll compensate you with warm chocolate chip cookies and coffee,” she trailed off, refusing to meet Peter’s hopeful gaze.

“Okay,” Peter said, “but I don’t know if you should drive right now,” he pointed to her shaking hands. “I don’t want you to get hurt by accident.”

She nodded her head, planning on ordering an uber and just leaving her car at the school.

“If you want, I can drive us home, I swear I know how.” Peter offered, a cherry blush spilling over his cheeks.

The girl dug through her purse before retrieving her car keys. “Okay, Peter. I trust you.”

Peter smiled at her before taking hold her keys and leading her into the parking lot. He couldn’t believe that she still looked so pretty after having just sobbed into his sweater.

“Peter?” She asked softly, tugging at his sleeve to make him look at her. “Thank you for being so good to me.”

He shook his head and leaned in, and before he could stop himself, he pressed a loving kiss to her forehead. Peter’s eyes widened, but before he could have his own panic attack, she flashed a real smile at him and pulled Peter forward, through lanes and lanes of parked cars.

Request: My Whole World

Request: Can you write one where the reader is being really petty towards dean for something he did and he gets fed up in a cute and fluffy way please.

Request: Could you write one where the reader is taking a nap and she’s pregnant and wakes up to dean talking to her stomach and it’s just all fluffy and cute

Word Count: 1,673

Thank you! I hope it’s what you were hoping for. Lots of love<3

“So anyway,” You continue, dipping the spoon back into the ice-cream carton and digging out another generous mouthful, “I get into the kitchen and he’s sat there, just munching on the last cookie. I’m not even kidding. I’d been craving them for weeks and I’d finally managed to convince his protective, overbearing ass to take me out to pick up the ingredients and he eats the last bloody one.”

Sam eyes the carton, balanced precariously atop your growing bump, and smiles a little, “He can be rude sometimes.”

“I know, right? And he acts like it’s nothing, like I haven’t been dragging his spawn around inside me for… what, seven and a half months?” You sigh dramatically, “All I wanted was a cookie and now all I have is…”

“Ice-cream?” Sam quirks an eyebrow with an amused smile, but you just shoot him a sardonic glare.

“It isn’t what I want. And you and Dean are so close, this might as well be your spawn too, so watch what you’re saying.” You manage to get the spoonful of ice-cream into your mouth just in time to point the spoon at him accusatorially, but he only laughs at you – it’s been like this for nearly three days now, considering that you’re not exactly on speaking terms with Dean unless it involves backrubs or food.

“I’m sure he feels awful.” Sam attempts, picking up another plate and setting it in the warm, soapy water of the sink – baby-proofing efforts are fully underway in the bunker, which, according to Sam, means turning the place into a clean, half-decent child-rearing environment. The brothers are so concerned with making it completely perfect and safe that you’ve barely had anything to do with it, which you’re perfectly fine with at this point.

“No, he doesn’t. He feels bad that I’m grumpy with him. But he enjoyed that cookie, and I know it.” You narrow your eyes, “They were damn good cookies.”

Sam turns to you after a moment, “Y/N, can I say something without you… spontaneously bursting into tears or throwing your ice-cream at me?”

“Probably not, but go on.” You nod, scraping out the bottom of the carton and giving him a roguish grin. He offers a small, though hesitant, smile, drying his hands off on the towel draped over the oven door handle.

“I think you’re scared. About Dean, about the baby, about everything.” He watches warily as your eyes narrow, and you sit forward slowly, a protective hand moving over your stomach as if his words could somehow hurt the tiny, helpless infant inside, “And I can’t help but wonder if you’re finding excuses to keep him at arm’s length so that if something does go wrong, he doesn’t blame himself. So he isn’t so hurt by losing one or both of you.”

“Sam-“ You try, but he has a way of reading you that not even Dean has managed to grasp – he really is your best friend, your brother in all but blood – in the least weird way, considering you’ve been with his biological brother for years.

“You’re going to be fine, Y/N. All three of you.”

“All four of us.” You correct, and he gives a conceding nod.

“All four of us. We have heaven and hell on our side, Y/N. Trust me on this one, alright?” He moves half a step closer to you, the smile on his face reminding you that he’s as excited as you are for this, and has mulled over every single one of the same possibilities, “We’ve gotten through everything else. This is just another adventure.”

You let the silence hang between you for a few moments, before hauling yourself to your feet and fixing him with a look that lets him know that he’s absolutely right, but that you’re less than impressed about it.

“One of these days, Sam Winchester, you’re going to tell someone a home truth that they really hate and you’re going to get punched.” You tell him, though the smile on your face instantly negates any kind of seriousness in your statement, “And fair warning, I am going to laugh.”

“Fair point.” He smiles, stepping forward to take your shoulders in his hands and press an affectionate kiss to your brow, “Go on, Y/N, get some rest. I’m almost done here.”

He can tell how obnoxiously tired you are, and even how hard you’re trying to hide it. It’s been a difficult transition, and one you’re still struggling with, going from reckless, active hunter, to careful, nurturing mother – though it’s one you’re more than willing to make.

“Alright, Sammy. I’m going for a nap.”


Naps have recently – even over the last three or four weeks – have become your primary source of sustenance. Depending on the hours that Winchester junior decides to make your bladder/ribs/kidneys into his or her personal trampoline, you’re not getting as much sleep as night as you perhaps should be, which means that the couch is your new favourite spot – these days, if either brother or anyone else needs to get a hold of you, that’s usually where you can be found.

