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Do your research honestly! Yes, wow African Americans are African sure, whatever, but don't give me some hodge podge bullshit about how i should go fuck myself because i'm upset that the people in the country that they're filming in will be sidelined!!

There’s definitely a way to say “it would have been nice for them to do xyz” without making it sound like the African Americans in the movie aren’t African enough. 

So I will tell anyone who insinuates or outright says African Americans aren’t African enough over the casting of a fictional fucking movie to go fuck themselves. 

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I don't know much about sigils. Do you mind giving me some of the basics? How they're made/how to use them/whatever you think is worth knowing as a beginner :)

It’s okay, we all start somewhere! :D

Basics of sigils, hmm… 

Well, sigils are a main part of a branch of magic referred to as chaos magic. It’s not as hectic as it sounds - essentially chaos magic is free of any sort of set rules or guidelines for its practitioners to follow. It encourages chaotes (chaos magic users) to experiment and try new things, and to have their practice personalized (I mean this is always a great thing but chaos magic sort of emphasizes on being unique and doing your own thing). It is a pretty modern area of magic.

Sigils are made with a variety of methods. Most sigil crafting methods are personal to the witch using them - every one has their own flair, and each witch has a preferred way of doing sigils that works for them, but maybe not so much for others. I’ll try to give a rundown of a pretty basic, “beginner-friendly” method. 

  • First things, you want to figure out what it is you want the sigil to do. For example, let’s go with protection. Easy enough.
  • From there you write out a statement of intent to match your desire. This is essentially the programming of the sigil. For a protection sigil, your statement of intent might be something like “I am safe and guarded from any negativity directed towards me” or what have you. Whatever works. Stick with “I am” or present tense statements; this lets the sigil know it should already be happening, and gets it butt in gear to make it so. Statements like “I will” imply that it WILL happen, but with no timeframe or reference as to when. It could start showing effects in days, weeks, even months or longer.
  • With your statement written down, you’ll want to cross out the letters that repeat more than once. (This is done to sort of “solidify” the statement in your mind, and also because most methods use the letters as building blocks, and too many would make a clutter.) Some people also remove vowels, but that’s preference. With our statement of intent, “I am safe and guarded from any negativity directed towards me,” if we remove the duplicated letters we are left with “IAMSFENDGUROMYTVCW.”
  • Now, you want to make a design or symbol with the remaining letters. You can warp, distort, stretch, flip, whatever them however you please, to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing for you. It is important that you like how the sigil looks. The fact that it is eye pleasing increases its power and connection for you, and is more likely to work with that personal association.
  • * This is a personal step. I know it’s personally difficult for me to create designs that I like with the big blocky letters, and I think others experience that too so I’ll add it here. Once you have removed the excess letters, break down the remaining letters into their basic shapes. I is just a line, A would become / - \, M would be I \ / I, and so on. This makes it easier to work with and to create more “arcane” looking designs, at least in my experience. It gives me more freedom to create something that looks good for me.
  • Anyways, yeah, once you’ve designed your sigil, you charge it. This fills it up with energy so it can start working for you! There are so many methods of charging. Basic ones being filling it with your own energies, using the elements (burning it in fire, dousing it in incense smoke, burying it, letting water run over it, etc.), leaving it under a lit candle, not to mention the bodily fluids… It is helpful to charge it in a way that matches the intent. So with protection, you may want to charge it under a black candle, or fill it up with protective energies and desires. Something for energy might be good in sunlight, or charged with physical activity like dancing or even upbeat music. This is the part where you can get really creative and experiment with how to fill your sigils with energies.
  • To destroy a sigil or break its effect, you would literally have to destroy it, and let it be known that the energies within are nullified and released, and the sigil will have no more effect. If you already destroyed it to charge it, just stating that it is no longer needed and the energies released should be enough. You can always use old designs again as well - all mine are saved in a folder for sigils, so I can redraw and recharge them to use again if I ever need to. 
  • Sigils can be used in tons of different ways. They are pretty fluid and can be applied to tons of different situations. They can be used on their own, just charge one up and let it be, or you can add sigils into other spells and magic to boost their effects. You can toss a sigil into a charm bag with some herbs to assist sleep, or carve it into a candle to promote calm and peace… Again, experimentation and trying new things is great for this too. (I told you, chaos magic is HUGE for that.)

What I think is worth knowing? 

  • We all start somewhere, and it can take some time to get used to sigil crafting and developing your “style.” Sigils don’t always come out right on the first try either. I spent a half hour doing 12 different designs. Time and practice will help you get more comfortable with sigil work until you can do them with ease. (I usually only have to draw one or two designs to get one I feel fits.) 
  • It isn’t necessary to actually destroy the sigil to charge it initially. There is a book that says it should be destroyed and forgotten, so the magic can work in our subconscious mind, which does things in ways our conscious selves could never understand. That does have its applications, I won’t deny it, but it isn’t necessary. It’s just another preference, and it’s up to you if you want to destroy it to charge it, or keep a copy around for the “constant effect.”
  • I also feel that, as a beginner, it’s best to stick with the methods that require the statement of intent. It helps you focus on what the sigil is doing, keeps it forefront in your mind, and can thus be channeled into the design a lot easier. Don’t worry about not being able to do it without it to start. Just get used to crafting and then in time you can just pump them out.
  • Another thing, it can be draining, I won’t lie. I forgot how sapping it can be sometimes. Sigils do take energy - they are magic after all - so doing them one at a time is best to ease yourself into it and make sure you don’t exhaust yourself. I’ve done like 8 sigils in a couple hours once, and was WIPED OUT. In the case of getting really tired after casting off a sigil, just take a brea, eat, drink, relax, maybe ground. There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you get tired out. It happens to us all. 

