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[Yugyeom] Holiday-ing

Based on [GOT7ing] ep. 4 & 5

Your smile made Yugyeom breathless. Every single time.

He didn’t care if his friends called him delusional. He didn’t care as long as he kept having this feeling that the way you smiled up at him seemed sweeter than at others. He didn’t care as long as you looked happy when you were with him.

However, sometimes, as a man, he wanted more.


“Oh my God Y/N! You really are going to Nami Island with us? I thought you were kidding?” Jackson gasped as you made yourself comfortable on the back seat.

“What? Why not? I need a break, too, you know. Deadlines nearly killed me!” You yawned, shifting to the left seat so that Jackson could join you. “Where’s Yugyeom by the way?”

“Oh, him,” Jackson snickered. “He’s in the other car. I’m so gonna make him regret choosing it!” The blond said before snapping a photo of you smiling with your eyes close and a V sign. Sending it to Yugyeom, he typed, “Guess who is next to me. Who’s laughing now?” and a bunch of hyena laugh emojis.

You swore you could hear Yugyeom’s high pitch voice somewhere in your slumber.


You were in the car with Jaebum, Jinyoung, Bambam and Jackson. How amazing when Bambam accidentally brought his wallet and decided to treat you all. As soon as your car pulled to a rest area, Yugyeom suddenly appeared by the window, eyes sparkling. Bambam heaved a sigh, opening the door.

“Yes, I’m treating today. Don’t look so eager like that, dude!”

“Y/N-ah! Why didn’t you call me you’re coming?” Ignoring his best friend, Yugyeom beamed at you, causing the other boys to burst out laughing at the Thai boy.

“We’ll meet anyway. I’m so hungry, guys. Let’s go!” You said. “Bambam’s treat today! Knock yourself out, everyone!”

Turned out you didn’t eat much. Instead, together you and Yugyeom played some kid games and petted two puppies of the shop owner at the back. As animal lovers, you both had no difficulty getting close to the puppies, unlike the poor Jinyoung and Jackson, who got barked at every time extending their hands.


“We’re here!” Youngjae and Jackson screamed in unison as Jaebum shook his head, putting his sunglasses on.

“It’s so bright,” he complained as Youngjae looped an arm around his.

“Come on, hyung! I wanna sit in the duck!”

As the guys started rambling on and on about all the things they wanted to do while being here, Yugyeom couldn’t care less. All of sudden, he realized this was the perfect chance to confess to you. The weather, the atmosphere, the place, they were walking on the famous “Winter Sonata” trail for God’s sake! You were right there, so close, laughing at the boys’ joke but taking a glance at Yugyeom once in a while. He had a shot there, didn’t he? After all, you had been friends for a long while now; and as he observed, you hadn’t got a boyfriend. He could do it. He just had to take one step further.

But how?

“Alright then, Jaebum hyung, Youngjae and Yugyeom, you go first. Y/N, Jinyoung and me, second. Finally, Mark hyung and Bambam,” Jackson announced as Yugyeom screeched.

“What?! I mean why, hyung?”

“We finished discussing already! That’s for not paying attention,” Mark explained, patting the maknae’s back before heading for the duck with Bambam.

Still with his sunglasses on, Jaebum tsk-ed as soon as the three got into the duck. “Stop sulking and start planning your confession fast. Chance like this won’t come easily.”

“Thanks, hyung. But I don’t know how. I mean she seems to have so much fun with the guys. What if she doesn’t like me back and stops hanging out with us?”

“That’s the risk you have to take,” Jaebum shrugged. “But don’t worry. From what I see, she likes you, too.”

“Go Yugyeom!” Youngjae massaged the youngest’s shoulders. “You can do it!”

“Youngjae-ah, my shoulders hurt, too,” Im Leader nagged as the sweet main vocal happily complied, giving out his free massage service.


As you got off the ducks, the group decided to go for lunch. Each walked peacefully to enjoy the landscape, not bothering to say a word.

“This is it,” Yugyeom mumbled to himself before calling Jinyoung, who was walking near you, “hyung!” He grabbed the older boy’s hand, swinging it vigorously, and casually grabbed your hand. Then, while still holding yours firmly, he pushed Jinyoung away, sticking his tongue out at him.

“What are you doing?” You giggled at Jinyoung’s betrayed expression before glancing at your now entwined fingers. Yugyeom’s eyes were filled with happiness, but he couldn’t hide the anxiety in his voice.

“Whoa, this is nice,” he sang, squeezing your hand gently as you didn’t let go, nodding in approval.

“Yeah, with you, it’s always nice,” you murmured, heart beating rapidly as Yugyeom cleared his throat, staring down at you. He didn’t dare to make you repeat, but did you just say what you just said?

“S-same,” he stuttered. “I wish we could do this more often. So I – I could um hold your hand like this.”

“You can still do this when we’re back. I mean – if you want,” you shyly replied, cheeks flushing pink.

“But Y/N-ah, I want much more than this. I wanna hug you, and kiss you, and call you mine.”

You remained silent but a smile was forming on your lips. Yugyeom had stopped walking by now, pulling you close so that you stood in front of him.

“I like you a lot. Please, please be my girlfriend,” he confessed softly, yet intensely. Your inside was turning into a puddle of goo. Your heart was chanting “yes, yes, yes,” but your mind was too busy drinking your soon-to-be-boyfriend’s manliness in to form a proper answer.

Staring at his lips, you gulped heavily, and that was all it took for Yugyeom to boldly lean in kissing you. His lips were a combination of softness, sweetness and juicy-ness. You were falling hard, falling deep, but you weren’t scared. You knew he would always be there to catch you.

“Please say yes,” he pleaded, eyes shut tightly.

“Yes,” you breathed, nuzzling into his sweater.

“YES! FINALLY!” The six boys screamed, running towards you two to ruffle Yugyeom’s hair and pat your back. They began singing Confession Song loudly while shooting confetti at you, running around just like in their music video.

What a view for other tourists to watch!