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This Was A Stupid Idea

Prompt from @fyotpprompts: I’ve been looking for the Vampire I made out with last Halloween for a year.  And I finally cornered him in a dead end, low lit, low trafficked alley, behind an abandoned building. I really didn’t think this through, AU.

I changed it up a little bit and I totally got carried away but yolo I guess

It’s been bugging Trini for over a year.

Zack dragged her to one party. The one time she left her dorm, the one time she left her quiet, peaceful life, she met someone. She met someone beautiful and funny and it was perfect for all of five seconds until she found out the truth.

That the girl she met was a goddamn vampire.

It’s natural for everything in Trini’s life to go obscenely wrong, of course. But a vampire?

Naturally, she found out when they were making out and the girl had bit her lip and it was damn good kiss and the bite was sexy as hell until her teeth were just a little too sharp and she was sucking just a little too hard and-

Then she was gone.

And the worst part is, Trini can’t get the damn girl out of her head.

She swears she sees her at the edge of her vision sometimes. Smirking, toying with her. In class, when she’s walking, when she’s eating. She sees this girl everywhere.

And honestly? She’s had enough.


Zack’s head flies up from where it is on the couch so fast that he falls onto the floor. He groans loudly, rubbing the back of his head soothingly. “What the fuck, T? Can’t a guy take a nap?”

“It’s Halloween this weekend. You’re taking me to that party we went to last year,” Trini says with finality, throwing his black leather jacket at him before throwing her own yellow bomber jacket onto her back. “Now c’mon, pretty boy. Make me look sexy.”

Zack grins excitedly up at Trini before hopping up off of the floor, putting his jacket on quickly. “Trying to get laid, Crazy Girl?”

Trini chuckles dryly, shaking her head at her own insane idea. “I wanna look like a damn meal.”


Zack does not disappoint Trini’s expectations one bit.

The night of the party, Zack slaps Trini’s hands away from her face, tutting disapprovingly as she tries to do her own hair and makeup. “No no, I got this. Just sit back and let the hottest pan in the house do his work.”

“Every time you say that I want to punch you in the face,” Trini rolls her eyes but sets her hands down, letting him do his magic.

“You’re just jealous I’m better at doing makeup than you are,” Zack smirks, grabbing a few brushes and a pallet of eyeshadow. “Put your contacts in before I start this, I’m not letting your watery eyes ruin my art.”

After an hour of letting Zack meticulously do Trini’s eye makeup, costume makeup, and hair (or as Trini liked to call it, torturing her), he finally lets her look in the mirror. 

Trini gasps slightly, barely recognizing herself in the mirror. Her braids are gone, her hair is tousled to look almost like it’s still wet, and her eye makeup in contrast to the blood red contacts is incredibly well done. Her lips were painted a deep red, and the fake bite marks on her neck are almost realistic. Paired with the deep cut black three quarter sleeve shirt and the connected black chokers on her neck, she looks nothing short of sexy.

“I have to hand it to you, Taylor, I look damn fine,” Trini smirks, turning slightly in the mirror to look at herself from a different angle. As she goes to flip her hair out, just to give it some more volume, she hears the telltale sound of a camera going off. Turning, she glares at Zack, who’s too busy admiring his picture to notice her angry eyes.

“What the fuck are you-”

“When you see this picture, you will love me,” Zack smirks, turning the phone around to show her the picture. Trini’s jaw drops, grabbing the phone from his hand and staring at the picture of herself in the mirror.

“And that, my darling little friend, is how to transform a mess into a full course meal,” Zack says smugly.

“If I wasn’t so impressed, I would beat the shit out of you for calling me a mess,” Trini breathes out slightly. “Now hurry up and get ready. And send me that picture, it’s going on my instagram.”



“I still can’t believe you made your username ‘tinytrini’.”

“I may be little, but I’m feisty.”


The party’s in full swing when Zack and Trini arrive. Naturally, Zack had to go as something that would “accentuate his body structure” as he put it, so he’s almost completely nude, posing as a male stripper. Trini rolls her eyes, thankful that she won’t have to be around his ass much longer tonight. She needs alcohol, half decent music, and that bitch of a vampire that won’t leave her alone.

The frat boys running the party eye her unashamedly, and she has to bite back the insults crawling up her throat so that she can get into this damn party.

