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Kol x Twin!Reader

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“Awkward!” You sang from the gateway causing everyone to look at you. “Oh, i’m sorry, it’s Klaus’ turn right? You threw him so now Nik has to go all grr at you and your little snack.”

“You’re making me look less intimidating by questioning me.” Kol huffed and you rolled your eyes as you stepped closer and kissed his temple.

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Oath | Ch.9 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

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Word count: 3412

A/N: Finally finished~ Yaay!! Took me some time. I’m going to sleep now. I can barely keep my eyes open right now, rofl. This one’s a bit shorter, I guess, but please enjoy reading! ^^ 

“Y/N! Where is she? Tell me! Hyung!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Calm down. You need to get better first.”

“No! I need to see her. Y/N!!!”

Namjoon could hear Jungkook’s screams from the hallway. He was leaning against the wall, looking down and seemed to be deep in thought. It has been a while since the boy woke up and every single day he would scream your name. There were times when he would become aggressive, pulling his lines out, jumping out of bed, screaming and throwing things at Jin who had to take care of him. In a few words: he was a mess. One Namjoon had to figure out how to stop. He had to make sure of two things: one, Jungkook would not find out that he was the one behind his accident, but would put the blame on Yoongi instead, and two, Jungkook was not to leave the group. He was thinking about how Jungkook would react to the news of Y/N’s death caused by Yoongi. It could motivate the kid to get back to work even more than before. All the rage he could keep bottled inside could turn out to be the best weapon in fighting Yoongi.

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tell me more about jay halstead’s past [24/∞]

Thirst (BTS) - Chap. 2/?


Part 1

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x female OC x Kim Taehyung, vampire AU

Summary of the whole story: Weird things started happening during couple of last weeks in Avery’s town. Teenagers began disappearing without notice, all of them healthy and successful at school. Avery, being an average student, not standing out too much, doesn’t care about the popular kids up until she witnesses a strange man attacking her schoolmate. Everything changes in that moment.

Genre/Warnings: classic vampire story, angsty, fluff at some point, smut later on, three-way, biting, hickeys, bruises, knife play, drinking blood

Word count in this chapter: 1.6k

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‘Babe.’ Jay called out for you out of habit once he entered his apartment. You had texted him earlier saying you wanted to sleep at his place. He took of his shoes and walked inside when he saw you standing in front of the sliding door in the balcony staring outside just clad in a pair of t shirt and boxers. He smiled looking at you, putting down his backpack on the sofa and walking to you. ‘Baby, I thought you said you were tired?’

You didn’t turn around as you just stood there straight.

‘Ji, is everything okay?’ he asked again, this time hugging you from behind. You jumped slightly as you turned around and tried to push Jay off. Jay quickly pulled away once he noticed how your body react. He saw the hostility in your eyes and quickly caught your hands that was close to hitting him. ‘Hey, hey it’s me.’ He tried to calm you down and once your eyes met his and your brain comprehending the situation you broke down your guards and pulled your hands to your side and took a deep breath or relief. You closed your eyes and massaged your forehead, trying to figure out how you got there.

‘Didn’t you hear me calling you?’ Jay asked worried at your dazed state.

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So like, the craziest shit just happened. Had a crazy college party and went for before-drinks at Sweetie’s and I’m halfway to drunk so obviously I’m starving and guess what? I’m in the mood for some crackers and they have them. So I put the goddamn crackers down for a sec and suddenly some dude’s giving me drugs. Wild night.
—  Some PSU student at some point probably idk why they didn’t think of this eventuality
44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

Air Raid: You couldn’t help but start laughing as he panicked and said those words. “First of all, you’re a plane, Air Raid! Two, I’m fine, it’s only a scratch.”  

“B-but you’re bleeding, (Y/n)!” He shouted. True, you were slightly bleeding but it really wasn’t that bad. Chuckling, you pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll go see the Hatchet.” The bot nodded his head and picked you up, heading to the medical bay. Ratchet almost lost it when you came in for a scratch.

Prowl: It was obvious to see Prowl was freaking out since you told him you were bleeding from a certain female area. You didn’t blame him since his kind didn’t have to go through this monthly thing.

