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That adhd post u made is blessed...but if its ok can you give any advice for like...homework? Im great with test cause i hyperfocus but hw is hell for me. Thank you!!

Sorry for the late reply!! ADHD made me put off answering this until I forgot about it, lol.

Homework is something I still have trouble with, even as a college freshman, so idk how much help I can offer but Here Goes.

  • I like to listen to white noise when I do homework and study. Most people recommend listening to music but regular music does not work for me lol. I get distracted by the lyrics or the beat or something else, either way I end up zoning out. White noise meanwhile filters out outside noise while also not messing u up. Google white noise machines or other websites/apps that produce background noise to find your own thing!
  • Get rid of all distractions. Turn off your phone and bodily put it somewhere else; another room is best, but you can also slam it into a desk drawer if you have to. I waste… so much time on electronics it’s… really bad. This goes for the laptop as well! If you can, try to avoid doing all homework on your laptop. I’ve found that writing essays by hand saves me more time than typing, just because I always go on tumblr otherwise lol.
    • If you have to do homework on your laptop, save that for last just so you’ll get some stuff done for sure at the very least.
  • Have someone monitor you. It’s a little demeaning but like. You gotta do what you gotta do. If I’m sitting near my mom or in a public place, I feel bad if I’m not being productive. Guiltshame yourself into working.
    • I also sometimes show people what I have done. I’m a perfectionist so I feel embarrassed if I have sloppy or nonexistent work, so the ‘threat’ of having someone else see it forces me to get my best work done as quickly as possible. 
  • Some people really recommend setting timers. I haven’t personally tried it, but I can see how it would help. Try that out if you think it’ll help.
  • I try to stay as organized as possible during the school day, because that helps me tackle work once I get back to my dorm. I try to do homework either by when it’s due (so class order), or by the amount of work/focus it’ll take (to make sure I’m still on my meds at the time). It also gives you more control over the situation, so I recc doing it.

I hope this helps!!

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Is there proof that charioce is interested in nina romantically? Cause he could be interested in her since nina is an interesting girl but not to an extent it's a romantic pursuit.

That’s an interesting question anon, thank you for asking that omg, is this my time to make the analysis?? Yass bring it on~

(I shall provide this post with the right amount of pictures~)

Since you’re asking about Charioce, I’ll stick with him only (approved the fact Nina is already deeply infatuated confirmed lol)

First of all, there’s a thing we have to clarify, which is the fact that Charioce rarely - if not never - shows his emotions openly. More like the snb staff doesn’t want to show them and I seriously both love and hate them for this (mostly love tho), so to look for proofs about his feelings for Nina may be a hard quest.


There’s really no doubt he’s got his interest over her.

People were recently talking about an interview in which there was pointed Charioce didn’t have love feelings for Nina until episode 6, and that’s reasonable. I believe in love at first sight, but that too has to evolve and can’t take only an arm wrestling match to improve ahah!

Let’s see together how his feelings evolved.

This is him just interested in her back in epiosde 3.

The moment something he’ll never forget happened

This is him still just interested, but a bit more.  I mean, he’s interested here, we easily get it, but that smile is the intrigued one imho. He’s been fashinated by her charm. Or it’s just he has a strength kink lol idk

That said, episode 6 is the point things evolve for the best and aaaaah we get to the charinina most loved scene (after the whole ep 13 and the dance, that’s it): the pepper scene! Let’s see:

This is him, more interested

This is where they danced. Something is changing, it seems

This is him at the end of the dance

As I said, to see him openly showing feelings is rare. Only when he’s alone, something is showing up:

This is his face. Now, you can see the difference,right? 

I meeeeeannn–

Until we go to the clou:

Here he’s worried about her

This is him being relieved she’s fine and awake sakhksdbgskdr

This is when he doesn’t understand her, but still accept her 

tHIS is his face while hugging her

This is him worrying about her asjdvkjfksdhasjnkdxrjbg

To say it out loud, my impression of him is he’s a shy dork. He has 0 relationship experience and doesn’t know how to behave towards people he cares about, let alone flirting or something of the kind. 

Here he shows to have 0 points in social skills becuse they don’t talk nor do anything. Still, he managed to offer Nina some chibi bananas. That’s improvement imho. 

He just has no clue about how to talk properly with someone. The point, Chari, you’re missing the point.

We could see that, darling.

This is the please look at me moment

This is the please look at me can’t you see something here? moment 

He simply just can’t. Probably enough, he was internally screaming or his mind was going like bzzz bzzz bzzz we’ve lost connection try again later.
Basically, this post describes it in a nutshell.

Now, about the whole conversation “are you enjoying the prison life” and “then why are you fleeing” I want to spend few words to all who criticized that saying he was mean and such.
His way of making small talks is wrong, I’ll give you that. He just doesn’t know what to talk about because the stare move didn’t work as predicted lol

This is the dork who laughs at his own jokes before telling them.
Yeah I know it can be unrelated, but it prooves his introvert being once more. Ando also it was noticable lol

Also keep in mind we’ve never had the chance to properly see Charioce’s face when there’re a cute or kinda important charinina moments 

The cute one

The important one

This is Chari who’s forgotten he’s in the middle of an important issue and his plan of small talks is also pretty much failing

So, back to the topic, we’re finally at the latest episode (!!!! I’ll try to stop fangirling and talk in the most serious possible way, I promise) and there’s only one thought that firstly come to my mind: he’s mindblowing like me.

I mean, he’s the human king, he’s in the middle of a war against the angels/gods who’re literally destroying and setting on fire the town, he’s using his final weapon that’s still under tests and it’s not safe to say he won’t get damage by that and… in all this, KABOOM - to quote him - a lady crush into his face like
!!!! What’s going on???

See how shocked he was when she transformed. I’m sure he had his doubts, maybe he thought she could summon the dragon or something. But to think she was the real one? I think he didn’t consider that as reasonable.

So yeah, he’s in mindblowing.

You can’t blame him tho, in a few moments he lost an eye, got a beauty asking to hug her, found out that same beauty is a dragon, touched the dragon, wow I was right the dragon is the beauty, grabbed the beauty, and last but not the least zombie girl stole the beauty, what a shame. I wanted to talk to the beauty more. *looks at the sky longing for you know what*

And just to add another thing here, I don’t think Nina forgot about her speech when she first met the King (before she realized he was Charioce).
I mean, Nina is an easy going type of girl, moreover she isn’t involved in the whole human vs demons fight from the start. She’s just an outsider.
Of course she thinks hurting others is bad, that’s why she told him, because she’s honest. 

That said, I don’t think she forgot, she’s just a dorky teenager in love so her priorities are simpler than what we could think.

And this is related to the hug scene in episode 13 too, of course. Because crush or not crush, Nina needed to turn into a dragon to save her friends (and I’d have liked if she was able to do it by herself, but you perfectly know I can’t complain at all about how she had to transform ;^)c ;^)c )

So, again, it’s just a matter of priorities, not forgetting, forgiving or something like that.