Once inside, Zack whoops excitedly before running to the beer pong tables, leaving Trini to wander to the drinks alone. Snagging some of the jungle juice, she downs a whole cup as fast as she can before refilling it, nursing the second drink much longer than the first. After fifteen minutes of standing around uncomfortably with an empty drink, she moves to refill it a third time when someone presses up behind her.

“If I knew you’d look so good with those marks on your neck, I would’ve had my way with you a year ago.”

Trini turns slowly, much calmer on the outside than she is on the inside, coming face to face with the vampire girl from last year. In the light she can better distinguish her features; short, choppy brunette hair that somehow looks messy and perfectly placed at the same time, deep brown eyes, full lips curled into a devious smirk, and surprisingly tanned skin.

“Vampire,” is all Trini says, is all she can say. It’s not like she knows the girl’s name or anything.

“You remember me,” the girl’s lips curl even more than they were before, excitement noticeable in her facial features. Her eyes flash with some emotion, and Trini can’t tell if it’s a good one or a ‘I can’t wait to suck all of the blood out of your body’ one. “I’m surprised.”

“I’m not,” Trini scoffs. “You’ve been following me around for the last year. You aren’t that slick.”

“While that may be true,” the vampire drawls, stepping closer to Trini. Trini steps backwards with every step she takes forward until her lower back hits the countertop behind her, the vampire trapping her against it with her arms. “It’s definitely not the only reason you remember me.”

Trini doesn’t know if vampires have seduction powers or if she just really wants to get laid, but she’s grabbing at the back of the girl’s neck and yanking her down for a rough kiss immediately. She barely gets to run her tongue along the vampire’s bottom lip before the girl is laughing, stepping back slightly just out of Trini’s lip’s reach.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” the vampire chuckles darkly, and Trini can’t help the shiver run through her body at the way the nickname sound’s on the other girl’s lips. “If you want me, you’re going to have to find me.”

Before Trini can comprehend what the girl said, her head still spinning from the kiss they shared not moments before, the vampire is smirking and sulking off into the crowd, leaving Trini alone. Trini looks around frantically, trying to see where she went, but she can only see drunk frat boys and sorority girls.

Fuck,” Trini runs a hand through her hair before taking off into the crowd, trying to find the vampire. She makes it out of the kitchen and into the hallway, catching a glimpse of the vampire girl smirking at her teasingly before disappearing to the left. Trini runs down the hallway, shoving people out of the way to get there, but the girl is gone when she gets to the end of the hall.

“You’re getting closer,” Trini hears in her ears, turns to see no one around her paying attention to her, but her eyes catch the vampire climbing up the stairs, that damn smirk still on her face. Rolling her eyes with a groan, Trini runs up after her, running into the only empty room only to find no one there.

“Son of a-”

The sound of the door slamming behind her causes Trini to jump, turning around to see the vampire girl standing beside the doorway, arms crossed and teasing smirk firmly planted on her face.

“Well, you’ve found me,” the vampire says in a sickeningly sweet tone, one that actually scares Trini. The shorter girl realizes that she’s alone, upstairs, away from the party and away from all of the people, trapped in a room with a vampire.

She really should’ve thought this through.

“I saw your little picture on instagram, and I’ve been dying to see you,” the vampire admits, biting her lip slightly as she sulks closer to Trini with each step she takes. “Despite the fact that I’ve kept myself away from you, you have no. idea. how hard it’s been.”

Despite the fear in her veins, Trini can’t help but feel her confidence skyrocket as well as her desire for the girl in front of her. Smirking slightly, she takes a step forward, helping to close the distance between them.

“I think I at least deserve to know your name for all of the stalking you’ve been doing,” Trini says with a coy smile, her eyes twinkling in delight.

“I guess you’re right,” the vampire says as she comes to stand chest to chest with Trini, her head cocked to the side playfully. “It’s Kim.”

With that, the vampire, Kim, grasps at the back of Trini’s neck and tugs her in for a rough and passionate kiss. Trini groans into the kiss, Kim immediately taking the opportunity to brush her tongue against Trini’s, both girls moaning softly at the first touch.

Trini’s hand comes up to grasp at Kim’s neck, her other pulling her closer by her waist. Kim’s grip on Trini is almost vice like, probably because she’s a vampire and probably has super strength, but it doesn’t stop Trini from whimpering into the kiss. Kim’s kisses move downward to her jawline, nipping gently at her skin and soothing the irritated area with her tongue.