Whoo, I haven’t written out a post like this in a while. I filled it with as much as I can think of, and based off my own personal experiences with sigil magic. We are all different, and we all have different experiences and methods and knowledge. I’m probably missing things (I always do), but regardless, I hope that helps you out! :D

Please, Do Not Forget

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep

Blackness consumed Sesshomaru. He could not decipher where he was at, but it was the consistent sound of beeping that began to draw him awake. It didn’t take him long to piece together that he was hooked up to a cardiac monitor. This still did not answer why he was at a hospital?

Slowly, amber eyes open to take note that he was, indeed, correct. Of course, he was. But why? Minutes would pass before his assigned nurse would enter to fill in as many blanks as she possibly could. He’d learnt that he had been in a fatal accident while being transported to work, his driver died but Sesshomaru survived, and they worked to contact his ‘next of kin’. Not that he had any, they’d already passed. His memories had faded, at least his immediate past, but his memories from centuries ago remained, and he knew his parents were long gone. Unless he had a mate that he did not remember, or a child. Rin was long gone, so he wondered if he would have taken another under his wing. He doubt it.

The Demon Lord groaned as he rubbed his temples when the nurse exited to give him some time alone. He would need this moment of silence to plan what his next move would be. He had no idea the current state of his company, or his own life. Sesshomaru flinched at the possibility.

Poor My Boobs
  • *aged up AU*
  • Riley: I miss my jammies. I can't believe I wore a bra for this.
  • Maya: Bras suck, they're so confining and unnatural.
  • Riley: They're like a boobie zoo!
  • Creep: Well, why don't you take it off then and let those puppies breathe?
  • Riley: Oh, please go sweat on someone else.
  • Lucas: Poor guy.
  • Riley: Poor guy? Poor my boobs.
  • Lucas: Well, it takes a lot of guts to approach a girl, and you just crushed him.
  • *creep is creeping on someone else*
  • Riley: Oh, yeah, yeah. He looks all broken up inside.
  • Maya: Whatever, you guys have no idea what it's like to be on the receiving end.
  • Lucas: "Oh, poor me. I'm a pretty girl and everybody everywhere wants to buy me drinks and have sex with me. Wah"
  • Farkle: "Oh, poor me. I get to order yummy, pink drinks with chunks of real fruit that guys secretly like but can't order because they'll be made fun of.
  • Lucas: Dude -
  • Farkle: They're delicious!

Angel Adopts!

Finished this ‘dark neon’ commissioned batch! ;) Message me or email me at to claim yours!

PLEASE BE SURE TO CONFIRM WITH ME THAT YOU’RE CLAIMING THE ONE YOU WANT BEFORE SENDING THE PAYMENT! (Some people rush to send the payment first, but then the adopt isn’t available anymore. ;;n;;)

  • First come, first serve.
  • Payment up front; Paypal only.
  • You can change the name and/or alter the design once you purchase it. You can repost, use in your art, writing, comics, and get the character commissioned by someone else, as long as you credit me for the design.
  • Once you pay, you’ll receive the PSD with your character.
  • If you miss the chance to buy the one you want before they’re already claimed, you can get your own pick from a customized batch like this for the same price! Email me if you’re interested! (There’s no set deadline for commissioned batches because I just do these between commissions and personal work, so please keep that in mind!)

Familiar: CLAIMED
Nightmare: CLAIMED

There’s no information about them at this time, because they’re basically just my interpretation of angels, so you can do whatever you’d like with them! <3 Message me or email me at to claim yours! (Paypal is under a different email, I’ll give it to you once you claim one.)

The worst part is that I don’t even play the game/s; I only watched some of the original first season episodes when I was like seven; I’ve seen some of the movies eons ago but I’ve ever been that interested in it, and yet if you give me a space bat and the premise that the initial designs can be altered in another region of the game you bet your ass I’m making spacey versions of Pikachu and its evolutions because there is nothing to stop me. 

I have so many productive things I need to be doing and instead I spent like two hours doing this…..

I have nothing special ready for today but I wanted to give you all merry christmas whishes!!!

I hope you all spend some quality time with your familiy and friends, even if you don’t celebrate christmas it doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice day! Whatever you decide to do remember to take it easy, take a breack and rest during these vacation, do whatever makes you happy :)

text message ⇄ quinn & kitty
  • QUINN: I need some advice, or whatever you want to call it. But you're actually the one person in my life who'll give it to me straight and who know's like, everything.
  • QUINN: I know I don't have the largest assets up top, and I know my breasts are small, but do you think they're like, /too/ small? This is weird, I know. But God forbid I ask a guy about this, and you're not paid to be nice to me.

There’s only one thing I want from next week’s episode. I mean I know it’s going to be heartbreaking, it’s going to be angsty, etc, that’s fine.

I just really, really hope they do a better job with the Emma/Regina team-up this time. Without hypocritical blame and misplaced snark and “hi my name is Emma Swan and I turn into a doormat occasionally and ask for friendship from people who just spent the whole episode bitching at me” and “hi my name is Regina Mills and I’ve come a long way but occasionally get reset to almost zero for some reason”.

I just want some respectful sensible actual friendship moments. I don’t mind snark. But I don’t want a repeat of the 4x05 dynamic. Please give me an actual friendship that I can understand and support without having to retcon it in my head. PLEASE.