“No, no. Just look up what a period is.” You replied. Trying to calm him down.

“…You human have to go through that every month?” He asks after a few moments with a slightly horrified face.

“Yeah pretty much.”

“I-is there anything I can do for you?”

“Just let me cry. Maybe get Ratchet to give me some drugs for this. Something sweet would work too.”

RID2015! Jazz: He had no idea how to deal with humans, this was the first time he had decided to even get with a different species.

“I refuse.” You replied to his offer. “I won’t die from a stomach ache.”

“Are you sure? I mean, Ratchet isn’t here.”

“Jazzy just take me to the store for some pain relievers. You really know nothing about humans.”

“Please don’t offline on me (Y/n).”

“I told you it’s fine! Just take me to the store damn it!”


Hey guys! Sorry I have not been on in a few. I have been busy lately. 2 school projects, seeing my boyfriend, and my sisters’ cheer competition have kept me occupied. I have a day to myself today so I thought “Why Not?”. This imagine is for anon! Here you go! Enjoy! ~Aliyah


You went to your best friends’ Sweet 16. She told you there would be at least 50 people there and she would sneak some alcohol. When you told Sam and Dean that, it made them a little nervous but they trust you to make the right choices. Once you got there, about an hour into the party, almost everyone was drunk or high. You were raised by your brothers and they taught you to say no to those type of things no matter how much pressure someone pushes on you. Anyway, you were standing in the corner of the room in your dress just looking around. You spotted this guy. He was tall, very handsome, and he was wearing a really nice suit. You were eyeing him like the secret service. He kind of noticed you. Every now and then he’d glance, but this time he actually looked at you and smiled. He made his way over to where you were. You were blushing and embarrassed. 

“Hey” he said

“Hi” you said shyly

“I saw you looking at me from over there and noticed you were alone so I was wondering if you wanted someone to hang with” he said 

“Uh sure” you said shyly

The next half hour consist of getting to know each other. You really liked this guy. He listened to the same bands as you and watched all the same shows you did. He was also single. Then a good song came on.

“Wanna dance?” he asked

“Okay” you said

It was really hot in there and there was a lot of people but you wanted to hit it off with this guy. By the time the song was over, you were sweating a bunch. He grabbed you a glass of water from the kitchen. You were still hot and catching your breath.

“Hey, it’s really crowded down here. Wanna go upstairs?” he asked

Your stomach turned sick. You liked him but you didn’t know him enough to trust him.  Dean always told you to go with your gut instinct. It told you “No” but you needed some space to breathe. 

“Sure” you said 

Once the both of you were upstairs, he found a unlocked bedroom and pulled you in. He hand you another glass of water. It taste funny.

“This water tastes weird.” you asked

“I don’t know why. I got it from the sink downstairs”

Not thinking too much about it, you kept drinking. You talked about your ex’s and then he brought up a question.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked

“Yeah” you drunkenly admit

“Wait. You’re (Y/Age) and you’re a virgin?!” he asked

“Yeah. I know it’s stupid” you said embarrassed 

“Not being a virgin is amazing! You don’t have to worry about what your 1st time will be like because, it already happened. Plus, it’ll be a weight lifted off your shoulders. Tell you what, how about I be your first” he said

“I don’t know” you said

“We both know each other well enough. You like (Y/ Fave./Band), I like (Y/Fave/Band). You like (Y/Fave/Show), I like (Y/Fave/Show). See? To make sure I won’t just disappear, I’ll give you my number” he said

You felt weird and the room started spinning. You didn’t have any alcohol or weed. Your mind was still focused on him though.

“Sure.” you said

“Really? Awesome! Here, I’ll start it off." 

He started to lean forward to kiss you but then, your smarts kicked in

"Wait” you said

“What? Oh let me guess. Condom?” he asked

“No..I want to go home” you said

“What? Why?”

“I don’t feel good.” you whimpered

“It’s just because you’re a little nervous. I told you. I got it” he said

“No. I just really need to go” you said

As you walked t’ward the door, he jumped right in front of you

“Stay” he pleaded

“Let me out!” you shouted

“Hey! Calm down!” he shouted

You hit smacked him and he retaliated back. When he swung at you, something fell out his pocket. You quickly picked it up and read the label.