Kim,” Trini whimpers, nearly melting into the taller girl’s arms. Kim’s lips move from her jawline to just beneath her ear, nibbling on her earlobe playfully, causing Trini to groan loudly into the empty room.

“God I’ve been waiting for this,” Kim husks into her ear as her kisses move further down, closer to Trini’s pulse point, kissing harshly and making sure to mark Trini’s skin, to claim her. Trini’s a panting mess in her arms, moaning and whining with every kiss placed onto her skin. “And I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Trini manages to breathe out, too focused on the pleasure coursing through her veins due to Kim’s lips.

Suddenly Trini feels two sharp stabs of pain in her neck and she cries out loudly. She can feel the blood moving through her veins to her neck, can feel how Kim is sucking against her skin-

Then everything goes black.

How would you describe your style? What’s your go-to outfit?
I always describe my style as classic with an edge. I love classic basic elements and silhouettes but then I keep it interesting by adding a pop of color, a print, an unexpected accessory, or even just a pair of badass boots to add a bit of edge to the look. My go to outfit is usually blue jeans, Chelsea boots, and a black shirt of some kind. Give me a leather jacket and a black choker and I’m ready for anything.  


I’ve met Chloe at two cons, and the encounters were just as perfect and magical as you’d expect.

The first time (Wizard World Cleveland) I made Chloe a gift bag full of stuff, and when I gave it to her she immediately started rummaging through it, pulling out each piece with matched enthusiasm.

“Yessss I need hand sanitizer.”
“Silly string? OH MY GOSH.”
“And chocolate! AHHH”

Whether or not she was THAT excited about a bunch of junk I got from the dollar store, she was making sure I felt great about giving it to her. She even thought to ask if I wanted to take a picture of her! This was after she asked to take a picture of me in my Quake shirt I’d made. So I left with the thought that I had a picture of her on my phone that I took myself, and she even had a picture of me!

The second time was HVFF Chicago, just in the end of March.  Again Chloe asked to take a picture of me, but just my neck this time as she got a kick out of my daisies choker. When she saw my shirt she she said “hey your shirt has us on it. OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL SMILING”. We said how it doesn’t happen very often anymore on the show, and she just started showing us a bunch of pics from her phone to show how happy they could be! I said “well it just makes editing funny videos hard…”  Next thing you know, (with the help of Zoe aka SunnyVids) Chloe is WATCHING A VIDEO I MADE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I was  so shocked and excited. But the best part was the photo op.
We couldn’t decide on a pose so we thought we’d let Brett and Chloe decide, and Chloe took the reins by saying “Oh! I’ve always wanted everyone to just stand at different angles… awkwardly.” So she posed us, and we got the best picture I could ever imagine.

Best fan encounters I’ve ever had, and I really hope I get more opportunities to see her!



This is my favorite shirt in the whole wide world! I got it for $5 at Walmart and I had to scoop it up because Dragonbabyy duh!!

I was born in 1988, the year of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. Yes I’m actually part Chinese and yes I’m 29, but I still get carded when buying rated R movies 🙃. I’ve always felt really connected to this mythical creature, I think because I tend to be a loner and love hanging with myself. I’m shy but I can also be fiery and a lil crazy. Cute but psycho. I’m a fucking balancing act. Five years ago I even wrote a song about a guy cheating on me and how he unleashed the dragon and it’s pretty dark. Let’s just call it cute but psycho…

I layered this mega oversized tee over a cropped hoodie to give the look a lil something extra. It’s like accessorising with layers. Threw on my fishnets and paired the whole look with my Nike Air Force Ones. Chokers, a necklace and some babyy hoops for jewelry for that tomboy glam I can’t get enough of. Issa look!

Shirt : Walmart
Hoodie : F21
Fishnets : Savers (thrifted new in packaging)
Nike Air Force Ones : Footlocker (circa 2005)
Hoops : Thrifted
Tattoo Choker : Shop Jeen
Black Choker : DIY
Camo Jacket : Boyfriend’s

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wonho as submissive drabble pleaseeeeethxxx

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Good Boy

pairing: wonho x [y/n]

warning: suggestive?? idk sorry

word count: 445

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy this. thank you for requesting anon!


Wonho shivered as he felt your breath glossing over his neck. You had your fingers wrapped around his tie, lips grazing over his earlobe and down to his neck. It was still early in the evening and yet, there you are in your hotel room with Wonho being pinned on the soft mattress. 