When you find that the something pulling you from the warmth and comfort of sleep is Dean’s voice, you’re less than surprised – for a man who pretty much makes a living out of being sneaky and stealthy, he doesn’t half know how to make a racket (and then some) when he wants to. What you are more surprised to find is that, from where his voice is, he’s sat on the floor in front of you with his face up close to your shirt – more specifically, to your stomach.

“… And she’s stubborn; don’t ever try to get in her way. I’ve known her forever, and I’ve only actively disagreed with her once or twice. She’s clever, too. Probably too much for her own good. And beautiful – hopefully you’ll look a lot like her, but not too much, because then you’ll be charming the living shit out of everything in a five mile radius from the minute you’re born and none of us will stand a chance.”

He’s speaking in a low, soft tone that is difficult for even you to pick up at this point, but what you do feel is his hand lightly ghosting over your stomach – at first, you thought it was a bit odd, the way he’d like to randomly feel you up, but it eventually became more endearing than anything else.

“Another thing you’ve gotta watch out for with your mom is that she’s funny. Too funny, sometimes, like when we’re in a life or death situation and she comes out with a comment and man, does it piss off whoever – or whatever – we’re hunting and it distracts us all but it just makes the whole thing more bearable. But you’ll never know any of that, anyway, if we get our way. You deserve better, and I’ll be damned if that’s not what you’re going to get. Then again, I’m probably damned anyway.”  

He sighs softly, and after a moment, you feel his nose up against your skin.

“God, kid, I hope I don’t screw you up. I hope you get the childhood I couldn’t. I’d never be able to live with myself if you were scared for one minute of it.” He’s choked up, you realise, your heart skipping a beat and stomach lurching, “Kid, you are so, so loved. Whether your mom is pissed off at me or not; whether you know it or not, you two are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I promise you, you’re not going to forget that. And neither am I.”

There’s a long moment, and he takes a deep breath, obviously trying to collect himself – you’ve heard him speaking to the bump before, of course. He’s played music to it, cranking the volume up in the Impala as soon as he’d read in one of those books that the baby had hearing organs (‘Have to get their tastes refined early, Y/N. I refuse to have a child who can’t appreciate a bit of rock.’) and belting out lyrics even when it was just the two of you – but never like this. Never with that… vulnerability; never with that kind of feeling.

You prise one eye open, watching him for a few moments, “You really just can’t let me be mad at you for more than three and a half minutes, can you?”

His head snaps up and his eyes widen as he realises that you’re awake, and have been the whole time – his eyes are still shining and slightly glazed, but he plays it off by clearing his throat and giving you a small smile.

“So you’re not mad at me anymore? I can’t keep up.” He says softly, searching for your hand, and, once he finds it, he twines his fingers with yours sweetly.

“I was never mad at you. Well… not once the damage had been done.” You concede with a smile, slowly pushing yourself into a sitting position so he can come and sit beside you, one arm around your shoulders and the other hand still laced with yours.

“I’m sorry about the cookie. I’ll go and find more, Sam and I were thinking about-“

“It’s not about the damn cookie, Dean. Not even a little.” You interrupt, pulling your hand from his to hold his palm to your stomach, “I… was being dumb. And stupid. And rude. And it was uncalled for, whether I was being funny and petty over a cookie or not.”

“Is that an apology?” His eyes widen, but a grin spreads over his face as the baby kicks against his hand. You quirk an eyebrow.

“Don’t push your luck. And whether I’m mad or not, you owe me cookies.”

He doesn’t hesitate to nod, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to your lips, “Anything you want. Everything you want. I don’t care, Y/N. You – both of you – you’re my world now.”

Tom Holland Imagine: Beautiful

Summary: You’re new to town and meet your new neighbor, Harrison. You soon become friends and he introduces you to his best friend.

A/N: Ugh I’m sorry if this is bad this is the result of my procrastinating doing my psych homework

Warnings: None


“Y/N, come down here and meet our new neighbors!” My mother yelled up to me.

I sighed and dropped the box I was holding on my bed before I went down to meet the people living next to us. I passed my reflection and cringed at my hair and outfit. My hair was pulled into a bun with a few strands hanging down in my face and I was wearing a dirty white tank top and black yoga shorts. Normally, I would’ve attempted to look semi decent but I just don’t give a damn right now.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, a young girl, a guy around my age and their two parents stood there holding a plate of cookies.

“Hello! You must be Y/N! We’re the Osterfield’s. This is our daughter, Charlotte and our son, Harrison.”

“Hey, nice to meet you guys.”

Harrison smiled politely at me and Charlotte shyly waved.

“Well, Y/N, if you aren’t busy tomorrow, I was thinking you and Harrison could hang out and he could show you around the city!” His mother insisted.

“Yeah, that sounds fine.”

“Perfect! Harrison can come get you around 12? Does that work?”

“Fine with me.”

—Time Skip—

To say things with Harrison went well would be an understatement. The guy was one of the funniest people I had ever met. He made jokes at every stop and had me in tears about 20 minutes into hanging out.

That was 2 months ago.

Harrison had become one of the best friends I ever had in all my life.

Problem was his other best friend that was hogging all his time. Constantly bringing Harrison everywhere he went which left me without my best friend for weeks on end. Sometimes months.

I had never met the mysterious Tom but if he didn’t stop stealing my best friend I was pretty sure I would pound the kid’s face in when I met him.

I was in the middle of watching Heathers when the doorbell rung. I sighed as I paused the movie. J.D. and Veronica had just killed Heather Chandler and it was getting to the best part of the movie so whoever was interrupting me better be important.

I opened the door to see Harrison’s smiling face.