To end this quickly, as I’ve taken enough of your time already, if you don’t like to say he is in love at least “he cares for her” is 100% legit

On my account, I’d say they are in love, but in case you wouldn’t like it put like that, there’s undoubtedly proof they’re both interested into each other! 😍

Dating Lena Luthor (Everyday can be our Valentine’s)

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Request: Prompt Lena x reader, the reader forgot it’s Valentine’s Day and Lena is mad because it’s her first time celebrating valentines. So reader does a surprise romantic date night

a/n: Ahhhh this was so cute to do LOL. I was thinking about this all during work wondering wth I was gonna do with this!! Firstly, I don’t really think Lena would be angry, per se, so I switched this up just a tiny bit! There’s a funny little easter egg I put in here because I’m absolute katie trash, tell me if you find the Funny Joke. Thanks for reading btw y’all! You give me something to do lol. Requests are always open, and I’ll get to them hopefully every other day!

- - - - -

So maybe you were a little bit of an asshole. Actually, you are definitely the tiniest bit an asshole. You’re a good enough person, and you show basic human decency because you surely weren’t raised to be a farm animal with no manners. You’d even go so far as to say you care about people if they’re really hurting enough for you to feel compelled to get into that uncomfortable place of relating to them and having to comfort them.

You’re a bit rough around the edges, you’d admit it. You’ve had a grand total of 3 and a half arguably serious relationships in your very eventful, very promising life so far and it’s not like you were emotionally stunted for the entirety of them all, not really. Sometimes you’d admit you are a pretty emotionally constipated person - you lose track of your days as often as you lose track of your housekeys, and if someone asked you to retell something from last week, well, you’d let them know that frankly you don’t even remember what the last thing you ate was. But you knew how to make your girl smile and that’s what counted. You’re kinda good when it comes to the bigger stuff. That’s all that should matter, right?

When you walked into CatCo for work in the morning, you greeted everyone who’d spare a glance at you, even spent some time making small talk with some of your deskmates. There was a restlessness in the air that made you think people were even itching to talk to you. Everyone had seemed peppier today more than usual. That was surely a weird thing to note, even for a place like CatCo (especially for a place like CatCo). There was an abundance of flowers sitting on desks and because Miss Grant has a very vocal opinion-decreed-official-but-not-really-official-policy regarding cheap-smelling things in her offices, even when arguably flowers are the most natural scent in the world (how possibly can they be cheap?), all the bouquets and arrangements were relegated to a place by their desk inhabitant’s feet where they could be admired in relative peace.

For what it was worth, the place seemed more alive than it ever has been - not that Miss Grant was the worst person to work for, quite the contrary, everyone was just too intimidated or outright terrified of her that any semblance of fun was  overpowered by the fear of messing something up. Miss Grant was nice, in her own quiet, borderline abrasive but never power hungry way. You could tolerate just one day of people being in a good mood.

You felt a slight gust of wind blow your way as you sat at your desk, and you really ought to think you should warn Kara about slowing down her speed just a notch more.

“Hi! (Y/N)! Golly it’s a great morning isn’t it. Oh, why aren’t you wearing red?”

“Kara, does it look like I own any coloured clothing other than black? Anyway, why would I?”

Kara’s eyes widen comically and she inhales sharply, and you almost dismiss it as another purely Kara Thing. You take note of her white pants and pink blazer, unbuttoned to reveal a simple white button up, and you grudgingly concede that this nerd always looks so stupidly cute.

Before you could get yourself irrationally angry at the multitude of Kara’s Preppy Looks, you wonder if Miss Grant has a special occasion that you didn’t get the memo for.

“Wait, is something happening today? Did Miss Grant finally acquire that small-town newspaper outside of Metropolis?”

Kara tilts her head at you, fully reminiscent of a confused child, and her eyebrow quirks ridiculously high up that it could disappear into her hairline.

“Hm, that’s not right. I would have heard about that one. I know she was saying how everyone should dress in red to symbolize the blood spilled of her competitors, but even that’s a bit much.” You say more to yourself than to Kara.

Kara opens and closes her mouth, and opens and closes it again seemingly at a loss to say something as she squints very severely at you. Your eyes widen marginally, taken aback by Kara’s silent assessment.

“Are you alright? Did I offend you or something?”

Kara’s jaw drops as she gasps indignantly. You were only half-kidding but you think you might as well have offended her unwittingly at some point in your very brief conversation.

“Seriously, are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“I really hope you’re joking.” Those words were startlingly ominous, and especially so coming from someone like Kara.

“What the hell do you even mean? Kara-”

Before you can ask any more of her, Cat Grant’s voice reverberates through the office. It’s impressive, considering she’s a good thirty feet away from you and inside an enclosed elevator when she speaks up.

“Keira, please tell me you found out who plastered that cheap Wal-Mart stock paper heart onto my window and that you have collected their resignation letter. Do not think that because I’m not here I don’t have eyes everywhere. I can practically smell the cheap scotch tape sticking eternally to my windows.”

“No DIY decor, already on it, Miss Grant. But don’t you think that’s a bit-”

Kara follows after Miss Grant, falling into step behind her rather impressively as Miss Grant hands off her coat to Kara and Kara hands her latte to her, balancing  various papers, clothing, and a bag in her arms.

Why is everyone so weird.

You boot up your computer and check the messages on your phone while you wait. An unread message from Lena fills your screen.

Lena: “I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

You smile at your girlfriend’s simple text. You know it’s tired and not very fair to keep having presumptions of your girlfriend based solely on her career, but you can’t help it. She’s a softie and an absolute sucker for romance and you never would have suspected it - certainly not the first few times she’d spent the night at your place and she’d untangle her hair from her high bun, shucking off her heels and stripping off her CEO persona. It always mesmerized you, it still does, which is why you’re smiling at your phone like an absolute nerd at her easy vulnerability when it comes to you.

you: “I can’t wait to see your beautiful face, pretty lady ;) Don’t make my day any more difficult than it needs to be…”

You remember all too well the very incriminating texts that have recently bombarded your phone with startling frequency. Lena being her own boss certainly had its perks, and spending an awful amount of time sending suggestive messages and downright not-safe-for-work pictures certainly was a perk in itself.

You’d wondered how often anyone would see you looking around suspiciously with the biggest shit-eating grin on your face. It begged the curiosity of who knew you were practically sexting sometimes? You figured you were probably a bit obvious, Kara has spent her fair share of your shift grimacing and blushing furiously whenever you meet her eye. It’s strange because it’s not like part of her powers involves mind-reading, did it really not take a genius to figure you out? Maybe with her super hearing and- oh. That might explain a little bit. In fact, that might explain a lot. Gross. You are not going to broach that conversation with her.

Lena: “Hmmm, that’s no fun…”

You smirk down at your phone. It is far too early for this teasing bullshit, but Lena Luthor lives on her own time and the universal conventions of decency wait for no one, apparently.