“Oh, you’re wearing the chokers that I asked you to wear,” you whispered in his ears as your fingers decided to unclasp the said necklace off of his neck. “[y/n]…. w-we’ll be late for the party–”

“Did I allow you to talk?” you snapped, pulling away from him with your eyes staring right into his, hands now placed on the sides of his head. Wonho softly whimpers and shuts his lips tight with his eyes slowly avoiding yours. “Look at me.” you firmly said with your finger tucked under his chin. 

Wonho’s eyes quickly shifted and met your gaze. You could hear his heart beating loudly against his chest, which sent you into fits of laughter. “Oh, you’re too cute, baby.” you cooed as you pulled yourself off of him and gave his cheeks a slight tap, “Since you’re in a hurry of going to the party, might as well not reward you–”

“N-no… w-we can miss the party if you want.” he stammered as he grabbed your wrists, making you look at him with your eyebrows furrowed. “Oh? But you’ve just stopped me before I could even reward you a while ago.” you lifted yourself off the bed and walked over towards the mirror, eyeballing your own reflection as you gently fixed the ends of your skin tight dress that had Wonho salivating. 

Unable to come up with a response, you glanced over to your shoulder and met Wonho’s gaze. “If you badly want to get the reward,” you paused as your turned around and crossed your arms against your chest. “then, why don’t you do something that could make me change my mind, hmm?” 

Determination glowed in Wonho’s eyes and before you knew it, you had Wonho down on his knees, fingers slowly removing your heels. He then leads you back to the bed before muttering a, “Let me give you a massage.”

However, before he could even lay a finger on you, you stopped him and smirked, “Oops, should our Wonho remove that dress shirt of his and wear this choker while massaging me?” The sight of him nodding had your butterflies go wild and smile has finally found its way on your lips.

Good boy, now you might get that rewards after this whole massaging thing and this time, I’d let you take over for the first time.” 

Not So Artificial Love

One big thing before you read this, when on stage/ performing i wrote him as Xiumin, but with y/n or with other members I wrote him as Minseok. Sorry this one took so long but its long. Tbh I was the only person more turned on by Minseoks choker than the Artificial Love dance (I have a thing for people in chokers, but dont worry, both are incorperated in the story). i would also like to mention that I am dyslexic and since this one is so long there are prbably some thing i missed and I’m 100% sure that there’s at least one typo i  missed. Anyways blahblahblah aside, I hope u enjoy :))))))

Summary: Minseok opens up a can of worms after his first EXO’rdium performance, which leads to s a surprisingly pleasent night between you two.

Genre: smutsmutsmut omg so much smut, smut ahead, WARNING

Word Count: 4106

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Minseok/Xiumin, Chanyeol, mention of other EXO members 


There was never anything quite like sitting in those stadiums watching your boyfriend. You were never let backstage even though people always recognized you and you were constantly mobbed. Never really with any hate especially since Xiumin spoke up about how he doesn’t like any EXO-L who disrespects his girlfriend (it still shocks you to this day that, HEY, that’s you).

Though EXO’rDIUM was exciting as it was something new, your attention wasn’t fully on the show since you were going to be there every day to cheer on the people you were going to be going home with once it was all over, but you stared at the stage blankly anyways. Watching them perform all of their new songs was the most exciting part because you remembered how stressed and nervous all of the members were on how the fans would respond to their new sound. The fans were into it, though. You had been invited to watch the soundcheck, but again, since you knew you were going to be at the shows, you decided it would be better to spend your time doing more productive things. That was a mistake.

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Master (Namjoon Smut)

*No daddy vibes today*

Word Count: 1113 words~

You just woke up, your tv blaring in your ears.

“Shit, again?”

This week, especially, you’ve been working more late shifts than usual. You’ve been coming home at 2 but yesterday you didn’t get in until about 4. It was ridiculous. How much can people drink, do they not care about their poor kidneys?

Maybe you could get more sleep if-
Your phone rang, and you lazily answered.


Namjoon and that voice again.
You know what that voice meant. It was the same voice he uses when he breaks something. The same voice he used when he was late, and he was always late. You knew exactly why he was calling.

You know, I’m not supposed to be there Namjoon.
But I miss you.
I miss you too..
Then get your sweet ass over there!
I really wish you would stop calling me that.
Maybe if you come here~
Fuck you.
Gladly, babe~

You hung up, why do you always give in? Your boyfriend was alone in his dorm and he knows he’s not supposed to have people, especially you, over.