“Well, look who’s finally decided to show their face around here again.” I said as I pulled Harrison into a big hug.

It wasn’t until I pulled away that I noticed another guy standing behind Harrison.

“Ummm…. yeah I guess you could say that’s my fault…” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Y/N, meet Tom!”

I narrowed my eyes as I scanned over Tom’s appearance.


I was really not expecting him to be this attractive.

“So you’re the famous Tom.”

He smiled and nodded awkwardly.

“Well, don’t keep standing out there in the cold or you’ll get sick. Come on in.”

Tom and Harrison walked into my house and kicked their shoes off at the door.

“So what’re you up to?” Harrison asked as he walked into my living room and sat down on the couch.

“Uh, watching Heathers.”

“Hm, never seen it. What’s it about.”

“A girl who’s trying to be popular ends up dating a sociopath and kills three of her classmates and then has to stop him from blowing up their entire school.”

“…oh… sounds cool, I guess.”

I laughed as I saw Harrison’s uncomfortable face.

“It’s actually a really good movie.” Tom chimed in.

“You’ve seen Heathers?”

“Yeah, loads of times. It’s a classic.”

I smiled at Tom and turned to face him.

“I would’ve never pinned you as the type of guy to watch Heathers.”

“Well, what type of guy do you pin me as?”

“Hmmm… Transformers, Star Wars, James Bond.”

“Well, you’re very right about the James Bond. Not so much about the other two.”

I smiled and pressed play on the movie.

A couple minutes later, Harrison was passed out on the couch, leaving Tom and I in each other’s company.

“So, Harrison actually kinda warned me to stay quiet while we were here…”

“And why is that?”

“He said, and I quote, that if I said one wrong thing, you would scratch my pretty face off cause I hog him all the time.”

I laughed which caused Tom to look relieved.

“Harrison flatters himself too much.” I said as I looked at my sleeping best friend.

“Hey, do you wanna prank him?”

“Hell yeah!”

Tom and I snuck into the office where we both got sharpies and snuck back into the room. We got on either side of Harrison’s body and began to doodle on his face. When we saw his eyes begging to flutter, we jumped onto the couch and turned our attention back to the movie.

“What the hell is this movie? Is he raping her?” Harrison groggily asked as he watched J.D. press Veronica up against the wall in kiss her as she struggled to push him off.

“No, she’s about to kick his ass, don’t worry.” Tom said.

“Yeah, and even though J.D. is completely crazy, he loves Veronica.”

Harrison hummed.

“Well, I gotta take a piss.” Harrison said as he sat up from the couch and stumbled to the bathroom.

Tom and I erupted into a fit of giggles as we heard Harrison scream our names.

“RUN!” Tom and I yelled at the same time. I dragged Tom up to my room and locked the door before Harrison could reach us.

“Y/N! Tom! I swear to god, I’m gonna kill you two!” Harrison yelled as he banged on the door which only caused Tom and I to laugh even harder as we fell back onto my bed.

“Looks like you’re spending the night in here, Holland.”

Okay but if Sana talks to Isak about this boy she likes who isn’t Muslim and how big of an issue that is I can totally see him trying to give her his whole “no matter if you believe in Allah or parallel universes or evolution….the important thing is…life is now” speech

And he will be sitting there all smug and proud, waiting for Sanas praise and gratefulness that he just solved all her problems….

But then Sana just screws up her face and is like “what kind of sugar coated fortune cookie crap is that? How the hell does that help me Isak?”

And he’ll just be like “damn tough crowd…just go in there and get it gurrrl”

Then Sana throws her pen at him.

I love science snakes

Nier: Automata Charas in a nutshell tbh
  • 2B: Beauty, grace, can & will kick your YoRHa-troubling ass into space.// "Emotions are Prohibited blah blah" says the girl with angsty feels she thinks she's so good at hiding.//Will not tolerate any BS if it interrupts the mission.//s/n: Girl can work a pretty bow, damn.
  • 9S: "Notice me, pls, 2B-senpai." 💘//Ladies call him "Nines" (spoiler: he wishes)//King of complaining//protect curious child at all costs//HE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR 2B SENPAI!!//give this tough soldier a cookie pls//s/n: bathing is N[I]CE 👌
  • A2: gives little fcks//"stfu!"//not in it to win it but to SLAY//the 'other' 2B//don't tell her what to do//BEAUTIFUL BUT HURTIN' 💔//low-key tsundere//s/n: knows how to cut hair.
  • Pascal: Best uncle 👍 // "I love you, you love me, machines & androids can be a happy, peaceful family~"
  • Operator 210: Time for scheduled update, not to hear 9S's whiny-ass complaints//"One 'yeah' is enough u lil brat"//she deserved better 👈
  • Machines: "BECOME AS GODS!"//Playing dress up//existential Crisis// "Pisseth off!"
  • Adam: literally born yesterday//dresses like a Sensei//quotes philosophical bs.
Take Care - A Sasil Fic

Just a little day-in-the-life-of fluffy fic. One shot for now. @parisian-nicole

Sally Ann sat in the passenger seat of Frida’s car. “Thanks for goin’ shoppin’ with me.”

Frida laughed. “The thanks belongs to you. I been needin’ a good reason to get outta my place for days. Plus, what kinda woman doesn’t enjoy a lil bargain’ huntin’?”

“True.” Sally Ann unbuckled her seatbelt as Frida put the car in park outside of her and Hasil’s new apartment.

“Your man’s done good earnin’ y'all some cash.”