Lena: “What if I’m in the mood to be bad?”

you: “I guess I’d have to teach you a lesson about what happens when you tease me all day”

Lena: “It’s settled, let’s call it a date.″

you: “you’d call anything we do a date, love LOL

Lena: “Well then let’s make it extra special tonight ;)”

you: “looking forward to it, you big nerd”

You finally amend to put to your phone, seeing as though you spent a good few minutes flirting with your girlfriend instead of working. You figure even someone with as much money as Cat Grant wouldn’t appreciate you fooling around on company time.

“Ooooh, texting a fancy someone?” Winn’s voice comes from behind you as he swirls around to face you in his swivel chair.

“Yeah, weirdo.” You roll your eyes amused as Winn feigns hurt, but he continues nonetheless.

“Cool, you guys got any romantic plans tonight? Lena must be wicked excited.” He quirks his eyebrows suggestively, and you reach over to hit him on the arm hard enough to make him yelp.

“Gross. Even if we were I wouldn’t tell you anything.”

“Aww aren’t we superfriends? Don’t we go to share super secrets?”

“Definitely not of the bedroom variety.”

“Ah fine, I don’t think I want to know anyway. J’onn and Kara must try so hard to tune out all the adult stuff you and Lena get into whenever you guys are chilling at the DEO.”

You grimace and tune out whatever else Winn was about to say, “Oh god.”

“Really, you guys have no PG plans tonight? No extravagant displays of luxurious affection or cute date outings?”

“No, Winn. Why are you and Kara so interested in my life today anyway?”

Winn stares blankly at you before chuckling and turning back towards his computer. “Ah, ah okay! Sore topic. Sorry to pry. Just know I’m your pal, alright? You can tell me all the things.”

“Yes, rest assured, you are my pal, Winn.” You laugh despite yourself, shaking your head at your interaction.

You’d become quite busy the next few hours, all the bustle and general strangeness of the day wearing off as the remaining CatCo employees that stuck around waited until they could go home. You finally had a chance to lean back and check your phone’s notifications.

Lena: “When are you coming home? I miss you.”

you: “lol you’re so cute. Soon babe, don’t worry. Just a few things to finish up here. Are you done yet?”

Lena: “Yes, I managed to finish all that I needed today. I let Jess go early too, she’s got a cute date of her own.”

you: “oh man, no way! Is he cute? Is he worthy?? Is he an asshole? Do we need to threaten him?”

Lena: “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re more excited about Jess’ plans than ours. I’ve no clue, I merely assumed. Though she was acting particularly off today come to think of it.”

you: “you too eh? People were so weird today. More than they usually are. It must be a full moon.”

Lena: “I’ve no doubt that must be it. Tell me when you’re about to leave, darling. I’d very much like to get out of these restrictive clothes.”

you: “what? You won’t let me help you out??”

Lena: “If you take too long, you’ll regret far more than just that.”

Lena: “I will see you soon <3″

If you rushed to pack up a little quicker than you usually would and took off at a speed that could rival Kara’s, you’d never admit it to anyone. In your haste, you still managed to text Lena once you got into the packed streetcar and were notified that she was just on her way to yours from her apartment.

You had the chance to clean up your apartment a bit and get into your comfiest trackpants and your favourite hoodie when you heard knocking on your door. You opened the door and smiled as you opened your arms to your girlfriend. Lena immediately walked into your embrace and wrapped her arms around your middle, sighing happily as she did.

“You smell nice.”

“Thank you, I just got back from work.”

“And did work have half an army’s worth of perfume sprayed throughout the entire office to attract potential mates today?” She smirks as she makes her way around you to put her things away and make herself at home.

“I thought you said I smelled nice.”

“You do, I’m going to be stealing that sweater from you by the end of tonight.”

You chuckle at her nonchalance, “Naturally.”

She leans back on the back of your couch and crosses her arms easily. “Any hot plans for tonight?”

“You, me, and a box of pizza?”

“Make it two and you got yourself a deal.”

“Any other requests, beautiful?” You make your way slowly to Lena, eventually pinning her between your body and the couch. Your face is just inches away from hers and you can practically feel her next words against your skin.

“I was good today, need I remind you.”

“You were, actually.”

“What do I get for that?” She brings her lips close to yours and you can feel yourself being pulled for a kiss, but she doesn’t let you.

“Anything you want.”

“Oh, that’s dangerous.”

“Yeah, well, I want to make it all about you tonight.” You try again for a kiss, leaning in just too late as Lena brings herself away again. You grunt in mild frustration and she chuckles at your desperation.

“Are you sure? I see you’re getting a little impatient.”

Finally, she kisses you and you feel relieved. You’ve been waiting all day to be able to kiss your girlfriend. She’s the only sense of normalcy you have, no matter the absurdity that is your life or your individual circumstances. Her hands come up between your bodies as she latches onto the front of your shirt and tugs. Your hands come up to her hips and you push up against her lightly. You hear a soft groan from her lips and kiss it away.

You lose yourself in the kiss for however long you’ve been going at it, and she pulls herself away suddenly, leaving you moderately shocked at the abrupt loss of contact as she makes her way towards your kitchen.

“Let’s get Tony’s, I think I’m in the mood for a greasy cheesy-stuffed crust pizza.” She smirks as she takes in your indignant expression. You decide right then and there that, yes, in accordance to all science, religion, and all poetry that could be: Lena Luthor will be the death of you.

You call in your favourite pizza place and have two large greasy, cheesy-stuffed crust pizzas delivered to your door - one vegetarian for Lena (compromises, apparently), and one specialty butter chicken flavoured pizza that does an excellent job of tasting like it’s supposed to.

You’re the very definition of relaxed as you recline into your couch, Lena leaning into you as you wrap an arm around her. You both decided on one of the conspiracy theory documentaries on Netflix, deciding it was a good piece of relative garbage to consume.

Lena hums happily as she nuzzles into your side, taking a bit more of the blanket wrapped around you two as it uncovers a bit more of your legs.

You hear her mumbling from somewhere near your stomach, muffled by your sweater and the blanket and her general sleepiness. “Happy Valentine’s day.”


There’s a long pause as you stare at Lena’s figure, no doubt with the intensity of burning into her skull if you had heat vision.

“I’m sorry, was that too weird? I shouldn’t have brought it up-”


Lena finally turns her head to look at you questioningly. “What is it, love?”

You squint hard at the TV, the documentary long forgotten as you quickly run a reel of your entire day, pulling the brakes hard to a screeching halt when you put all the pieces together.

“Holy shit.” You mumble more to yourself than Lena.

“Babe, what’s wrong? Please, we can just forget about it-”

“No. No, no, no…”

“Oh my god, (Y/N), are you okay? Please talk to me.”

You sit up quickly, trying as best as you can to ease Lena off your lap as you continue to scratch at the surface of your struggling comprehension. You can’t believe yourself, you really can’t. You’ve certainly outdid yourself this time.

“I can’t believe it.”

Lena becomes increasingly alarmed at how upset you’re becoming and is at a loss for consoling you.