You sighed, changing into something more presentable. You were donning all black, a black shirt that hanged off you loosely, black leggings, black sneakers and a black choker. Chokers were your signature piece, you never forgot to put one on.

You drove to the dorm, ready to see him. You did the special knock you two created, only he knew what it meant. He opened the door, pulling you into s bear hug seconds later.

“This is a booty call, isn’t it?”

“Depends, do you want it to be?” You hit his chest while he chuckled. You rolled your eyes and he grabbed your hands.

“I just want to hang out with my gorgeous girlfriend who hasn’t seen me in two weeks.”

“Well, blame the bar for making me work so hard.”

“I really wanted to see you…” He pulled you inside, abruptly closing the door and taking you into his room. You’ve been here before, the familiar messiness is no surprise to you.

“So what are we doing?”

“Just watching a movie.” He brought out his laptop, already having a tab with Netflix opened. He picked, claiming the movie has high ratings to conclude that it must be good to watch.

The movie for the most part was unentertaining, the characters had such a cliche background. It was until two characters started to make out with each other, their passion in the purest essence of “the heat of the moment”.

“I must have you, doll face.” He said, perfectly reciting the line from the movie.

“At least buy me a drink, sir.” You play along with him and he kisses you. Your hands were on either side of his face, his hand reaching to close the laptop.

He pulled away, placing the laptop on the side table before feasting on your lips once again.

“Mhmm.” He got on top of you, his hand playing with the elastic band of your leggings. Your hands pulled the hem of his shirt and he takes his top off you. You slip off your leggings and more clothes follow suit.

“I missed that body of yours.” He mumbled before kissing your neck. His teeth tugged at your choker before giving you hickeys.


“Why have you strayed from me, kitten?” He knew how the name affected you, it was the easiest way to get you into the palm of his hand.


“Be good for me.” He slipped off his sweats, you stroking his erection. You slipped down his boxers, his erection springing out in front of you and you gently grabbed it.

“Don’t be shy, kitten.” You began pumping him harder, his pre-cum appearing in no time. You licked him sluggishly, teasing him a bit and he grabbed your hair.

You finally took him in your mouth, a breathy groan leaving in his lips. You bobbed your head, hollowing your cheek while you did. He kept his hand on your head and you continued to suck him off.

“Shit, Kitten.” You purred against him, another groan escaped his lips and you pulled away to lick the shaft. You suck his balls too while your hand pumped him quickly.

You went back to swirling your tongue around his cock and he had to stop you before you made him cum.

“Ass out for me, kitten.”

“Y-Yes, Master.” You got on all fours, his fingers suddenly deep inside you.

“Goddamn-M-Master~” You whimpered while his fingers plunged deeper inside you. He gave you no mercy, his hand holding your ass in place while he fingered you.

“Take it.” You bit your lip, him having other ideas. His hand spanked you a bit, making you feel his fingers inside you more.

“A-ahh.” He tortured you, teasing you with his tongue and pounding you with his fingers. He added another one while his tongue played with your clit.

You weren’t going to last and he knew that. He tested you, four of his long fingers pounding, his hand sometimes spanking and his tongue pressing against you. You bit down so hard on your bottom lip, little drops of blood tainting the white sheets.

“Your legs are trembling, kitten.”

“M-Master, please. Fuck me, master!”

“As you wish, kitten.” He pulled his fingers out of you, your legs still trembling. His hand were on your ass while he slowly pushed his cock into you.

“You’re still this tight?” He thrusted into you gently, you moaned softly at first. Your voice was getting hoarse, no longer trying to contain your moans.

“M-Master~” He drilled into you, knowing you adjusted to him and the bed shook with every thrust. Your hand clenched the sheets and his hips pushed your hips upwards, making he have to hold your hips in place.

“F-Fuck, Master. M-More~” You whined and his hips moved to your will. You were becoming a concoction of moans and profanity. He pulled on your hair a little, using it to go deeper inside you.

“Do you want to cum, kitten?”

“Fuck, p-please M-Master..” He pinched at your clit, making you scream with what your voice could salvage.

Your orgasm make you go numb and he came after, your pussy milking out what he had. He pulled out and your body collapsed to the bed.

Your hair was sprawled out, a few stray hair stuck to your neck and he lied next to you. He grabbed your hand as you cuddled up to him. He moved you, only to cover you both.

“How loud could they be?”


~Admin Blake



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