Sally Ann nodded as she started gathering shopping bags into her arms. She was proud of Hasil, but his new method of earning income left her nerves on edge. “Yeah. He’s done good. Just can’t wait until I can find somethin’ and contribute too.”

“Hey now.” Frida wagged her finger at her new friend. “You’re busy growin’ his baby and makin’ your home a home. Take a little credit for what you’re doin’ now. You’ll find somethin’ else soon enough.”

“I know. I just…”

“You’re worried ‘bout him.” Frida gave her a sweet smile. “I don’t need my psychic powers to tell that much.” She pulled a plastic shopping bag from the backseat and held it up. “I mean, this whole damn thing is filled with first aid stuff.” Frida continued when Sally Ann gave no response. “Look sweetie, I know the feelin’. Butch’s line of work ain’t the sorta thing that leaves me restin’ easy at night either. You just gotta hope it’s temporary you know. I play my numbers every week and one day Butch and I are gonna hit it big. Then we’ll be livin’ up in a mansion somewhere far from here… and we’ll adopt 'bout ten babies.”

This made Sally Ann laugh.

“Seriously though. Keep prayin’, support him, and work hard… and when that ain’t enough, you find somethin’ to keep your mind busy… like gettin’ that nasty ass apartment of y'alls clean. Come on.”

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom. Sally Ann couldn’t remember ever feeling more exhausted. She leaned against the kitchen counter and guzzled a glass of water.

“Well.” Frida stood in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips. “It still looks like shit in here, but at least it smells better. I’d say it was a productive day.” She checked her phone. “Butch texted. He says Hasil is with him.”

“Good. I was wonderin’ why he wasn’t home yet.” Sally Ann smiled at her first reference to their home. She hadn’t seen Hasil since they got the keys to their place early that morning. He’d taken on another day job, but made sure to pack his own food and water this time.

“They’ll be back soon. Butch asked me to order some Chinese for dinner.”

Sally Ann’s stomach did a back flip at the mere mention of food. “That sounds good.”

“Well what d'y'all want? Dinner is on me. I can practically hear that poor fetus begging for nourishment from here.”

“Oh I couldn’t. You’ve already done so—”

“Hush now and take what’s offered to ya. I’ll have it delivered here and just take our stuff on home. What d'ya want?”

Sally Ann set up a little dinner picnic on the floor since the only furniture she and Hasil had at the moment was the mattress lying in the center of the living room. She lit some candles and transferred the food from the to-go cartons to the dishes she picked up at the thrift store. The apartment didn’t look so bad in the soft light. She’d just finished pouring a couple of glasses of water when she heard Hasil unlocking the front door.

“Sally Ann?” he called out before even looking up. “Oh, there ya are. Hey.” He placed his hand on the small of her back as he leaned in for a quick kiss. “How was your day?” His eyes drifted around the small apartment. “You been busy. It looks nice in here.” His eyes landed on the food. “Smells good too.”

Sally Ann laughed. “You hungry?”


“Good. Frida bought us dinner. We’ve got some fried rice, beef and broccoli, General Tso’s chicken—”

“Whose chicken?”

She snorted out a laugh. “Don’t worry about it. Go wash your hands.”

Sally Ann turned on the old little radio she and Frida found at a yard sale that morning. It helped to drown out the sound of their noisy neighbors. She passed Hasil his plate once he sat down and watched as he began to devour the food. “You weren’t lyin’ when you said you were hungry.”

He nodded, mouth full of broccoli.

“You’ll have to pack a bigger lunch next time you go out.”

Hasil finished chewing what was in his mouth and set down his plate. “Honestly, Sally Ann, goin’ out there feels like such a waste of time and energy. One night fightin’ I can make what I’d get off a week layin’ bricks and spreadin’ tar… prob'ly more'n that. I was wantin’ to talk to ya 'bout it because tomorrow night—”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Now wait a minute, hear me out. There’s a fight tomorrow night and Butch says I could take this guy easy. He—”

“Hasil no. Your face isn’t even healed from your last fight yet.”

He used his fork to push his rice into a little mountain on his plate and chuckled. “Well I won’t let 'im hit me in the face.”

“Hasil this isn’t funny.”

He put his fork down and took her hand. “I know. I know. But we need the paper, right? You said yourself you oughta be goin’ to the doctor every month and you ain’t been yet. Let me do this fight, and we’ll use that cash to get ya to the doctor, alrigh’?”

She knew he was right, but she didn’t want to agree to it. Not yet. Instead she pouted and picked up her plate.

Hasil grinned, knowing that she had silently conceded. “Everythin’ will be okay.” He studied her as she began to eat her food and quickly traded his smile for a frown. “Oh c'mon Sally Ann, now you’re jus’ bein’ dramatic. We ain’t that bad off. You ain’t gotta eat your dinner with sticks. Here.” He picked up a spare fork and held it out to her.

She nearly choked on her food with laughter and spent the next few minutes showing Hasil how to use chopsticks. The mood was instantly lightened and they were able to finish their meal in peace.

Hasil patted his belly. “That was good. I’m full.”

“Wait, you gotta make room for dessert.” Sally Ann got up and dug around the bottom of the brown paper sack that everything came in. “Fortune cookies.”

Hasil raised an eyebrow. “Fortune cookies?”

She passed Hasil one of the small packaged treats. “Yeah. Inside there is a paper with your fortune on it. Break open the cookie and I’ll read it. It’s just for fun.”

“Alrigh’.” He took off the wrapper and broke open the cookie.

“See? There it is.” Sally Ann watched Hasil pull out the thin white strip of paper. “You know how to make it more fun?” she asked.