“Xyrem. What is that?” you asked

The name sound really familiar

“It’s nothing” he said

Then it hit you. It was a date r**e drug. You learned about it in your Criminal Justice class.

“YOU DRUGGED ME?!” you shouted

“No.” he lied


“I told you it’s nothing” he shouted

Then you felt a little sleepy.

“HELP! HELP!” you yelled

“SHHHH!” he said

Then you blacked out.

The next morning

You woke up on a couch. You looked around and realized you were still at your friends house.

“Good Morning Sleeping beauty” she said

“What happened?” you asked

“Well, last night you were at my party and I heard you yelling so I came to help. By the time I got to you, you were passed out on the floor. So I took you to my room until the party was over and then I moved you to the couch"she said

"What happened to that guy?” you asked

“What guy?” she asked

“There was this guy that drugged me. He was tall, and he was wearing a suit…” you said

“There wasn’t any guy (Y/N)” she said

“Are you sure?” you asked

“Yes. Oh and by the way, Sam and Dean should be here any minute. I called them earlier” she said


You saw the Impala pull up to her house. You remembered they told you to call them once the party was over. You were in deep shit. Sam opened the door and when he saw you, his face was red.

“Get in the car (Y/N). Now” he said sternly

Once you were in the car, Dean started to go off on you.


“I’m sorry” you said


“I was but-” you said

“You were but what?! Huh?! You got drunk. Is that it?!” Sam shouted

“No. It was-”  you said

“It was some boy wasn’t it!” he shouted

“Technically yes but-” you said

“You lost your virginity to some boy you just met?” Dean shouted

“NO! JUST LISTEN! It’s worst” you shouted with tears in your eyes

“What could be worst? You two got married?” Sam said

“No…..he drugged me” you said crying

The car came to a screeching stop

“HE WHAT?” they both said sternly

“He drugged me okay!” you said

They both looked at each other with grief.

“(Y/N) are you lying to us?” Sam asked gritting his teeth

“No! I promise.” you pleaded

“Who is this son of a bitch?!” Dean yelled

“I don’t know. All he did was give me water mixed with some drug and the next thing I knew. I was out” you said

Dean got out the car and slammed the door so hard the window broke

“Dean” you shouted

“Give him some space.” Sam said

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you go to that party. I’m so friggin stupid.” Dean shouted

“Did you get his number?” Sam asked still gritting his teeth

“I think" 

"There isn’t any room for I think. It’s either you do or you don’t” he said

You checked everywhere on your body for it. You remembered that he wrote it on your wrist. It was smudged but still barely legible.

“Here.” you said showing Sam

“Dean, she’s got a number” he shouted

Dean ran to the car and grabbed your wrist.  He realized there was a name below  the number.

“Trent” he said in anger

Dean strapped in and drove off flooring the gas pedal

“Aren’t you gonna call it?” you ask

“No, I’m gonna look up his address and we’re gonna pay that son of a bitch a visit”

“But Dean-” you say

“ You didn’t deserve to be treated that way and especially drugged. He could have r***d you or even killed you. We’ve already lost Mom, Dad, Ellen, Jo, and Bobby. We’re not losing you too. This "Trent” is gonna think twice before he tries anything again" Sam says with anger

Both of their faces were red. You were careful of what you said next because anything could set them off at this point.

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For fucks sake, my coworker offered to give me weed at work and it really pisses me off. What the hell is wrong with some people? No, I don't want you to give me drugs at work you stupid bitch! I know that you think you were being nice but I'm not going to jail because you're a pot head. Go fuck yourself and keep your drugs and stupidity away from me.

  • kate bishop: clint what's this tape labeled "AVENGERS D.A.R.E"
  • clint barton: oh god
  • clint barton: don't play th
  • 80s clint barton on tv: smoking weed just ONCE could lead you down to a lifetime of crimes
  • 80s clint barton on tv: one time captain america did a weed and it almost destroyed the entire avengers mansion and possibly the planet
  • 80s clint barton on tv: now here to help me give you some educational songs about drugs, here's New Edition