You finally look at her, an amalgamation of sadness, disappointment, and disbelief in your eyes. “Baby why didn’t you say anything?”

“I- I mean, I just did?”

“No, no way. This was supposed to be special.”

She looks at you, total confusion written on her face. “I’m sorry. I just thought- you didn’t bring it up? You hadn’t mentioned it all day and we haven’t really talked much about it, which is fair because that’s not really a thing one talks about in detail. I just thought you weren’t comfortable? I didn’t intend to upset you.”

“No, no baby that’s not it. I just- wow, I kinda suck. Aren’t you a little bit sad that I forgot?”

Lena’s lips quirk into a small smile. “Well, I mean I’ve never really had an official Valentine’s day so to speak. I would have liked to do something nice for you. But I wasn’t sure if you’d already made plans and I didn’t want to encroach on yours, and you didn’t give many hints about today at all so I thought maybe there was something else there. I didn’t want to bring it up if it was going to upset you.”

You click your tongue and lean across the couch to meet Lena halfway. You take her face in your hands and kiss her passionately. “You are too good for me, you know that?”

Lena smiles and kisses you again in between her words. “It’s okay, darling. As long as you remember my birthday.”

You pause in between your kisses, stopping as you stare almost cross-eyed into her eyes. The delayed reaction most certainly wasn’t going to help you. “Yeah, of course.”

She squints her eyes at you, backing away marginally so she can regard your entire face.

“You do remember when my birthday is, right?”

“How can I? You have like, three.”

She gasps in mock offense and begins to move away before you pull her back in, grinning at her reaction. You savour one last kiss before gently pulling yourself away and shaking your head. “Nope, I won’t have this. Get up.”

“What is it now?” She quirks her eyebrow at you quizzically, surely pondering what other nonsense you’ve come up with now.

“Get up baby, this is our date night.”

“I’d figured this night was, regardless of the calendar date?”

“Nope. Get your pretty little ass off that couch and help me, Luthor.”

Lena laughs as you take her in your arms and take her away from the couch. You pull the cushions off immediately and leave them in a heap on the floor as you take long strides toward your bedroom.

She calls after you from the living room.  “Where on earth are you going? What are you even doing?”

You come back with various blankets and push them into her arms. Lena looks down at them questioningly and watches as you stack the cushions against the couch, taking care that they won’t fall.

Eventually, you’re satisfied with your work and you’ve made a tiny fort in front of your TV with the blankets and couch cushions. Lena smiles at you, bewildered and her expression just begging for an explanation.

You notice her look and cock your head to your creation. “Well then? Get in. You said you’ve never made one of these in your life, ever. Right?”

“Yes…” She’s still looking on with perplexity but crouches down to get into your fort. You follow happily behind her.

“Well, I fucked up, so I’m going to try and fix it.”

Your girlfriend looks at you with utter adoration, her eyes slightly wet with unshed tears. “You are truly something else, (Y/N).”

You smile at her and let her kiss you, closing your eyes in content as you bask in the love you have for Lena - the woman who came into your life and challenged everything you thought you knew, and then changed you for the better.

“I am sorry. I feel like absolute shit. I’ve never forgotten before and I…” Your words trail off, and she looks at you, encouraging and understanding. You find the resilience to continue. “I just, I don’t know how it’s escaped me. It’s like, lately it’s this simultaneous experience of my days blurring together and looking forward to each day, you know?”

Lena doesn’t answer, she simply nods and silently prods you to continue.

“It’s no excuse, I don’t want it to be. It’s just that, I’ve been so happy now. I am so happy, and that is all thanks to you. I lose track of my days because I’m not counting down anymore to some unmarked end or whatever, or waiting until the next greatest thing happens to me that makes me feel alive for a few minutes. I don’t need that anymore because it’s you. You are the best thing that’s happened to me, and I don’t need to count down anymore.”

You hear her sniffle and you wrap an arm around her, as best as you can attempt with the lack of space in your fort.

“I just want to make it up to you. Because you deserve everything. And the people I’ve dated in the past have done things on Valentine’s day, and it makes me feel fucking terrible that I can’t even be assed to remember it for you. It makes me feel like I’ve let you down, and it sucks, because I want to be worthy of you. If I can’t even remember one stupid day, how am I supposed to be the person you need me to be?”

You inhale sharply, getting all your words out and finally being able to breathe. Lena’s freely crying now, tears pooling at the corners of her eyes and wetting her cheeks.

“No, (Y/N), look at this. You did this.” She points up at the fort surrounding you. “You did make it up to me. You realized it and did something about it. I could never hold this against you. I can’t be mad at you for this. You did nothing wrong, baby. And you are exactly the person I need.”

Lena’s hand comes up to your face and caresses your cheek, her thumb lightly treading circles on your skin.

“You are so good to me. You are good for me, (Y/N), and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend this day with.” She leans in to kiss you and your breathing steadies, allowing yourself this forgiveness.

There’s a pause in your kisses as you and Lena look at each other, the documentary long over as silence fills your apartment. Nothing but the sounds of the street and the humming of your appliances can be heard.

“You wanna know something that I haven’t done?” You ask her after a moment.

“What is that?”

“I’ve never had sex in a pillow fort before. I’m gonna fuck you in this one.”

You smirk as she she gasps scandalously, swatting your face away from her as you effectively ruin the moment. You laugh as you dodge her half-hearted attempts to keep you away, poking at her sides as she twitches and squeals at the onslaught.

“Hey, but honestly. What else haven’t you done before? You wanna do some watercolour painting tonight? I think I have a full set hiding around somewhere that I got from my best friend for my birthday. Or we could put together a puzzle, or something.” You contemplate the items you have in your apartment, and you’re about to move to look for them.

All Lena does is give you a long look, studying you before she pushes you down onto your back and moves on top of you, kissing you so that you both forget the time or the day by the time you’re both done with each other.

Kpop Parents Connections #The4thMeeting #MarriageCounseling

Jaebum: Today will be a little different guys, I invited a special guest to moderate, and to instill us with sound wisdom, so that we can become better and stronger couples.

Heechul: I get paid up front for this right?

Jaebum: *turns red* yes…I already explained all of this in the bathroom this morning.

Seungcheol: *raises hand* Can I go home? I just remembered that i had actual important things to do.

Rap Monster: Woah!! I have a question! What were you both doing in the bathroom??

Jaebum: We were ju-

Heechul: I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Jungkook.


Kihyun: Too soon bro

Sunggyu: *to Woohyun* What’s a Jungkook?

Kris: Can I change seats?



TOP: Wait, what?

Seungcheol: *raises hand* Please I’m allergic to stupid.

Heechul: Okay let’s get some order! Jaebum called me because clearly things haven’t been working out smoothly. I see that you all have a lot of issues, and we’ll use this time to go over a few and try to become more harmonious.

Jeonghan: Tbh, I’d appreciate it more if someone that could actually sing, in key, talked about being in harmony.

Himchan:*sniffs air* Did someone leave the stove on? I think I smell a burrnnn!