He laughed and handed her the paper. “No.”

“Say 'in bed’ right after I read your fortune.”

Hasil looked a little confused, but nodded.

“Okay. Ready? 'An unexpected relationship will become permanent…’”

“In bed,” Hasil added quickly.

Sally Ann rolled on the floor laughing.

Hasil scratched his head, more humored by Sally Ann’s reaction than the actual fortune. “Well we did make a baby in bed and tha’s pretty damn permanent.” He ran his hand over his mustache. “Open yours.”

She composed herself and cracked open her cookie. “'Tell them what you really think. Otherwise nothing will change… ’”

“In bed.” He chuckled. “These cookies are pretty smart.” He leaned over onto all fours to give her a kiss. “Thanks for dinner. Thanks for makin’ our place nice and clean too.” He kissed her again. Longer this time. Her eyes stayed closed a few seconds after he pulled away. “Tell me what ya really think,” he said with a small grin.

“I think… I like that. And I’d like some more… after you shower.”

He tapped the side of her jaw. “Sounds good to me.” He got up and took a few steps toward the bathroom before pausing. “Hey we gotta pay for that shower water?”

Sally Ann gathered up their dishes and put them in the sink. “Yeah. We gotta pay for everything.”

He shrugged. “Then what do you say we knock out two showers in one?”

She rolled her eyes at his suggestive tone, but couldn’t deny that he had a good point. “Okay, but no funny business or we’ll end up usin’ more than we would separately.”

Hasil shrugged. “There ain’t nothin’ funny 'bout what I was thinkin’.”

Sally Ann could feel heat rush her cheeks as she smiled and shook her head at her guy. “You know what I mean Hasil. I’ll be in there in a second.” She cleaned up the remains of their dinner and went to meet him in the bathroom. His dirty clothes were in a neat little pile on the floor and she could see his handsome silhouette through the shower curtain.

“C'mon in,” he called. “This thing here is 'bout one of the best inventions y'all got. This and Chinese food.”

“I don’t know if you can really call Chinese food an invention exactly. Maybe the fortune cookies.”

“That don’t make no sense.”

Sally Ann laughed. “Yeah it does.” She climbed in the shower behind him and gasped when the water touched her skin. Chill bumps quickly spread over her entire body. “Hasil this water is freezing! Do you not know you can make it warm?” She reached over and turned the dial toward hot.

“What ya talkin’ 'bout? I did make it warm. And holy—”

She watched as Hasil squirmed and bounced around to get from beneath what he registered as very, very hot water.

“Holy hell woman. How are ya’ standin’ in that?”

“It’s not even that hot.” She laughed at the way he reached his arm around and tried to adjust the temperature without letting the water touch him. They fought back and forth until they both realized a compromise would never be found. There was nothing sexy about the way they quickly scrubbed down and got out.

Sally Ann collapsed onto the mattress and watched Hasil gather up the trash to take out. She’d forgotten to pick up a waste bin while she was shopping earlier.

“Be right back,” he said before disappearing out the front door. He returned just a couple of minutes later. “Kinda thought you’d be asleep before I got back.” He locked the door and stepped out of his boots.

Sally Ann snuggled into the clean sheets. “No. I’m beat, but not super sleepy yet.”

“Yeah, well you did a lot today.”

“So did you.”

He nodded and pulled his tank top over his head. “It’s 'bout to rain.”

“Good. I like rainy nights.” She reached an arm out toward him. “Come get in bed.”

He smirked at her and did as he was told. She was resting on her side and he matched his body behind hers like a puzzle piece. They lay in silence for several minutes until thunder rolled and the sky broke open.

“There’s the rain,” Sally Ann said.

“There’s the rain.”

She pulled on his arm a little so he’d wrap it tighter around her. “Hasil?”


“I’m glad you’re here with me. I know how hard it was to leave your family.”

“It was hard…” He paused. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the easiest. If tha’ makes any sense.”

Sally Ann hoped he’d elaborate, and after a few moments, he did.

“Ya see, my family is up on tha’ mountain…But it’s also here.” He shifted his arm so that his hand rested over her lower belly. “And here.” He gently kissed the back of her neck. “And it’s here.” He moved his mouth to her exposed shoulder and pressed his lips to her skin again. “And here.” He continued to plant kisses on every bit of her skin that he could reach, his tickly mustache forcing giggles out of her as he did. “I’ll take care of ya,” he whispered in her ear as she settled down.

“I’ll take care of you, too.”

Hasil woke up in the middle of the night sprawled across the middle of the mattress. He sat up and looked around in the darkness. “Sally Ann?”

She didn’t answer, but he could see that the light was on in the bathroom. He stood and parted the blinds to look outside. The rain was coming down in sheets. He watched it as he waited for Sally Ann to come out. When she didn’t show after a few minutes, he went and gently knocked on the door. “Sally Ann? You okay?”


“You don’t sound okay.” He tried turning the door knob, but it was locked. “Sally Ann open the door.”

“Hasil go back to sleep. You don't—” Her words were exchanged for forceful heaving.

He knocked on the door again. “Sally Ann come on. Don’t be hard headed. Let me in.”

The only response was the sound of her puking into the toilet bowl and it made Hasil wish he were home up the mountain. Not because he wanted to be away from her, but because it’d be so much easier to help. She wouldn’t be able to lock herself away from him and he’d be able to dig up some fresh ginger root and make some tea to settle her stomach. He walked to the kitchen to get her a glass of water instead.

“Sally Ann open the door,” he said when he returned.