Heechul: Don’t come for me Chongham. When your little cutesy group breaks up in 2 years and you’re flat broke, standing in the center of Seoul with nothing but a cardboard sign and a dry weave from the Ren Collection, you’re gonna wish you were still on my good side.

Jaebum: Heechul pls you’re not helping…

Leo: I’m gonna get some coffee *leaves out side door*

Yongguk: *mutters* I didn’t get better for this

Woohyun: Speaking as the newest guy here, I’m really happy that I finally got to come to one of these meetings. I hear they’re always a big hit.

JinJin: Yeah I’ve only been to one, It was pretty neat. No complaints except f–

GD:WAIT A MINUTE! I thought this was an Idol parents meeting not bring your toddler to trainee camp. Who’s the tyke?

JinJin: that part….

Jaebum: *sighs* You all know who they are by now. Leave Astro alone! They are an important part of our kpop world, and they contribute greatl-

Kihyun: *coughs loudly*

Jaebum: *glares*

Kihyun: Sorry, I’m allergic to bullsh-

Heechul: IT’S TIME TO BARE YOUR SOULS! Let’s share our feelings and emotions. Jin you have been pretty quiet this evening, how about you go first?

Jin: Well, I like to think that Namjoon and I are fine. We and the children actually just won the Artist of the Year Awa-


GD: I cancelled an after party with Victoria Secret models for this so..

Namjoon: Dude, why are you trying to overshadow us? You told me that you were proud.

Suho: *checks face in compact mirror* I say a lot of things. Keep up or fall behind.

Jeonghan: *to Jinyoung* Isn’t that what happened to Exo?

Yongguk: I really could be doing creative during this time.

Hakyeon: Can someone tell me why am I even still here? Has anyone seen Leo?

GD: Yeah, he said he was getting coffee and never came back.

Kris: Lies! *readjusts overpriced cap* That’s the same excuse I gave Suho when I left him high and dry.

Jinyoung: *smirks*

Suho: Wait…wha-

Kris: *puts fingers to Suho’s lips* That was the old me hon, I’ve changed.

Woohyun: Wellll, Sunggyu and I are fine. Our family is really chill. We really get along and lov-

GD: Time out on the fluff stuff, let’s dig into the real deal.

TOP: *snorts* If only your lyrics rhymed as well as that sentence.

GD: If only your songs wrote themselves.


Himchan: I don’t know, why is it so hard for your rappers to rap?

Seungcheol: I’m going to go help Leo get some coffee. *leaves out side door*

MJ: I think we should go, and that maybe we won’t be coming back.

Kihyun: Do you mean musically or just physically?

JinJin: Physically

Kihyun: oh

Heechul: Shownu, you haven’t said one word all night. There must be something you want to say.

Shownu: no

Kris: I swear they let anyone be an idol these days. Back in my day you needed talent, brains, and pure will to make it!

Jinyoung: I’m going to just let that go.

Jeonghan: If only you would let your acting career go too.

Heechul: I give up.


Hakyeon: Neither did the JJ project but things still worked out somehow.

Namjoon: Jin let’s get some coffee too *leaves*

Jinyoung: I don’t even know if I should be offended or


Hakyeon: Suho, shut up, it’s been a long day. I’m going home. Catch you all the next time. *leaves*

GD: Come on Top. I didn’t bring you here so that I would have to drive my own self back. 

TOP: You brought me because you’ve been drinking out of a beer bottle in your sleeve the whole night and if you go to jail YG may kick you out of th *bursts into giggles* Sorry I can’t keep a straight face when I’m trying to relate to the lessers. *both leave*

Namjoon: We’re dipping out too. Apparently once you become popular you’re suppose to forget who your true friends were. *leaves*

Jin: When we become washed up has beens I’ll  bring cookies to the next one! *leaves*


Kihyun: Hey grandpa! Maybe you should start your own meeting and invite all the elderly!

Woohyun: Don’t give him any ideas, please. *guides Sunggyu out*

Himchan: We’re leaving, frankly I don’t even know if we’ll be back. We’re going through a lot-

Jeonghan: *calls out* Get a new sob story! This one’s getting old!

Himchan *clears throat* and we would do better keeping to ourselves for a while. Come on Yongguk.

Yongguk: Bye thanks for remembering we exist.

Shownu: See you next time. *leaves*

Kihyun: Jinyoung totally fax me over those divorce tips you were telling me about earlier *leaves*

Jinyoung: Will do!

Jaebum: WHA-

Kris: Suho let’s go, Vinnie is having a party at his house and i want to drop you off before I roll up with models on both arms.

Jeonghan: Can I get a ride home with y'all?


Jeonghan: Never mind, I’ll walk. *leaves*


Suho: WAIT! I CAN CHANGE BABE!! *runs after*

Jinyoung: I think I may actually hate them.

Heechul: Lol I do.

Jaebum: You can leave now too.

Heechul: *coughs* Where’s my money? I ain’t working for fre-

Jinyoung & Jaebum: Get out!

Heechul: Whatever, If You Do was better than Hard Carry anyway….and that’s not saying much. *leaves*

Jaebum: Wow look at us actually getting along and standing unite-

Jinyoung: Shut up, I’m still trying to find a way to poison you.

Jaebum: Your love is the only poison I need.


Jinyoung: Shut up.

First Kiss

For @minnothebunny

Part of this ‘verse (man, somebody give me a title for this whole thing lol)

Pairing: Kristanna

Words: 764

Rated: G

Normally he didn’t mind the autumn rains, it was refreshing after the hot and humid summers he had to endure. But today, he groaned as he weathered the on-again, off-again showers that were forecast for the day. He had planned an elaborate date for Anna, something he knew she deserved. She had European tastes now, and he felt somehow inadequate in his simple worn leather jacket, jeans, and scuffed work boots. He grimaced as he looked around the sleepy town, wondering why she would ever come back here. Sven had laughed at his plans, slapping him on the back and saying “good luck” in the most sarcastic way possible. It did nothing to quell the queasiness in his stomach.

“Kristoff!” Anna was approaching him, dressed impeccably in a designer raincoat and glossy knee high rain boots. He subconsciously shuffled his feet, suddenly wishing he had at least tried to shine up his own boots.

He went in for a hug, but she merely rested her hands on his outstretched arms, stood on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on both cheeks. His face reddened at his faux pas.

“It’s nice to see you!” she said brightly, her eyes shining with sincerity as she appraised his face.

“Nice to see you too, Anna,” he tried to fight the inadequacy he felt under her gaze, tried to tell himself she wasn’t judging him. “Awful weather today. I’d understand if you want to cancel.”

“Nonsense!” she swatted him lightly on the shoulder. “I spent a year in Ireland, this kind of weather doesn’t bother me one bit.” she smiled at him, and Kristoff was grateful for the understanding he could see in her eyes.

“So where are we off to?” she slipped her arm through his, and he had to count to ten in his head so his heart could stop galloping.

“Well, there’s a beautiful garden I thought you might like, just a few blocks from here.” he was praying the rain wouldn’t start up again.

“Perfect! I love gardens! Lead the way.” and they walked arm in arm down the tree-lined street.

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Commission Information

“With you, being here is close to heaven…I honestly wouldn’t be here otherwise.”- Oreana

Because I needed to work on and finish something for myself to give me a pick-me-up. ♥

Carriage ride at night—sounds delightful. ;)

Background took me ages because my inspiration came and went. ^^”” Ah well. It’s done now and ready to be reused again in the future should I choose. =)

Please do not copy, use, steal, or alter without my permission!

Jacob Frye: Ubisoft
Oreana Galena/ Art: Me
References used for background.

scullyseviltwin  asked:

Uhm I just saw that you tagged Triage being one of your favorite fics and whaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?! That is so nice! This may have been ages ago because I always forget to check my own tag but yaaaaaaay! Thank you!

(referencing this post OR this post)

ASDFASDFA OMG??????? Like I’m having a moment right now, LOL. Because It always makes me so happy when an author tells me they are happy I recced their fic, mainly because I never think they will notice, let alone come to me personally or respond in tags. But yes, Triage is legit one of my all-time fave fics; I’m sorry I never told you in the Ao3 comments because I am a literal shit at commenting on fics (something I’m trying to work on, LOL), but here you are: It’s so well-written and in character, and is always a go-to fic when I need to read some good John!Whump. Seriously, I love a great hurt-John/concerned-caring-worried Sherlock fic and this is definitely one of the top ones. Every second of it rips out my heart, stomps on it, and puts it back in tenderly. I can’t thank @yorkiepug enough for reccing it to me, ‘cause it’s one of her favourites too! 

Thank YOU for giving us this fic <3

LMFAO mann, nobody can ever tell me “true love ” only happens once cus love is found , love can be made , it can be built , worked for, earned, man allat and it can still die.

do not ever give up on something because you felt like it could only happen that one way you imagined it.

If i had a nickel for every time i thought I’d die without something.. or someone… id be one rich ass mf cus I’m still here ain’t I ? lol


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p.s: My goal in the near future is to make something that would look nice on apparels. My current works look very weird on them lol. Maybe you guys can give me some suggestions? 

Last Sentence Meme

I was tagged by @jennagill, @ambpersand, and @papofglencoe to post the last sentence of my current WIP.

Peeta rested his hands on his desk and gave her a stern look. “That was mature.”

From the second part to Amendments. (Yeah, I caved. I should be working on the last chapter of Heathens, but here we are, lol.)

I feel like everyone has been tagged at this point, so I’m going to tag @badnovels. She’s already been tagged too, but I’m CALLING HER OUT. Post something, damn it!

The Story of Me

Hello everyone, I’m a 32 year old black woman, and I’m ugly. I’m so glad I found a place I can share my experiences. I’ve been called ugly all my life. I was bullied as a child. I have weight problems. I gain, I lose. I’ve had horrible experiences in life because of my looks. My shoulders are broad, I have big feet, and guys cringe at my face. Growing up, I didn’t think I looked that bad. But, I found out soon enough.  What a cruel world we live in. I was called ugly by adults as a child. Ridiculed as a teenager. When I became an adult it was worse. Waiters sneer at me, as if I don’t have the right to be in public. People are just mean. I’ve cried so many tears in my life, they should be worth money. I was born in a family of attractive people. Not one of them are ugly. And they sure as hell don’t care about the one who got the “ugly ticket”.  My older sister finds my embarrassment funny. I guess I’m entertainment for her. Of course she has never been called ugly a day in her life, and doesn’t care anything about my pain. I realize I might not ever have a husband, but what can I do. I refuse to accept the guys who want to hide me away and use me for sex. But, can’t stand to look at me. And are ashamed of me. Been down that road. I was bitter for a while, and ready to give up. But I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I prayed. (No, I’m not trying to convert, anyone, LOL) Prayer worked for me. God just spoke to me, without speaking. It was more of a feeling. Slowly, but surely, (over a years time) I started to feel less like I wanted to die. So, here I am. Yes, I still feel like sh*it sometimes, and I still cry, but not as much as before. And I’m not as bitter. Yes, I still want to b*tch slap, the mean, hateful, disrespectful, people, that I encounter. But, I pray and do my best to shrug it off. It would be nice to have some friends who I can relate to. My old friends, who aren’t ugly by the way, had the nerve to tell me to lighten up. And let my walls down. They didn’t care anything about what I was going through and had even bigger problems with the way I chose to protect myself. If people treat you like sh*t all day everyday, anyone would close their self off. Anyway, thanks for listening. *Wishing happiness to you all*

[9/21/17 Tweet Translation]

We had Tsukista dance practice today! I worked hard and sweated a lot! 

When I was on my way home after practice with Yuusaku-san, we bought a scooter as my birthday present… even though he had already bought me a chicken salad before this! Lol

Tomorrow, I should give something in return!

I’ve named my scooter “Sasa Car No. 1″


(Also see Yuusaku’s tweet about the scooter here)

My Take on Being a Beginner Spirit Worker

1) It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most wonderful.
2) It makes me happy when I see them near me.
3) It can also be exhausting especially when you’re new and having a hard time picking up communicating with then.
4) Have I mentioned how hard communicating is? I never know if it’s them or me and when I try divination to figure out if I heard them correctly I’m never certain of my answer because I’m new at that too.
5) Watching the fae bob around to dubstep is my highlight of 2016 so far.
6) It’s stressful when you’re so used to being alone and now you have to figure out a way to reorganize your life in order to incorporate them.
7) Their presence (the kind ones) is so soothing.
8) Trying not to laugh out loud when a spirit says something funny and you’re around people.
9) Having friends always at your side.
10) It can be scary when you’re threatened and you’re still new. I’m blessed to have friends who are more experienced that have been able to keep me safe until I’m more experienced.
11) It was the best complete accident to ever occur. I was going to wait a few years to get into spirit work since I’ve only been a witch for a couple of months. But the spirit life said lol here are two fae oh and 3 more spirits are on their way.
12) A heart full of love.
13) Leaving honey nut cheerios out because you’re lazy but you still want to give them something and you’re not sure if fae even like cheerios but you still do it because you want to at least do something for them.
14) Never have a fearful heart and always believe and you will somehow figure things out.
15) Wards are your friend and so are spirits.

Surrender: Part Seven

Summary: As a flight attendant, you’d traveled all over the world. You’d never thought you could meet someone who could take you somewhere you hadn’t already been.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader, Natasha, Steve, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson [more to be added]

Warnings: [all tags are eventual and not just for this part] smut, angst, fluff, violence, cursing, possible death, possible murder, crime, idfk… reader beware.

Word Count: 800ish

A/N: Ok, so this part was supposed to be posted yesterday but I had it scheduled for next Tuesday (smdh). Is anyone still interested in this story? lol I feel like I’m dragging it out too long. LMK what you think. 

Catch up here!


“He was nice, friendly, even.”