“Hasil I’m fine really.” He’d never seen her sick before. They’d been dealing with so much hard reality. She just wanted to preserve a little bit of the fairytale.

He stared at the thin wooden door thinking about how easy it’d be to just bust it open, but he couldn’t do that because fixing it would cost money they didn’t have. He drummed on the door frame as he thought about what he could say to get her to let him in. He knocked yet again when the words came to him. “I know you didn’t forget that quick, Sally Ann.”

The toilet flushed. “Forget what?”

“The las’ thing we said ta one another before we fell asleep.”

There was a pause, some rustling, and the sound of the door unlocking. She stood there looking sweaty and miserable.

“You gon let me take care of ya?”

She nodded and returned to her spot on the floor near the toilet. Hasil dampened a clean washcloth with cool water and sat on the edge of the tub. She leaned back against his knees and let him place the cloth on her forehead. “How long you been in here like this?”

She closed her eyes and tried to breathe through the queasy feeling in her stomach. “I dunno. Maybe an hour?”

“What’s got ya sick? The Chinese food or the baby?”

“Pretty sure it’s the baby.”

“Well that ain’t very nice of him.”

She cracked a small smile.

“We’re gonna have t’ work on his manners. Here, drink some water.” He watched her take a few small sips and then encouraged her to take a few more.

“Do you think it’s a boy?” she asked.

He thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess that’s what I’ve been imaginin’, but I think I’d be pretty taken by a little baby girl that looks just like you.”

Sally Ann leaned over the toilet and hurled again.

“I mean maybe not like ya in this exact momen’—”

She reached behind herself to slap at him as she continued to be sick.

“I’m just teasin’,” he said as he rubbed her back.

It was another hour before the nausea faded. Sally Ann fell asleep with her head in his lap. He sat there on the bathroom floor for a while. He looked at the peeling paint on the walls, listened to the sound of the rain, felt the rise and fall of Sally Ann’s chest against his legs and was content. Soon his own eyes grew heavy, so he carefully lifted Sally Ann from the ground and carried her back to bed with him. “We’ll be alrigh’,” he said aloud before falling back asleep.

Cheap Thrills - Suho X Reader (Part 2)

Originally posted by lawlliets

Synopsis: Junmyeon helps you recover from your panic attack at the amusement park and things get cUte~

Genre: FLUFF

Word Count: 2,958 (whoops)    

Part 1  Part 3

“She’s my girlfriend.”

You were too focused on stabilizing your breathing to be able to think about Junmyeon’s words.

“Miss, is this true?” The staff person’s head came into view above your own in nosy fashion.

You feebly nodded in response, and Junmyeon grew agitated.

“I already said she’s my girlfriend, can we get her to first aid already?” His voice sounded gruffly, “Or would you rather waste more time?”

Very apparently intimidated, the park staff member straightened himself in an awkward attempt to remain professional.

“R-Right this way, sir. Follow me.”

You remained in the amusement park’s less-than-professionally-equipped medical tent for a good twenty minutes after your attack had successfully subsided. Junmyeon had placed you delicately on the makeshift medical bed, and you spent the rest of the time after your initial recovery explaining to medical staff that you were fine and just needed a minute to rest. They were efficient in attending to your every need, but mostly in case you were having any thoughts of suing them. The rush of worried park officials in and out of the tent initially made your anxiety take longer to disappear, but then again…

Junmyeon had never left your side.

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TWD Prompts!

Hey everyone! While I’m finishing up the second part of Bail, I thought I’d do some prompts😊 if you message me a number and a character, I’ll do a one shot for you😁 Thank you guys for being patient with Bail, love y'all😘

1. “You’re my favourite idiot.”

2. “Take that back.”

3. “You want to make me, sweetheart?”

4. “I wondered where all of my shirts went. Now I know.”

5. “Don’t you dare say that.”

6. “Yeah… I noticed.”

7. ″Hey, princess? Get your head out of your ass.”

8. “We’re okay, you’re okay… you’ll be okay.”

9. “Listen to me, I’m an asshole.”

10. “You know what? Forget it.”

11. “Darling, you couldn’t ignore me if you tried.”

12. “You think I wanted this!?”

13. “I’ll protect you with my life. That’s a damn promise.”

14. “I hate that I love you.”

15. “I thought I lost you…”

16. “You swear?”

17. “You’re stupid and I love you.”

18. “Your way of apologizing is… cookies?”

19. “Well, when you put it like that, I sound like a dick.”

20. “I get the whole sleep talking thing, but what I don’t get is the fairy princess dream and why I’m in it.”

21. “You’re not my dad…”

22. “Forgive me for saving your life, boy what an ass am I.”

23. “You’re the best thing about me.”

24. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

25. “The thing is… I don’t actually give a damn?”

26. “You look pretty hot for someone who basically just died.”

27. “Let’s get one thing straight- I’m not.”

28. "Do no harm, but take no shit, you understand?”

29. “You’ve got me fucked up in the best way possible.”

30. “I can’t stop thinking about you and it’s killing me.”

31. “Stop pretending everything is okay!”

32. “You go, I go. That was always the deal.”

33. “Jesus Christ, just fuck already.”

34. “Did I say I was done!?”

35. “Ugh, you sound like my mother.”

36. “I’m nowhere near good enough for you.”

37. “I want to believe you, I really do…”

38. “Okay, judging by the look on your face, you either want to kill me or have sex with me.”

39. “Did you just fucking shoot me!?”

40. “No! Be mad at me! What I did wasn’t okay!”

41. “Not like this.”

42. “You’re drunk, I’m drunk, let’s make it happen.”