“So, he didn’t threaten you in any way?”

“Nope. He even bought me a drink. Paid for it with a credit card and all.”

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 46: Only Winning

Spoilers ahead!

In the end, Seidou lost to Ichidai by 5-3.

Admittedly, it is not much of a surprise. Against the likes of Amahisa, I didn’t expect a turnaround in the last inning, as hopeful as I was. From the brief flashback of the top of the ninth, it looks like both Haruichi and Miyuki got a hit off Amahisa (most likely doubles) with Shirasu managing to bring Haruichi home with a grounder, getting a run back (and second out) for Seidou. 

However, as it is later pointed out, Amahisa has been pitching full game without substitution, 142 pitches in total. He is most likely tired and not pitching his best in the last inning, so it is not necessarily a testament to their skill that the cleanups manage to hit Amahisa’s pitches. Maezono didn’t even get on base, which is worrisome for the former fifth batter.

The spectators’ comment is right on point. If the batting lineup already have difficulty with Amahisa, imagine how much more difficult it would be against Narumiya?

I am proud of Furuya here. He has become such a mature and responsible ace, if not a bit too responsible ^^; That feeling (and burden) of responsibility is most likely the cause for his inability to perform his best. I am also glad that he looks fine (not depressed, etc.), so hopefully he can get to the root of his problem and deal with it.

When I read the above panel, I was like huh? That sounds familiar…. But it does confirm that Coach Kataoka still places importance on the ace position and on the person holding the position. I wonder how it will affect the pitcher relay strategy, which has been effective so far. Kawakami already has so little screen-time, I feel like he’ll get less… 

So many things for Seidou to work on, it’ll be interesting how the match’s review will go. I’d say the loss is more of a blessing than a curse, giving more time for the team to evaluate and improve. Though… by being in third/fourth place, is Seidou still legible for Kantou tournament?

Amahisa is rather adorable here. His enthusiasm rather reminds me of Eijun when he wants to learn something new. Honestly, if it’s in another time, I think they’ll get along and exchange tips about pitching. I am also impressed that Eijun remains polite, although he loses his cool in the end, against Amahisa’s persistence lol, that’s quite a role reversal. Did they eventually exchange LINE? That’s the million yen question, isn’t it?

Urgh, I can’t deal with Eijun’s serious face. Let me have my fangirl moment. On a lighter note, I think I can understand why the fandom considers Seto as Eijun’s #1 fanboy, he is so ready to help his senpai lol. At the same time, Okumura’s expression is interesting. It’s almost… sympathetic?

Based on their reactions towards Amahisa, I feel like that these two are more alike than they realize. Different wording, but essentially the same. It makes me think that Okumura understands Eijun more than he appears to be. I am looking forward to more of these two to interact more.

This page speaks so much in so little. Remember in early chapters (in the beginning of the Spring tournament) how Eijun and Furuya both sat close to Miyuki as he helpfully explained of the ongoing match?

Now, Eijun deliberately sits far away from the team, but most likely far from Miyuki. Looking back, Eijun’s frustrated thoughts (’what are you doing?’) could also be applied to Miyuki, because Miyuki made the same mistakes that he pointed out in the chapter where the panel is from. He made it possible for the batters to read the pitches thrown their way because he (along with Kataoka) insisted on keeping Furuya on the mound. They had good intentions, and their attempt might have worked to revive Furuya; but they misjudged how far they could go before sacrificing their chances for victory.

I kinda like that Eijun’s expressing his feelings, rather subtly too. It’s very natural and human reaction for someone in his position. He has come leaps and bounds in his pitching and yet he is still trusted not as much. How could he prove his trustworthiness if he’s not given a chance, if the ace is given more chance than him? It won’t matter how good he is if he cannot show off. I imagine it’s frustrating for him as the ace position seems further and further from reach. Even our sunshine boy has his limits. (And poor Kawakami is just resigned to it, far too used to at being overshadowed by his kouhais, I hope not though T_T)

I feel like that Eijun’s losing his trust and respect to Miyuki and Kataoka. Oh, he still trusts and respects them both, but he no longer give his trust and respect completely. It’s like a child realizing his parent is not infallible, which is part of growing up. Thus, it is not necessarily a bad thing, it might actually be a good thing. 

Eijun might have unconsciously put Miyuki on a pedestal, while it’s the other way around with Miyuki who unconsciously has lowered his expectation of Eijun, but with this they can realize their previous perception are wrong and start meeting each other on equal grounds.

Or… Eijun might start looking somewhere else, or someone else, to build an equal partnership/battery with.

Or… I might be projecting ;p

And hey, my January-born boys (Tadano and Narumiya) are next! I wonder whether we’ll be seeing more of those funny exchanges on the mound between them. 

Second Chances

A/N: I really wanted to make it angst and like make y’all cry but then I changed my mind because I just got off of work and I’m tired and and not in the mood to destroy lives ;) lol so I hope y’all enjoy haha.

Pairing: Natasha/Reader

Warning: None?

Word count: 1,186

The request: Y’all wanted a part two of Pray You Catch Me so here I am giving you something. And yes, it’s another song fic but honestly you don’t have to read the lyrics it’ll still make sense without them lol.

Tagging people who might enjoy this: @trustin-me @shamvictoria11 @tjhammomd @mangosoldier @writingruna @capsbuchanan @catwomvn @bovaria @jarnesbrnes [If you liked to be tagged in anything just say so and if I tagged anyone who doesn’t want to be tagged just tell me and I’ll stop lol]

Pray You Catch Me

Originally posted by dj-cotrona

We build sand castles
That washed away
I made you cry
When I walked away
And although I promised
That I couldn’t stay
Every promise don’t work out that way
Every promise don’t work out that way

You didn’t stop crying until the taxi stopped.

And by the time you exited the cab with your bags, you were immediately met with Wanda. Before you said anything, she hugged you. “I know,” she murmured and fresh tears rolled down your face as you hugged Wanda back.

It didn’t take long before Wanda ushered you inside with your bags. Not even hesitating to letting you stay with her for however long you needed.

Dishes smashed on my counter
From our last encounter
Pictures snatched out of the frame
Bitch I snatched out your name
And your face
What is it about?
That I can’t erase baby
When every promise don’t work out that way
No no baby
When every promise don’t work out that way

Once your taxi disappeared from view, Natasha finally broke.

You were gone, and you had a reason to leave and it was all Natasha’s fault. She knew what she did was wrong, and she shouldn’t have done what she had done but it was too late to change her mistakes. She had broken your heart.

Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought and she drew a shaky breath.

It wasn’t until the first tear rolled down her face when a crash resonated in the apartment. She was in the kitchen and a broken dish was at her feet and then another appeared, and another, until everything breakable dish was smashed and ruined. But the tears never stopped.

Two days passed before Sam and Steve appeared at Natasha’s apartment. They came concerned, and also on the behalf of Bucky who said she wasn’t answering her phone. And when she didn’t answer the first few times, they immediately used the spare key to get inside.

And they didn’t expect the mess they saw when they stepped inside.

The kitchen floor and counters were littered with broken dishes, the table was on it’s side, the pictures that used to hang on the wall were shattered and on the floor, and in the middle of the mess, Natasha was laying on the living room floor.

“Nat, are you okay?!” Steve immediately asked and both boys rushed to her. Sam got there first, and gently cradled her in his arms. She had dried tears on her face and her eyes were bloodshot red.

“I can’t forget her,” she mumbled and Sam shared a look with Steve. They knew you had left, and they knew why. “I want her back,” Natasha cried and that’s when Steve spoke up.

“Well then, you’ll have to win her back.”

And your heart is broken
Cause I walked away
Show me your scars
And I won’t walk away
And I know I promised that I couldn’t stay
Every promise don’t work out that way
Every promise don’t work out that way

“She doesn’t want to see you,” Wanda said firmly with a stern look on her face. She had the door only slightly open, but she was blocking the path for Natasha who was at the door so she couldn’t come in.

“Wanda, please.” Natasha softly pleaded, her eyes round and big as she asked Wanda to get you. It had been a week since the whole ordeal between you two went down and she needed you back. But Wanda stayed put and Natasha sighed. “Please Wanda, I need to talk to her. I-” she sounded broken and desperate and you bit your lip as you hid in the kitchen but you then caved.

You sighed, and emerged from the kitchen. “Wanda, it’s okay.” You spoke softly watching as Natasha looked at you with wide eyes. Wanda looked over her shoulder to you, her eyes softening and she raised her eyebrow.

“You sure?” she asked and you nodded before she turned to Natasha giving her a stern look before leaving and going upstairs.

You quietly walked to the door, and then stepped outside and shut the door behind you. Natasha gave you the space you needed and you crossed your arms defensively over your chest.


Natasha heart pounded and she just wanted to pull you in her arms and hug you but with the way you were standing she knew you hadn’t forgiven her and that was understandable. “Hi,” she said softly and you looked up meeting her eyes.


Your own heart was thudding crazily, you’ve missed Natasha just as much as she missed you. “Hi,” you replied and leaned against the wall.

Natasha took a step closer, and you tensed ever so slightly causing her to wince. “I’m sorry,” she said her guilt could be seen through her eyes. “And I know sorry probably isn’t enough for you but I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t treat you the way I should have when we were together, and I’m sorry for what I did, and I’m sorry it hurt you.” She confessed. “I never deserved you to begin with and when I had you I should have treated you better.” She continued and you looked away.

“I don’t understand why you just couldn’t break up with me to be with who you really wanted to be.” You said, the hurt evident in your voice.

“Because I want to be with you!” She exclaimed. “But I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be with you until it was too late,” she murmured and you looked over at her again raising a brow and giving her an impassive look.

“And what does Bucky think of all of this?” You replied and Natasha never broke eye contact with you.

“Bucky knows we’re over with and he knows I used to love him and-” Natasha stopped for a second and your arms uncrossed as your eyebrows furrowed. “And he knows I love you, and that I will always love you.” She confessed and your eyes widened.

You hadn’t heard her say those words to you for a while and actually mean them. You could hear the sincerity in her voice and you bit your lip. “How can I trust you?” You asked and Natasha nodded.

“I know you’re hesitant, but if you give me a second chance I will prove to you that I only want you.” She said and took another step closer to you, her hands grabbing yours. Her hope rose when you didn’t pull back.

You stayed silent for a few moments and just as Natasha opened her mouth to say more you spoke, “one chance.” Natasha’s whole face lit up and she pulled you into a hug, holding you close.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She said and you missed her hugs but still pulled away causing her smile to falter slightly.

“One chance, if you blow it that’s your fault.” You warned with a finger and she nodded her eagerly.

“I won’t disappoint you, I promise.” She said and pulled you into her arms again.

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‘‘Pretty much no to the interview with a journalist. But since I didn’t give up she said something about thinking about it… which I think was to get rid of me, but it’s better then a no? I mean, I could’ve flashed my badge but it would’ve raised questions…’‘


                              keeping me here is such   A   WASTE   of time,         if it’s   INFORMATION   you seek,        you honestly have the wrong person.               she plays dumb of course,         in meagre   HOPE   that they aren’t planning on keeping her a hostage   —— though   SHE   KNOWS   deep inside,         despite her intoxication that he wouldn’t just let her go so easily,         without gaining something in return   (   yet she hopes too much anyway   ).            she gives him a smile,         not sober enough to feel the fear   SHE   SHOULD   seeing as she is in   THE   CLUTCHES   of her father’s rival.              fear would arrive along with her sobriety.             “   but as lovely as this chat has been,        i think it’s   TIME   for me to leave   ——   IT’S   GETTING   LATE.   “              she stifles a fake yawn against her palm as she discreetly rises from her seat. 


Jack had had to park way out in the back 40 of Wholefoods because the grocery store was so packed with labor day shoppers. He was annoyed enough about that, but things immediately got worse when he crazy ex ~just happened~ to show up as he was headed back to his car.

“But baaaby, I miss you! And I’ve changed, I really have. Give me another chance?” The woman pleaded, trying to grab onto his arm. Jack rolled his eyes and quickly pulled out of her grasp.

“I can’t, Angel. Really.”


“I’m gay,” he announced before beelining to the closest man to him in the parking lot - who was actually a really attractive, tall blond guy - grabbing his hand, and adding, “This is my boyfriend.” He very quietly added, “Please save me. Or call 911. Or something,” whike halfway hiding behind the stranger in the parking lot.

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I love your headcanon about "right next to you"

Ahhh, thank you nonnie. You read tags? So do I! I read everybody’s tags. I’m even kinda disappointed when I see a post without tags. LOL

My tags, for reference:  #zayn is very consistent about the ‘next to you’ thing #maybe that has something to do with #why he & liam still interact so much #that’s his line in the sand #he will not give that up #worked too hard for it #ziam #zayn loves liam

Now that you mention it nonnie, allow me to elaborate (heh heh). Look at Zayn beckoning (next to you). Now look this “coming dearrrr” sprint right here.


And look at this strategic shift (more next to you).

Y'know why I think Liam will do things like this to preserve the

Because Liam knows. He knows that’s symbolically very important to Zayn. It’s not just the physical proximity. It’s what it represents. And he knows he put Zayn through some shit. The whole Danielle thing. The back and forth. Liam’s journey to

 I’m sure at some point Zayn felt like a side piece. 

And that Liam was the source of a lot of angst and pain for Zayn.

But Liam is 

Not to mention

So when he made his choice, he was all in. Liam is determined to show Zayn in a million little ways that

♪I promise falling for me
Won’t be a mistake♫

So that’s why Liam showers Zayn with praise…

and affection.

And that’s why he toes the line.

Because he will never stop wanting to make it up to Zayn for stuff like this.

Forget the fauxmances. These are real relationship goals: The triumph over adversity. The 110% commitment. The understanding. Figured it out…right next to you.