43. “You’re walking on thin ice, tough guy.”

44. “Well, would you look at that! I’m all out of fucks to give.”

45. “Stop trying to push me away!”

46. “You really mean that?”

47. “Can you be a little less obvious?”

48. “I’d fucking die for you.”

49. “I’m sober. How unfortunate.”

50. “God, don’t be so damn bitter.”

Behave Yourself, Santa

SPN Christmas Song Challenge by @winchester-writes

Song/Object: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, candy cane

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean looks hot dressed up as Santa Claus. Enough said.

“Ho, ho, ho…” You hear a deep sexy voice say behind you.

You spin around and see your delicious husband dressed as Santa Claus standing in front of the fireplace.

He has a smirk on his beautiful face that makes you instantly feel turned on. Even with a dumb fake ass beard and bright red suit, he’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen.

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anonymous asked:

okay as much as I want to send almost all of the best friend prompts because they're wonderful and your writing is also wonderful I'll limit myself to “You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!”

Oh thank you so much <3

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

“Bucky , give it back” you crossed your arms and tried to look intimidating as possible.

Bucky simply chuckled in response. “Is that supposed to scare me, doll?”.

“Just give me the damn cookie” you growled, standing your ground.

“You’re so cute when you’re mad” he laughed, even booping your nose to annoy you further.

“Don’t make me take it from you” you threatened, Bucky holding the last cookie above your head.

“You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!” kicking his shin, Bucky dropped the cookie.

Grabbing it and taking a bite you teased your best friend over your shoulder, “I may be short , but I can still kick your legs”.


Niara stutters: I have. I told her and she understood and she-

Jarrod reaches over to gently stroke Niara’s hand.

Jarrod: It’s always amused me how you can lie so easily to everyone else around you, but you can never lie to me. You start stuttering and trembling like a kid who stole from the cookie jar. You haven’t told Allison sh*t, and you’ve been spending the money I gave you to pay back her cards. I know because I’ve had my private investigator following you. He said all you and Allison do is shop, and you’re paying in cash. The cash I gave you. Because broke ass Zeke damn sure ain’t giving you spending money.

Niara hastily rises from the table.

Niara: I don’t have to listen to this. 

Jarrod grabs her wrists, holds her firm so she can’t walk away.

Jarrod: You do and you will. There’s a reason I gave you that money in cash, Nia. I could have easily made an arrangement quietly with Nico Holmes. But I wanted you to dig yourself in a deeper hole. Now you owe Allison AND you owe me. How you gonna get out of this, Niara?

Niara cries: Why are you doing this to me, Jarrod? 

He wraps his arms around her waist, draws her to him. He smiles at the way she was trembling, in fear and in desire for him.

Jarrod whispers: Why? I’ve told you why. Because I want you in my life. And I’ll do whatever it takes to have you.

If Taeyong was your boyfriend...

i’m trying to fill my queue up lol and these are fun and easy to write so : ))) hope you cuties enjoy

  • bOI
  • so fuckin protective like
  • mark bumps into you and he’s like “mARK WTF YOU TRYNA CATCH THESE HANDS????”
  • like lee taeyong chill bro
  • if you get lost somewhere in public he legit has a fuckin freak out
  • he’s like “ohmygod y/nnnnnnnnn whERE ARe you?” 
  • legit second mom tbh
  • he wants you to b safe and healthy so he worries abt you all the time
  • when you’re sick, he’s there 25/9 
  • you need tissues? don’t worry babe taeyong gotchu he’s got ten different types, scented, lotion, soft, rough, every fucking think you can think of don’t ask me why
  • this kid is super fuckin nice ok
  • if he’s every around ur fam he’s so respectful and kind to everyone like ??? damn boiii
  • taeyong is 100000% the person to talk about marriage as well
  • like
  • he’s rlly worried about ur future together
  • and he’s rlly worried abt ur future as well
  • he’s very encouraging
  • definitely the type to give u incentives for studying and going to class/working
  • he’s like “y/n if you study then we can cuddle and watch halloween movies and binge on cookies all night”
  • “but if u don’t study then no kisses for ten days”
  • and we all know he won’t last ten days but you still study anyways bc a lot of the time he’s too busy to have movie marathons w you
  • pretends to be annoyed when you still his clothes but secretly loves it and takes 80000 pics of you to set as his phone wallpaper
  • gets teased by the other members ALL the time lemme tell you
  • **various gagging noises/whistles from the other members**
  • u can bet ur ass that a lot of ur alone time gets interrupted by yuta or ten
  • they just show up like,,,,,, “hey,,,, how it going guys :) is that garlic bread?”
  • legit squishes you when he hugs you
  • like
  • he’s strong asFFFF
  • taeyong is the boyfriend™
  • like
  • the type to share his headphones w u, write songs abt u, hold ur hand in public, lets u wear his clothes, probs makes u a mixtape w love songs on it, calls u his girl, buys u taco bell at 4am, will 1000000% buy u chocolate when ur on ur period
  • juST fuck me up taeyong damn
  • taeyong gets weaK when ur around children 
  • like he physically spazzes out a lil bit bC ur legit wife material
  • u guys go shopping together as well
  • but usually u don’t get anything bc u guys are like old ass grandparents and always worried af about money so u don’t need new shorts even though there’s like five holes in them
  • oK anyways taeyong would b the best bf ever like don’t even play
Oodal [Rap Monster]

{{ noun // the sulking or fake anger between a couple after a lover’s tiff, usually over something inconsequential }}

The woes of being wandless and unable to reach the higher shelves.

Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 1,030 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

When you’re on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of height, getting things off of high shelves prove to be very difficult. But, there are three things you can always count on:

1. Your everyday, ordinary stepping stools, chairs, or ladders. Except never use Filch’s ladder because that thing creaks and shakes so much, you’d think you were climbing the Whomping Willow.

2. Your boyfriend. Unlike you, he was blessed by the height gods and stands at nearly six feet tall. Granted, there’s a possibility that he might drop whatever you ask for him to reach and take down for you, but nothing too permanent that a quick reparo can’t fix.

3. And lastly, your handy-dandy simple accio spell that is, for the most part, fail proof.

Hey, if the wizard who saved the magic world is able to save himself from becoming dragon fodder with this spell, it’s pretty damn useful. Especially when you can’t reach the bathroom towels that Seohyun keeps putting on top of the cabinets. Screaming for towels in the prefect bathroom is a terrible idea, one you’ll never re-use, after that the prefect from Gryffindor, Jongin, came running in. He saw you half naked and proceeded to trip and fall into the bath pool.

It’s really embarrassing to do CPR on someone who just saw you partially nude and almost drowned because of you.

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Lost and Found (Schuylerson)

Title: Lost and Found
Series: Hamilton: An American Musical
Pairing: Jefferson/Angelica
Written by: @rikareena / @schuylerson-gems 
Posted: 5/6/2017 at 9:18 PM
A/N: Completed!  Please forgive any typos. This one’s a bit long!

Summary: Angelica Hamilton’s loved ones become frantic when the little one gets lost.

Tags: @a-schuylerr, @dveeddggs, @juuria, @lightwriter-darkfighter, @hamwriters 

               Thomas Jefferson stared in shock at the 7 year old girl on his doorstep.  He whipped his head to the left and the right so quickly, his hair almost flew off of his head.  He heard a sniffle and he glanced down again, his palms splayed against the frame of his doorway as he stared incredulously at the child before him.  Her face was red and her eyes were puffy; she wouldn’t stop crying.  

               “My word!  J-Jefferson, that’s!”

               “I know it, James!”

              Shit, where was–??

               “U-uncle Jeffy…I-I…I can’t…” the little girl hiccupped and Jefferson pushed his fingers through his curls in confusion.

               “Angie.  Where the hell is your dad?!” he asked.  That started the waterworks up again as a low whine built up in her throat before growing to a loud wail.

               “I-I l-l-loooooost him!  A-and I don’t…I can’t…ahhhhHHH!!!”  


               “Thomas…” James Madison looked at his comrade worriedly as Jefferson squatted down before the girl and put his hand on her head.

               “Hey…hey c’mon now, princess. D-don’t cry.  It’ll be alright,” he said, gently taking her forearm and pulling her forward.  She put up no resistance as she buried her face in his shoulder, heaving heavy sobs against him.  He sighed and hugged her.

               “It’s alright.  It’s okay.  Uncle Jeffy’s got ya…” he said lowly.  How the hell did Hamilton lose track of his own daughter in the city?  And how the fuck did she wind up on Jefferson’s doorstep? Where was Alexander?

               “What are we gonna do, Thomas?” James asked.  He had stopped by Jefferson’s business residence at 57 Maiden Lane in New York so the two of them could work on drafting amendments to several proposals that were set to be pushed through Congress over the next couple of weeks.

              …The girl was about two hours away from her family’s home in Albany.  

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  • Me: *searches the Malia Tate tag*
  • Posts I find: Srydia/anti Malia/ anti stalia/ anti Shelley
  • Me: well okay then, I'll just go to the Shelley Hennig tag
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  • Me: alright I'll just go look in the Tyler Posey tag
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  • Me: well I miss Kira so I'll go look in her tag
  • Posts I find: Srydia
  • Me: I wanna see Arden Cho so there's no possible way Srydia could be there
  • Posts I find: Srydia/ anti stalia
  • Me: Maybe I'll try Ryan Kelley?
  • Posts I find: anti Ryan Kelley/ Srydia/ anti marrish/ anti stalia/ anti Malia/ anti Shelley/ anti Parrish
  • Me: *searches the skam tag*
  • Posts I find: skam posts
  • Me: okay finally
  • Me: *looks at the comments under the Skam post and finds ones about srydia*
  • Me Internally: Do you people want a fucking cookie or something like bitch what the fuck are you lost? I'll be happy to give you directions to "chill the fuck out with your bullshit" ville. It's just up the street from "tag your shit correctly" and right around the corner of "are you that desperate?". Then take a left on "nobody fucking wants anything to do with your toxic fandom". You should arrive at your destination by "kiss your ship's problematic ass in your own damn tags and stop dragging us with you" o'clock.
Cookie Thief

Originally posted by vampires-story

Requested by anonymous:

“The vampire diaries imagine with Enzo where you are always insulting each other jokingly and flirting with each other but then he kisses you and it’s fluffy with you two for once.”

Warnings: fluff, swearing

“Long day?” Stefan asked as I walked into the Salvatore’s living room.

“You don’t know the half of it.” I huffed grabbing the glass from Stefan’s extended hand. I muttered a thank you before plopping down on the couch in front of the fire. I let out a sigh as my muscles relaxed into the worn cushions before allowing myself a sip of the liquid.

“Do you know where Elena is by the way? I tried to call her but her cell was off.” I sighed as I reached for one of the grimoires on the coffee table.

“Yeah that would be because she’s upstairs with Damon.” Stefan laughed and I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

“That’s my boy.” A familiar accent spoke and I rolled my eyes as Enzo waltzed into the room.

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